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If you are looking for fairly cheap gifts then you might get a bit stuck, always buying the same things. We are aware that this can be a problem which is why we have come up with a list of gifts which all cost under twenty quid. We hope that this will be a useful way to search for a great present that is not too highly priced. We have picked a variety of different things so that you have plenty to choose from and should be able to find something that will suit the recipient that you have in mind.

34 Gift Ideas That Cost Under £20

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This lavender spa bath set is a great gift for someone who needs to relax and take it easy. It includes 2 bath combs, a shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, body butter, bath salts and a bath puff all in a bath tub shaped, silver storage pot. They come wrapped with a ribbon so all ready to give away as a lovely gift. Once used the tub can be used for storing other bath items.

This is a vintage look wooden jewellery box. It is a lovely way to store precious jewellery and it has a secure clasp to the hinged lid with a metallic pattern on it. It measures 23cm x 16cm x 7.5cm and has plenty of room inside to store all sorts of things. It could be given to a man too to store their items in as well as it has a design suitable for men or women.

This is a pretty scarf made of cashmere and lambswool. It has a tartan design and there are lots of different colour combinations to choose from. There are more neutral tones like blue and grey as well as brighter reds and turquoise. There are plain scarves as well as the tartan designs. It measures 70.8 x 12.6 inches including the tassels at the end. Great for keeping warm in chilly conditions.

This is a Tesoky light projector which produces a starry display. The base comes in a choice of different colours: white, blue, pink, white, yellow, orange and purple. It doubles up as a night lamp as well as projector. It is silent and has strong impact resistance so is great for children. Will help children to get a relaxing nights sleep. There are different modes for different coloured lights or a spinning display.

This is a bottle of Ardmore Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky which is 70cl. It is a balance of 80 percent peated and 20 percent unpeated malt which gives it a unique and gentle flavour. It has a golden yellow colour which is really attractive and the flavour is a bland of sweetness, fruitiness and smokiness. It is a mix of lightly peated smoke creamy vanilla with sweet hone and spice.

This is a set of luxury candles. There are different sets to choose from but this is called Jelly kiss and has 12 popular flavours of scented candles : cotton fresh, pink peony, lemongrass, guava nectar, blackberry, sweet pea, mango and coconut, lilac blossom, watermelon, summer flowers, tropical fruit and sea salt breeze. Each will burn for up to 10 hours and give a pleasant aroma. They come in a presentation gift box so you do not even have to wrap them up.

This is a beard grooming kit. It contains everything a chap will need to keep his beard looking good. It has beard balm, beard oil, beard conditioner, scissors, comb and brush. It comes with drawstring bag to keep it all in. It comes presented in a gift box which means that it looks great to give as a present. It comes with a free ebook on managing your beard and moustache.

This is a Pierre Cardin short sleeved polo shirt available in a selection of different colours. There is black, navy, charcoal, white, azure blue, royal blue, grey marl, burgundy, navy, turquoise, minty, navy/light blue, navy blue, white, charcoal and red. It has a collar which has a contrasting stripe (as does the sleeve edge) and three buttons. It comes in sizes XS – 4XL and has a classic fit. It is machine washable.

This is a novelty gift which is a digital anemometer. This is a handheld wind speed meter which measures air flow velocity and has a display screen to show you the data. This could be useful for anyone that like sailing, surfing, flying, fishing or kite flying as they may need this information to check if the conditions are safe. It is capable of measuring wind in different units to fit with what they like the best.

This is a name a star box set. It actually allows the recipient to name a real star. They will be able to choose whatever they like and get an A4 certificate confirming their choice. Also included is a history of stars, intergalactic facts and figures and a poster showing constellations. A great gift for anyone that is interested in astronomy and the stars. Comes in a gift tin which makes it great for giving as a gift.

This is a touch sensitive bedside lamp. It has lots of functions such as being a Bluetooth speaker, alarm clock, music player and it has touch control. It has a 4 colour LED nightlight with a touch sensor on the top of it. There are three lighting modes where you can change the brightness and whether you want white or multicoloured lights. The speaker is high quality and it has a built in rechargeable battery which gives up to 12 hours of music or 8 hours of light and fully charges in 4-5 hours.

This is a manicure and pedicure set. It has 18 different items which are all stainless steel and come in a case. It comes in a choice of black, red or rose. There are items for hand and nail care, foot and nail care and face care. Therefore, it has a really handy selection of different items that will be suitable for men or women or perhaps even the whole family.

This is a gift set made by L’Oreal Paris called Icons Collection. It is in a pretty box and contains a jar of Revitalift day cream with pro-retinol and fibrelastyl, a classic red color riche haute rouge lipstick and a volume million lashes mascara. The lovely box means that it makes a great gift and the items inside are classic products and neutral colours which should work for most people.

This is a handheld game which has 400 classic, retro games loaded on to it. This is a great item for both old and young as the older generation may remember the games from their youth and the younger ones will enjoy playing them and seeing what they are like. It comes with a handy rechargeable battery and has a 3 inch screen and controls on the front. There is a choice of colours – red, black, blue, white and yellow.

This is a box of colouring pencils. They can be great to use for a really big family or you can choose smaller sizes of box too. There are 12 different colours which are all pre-sharpened and ready to use. They are 7mm and hexagonal and they have a polished barrel so are all ready to use. They are made from quality wood and make clear, bright and vibrant lines. Great for children.

This is a men’s t-shirt made by Levi’s. It comes in a selection of different colours and designs but they are all short-sleeves with a Levi logo of some sort on them. The come in sizes XXS to 3XL so there should be a size and style for every man. They are made from 100% cotton so feel soft and comfortable and they have a regular fit. They are machine washable.

This is an ice therapy massage roller ball. It has a stainless steel ball and the idea is that you put it in the freezer for a few hours and it will then be effective for massaging. It can be use post workout, for relaxation, reducing muscle stress, releasing tight muscle knots, improving flexibility and for trigger point therapy. It is a small size so that it is portable and easy to store.

This is a fun novelty Harry Potter themed egg cup. There is either Hermione Granger or Harry Potter to choose from and there is a school uniform themed egg cup with hair to put on top so it looks like a character from the books. The cup has an arm which can hold the spoon. It also comes with a toast stamper and a spoon. Hermione’s stamp says ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ and Harry’s is lightening bolts.

This is a novelty fart extinguisher. It is actually a small spray bottle which looks like a fire extinguisher but sprays a strong but pleasant air freshener. It has 100ml of air freshener inside it. It measures 15.9 x 5.1 x 4.4 cm in size. Great for someone who produces bad smells or lives or works with someone that does! It comes in a box so easy to wrap up as a fun gift.

This is a fun chutney gift set. It has 4 jars of chutney which are orchard apple chutney, red onion relish, red tomato chutney and autumn chutney with black sheep ale. The jars are each 42g. They come in a box which says on it ‘you love cheese so I got you these’ and they therefore make a really great gift as they really look the part and you will not need to wrap them!

This is a battery operated mirror which is useful for makeup or shaving. It has 24 LED lights around the edge which can be dimmed using a touch sensitive control. There is a removable 10x magnification mini mirror. The main mirror is 12 inches and means you can see your whole face close up and the mirror can be rotated and angled to make it really easy and convenient to use.

This is a light up wrist ball. It is an exerciser for your forearms and biceps as there is a ball inside which spins and creates the light to get brighter. You just have to wind the thread and pull it for fun, relaxation and exercise. It is a fun novelty item and it comes in a box which makes it really easy to wrap up – so even more reason to get it!

This is a chilli gift set. There is a wooden stand with 5 test tubes filled with different chillies with corks in the top. The chillis included are dragon chilli, habanero, ghost chilli, Trinidad chilli and Carolina reaper. The last is the hottest chilli in the world and the others are all really hot as well so it is a great gift for anyone who really likes their hot food!

This is a women’s watch with a classic Disney design. It has a pink leather strap and a rose gold metal casing. The face is 35mm and has a black and white Mickey Mouse design with a black and white stripe. The hands and dots around the face are also in rose gold. It has a traditional buckle fastening. It comes in a very pretty gift box and has free delivery.

This is a fun party game called ‘Truth Bombs’. It is a game where you make observations about each other without them noticing. For example, there are questions such as ‘What superpower would they have’ and ‘What sort of sandwich would they be’. It is great for big groups as the answers are anonymous and could be very revealing. For three or more players over the age of fourteen and very easy to learn.

This is a gift card to spend in Primark. Primark is a popular high street shop selling a big range of clothing and accessories. The gift card is sent free of charge so you only pay the value of the card. You will be able to give it as a gift to someone that enjoys going to shops and buying clothing and accessories especially if they love this sort of shop.

This is a funny first aid kit. It has a realistic design so looks like a first aid kit but is actually a gag. It is full of medication but each one has sweets inside with funny ingredients. It actually contains chewing gum, fruity tea, fortune cookies, gummy bears, chocolate bar and peppermint pastilles. It even comes with a greeting card inside it and therefore is everything you need for a really unique gift.

This is a Game of Thrones themed throw or blanket. It is fluffy and soft and measures 120cm x 150cm and therefore is great for using on a sofa, bed or even in the car. It has different symbols on it from Stark, Lannister, Targaryen, Greyjoy, Baratheon and Tyrell which are on a black background and in white, yellow and black. A great gift for a fan of the books or tv show.

This is a personalised cheese slate. It is engraved with the names of the recipients in the middle and therefore makes a really special gift. You can choose between a black slate or wooden board. There is even the choice of engraving a message on the back of the board. It comes in an elegant gift box and with free delivery and therefore is a great idea for a gift for someone that loves cheese.

This is a bee hotel. It is great way to encourage bees into a garden by giving them a safe place to live. Inside the box there is not only the bee home but there are pretty and colourful flower seeds which attract the bees as well. The home is built to mimic the environment that solitary bees like to live in and these are non-aggressive but still important pollinators.

This is a 2 pack of Converse booties which are in a choice of colours such as black and white, red and white, blue and white & pink and white. They look like a pair of laced Converse shoes. They are available in sizes for a newborn and 0-6 month old. They are a cute gift for a little one and if the parents like this brand then they will really enjoy the gift idea.

This is an Adidas gift set which includes a 50ml Eau de Toilette, 250ml hair and body shower gel. The scent is oriental with notes of bergamot, green apple, rosemary, geranium, coriander, tonka bean, patchouli and musk. The bag and set is blue and it is wrapped in a carboard sleeve. It is all ready to give away as a great gift.

This is an LED light which is designed to be put inside a handbag so that it can light it up. It is a white heart shaped light and can be clipped or hung in a bag, perhaps a rucksack, suitcase or handbag to light up the contents so that it is easy to find the items that are inside it especially when it is dark and hard to see. It is a high intensity white light and pocket sized.

This is a glass mug with an enamelled flower and butterfly design across the base and handle that has a matching spoon with it. It comes with a choice of different designs and colours which will never fade. It has a unique design and is likely to be something that they have nevr seen before. You could get them one or buy a set of them or one for each member of a household.

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