31 Gift Ideas for Valentines Day, February 14th

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Valentine’s Day is a day when couples traditionally celebrate their love together. It can be an occasion when there is a lot of pressure to buy the right gift for your loved one as well. However, it can be hard to know exactly what to buy for them or to find something that is original and unique or that properly symbolises the way that you feel about them. We have therefore put together this list of items that we feel will help. We have chosen a range of different types of things which we hope will mean that there will be something that everyone will like the look of.

31 Romantic Presents for Valentines Day

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This is a 3D card which is really unique. It is a laser cut card which contains a pop out section that can be opened out to look like a black vase with red roses in it. The front of the card also has a rose design. This special card is 15 x 15cm in size and includes an envelope to put it in. It is a high quality card and is hand made. There are other designs available in the unique format.

This is a pair of boxers for a partner to give to their man which can be personalised. They are black and written on them in white and red it says ‘This fine arse belongs to [name]’. The name is written inside a heart. They come in sizes small – XXL and are made from cotton and lycra so they are comfortable and stretchy. A fun gift which will also show how much you like your man!

This is a set of Baileys strawberries and cream chocolate hearts. There are nine chocolates in total and they are heart shaped and wrapped in red shiny foil, they come in a box which is pink with a strawberry design on it. The box weighs 90g and should keep the chocolates in good condition until they are given away. They look so good you may have to convince the recipient to share some with you!

This is a set of couple keychains and bracelets. The pair of keychains are links as one has a key which says ‘forever’ on it and one has a heart with a cut out area that the key fits into and it says ‘you hold the key to my heart’. The bracelets have ‘her king’ and ‘his queen’ written on them and one is silver coloured and the other rose gold coloured.

This is a set of LED tealights which are battery operated. There are 50 in the pack which means that you will be able to make a really romantic display with lots of candles. They also work well as decorations or table lighting as well. They come with batteries and last about 100 hours and the batteries can be replaced. They have a realistic looking flame and are safer as they do not drip hot wax or cause a fire risk like a real candle.

This is a teddy bear gift. The bear is made from glass and is holding a red heart with a diamante crystal in it and is sitting on a gold plated base which also has diamantes. It is inside a red gift box which is in the shape of a rose with a hinged lid and there is a sentimental poem inside the lid. The box measures 5.8 x 5.8cm and the bear is 3cm high.

This is a packet of heart shaped lollipops. Just the thing for giving to people for Valentines day. They are individually wrapped and there are 200 in the bag so you could give them to everyone you know, people at work, friends and family etc. Great for Valentine’s parties, discos etc. They are fruit flavoured and each is 5g on a small white stick and they are red, of course!

This is a lamp which when on, gives what looks like a 3D image but is actually an illusion. The base is black with some Perspex in it and when switched on the design is 4 red heart shaped balloons with the word ‘love’ underneath them. You can actually change the colour as well using a control switch or have the colour changing. Can be a great mood light for beside the bed as the light is soft.

This is a white silk rose in a glass dome surrounded by fairy lights. The dome is made from borosilicate glass which means that it is perfectly clear. The rose has a green stem and leaves and white petals. It can make a romantic bedside light and is powered by 3 AAA batteries which you need to buy which allow it to be portable. It can add a romantic atmosphere with its warm lighting.

This is a 3kg bag of Swizzels mini Love Hearts. The bag is full of mini sized packets of the sweets and therefore it will last a long time or be great for giving out as gifts, party or wedding favours etc. Each sweet has a special message on it and they come in a variety of different colours. They are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and have free delivery.

This is a booklet of 50 dirty sex coupons for him. They are a gift to give to a husband, boyfriend or male partner. There are actually 40 coupons written out and 10 to be written out by the couple, 5 for each of them so that they can create their own fun. A unique gift and something that is likely to make things more fun between them! Obviously more suitable for an open minded couple.

This is a set of pretty cake toppers for Valentine’s day baking. There are 24 pre-cut heart shaped cake toppers made from wafer paper. There are 12 large hearts and 12 smaller hearts and they either have a heart print on them (with lots of small hearts in red or pink) or ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ written on them. They are designed to stand upright on the top of a cake. The wafer paper just contains water, olive oil and potato starch.

This is an outfit for a baby with a pretty heart design. It contains a long-sleeved vest with no legs and envelope shoulders, the colour is white with a red heart and the word ‘love’ on the front. Here is also a pair of leggings and a hat which are white with word ‘love’ all over them in red print. It comes in sizes suitable for a newborn baby to an 18 month old toddler.

This is a romantic bangle. It is engraved with the words ‘let’s grow old together’ on the inside and ‘you will forever be my person’ on the outside. It is made from stainless steel and so will not fade or corrode and cannot scratch the skin. The design is open, so it is easy to gently bend it to fit over different sized wrists. It comes in a velvet gift box.

This is a pair of head bands with heart motifs on them. They have a red headband with a spring attached to each side which holds a red sparkly heart. The head boppers are sequined and metallic red so they really stand out. The band is 11cm wide in the largest part and can stretch open to fit on the head. They are fun for parties and discos as well as get togethers and fun occasions.

This is a glass paperweight which says ‘soul mate’ on it with two red hearts. It is really small and cute and is about 1 inch x 1 inch and so makes a really cute and little gift. It may not stand out on a shelf but will make a lovely little keepsake. It might be a nice way to show your partner what you think of them, especially if you are not very good at explaining how you feel.

This is an engagement ring which is made from solid 18k or 14k white gold with solitaire diamonds. It has a large 2 carat diamond in the centre and then small 3.10 carat diamonds around most of the band. It has a hallmark stamp and comes in a selection of different ring sizes and you can choose between 14k and 18k gold. This would make a very special Valentine’s gift.

This is a cute outfit for a baby girl. It is a short sleeved vest with ‘My 1st Valentines Day’ written on it in red glitter writing with hearts and has a soft white tutu skirt attached to it. It is made from cotton and available in sizes from newborn to 18 months. It has an envelope style neck to make it easy to get on and off. Would make a very sweet gift.

This is a romantic word art print. It shows two hands coming together to form a heart shape and it can be personalised with the couples names underneath and a date if required. It comes in a choice of sizes: A5, A4 and A3 and a choice of a white or black frame. It would make a great wedding or engagement present but would also be an unusual Valentine’s gift too.

This is a sexy lingerie baby doll nightwear set. It is black and red and has a laced criss cross effect across the chest with red lace on the bodice and back. There is a black lace waistband and a sheer black fabric skirt. It comes in sizes small – 3XL. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and has adjustable spaghetti straps. It comes with a matching thong.

This is a pair of silver dangle earrings. They have a tree of life design but each branch is shaped like a heart and some are sparkly and one is pink. They are made of sterling silver and the pendant is 1.2cm and the chain holding it is 16cm. The chain part threads through the pierced ear. They come in an elegant gift box so are all ready to give as a special gift.

This is a red flower bouquet. It comes in a square gift bag and contains roses, carnations and other matching flowers. However, the flowers are actually made of soap and you add the blooms or some petals to the bath and they dissolve in the water producing a lovely scent. They look like real flowers and the box is 16 x 14 x 14cm in total. An unusual and original gift idea.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which says ‘let’s avocuddle’ on it with a picture of two cartoon avocados with a heart between them. It is available in sizes and fits for men, women and children from age 2-12 and size small – 3XL. It has a choice of coloured background – black, asphalt, navy, royal blue, purple, heather blue, dark heather and brown. They are made from a cotton and polyester fabric and are machine washable.

This is a simple gold ring which could make a great Valentine’s gift. It is made from titanium in a yellow gold colour and has bevelled edges to make it comfortable to wear. It is available in a big range of ring sizes and half sizes are also available. It comes in a velvet drawstring pouch and has a quality guarantee so is all ready to give as a very special gift.

This is a uniquely designed ring. It is a wrap around design so it is not an enclosed band and has two hearts on it which are offset. The ring can be adjusted to fit different sizes of finger. It comes in two colour options – sterling silver and rose gold plated. It comes in a velvet pouch with the logo of the manufacturers on it. Would make a very romantic gift.

These are very pretty heart shaped hanging lantern decorations. They would look great to decorate any place, perhaps for a party, romantic dinner or even in a shop. There are five paper lanterns included each of which is 11.4cm in diameter. Some have a white background and others red and they have a small heart pattern all over them. They are made from paper and have to be carefully unfolded to form spheres on receipt.

This is a case of 6 bottles of wine, which would be perfect to celebrate any romantic occasion including Valentine’s Day as a couple or with family and friends. They are Whispering Angel Cotes de Provence Rose wine bottles containing 750ml from the 2019 vintage which is a very highly sought after wine. They come inside a specially designed cardboard case which is pink and pretty and will keep them safe. They even have free delivery.

This is a special book called ‘Our Adventure Book’. It is a specially designed album where you can keep photographs and other items and write about them to put together a lovely keepsake. It is 29.5 x 19cm and has 40 papers of 80 sides of paper which can hold 150 x 6.4 photographs. It is also easily refillable as the paper is held in with a string that can be undone.

This is a box of Lint Lindor truffles. It is a 337g box which contains approximately 26 truffles so perfect for sharing or they will last a long time. The truffles are made from milk chocolate and have a chocolate shell with a creamy melting truffle centre. They come in a red box and with red wrapping which makes them look romantic and suitable to give as a Valentine’s Day gift.

This is a set of heart shaped stickers. They are on a roll of paper and so can easily be removed to stick on things. You can choose from a big range of colours such as peach, red, silver, grey, orange, gold, pink, white, red sparkle, pink sparkle, metallic gold, brown kraft, shiny rose and silver sparkle. They would be great for making a Valentine’s card or picture or just general crafting.

This is a special lifelong bangle which would make a great Valentine’s gift. It has knot motif which symbolises the unique bond between two people. It has rhodium plating and has lots of Swarovski crystals on it as well so it really sparkles. It has an adjustable fit due to there being a chain which fastens into a lobster claw clip. It comes boxed, so all ready to give away.

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