33 Gift Ideas for Upcycling Fans

Updated on May 7th, 2021
By Louise
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If you know someone that likes to upcycle items then it can be really tricky choosing gifts for them. This is because they might want something that has been upcycled or that is environmentally friendly and you may feel uneasy, if you get them something that does not quite fit with that. Therefore, we have put together a list of items that we think upcyclers will really like and hopefully you will like the items as well and feel inspired by the list. There is a big range and they vary in price, so you should be able to find something within your budget.

33 Presents for People Who Upcycle

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This is a book called ‘Upcycling: 20 Creative Projects Made From Reclaimed Materials’ by Max McMurdo. The author may be known from Dragon’s Den and television presenting and he explains a number of projects with the tools needed to do them. There are some that just take an hour and others that will take a whole weekend and they are all fun and teach you new skills. No previous experience needed so a great book for beginners.

This is a paperback book which has 35 different products that can be made using wood pallets. Using pallets mean that the projects are generally cheap and you might be using something that would otherwise be thrown away. There are step-by-step guides to make all sorts of items such as: a rustic wood clock, herringbone coffee table, planter box, cut out silhouette art and bookcase. Contains lots of photos and inspiration to help with the projects.

This is a chalk and wax brush set by Cottam. They are different sized brushes – 14 / 19 / 25 and 30mm with a wooden handle and animal hair bristles. They are suitable for using with chalk paints and wax coatings, so great for someone that is renovating furniture. They are designed specifically to create a fine finish by distributing the paint or wax really easily and they are really easy to wash and dry.

This is a book called ‘Upcycling: 33 ways to reuse old glass jars, mason, jars and wine bottles for home decorations & much more!’ by Kitty Moore. The projects include making decorations for your home and all sorts of art and craft items that you will be able to give away or keep for yourself. A great gift idea for anyone that wants some ideas on what to make more from the glass items that they would rather reuse than recycle.

This is a bracelet made from old clock gears. The upcycled item looks really elegant and has a small neat link between each of the six gears, which are made from brass. The bracelet looks really nice and it will also be appreciated by someone that does not like the idea of things going to waste, as items have been recycled to make this. It has a strong clasp so should stay securely on the wrist.

This is a book called ‘Upcycling: 33 Ways to Reuse Broken Household Items’ by Kitty Moore. The book takes all sorts of items and repurposes them. There are photos of finished items too, so it is easy to see what they will look like when done. There are step by step instructions, so that it is really easy to know exactly how to do each project and complete them successfully.

This is a paperback book by Sarah Heeringa called ‘Upcycling with Style: A Step by Step Workbook’. It has information on how to revamp the furniture that you have to make a whole new look. There are projects such as making cushions, making over a kitchen or cheering up a garden patch. There are lots of ideas on how to think more creatively as well as tips and practical information without having to pay out lots of money.

This is a book called ‘Quick and Easy Paint Transformations: 50 Step-by-Step Projects for Walls, Floors, Stairs and Furniture’ by Annie Sloan. The book starts with teaching you how to prepare surfaces properly, choosing the right paint and finding the right tools. There are sections within the book on Aging and Distressing, Working with the Base, Working with Colour, Hand painting, and Crackle, Gilding and Decoupage. It has photos and step by step instructions.

This is a book by Vicky Grubb called ‘The Beginners Guide to Upholstery’. It has simple techniques which can be used to help you do DIY upholstery with ten achievable projects, which are explained step by step. They include a stool, vintage sewing box, blanket box, headboard, dining chair, patchwork armchair and mid century sofa. There are also time lapse videos that you can watch of the author doing the different projects.

This is a paperback book called ‘Upcycling Old Clothes: 30 Ways to Create New Wardrobe from Old Stuff’ by Charlotte Byrd. This is a chance to take those clothes that you no longer wear and make them look new again. There is information on what you should have in your sewing kit, how to make old clothes brand new or make different clothes from them and how to make money by creating gorgeous upcycled clothing.

This is a special heat gun which is used for removing paint and varnish. There are two heat settings which are 350 degrees and 550 degrees. It can be used for all sorts of home DIY and renovation projects such as: paint stripping, loosening adhesive, bending copper pipes. Loosening rusted bolts etc. A really useful tool for many different DIY and upcycling projects. It is ergonomically designed and comes with lots of nozzles.

This is a paperback called ‘Rediscovered Treasures: A New Life for Old Objects’ by Ellen Dyrop. This book will show you how to breathe new life into household objects by making them into beautiful decorative ornaments. The projects are all easy to follow, but very effective using a mix of different craft techniques such as: embroidery, decoupage and scrap booking, with something for everyone that likes a shabby chic look.

This is a fun short sleeved top which says on it ‘pizza and upcycling’ and has a picture of pizza’s on it. The tops are in different colours such as: black, green, red, purple and blue. They come in sizes suitable for children aged 2-12 years of age and for adults size small – 2XL. They are made from a cotton and polyester mix, which means that they are soft and comfortable, but also keep their shape well even after going in the washing machine.

This is a novelty mug which is white with black letters on it. It says ‘upcycling is what I do’ on it and it comes in 11oz and 15oz sizes. It is made from professional grade ceramic and is durable with a glossy finish. It is printed on both sides and is suitable for putting hot and cold drinks inside. It has an easy to grip ‘C’ handle and is a practical and fun gift.

This is a paperback book by Hester van Overbeek called ‘Made with Salvaged Wood’. It is full of tutorials to make all sorts of things for the home from wood including desks, shelving units, side tables, storage ideas and much more. It teaches all sorts of DIY skills such as: sawing, sanding and drilling as well as methods for treating wood and it is simple enough for beginners to learn from.

This is a Black and Decker sander. It is a mouse sander and 55w and has 6 sanding sheets with it as well. It is 240v and 10 x 25.5 x 16.5cm in size, so it is lightweight and comfortable to use for sanding bare wood, removing paint and getting rid of rust. There is a dust extraction port to keep the work area cleaner, as it connects to a vacuum and there is a simple hook and loop pad to replace the sandpaper easily.

This is a staple gun which also comes with staples. It is made by Presch and is heavy duty and designed for – stapling wood, cable, wire, furniture, walls and carpet. It is orange and blue in colour and can take staples, nails and round brackets. It makes the job quick and easy and it is very easy to refill as well. It is ergonomic with a non slip rubber handle which can be locked when not in use.

This is a glass bottle cutter tool. It has lots of holes to adjust the cutting blade and it has support wheels and a support plate, so that you can cut glasses of different heights and widths. The blade is made of diamond carbide so is extremely strong and will last a long time and it can be rotated to fit different sizes of bottle. It has five support wheels so that it is really stable as well.

This is a selection of upholstery tacks. They are antique brass and they measure 11 x 17mm and you get 100 in the pack. They can be used for all sorts of upholstery jobs and they look really pretty, as well as having a retro look. They are hand forged as well, so are good quality and durable with a sturdy and firm surface to them. They can be used for all sorts of projects.

This is a useful multipurpose work apron. It is brown and is 32 inches in length and 21 inches in height with an adjustable waist and neck strap, so that it can fit most people. It has three really useful tool pockets, so that it is easier to keep things organised and close by when you are working. It is made from waxed canvas and has PU leather straps, which are water resistant as well as durable.

This is a tin of Rust-O-Leum furniture finishing wax. It is a clear water based product which has almost no odour. It covers really well in just one coat and will protect and enhance. It can be used without priming or sanding and works over Rust-O-Leum furniture paint. It will also stop the paint from yellowing, which can happen with white paint over time and it does not change the colour of the paint underneath it whether white or another colour.

This is a Clarke CBB150 250w 6 inch bench buffer or polisher. It has a 240 volt motor and takes up a small amount of room on a bench, as it is 150mm in diameter. It has a 12.7mm bore and goes at a speed of 2850rpm. It is designed to buff and polish metal, so that they are bright and shiny. It has rubber feet which reduces vibration and can be bolted to a workbench.

This is a set of vintage style ceramic cupboard knobs. They are 40-42mm in diameter and have a 40mm backplate with a 4mm diameter screw thread. They are suitable for use on lots of items such as: cupboards, drawers and chests in many rooms of the house. There is a set of eight and they all have different designs. They are very quick and easy to install and have a great hand finished look.

This is a book called ‘Becoming a DIT Handykid – Fix it, Upcycle It: A Here’s How You Can 2 Adventure’. It is a book which can help kids to learn how to mend broken toys or repurpose items. There are kids in the book who will help to show the readers what they need to do.  Also contains lots of different tips and tricks, so that they can feel confident enough to have a go at the things in the book for themselves.

This is a set of small vinyl record bookends. They have been crafted from genuine seven inch records and they would look good on a music lovers shelf. They are small so cannot hold a lot of weight, but would look great holding up a few paperback books. A great upcycled product which anyone that likes repurposing items would find inspiring and a great way to reuse unwanted things. They even come with free delivery.

This is a mini spirit level on a keyring. It is clear plastic which is square, so it is easy to put down on a surface and has green liquid in it so that it is easy to see. It is a really handy item to have with you when you are doing jobs such as putting up shelves and you need to be sure that they are completely straight. It is 40 x 14 x 14 in size and it will fit on keys or even clip onto a belt with carabiner to make it easy to transport.

This is a very handy magnetic wristband. It is a great way to keep metal items such as: nails, screws, tacks, nuts and bolts close by. They will be very handy when you are doing DIY jobs, particularly if you are up a ladder and it is hard to reach into a tool box. It comes in black or red and has a Velcro fastening for a secure fit on different wrist sizes and it can also be attached to a belt.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘The Woodfather’. It comes in a selection of different colours such as black, blue, red, green and purple and in sizes suitable for children aged 2-12 years and adults sized small – 2XL. It is made from a polyester and cotton mix, which means that it is soft and comfortable and also washes easily in the washing machine without going out of shape.

This is a 72 piece tool kit in pink. It has a tool bag and magnetic wristband with lots of tools as well. It includes screwdrivers, a tape measure, stubby claw hammer, bit driver handle with 20 bits, crescent wrench, long nose pliers, diagonal wire cutters, spirit level, wall putty scraper and a picture hanging accessory kit. Great for anyone that likes to do DIY and also likes the colour pink as every item is pink!

This is a 4 in 1 multi-tool pen. It comes in either silver or black and has a Philips screw driver head hidden under the cap at the top and a flat screwdriver head too. It has a spirit level and a ruler, as well as being a functioning pen that writes with black ink. Comes on a card backing, so all ready to wrap up as a lovely gift. It measures 14.7 x 4.6 x 3.6cm in size.

This is a book called ‘Upcycle with Decoupage’ by Patti Elhoff. The book shows you have to transform a plain item into something that you will be able to gift to someone else. There are lots of projects to try at home and there is even an interactive Facebook page that you can go to, so that you can ask questions, get more inspiration or show off your work to others.

This is a set of 50 pieces of multi coloured fabric. They are 10 x 10cm and so are suitable for making patchwork or using for other craft projects. There is also the option of 20 x 20cm and 30 x 30cm depending on your need. The colours are all bright and vibrant but plain, so they can be used for all sorts of fun projects and it is easy as they are pre cut.

This is a bundle of different Tweed fabrics. There are 10 pieces in total which measure 8 x 5 inches in size. There are pure new wool Tweed and could be used for all sorts of craft projects. They are woven in the Scottish Boarders, so are the genuine item and would therefore look really authentic on whatever you choose to use them for. They even come with free delivery.

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