34 Gift Ideas for Vets & Anyone Who Wants To Be a Vet!

Updated on September 1st, 2021
By Eve
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Buying gifts for newly trained vets, those that are vets or children that want to vets can be tricky. We have therefore done some research for you and put together a selection of items that we think will be useful to you. There is a mix of items and so there will be things that are useful and serious as well as things that are fun and you will be able to choose something that you think will suit the person that you have in mind. We have also catered for different budgets as we know that most people will have a particular budget in mind and these will vary.

34 Presents for Vets & Vet Nurses

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Colouring books for adults can be extremely relaxing and many people use them to wind down as well as to have fun. This one is specifically designed for vets and has thirty cute pictures to colour. They are single-sided and removable so they can be easily framed. They are 8.5 x 11 inches in size and they are printed on bright white paper which is designed for use with different mediums.

Books are great gifts and this one can be useful for anyone that is thinking of training to be a vet. It is called ‘So you want to be a vet?’ and is written by Neil Paton. It explains what prospective students should expect, both when they study at veterinary school and beyond. It explains exactly what life is like as a vet as well as discussing career options available too.

Vets are likely to enjoy this book by Peter Wright called ‘My Yorkshire Great and Small’. It is a book by the Yorkshire vet all about Yorkshire and the areas. The book also has tales of animals, people and places and looks back to his childhood as well as the more modern day. It has a lot of references to nature and the environment and the importance of preserving it for the future.

Budding vets may really enjoy playing with this Playmobile set which has a vet and other items in a carry case. It has a vet character as well as a cat and two dogs and there is an operating table and tools as well as other little items to make a vet’s surgery. It is part of the City Life range and will be great for children that like animals or would like to be a vet.

TV vet Rory Cowlam has written this book on ‘The Secret Life of a Vet’ and it could make a great gift for any vet. It describes the author’s experience of veterinary school with information about what it is like to treat animals and the mental health implications of caring for animals and coping with their illnesses and deaths. It also recounts how he wanted to be a vet as a child and achieved his dream.

Kids that would like to be vets could be interested in this vet’s playset. It is designed for young children and contains a dress-up outfit as well as lots of plastic accessories. Includes a hat, suitcase, stethoscope, otoscope, reflex hammer, syringe, blood pressure meter, medical scissors, comb, mirror, hair cutting scissors, shower gel and a plush dog. Lots of fun items to pretend to wash, groom and treat the toy dog.

This colouring book is educational as well as fun. This is because it is an anatomy book and so has pictures of animals which are labelled to learn about them. It can make studying fun and it has 40 animals in total to colour of different sizes. It is 8.5 x 11 inches in size and includes a cat, dog, horse, bird, pig, cow, goat, chicken, elephant, lizard, dolphin and more.

Children may like this book which is called ‘ Be the vet’. It contains dog and cat stories where the animals all have a condition that needs treating. It is up to the reader to try to use information from the story to find out what is wrong with them. There is a treatment plan at the end of each story and it gives kids aged 9-13 years the opportunity to learn more about animals and their illnesses.

Pet hospital is the name of this fun playset. It has a carry case with a feeding bowl, and various equipment to treat animals with. There is a stethoscope, medicine bottle, syringe, thermometer, tweezers, plasters and bandages. The items are all made of wood, so are lovely for younger children to handle and enjoy playing with. The toys will help to bring out the child’s caring side and they will learn more about looking after animals.

Vet Squad have put together this special five-pack assortment of poorly animals. They are all super cute and they come with a bucket and sponge to make their injuries recover. The animals all have different injuries that they need help with. There are five animals in the set and ten in total to collect. One pack is sent out at random so you get an assortment of cute animals in it.

Melissa and Doug have put together this lovely pet playset. It is called Examine and Treat and it comes with a dog and cat that are unwell. There are also lots of pieces of vet equipment that can be used to treat the animals such as a thermometer, syringe, ear scope, tweezers, clamp, cast, bandages and a bag to put it all in. Lots of fun for children aged three years and over.

Vets and those training to be vets could really enjoy this book called ‘Animal Matters: Diary of an Inner City Vet’. It is an account of a year in the life of a vet at a London animal charity hospital. There are accounts of distressing as well as amusing incidences as well as information about RSPCA welfare cases, mental health issues in the profession, ethical concerns, animal euthanasia and laws.

Children that want to be vets will enjoy playing pretend with the dress-up costume. It has a pair of trousers, short-sleeved shirt and a hat all in a turquoise colour. They are sized to fit 3-7-year-olds. The top has the word ‘vet’ on it and two paw prints as well as a pocket on the front. Will be a fun fancy dress party outfit, for role play or just general play.

Barbie fans will enjoy receiving this Barbie vet doll. Barbie is wearing a dress with a pet inspired print on it which is covered with a white coat. She also has some purple clogs and a stethoscope. With her comes a small cat. She comes boxed in original, branded packaging and is suitable for children aged three years and older. Will be a great gift for any child that aspires to be a vet or loves animals.

Lego Friends is a set loved by many and this is their vet set. The set includes a mini-doll, Emma as well as an examination bed, feeding bottle and plate, dog bone, lamp, brush, syringe and feeding bottle. There is also a cute purple vehicle included with full instructions on how to construct everything that is included. It is suitable for children aged four years and above and is compatible with all Lego sets.

A fun colouring book can be very relaxing and this one is designed for vet nurses. It has 29 different colouring pages in it which all have relatable sayings and phrases with geometric and mandala designs. The pages are all single-sided so there will be no worries about bleed-through and they can be removed and framed without losing the picture on the back. The paper works with pencils, felt pens and gel pens.

Caring children will enjoy this dalmatian vet kit. It has a toy dog in a carry case with different medical equipment to treat it with. There is a stethoscope, brush, syringe, thermometer, bowl, medical tray, tongs, mirror, hammer, blood pressure cuff, scissors, ear examiner and tweezers. All of the items are made of durable plastic and the kits are suitable for toddlers aged two years and above.

Anyone learning to be a vet could find these Veterinary anatomy flash cards useful. They are vividly illustrated and will allow anyone studying to easily be able to revise wherever they are. There are 360 cards in total and they are categorised by regional sections of the animal such as head, back, thorax, pelvis, forelimbs, hindlimbs etc so that you can compare the anatomy of different animals.

Textbooks can make very welcome gifts for those that are studying and for vets these could be very useful. This is a two-volume set of Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine and there are two volumes in a hardback set. It includes searchable online versions, 500 clinical videos showing procedures that are difficult to explain and easier to demonstrate, client information sheets and clinical algorithms for diagnosing diseases.

Playmobile has put together this fun zoo vet set. It includes a medical quad that has an animal case on it that can be opened. There are also tools contained in a box that can be used to treat the animals. There is a wild cat included with a bandage for its leg as well as a little monkey. The figure has a uniform and stethoscope. Fits together with the Family Fun Zoo set but could easily be played with alone or with different Playmobil items.

A workbook can be a very useful way to learn new things. This one is an ‘Introduction to Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology’ and helps with learning the principles which will be tested in class. It is a fun and interactive way to learn using things like crosswords, word searches, quizzes, mnemonics, labelling diagrams and other tests to make learning easier and fun.  It includes hints and tips for studying effectively.

If you have a child that wants to be a vet then they might enjoy this activity book. It is designed especially to show them what vets do with all sorts of fun activities. There are stickers included as well as pop-out pieces and fill out forms that they can use to have lots of fun interacting with the book. It is designed for children aged 3-7 years of age.

If you know a vet nurse that has a May birthday then this notebook could make a great gift for them. It says on the front of it ‘Awesome vet nurses are born in May’. The notebook is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 110 pages which are all white with lines ruled in them. There are also other months available if you are buying for someone with a birthday in a different month.

Kids who are interested in being a vet or like animals will enjoy this fun board book called ‘Busy Vet’. It has tabs in it so that children can interact with the book. They can also push and pull things and have lots of fun. It will encourage them to learn more about the vets and also to read and enjoy what is going on in the book.

Kids aged four years and older will enjoy playing with this Playmobile vet clinic. It has a vet, child and three animals included with it. There is a box to store everything in which opens out to form the backdrop for playing with the items. There is also a table, basket, chair, sink, lamp, phone, folders, clipboard and medical equipment such as syringe, microscope, bandages and tissues.

‘Pocketbook for Vets’ is produced by the BSAVA (British Small Animal Veterinary Association) is a handy guide for recent graduates. It has information about drugs, tests and procedures which are useful in small animal practices. It also has quick reference emergency information and intended to be used on the job as a quick reference book which is why it is sized to fit in a scrubs top pocket.

Newly trained vets may find this book useful. It is by Clare Tapsfield-Wright and called ‘The New Vets Handbook’. It covers lots of things such as employment options, interviews and mentoring as well as working with colleagues, patients and clients. It has information on career options and professional skills as well as social media pitfalls to avoid and dealing with euthanasia. It is written in a supportive and lighthearted way.

‘The Merck Veterinary Manual’ has an easy to follow layout with information on all domesticated species and diseases from across the world. It is in colour to make it easier to use with lots of images as well. There is even a section on public health and it is bang up to date with the latest diagnostic techniques as well as self-care help for veterinarians themselves.

Those studying horses, perhaps as part of animal care or vet training may find this book useful. It is a horse colouring book but it includes detailed pictures designed to help equine vet students. It includes anatomical structure and terminology to help with revision in a fun way. It will help with relaxation as colouring is done as well as studying the detailed illustrations for revision purposes. There are 35 pictures showing external organs, muscles, skeletons and more.

If you know a child that wants to be a vet then this pet vet hospital playset could be a great gift for them. The set folds up for easy storage and transportation. It has 20 items in it including a plush puppy, collar, bone, thermometer, hammer, syringe and stethoscope. There is even an x-ray machine to play with. There are also write and wipe components to encourage them to with handwriting.

This vet set my Crayola is in the washanimals series. It is a portable box that opens up to be used as a vet clinic. The animals can be coloured and then played with and washed to colour again. The clinic can be used as an expansion set or on its own. It includes a cat, three pens and a couple of accessories with the backdrop having pictures that make it look like it is the inside of a vets.

Mugs can be useful and this one is themed for a vet student. It is white with black printing on it and it is 9.5 x 8cm in size. The print is made using the dye sublimation method which means that it is of good quality and will not easily be rubbed off. It is dishwasher and microwave safe as well which means that it is really practical to use.

Colouring books can be really relaxing and this one is helpful as well because it has veterinary anatomy included in the pictures. It is designed to make learning easier and has 100 unique pages to colour and learn from. The pages all include anatomical terminology which means that it is possible to easily learn from them while colouring and there are also quotes as well. Animals include dog, cat, horse, chicken and bird.

Bandage cutters can be useful for vets to use but they are not very interesting to look at. There is no reason why practical cannot be pretty and so this pair has white handles with blue, yellow, red and green polka dots on them in different sizes. The design looks fun. They are uniquely designed for healthcare and are patient safe. They are infection control compliant and animal-safe.

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