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Updated on May 10th, 2021
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If you are organising a wedding, then you will need to buy all sorts of things and it can be hard finding the right gift for every person. Therefore, we have put together a list of things which we think might help. We have selected a range of different items so that you have a lot of different things to choose from. This is so that you can find something that will be appropriate to the person as well as within your budget. We know this tricky and so we hope that what we have selected will either inspire you or lead you right to the ideal item.

28 Gift Ideas for Wedding Ushers

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This is a stainless steel hip flask which has the word usher etched on it in black text. It comes in a gift box that says ‘Thanks for helping to make our day so perfect!’, so will be great to present to them on the big day. Inside the box is protective foam which will help to keep the flask in good condition. It is 5oz in size and even comes with free shipping.

This is a gift set designed specifically to present to an usher at a wedding. Inside it is a whiskey glass which is engraved with the word ‘usher’ and a black and grey striped coaster which says on it ‘wonderful usher amazing friend’. It comes in a presentation gift box which says on the lid ‘Thanks for helping to make our day so perfect!’ It even comes with free delivery.

This is a bottle opener which can be personalised. On it, it says ‘[name] usher’ and you can choose to put a message on the back which says ‘Thank you being part of our wedding day [name] & [name] [date]’. It is made from heavy duty stainless steel and so should last well. It comes with the option of being in a presentation gift box or just on its own for you to wrap.

This is a cute little heart shaped box which can be given as a gift to an usher at a wedding. It says on the top ‘Thanks for being our Usher [date]’ with a picture on it (you can choose between a bottle, hearts, rose, bells, bouquet or cake). It is a matte silver colour and inside there are small sweets and you can choose between heart shaped mints or heart shaped chocolates in lilac, burgundy, ivory, blue, white, red, pink or multicoloured. It measures 45mm x 45mm x 20mm and has free delivery.

This is a hi ball glass which can be personalised with any name, message and occasion. This means that you will be able to use it as a thank you for an usher by putting on a thank you message, date and anything else that you wish. The glass is a 13oz one and measures 150mm x 70mm. It comes in a box so is all ready to present as a gift.

This is a pair of silver cuff links and there is an option for all sorts of different things to be written on them, including usher. It can be a great way to thank the usher and give them something to wear on the big day as many people do not have a pair of cuff links that they can wear. They are oval in shape with an easy twist fastening. They come in a black gift box.

This is a pen with the word ‘usher’ on it. It is a black pen with silver details and writing on it. It comes in a pen gift box with a hinged lid, secured with ribbon. Inside the lid of the box it says ‘Thanks for helping to make our day so perfect!’ It makes a really good thank you gift for an usher and is something that will be useful and that they will treasure.

This is a special lucky sixpence gift. It is said to bring good fortune and wealth and it comes in a special collectors box. It is cushioned with foam. In the box it says ‘lucky sixpence usher thank you for being our usher good luck.’ It could be given to them before the ceremony to wish them luck during it or afterwards to thank them and wish them luck for their life.

This is an engraved pint glass. You can choose whatever engraving you wish and so it is suitable for putting a thank you message on for an usher, perhaps a date as well. It is professionally engraved with up to five lines, each with 30 characters and you can pick the font. You can even choose the font. It comes in a stylish black cardboard tube which will make it look like the perfect gift

This is a pocket watch which can be engraved. It comes in a selection of colours such as black, silver and vintage bronze and you can have text engraved on it. You can choose up to four lines of text with 15 characters per line. The watch comes in a presentation box which will keep it safe and also means that it is all ready to be given as a gift.

This is a travel mug. It is made of insulated stainless steel and says on it ‘Keep calm you’re the usher’. It has a black plastic lid, handle and base. It is 150mm x 85mm and holds 14oz of drink. The lid is leak proof and swivels to reveal a drinking hole. The plastic handle means that you are protected from the heat when you are drinking. It fits most car cup holders.

This is a whisky glass and whiskey stones set. The glass can be engraved with a message of your choice so you can pick something appropriate to thank your usher. The whiskey stones can be put in the freezer and then added to any drink to keep it cool without diluting it. It comes in an elegant cardboard tube box so makes a great gift. It even has free delivery.

This is a pair of black socks which have ‘usher’ written on them in white. They are a great gift to give to an usher before a wedding or even to give to them as a way of letting them know that you want them to be your usher. They are UK size 6-12 and are made from 80% cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% elastane. Other words are available so all the men in the wedding party can match.

This is a personalised coaster which you can use as a thank you gift for an usher. It says on it ‘[name] thank you for being our usher [name] & [name] [date]’. It is a white coaster with black writing and red bow ties on it. It is 9cm x 9cm and made from hardwood with a glossy surface so it will wipe clean. It comes with free delivery in a protective sleeve.

This is an Usher Survival Kit which makes a great gift to give them before the big day. It is a small organza bag 12xm x 20cm filled with all sorts of little gifts. Attached are two cards, one says ‘A special gift just to say thank you for being part of our wedding day!’ and the other card lists the items and explains their significance such as ‘love hearts – today is all about love’ and ‘cotton wool – to help protect us’.

This is a personalised teddy bear. It is a cute brown teddy bear which is soft and furry. It is wearing a black top which has a message on it. It reads ‘Our Usher [name] love from [name] & [name]’. The writing is in white but the name is in yellow and red so it really stands out. An usual gift which will show how much the usher is appreciated.

This is a pack of three gift tags. They are made from brown kraft paper and designed to be hung over a wine or spirit bottle. One says ‘Thank you for being my Best Man’ and two of them say ‘Thank you for being my Usher’. They can be a lovely finishing touch just to make a bottle seem more personal and special at a bargain price with free delivery.

This is a personalised memory book which would make a lovely gift for a young usher. It says on the front ‘[name] for all your special memories’ and has a picture of three colourful elephants on it. It is 24.5 x 17cm in size and has plain paper inside so it can be used to stick photographs in or to write in. It can be used to give the young usher some photos of the day.

This is a bottle holder keyring which has ‘usher’ written on it. It is black with white writing and measures 58mm in diameter. It has a steel bottle opener on the back and the front has the wording on and it has a keychain on it. This means that it can be put with keys or used as a bag charm or just as a keepsake from the big day.

This is a bottle holder which can be personalised. It is a wooden case which can be engraved with a name, the word ‘Usher’ and the names of the bride and groom and the date. The box has a little rope handle to carry it with too. It will fit a standard 75cl champagne bottle or standard wine bottle. It is a lovely keepsake which will make the gift really personal.

This is a special glass award that has been engraved for an usher. It can be personalised and reads: ‘[name] Top Usher: Thank you for all you’ve done to make our day so amazing love [name] & [name] x’ The is a hexagonal piece of glass on a glass stand which makes a special and sentimental keepsake gift for a special usher. It will look like you are giving them an award and will make them feel valued.

This is a special engraved glass square. It can be personalised as it says on it ‘Usher, thanks so much for making our day so special love from [name] & [name]’. It also has a top hat on it.  It measures 8cm x 8cm x 2cm so is small and cute and therefore would make a good keepsake. It comes in a gift box so is all ready to present as a gift during the wedding day or afterwards.

This is an 11oz white mug made from quality ceramic. There are words printed on it in black which say ‘usher for life’ using a quality UV resistant ink which is pigment based and designed to last a long time. It means that the writing will really stand out and will not fade over time. The mug makes a great gift as it is useful as well as something which will show them how much they are appreciated.

This is an oak frame which is engraved at the top with ‘our usher’ and below with the ushers name, couples names and wedding date. The frame is 23cm x 18cm x 2cm and holds a photo inside. It can therefore be given as a special thank you gift to an usher with a photo of them in it dressed for the wedding or a picture of the bride and groom.

This is a decanter which is suitable for whiskey or bourbon and can be engraved for free. You can choose an initial to be put on it and therefore personalise it. You can even choose the font that it is written in. It can make a great thank you gift for anyone including an usher. It is 6 x 2.5 x 8 inches in size and holds 28oz of alcohol.

This is a fun fridge magnet with the word ‘usher’ written on it. It is 38mm in diameter and is round. It has a white background and ‘usher’ is written on it in italic blue writing across the middle. It is a fun thing to present to someone when you are asking them to be your usher or to give as a thank you gift. It even comes with free delivery.

This is a wine glass charm for an usher. It is silver in colour and has silver coloured, pearl and see through beads as well as a heart charm with the word ‘usher’ written on it. It is hand made and is therefore unique and different to anything they are likely to have seen before. It comes in a bag with a gift card so they will know what it is .

This is a set of 4 shot glasses which each have the word ‘usher’ on them and a top hat. They are hand painted in black in the UK. Each holds 1 fl oz of liquid. They are initialled by the artist with a card of authenticity so the recipient will know that they are a very special gift. They even come in a gift box so are ready to present as a thank you gift.

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