27 Gift Ideas for Vegetarian People

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There are many people these days that are vegetarian or are looking to eat a more plant based diet for health or environmental reasons. This means that it is likely that you will know someone that is a vegetarian. You may want to buy them a gift and make sure that it is suitable for vegetarians. If you are not a vegetarian yourself then you might not be sure of what to get. Therefore, we have put together a list of items that we hope will help you out. There are all sorts of different ideas and hopefully you will find something that you will want to get.

27 Presents for People Who Don’t Eat Meat

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This is a handy book for those that are new to being a vegetarian, catering for vegetarians or just want something new and different to cook. It is called ‘The 30-minute Vegetarian Cookbook’ and has 100 meals and snacks from breakfast to dinner. There are also hacks to help you have the right staples on hand, what can be prepped beforehand and tricks to make cooking really easy.

This is a shopping bag with the slogan ‘Eat fruit not friends’ on it with pictures of animals. It is a black bag with white writing and is made from 100% cotton and is a Tote bag. It has long handles which means that it can be carried over the shoulder and it measures 38cm x 42cm. It is a great gift idea for someone that wants to promote the vegetarian message.

This is a packet of 1000 vegetarian capsules. Often supplements have capsules which contain animal products and this is a packet of capsules that are vegetarian. They are empty and you can fill them up with whatever you wish. Therefore, if you make supplements you will be able to purchase these empty capsule cases and fill them up with vegetarian supplement and sell them knowing they are fully suitable for vegetarians.

This is a funny mug which is 11oz and mainly white. It is made from ceramic and has black writing on it which says ‘I don’t eat anything that poops’ and there is a poo emoji picture underneath it. It is microwave and dishwasher safe and therefore it is extremely practical. It is fun too and great for any vegetarian or vegan that has a good sense of humour. Comes in a gift box.

This is a ‘Vegetarian Mediterranean Cookbook’ by Sanaa Abourezk. It is a paperback book or is available in a Kindle edition and has 125 recipes which are all easy to cook. They have simple ingredients and use techniques from the region to capture the iconic flavours. It also has tips and tricks with shortcuts and ideas as well as containing ingredients that should be easy to find. A great book for any lover of Mediterranean food.

This is a bangle which has a Vegan symbol design. It is a stainless steel bangle which has been polished with a shine. It is an open style bangle and on one end is a heart shape with the ‘V’ symbol with a leaf on it and the other end has a green cubic zirconia gemstone on it. It comes in an elegant velvet cloth pouch ready to give as a gift.

This a selection of four badges which are 1 inch or 25mm in diameter and they each have a vegetarian theme. They each say ‘Friends! Not Food!’ and they have a different animal on, three have photos, one of a cow, one a pig and one a lamb and the other is a cartoon drawing of a chicken. They each have a pin fastening on the back and they have high definition printing so the pictures and words are all really clear.

This is a paperback book called ‘The Hairy Dieters Go Veggie’ by Si King and Dave Myers. There are 80 recipes in the book and it has simple and easy-to-follow recipes for meals and snacks. They have many best selling books and so this is likely to be a good one as well with plenty of different meals such as brunches, starters, snacks, soups, salads, lunch boxes, hearty dishes, mains, puddings, bakes, sides and basics.

This is a book called ‘The Plant Based Diet for Beginners’ by Gabriel Miller. It contains 75 recipes which have no sugar, oil or salt as well as having information about the benefit of eating plants and resources for beginners. There are lots of healthy recipes using a variety of different ingredients to help you to start to find some new and healthy recipes to help you to go plant based and see all the benefits that go with that.

This is a pair of ladies’ socks which have a vegan design. They have the word ‘vegan’ on them as well as pictures of various vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, tomatoes and avocados. The vegetables all have faces on and are really cute. They are UK size 4-8 so should fit most adults and they are ankle socks. They have beige coloured background which means that the coloured vegetables really stand out.

These are vegetarian Omega 3,6 and 9 capsules. It can be tricky to get Omega 3 in the vegetarian and vegan diet as the main source is fish (although some is available in egg and dairy too). Some will get it from flax seeds but it can be difficult to get enough, especially if you do not like the seeds. Therefore many vegetarians take a supplement and this is one way that they can take them in a way that is suitable for vegans.

These are dog chews which are vegetarian. They are 100% natural and have no artificial colours or additives and a minimal fat content. They help to clean the dog’s teeth and promote a healthy gut. They come in packs of five. They are 12cm in length so not too big for a small dog to handle. A great alternative to the meaty treats that are available that vegetarian dog owners will not like buying.

This is a dinosaur sticker which says ‘herbivore’ on it. It is a cute cartoon dinosaur which is light green on its body with darker green spikes on its back. The writing is across the top of its body. It is 103mm x 64mm and is die cut with laser precision. It is a waterproof sticker and UV resistant so can be stuck on cars, skateboards, windows, mirrors, laptops, notebooks, doors etc.

This is a spiralizer for vegetables. It has 3 different blades which are easy to change and can be washed in the dishwasher. It has a suction cup on the bottom so it can be used safely. It is designed to shred vegetables into different sizes such as noodles or ribbons. They can make a pretty salad or be used in a dish instead of pasta for those that cannot eat gluten or wheat or want to cut down on grains.

This is an audio CD by Bob Geldolf called ‘Vegetarians of Love’. It is one music CD which has twelve tracks on it. The songs are mixed with different musical style influences and a mix of themes with pain and humour which reflect his life experiences. It was first released in 2002 so will have a sound typical of that era that could please people who liked music of that time.

This is a ladies’ handbag made of cork. It is designed to have the look of leather and comes in black, brown, red and zebra. It has a main compartment and an interior zipped pocket as well as keyholder. The inside is lined in a contrasting colour to that of the main bag. It has a flap top with an invisible metallic closure. It has an adjustable strap so that it can be adjusted perfectly to the right length.

This is an interesting book by the nutritionist Anita Bean called ‘The Vegetarian Athlete’s Cookbook’. There are 100 meat free recipes which are easy to prepare. The recipes all have nutritional information so you can tell if you are getting the nutrients that you need. It has breakfasts, mains, desserts, snacks and shakes and they are all healthy, tasty and fast and there is a mix of vegan and vegetarian dishes.

This is a printed wooden sign. It has a black background and white heart shapes on it with a white border. The hearts are intertwined and the smaller one has a ‘V’ symbol in it with a leaf. The sign comes with saw tooth hangers so it can be attached to a wall or propped up. It makes an unusual gift for a vegan or vegetarian but they will appreciate the thought that has gone into it.

This is a pair of cufflinks which are metallic silver in colour. They are round and have a domed glass top and underneath there is a white printed design which has a pig and says ‘love me, don’t eat me’. They will make a good gift to any man that has dress shirts and is a vegetarian or vegan. They will appreciate that you understand their point of view and respect them by giving them a gift like this.

This is a cork wallet, which is a vegetarian alternative to a leather one. It has a large slot for notes, smaller ones for cards and a magnetic fastened one for coins. It has a slim design and is bifold and measures 4.5 x 3.7 x 0.5 inches when it is folded. It comes in a selection of different colours and in a gift box, so all ready to give as a present.

‘The Hungry Student Vegetarian Cookbook’ is a great book containing over 200 quick and simple recipes. The book recognises that not only do vegetarian students need budget friendly recipes but they also want something that is quick and easy to cook. There are tips on budgeting, lunchbox ideas and leftover recipes. Chapters include Bring on Brekkie, Comfort Food, Roasted and Bakes, Made in a Flash and All the Carbs. A great gift for any student.

This is a selection of sweets which are suitable for vegetarians. It includes 50 individually wrapped sweets in a bag. The sweets are rock sweets so they look like seaside rock that has been cut into even slices and has the words ‘baby shower’ written through them. The outside is yellow and orange striped and the words are in black on the main white colour. Each sweet is 2.5cm in diameter and 1cm thick.

This is a fun black mouse mat which says ‘veggie powered’ on it. The word veggie is in orange and the ‘I’ is a carrot. The word ‘powered’ is in green and the ‘o’ is a cabbage. It measures 25 x 30cm and is made from 100% polyester cloth with a rubber pad on the bottom. It grips well on the desk and a mouse runs easily over it so that it helps to stop them sliding about.

This is a funny pop socket for a phone. It is black in colour and it says on it ‘I don’t eat anything that farts’ with a picture of a pink pig on it who has some green gas behind it. A pop socket attaches to a mobile phone and makes it much easier for it to be gripped. It can also be opened out so that it is used to easily prop up the phone so that you can watch a film or have a video call without having to hold it.

This is a special plant growth light so great for anyone that likes to grow their own plants. It is a 1200W full spectrum energy saving LED light and will help to promote growth, germination and flowering by encouraging photosynthesis in plants. They have built in fans to make sure that they do not get the room too hot and can be used indoors or in greenhouses. Great for any serious gardener.

This is a special machine for washing fruit and vegetables. It provides microscopic level cleaning to remove pesticides and contaminants that are on the fruit and vegetables when you buy them from the supermarkets. Just put the items in the washing basket and it uses purified water to clean them. The basket can be removed so that the fruit and vegetables can easily be put away once clean. It is kind to the environment.

This is a specially designed healthy eating plate for vegetarians which uses pretty word art to decorate it. Half of the plate has names of vegetables written on it, a quarter has carbs and a quarter has protein with a small section in the middle for sauces. It is melamine and suitable for washing in a dishwasher. It even includes a healthy eating cheat sheet to help with meal planning and to explain how the plate works.

This is a hanging lamp with an antler design. It is a minimalist white colour and painted with water based paint and measures 77cm across and 43cm tall (not including the hanging chain). It is made from resin antlers which are a replacement for natural ones and therefore are suitable for vegetarians. It can suit all sorts of rooms and houses and is really easy to install. Can really add a focal point to a room.

This is a silver coloured metallic ring which has a circular top with a glass dome. Under the dome is a printed picture of a pig and the message ‘love me don’t eat me’ written in black on a white background. The pendant part is 6mm thick and the ring itself has a design where it does not meet and the metal is flexible so it will be able to be altered to fit different sizes of finger. .

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