35 Gifts for Vinyl Music Lovers

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There are many people that love vinyl. It is something which fell out of popularity with many people when cassettes and then CD’s appeared but some still really love it. This has lead to many vinyl themed items appearing on the market. You may be wanting to buy someone you know a vinyl related gift and this could be tricky if you are not sure what is available. This is why we have put together a list of items that we feel will appeal to those that love vinyl and we hope that you will find it useful and inspiring too.

35 Presents for Vinyl Music Fans

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This is a book called ‘Vinyl Me, Please: 100 Albums you need on Vinyl and why’. It is not just a list of 100 records though it also has cocktail recipes to match your listening needs and suggestions alongside them. It is arranged alphabetically and specifically lists records that sound better on vinyl compared to other mediums. A great book for vinyl fans to look though and to keep on their coffee table.

This is a handy notebook which says ‘Addicted to vinyl’ on the cover which is blue with a record player depicted on it. It is 6 x 9 inches in size and has blank lined pages. This means that it can be used for all sorts of things such as journaling, a diary, lists or just general notes. It is paperback and has a matte cover and is a really handy size to be portable.

This is a vinyl record stand. It is a way to showcase the record you are playing by putting the record cover in it. It comes in walnut, brown or natural colour and is made from solid wood so it will stay In place well. It has a minimalist and elegant design which means that it fits with most interiors. It can also be used for CD covers if required.

This is a set of coasters which all look like vinyl records. There are six in the set and they are all different and about 4.1 inches in diameter. They are non-slip and insulated and will protect tables underneath from the heat of a drink. They all have different coloured centres and fake song titles written on them such as ‘protect the surface’, ‘no marks on the table’ and ‘rest on me!’.

This is a short sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘you can never have too many vinyls’ with a picture of some records on it. It comes in styles and sizes suitable for men or women from small to 3xL. It comes in a choice of colours – black, navy, asphalt, royal blue, olive, brown, Kelly green, baby blue, dark heather and heather blue. It has a classic fit and is machine washable.

This is a Vinyl Manual by Haynes. It is a spoof manual written in the Haynes style that they used for their car manuals and even has some of the original illustrations. It has advice on how to get the best out of your vinyl collection with information about turntables and audio kit, how to set up your system, and how to build your record collection. Great for collectors or those that have an interest in vinyl.

This is a wall clock made from a vinyl record. The record has been carved to depict a scene from Star Wars. It is a working clock that is 12 inches in size and has a quartz movement in it. The clock face with numbers and cogs in the middle is a sticker but the design is really original and fun and particularly stands out against a light and plain coloured wall.

This is a novelty mug which looks like a record. It is 21 x 11 x 14.5cm and will add a retro touch to any kitchen. It is mainly black and has a blue sticker in the middle of it and says ‘one sugar records’ and ‘cool brew’ which makes it fun. It is a practical item but also fun as well and will make a really great gift for anyone that loves records.

L This is a set of vinyl coasters. There are six in the set and they all differ as they have different labels in them. They are retro style and will work well for hot and cold drinks because they are non-slip and will provide protection for the surface that they are on. They are 4.13 inches in diameter and 0.08 inches thick. It will make a great gift for record lovers.

This is a set of record sleeves. There are 200 in the set and they are 12 inches in size. They are high quality and made from durable material so will keep the records safe and clean. There are UV inhibitors to stop them breaking down over time as well as anti-static which stops dust sticking on them. They are made from very clear material so it is easy to see what is inside.

This is a cleaning kit for vinyl records. It has everything you need inside to help keep them clean. It has anti-static screen cleaning liquid, a microfiber cloth, a cleaning brush, cleaning tissues which are wet and dry to prevent static and a stylus cleaning brush. This will be a great gift for anyone with a record collection as it is important to clean them for the best sound quality.

This is an interesting piece of line art. The centre looks like a record label and around the edge are the words of a song printed in a spiral in black to look like the record. It can be personalised where you can choose which artist and song to be featured, the colour of the label in the centre, names and dates to add to the centre as well as whether you want a frame and if so, which size and colour you require.

This is a book by Graham Jones called ‘The Vinyl Revival and the Shops that Made it Happen’. It is written by someone who sells to independent record shops and includes anecdotes about shop owners who sell new vinyl which will entertain others who shop at this sort of place as they will no doubt have met characters just like these.  A great gift for a vinyl fan with a good sense of humour.

This is a special stand designed to hold vinyl records. It has space in it for 40 records and means that they can be displayed in a neat and tidy way. It will fit all 12 inch records and is made of high impact polystyrene. It is black in colour and has a trendy retro design which will suit the records that it is holding and should fit in with the style of most homes due to its minimalist design.

This is a special frame which can be used to display vinyl record covers. It can also hold the record as it is designed to keep it securely held within the sleeve while the sleeve is being displayed. This means that if you have an album that you really like the look of, then you will be able to frame it and hang it on your wall. The design means that you can easily change it as well.

This is a women’s watch with a vinyl theme. The face of the watch looks like a record with a red sticker in the centre. This matches the red faux leather strap that the watch has. The case has a 38mm diameter and is 7mm thick and the band has a 230 mm length and a 20mm width. It is an analogue watch with quartz movement. A fun gift for any vinyl lover.

This is a record label protector. It is a transparent disc of thick acrylic which will keep the label dry and also gives you a handle to hold when you are rotating the record to clean it under a running tap. It is really easy to use and seals using a rubber ring to make sure that no water gets through to the label, which would soak through the paper and damage it.

This is a black short-sleeved t-shirt which says on it ‘vinyl & track & tape & disc’ in large, white writing. It is made in sizes and styles suitable for men or women and comes in small – 3XL. It is lightweight and has a classic fit with a rounded neck. It is made from 100% cotton and can go in a washing machine. Would make a great gift for any music lover.

This is a wooden storage crate designed to hold albums. It is actually a big enough size to hold 100 vinyl records that are 12 inches in size. It even has casters on the bottom which means that it can be wheeled around the room. Therefore it can be tucked away when not in use and brought out when it is needed really easily without having to lift it.

This is a brooch which is a 45 record adapter. It is 20mm in diameter and is coated with glass so it is shiny. It is sealed as well and so is slightly water resistant if worn in the rain.  It is a great piece of jewellery for a vinyl fan as they will know exactly what it is and what it relates too. They will be pleased that you have thought of them when buying this gift.

This is a book called ‘1000 Record covers’ by Michael Ochs. It is a great book for anyone that loves vinyls as they are likely to have some of the covers themselves. It is also a good book to show the expressions of the time as covers will change over time reflecting not only the theme of the song but the mood of the time and the artistic styles that were trending.

This is a popsocket for a mobile device which has a record player design on it. The pop socket makes it easier to grip onto the phone when it is being held in the hand. It will also allow you to be able to prop up the device when using it to video chat or watch a film or TV when it is popped out. It is a useful item which will stick to most clean surfaces and can even be repositioned.

This is a cute brooch which looks like a record player with a record on. It is made from metal with some black and red enamelling on it. It would look good on a coat, hat, scarf or even a bag or could be kept as a little collectible next to a real record player. A great little gift for anyone that is a big vinyl fan which could be popped in with a card for them or given alongside a larger gift.

This is a vinyl collectors’ log book which will allow the owner to keep track of all of the details of their record collection. It has 100 pages with space for information such as the title of the album, artist, year etc. It is a very useful way to keep a log of all of this information so that if they go out shopping for vinyl they can have it with them to check if they already have that album or not.

This is a guest book which has the design of a vinyl record on the front as well as a vintage pattern. It  can be used for guests to sign in to a party, wedding, anniversary or other event. Especially good if it has a theme which relates to the vinyl era. It could also be used for hotel or guesthouse guest book, or even for a guestroom in a house if appropriately decorated.

This is a black wooden picture frame which will fit a 12 inch vinyl record sleeve or an actual record. They can be a great gift for someone that really treasures their collection and would like to see some of them on the wall of their house. It is also a way to display a cover that you feel is just a great piece of art. You could put an album inside it or give the blank frame for them to add a record of their choice to.

This is a portable turntable in the size of a suitcase for playing 7 inch vinyl records. It is a very cute design and comes in blue, black or pink. It has a stereo speaker and belt driven turntable which can rotate at different speeds. It has a cute carry handle and makes a lovely gift for children who like music. A great way to introduce a child to music and especially to vinyl.

This is a record player which has a turntable and built in stereo speakers and can play singles, LPs and 78’s. It is a real vintage design and has a built in radio as well. It comes in grey or walnut. It also has Bluetooth and you can use it to listen to cassettes, CDs and FM radio as well as records. It has AUX input, USB connection and Bluetooth pairing all built in too.

This is a record player which has a CD, cassette and radio built into it as well as the turntable. You can select different speeds and it has a 45 adapter. It has an analog AM/FM radio and converter to MP3. It has Aux in for connecting ipod, iphone etc and a built in stereo speaker. It has a backlit LCD screen and a duct cover. It even comes with free delivery.

  This is a music centre which includes a record player, CD player, FM radio and MP3. The record player has three speeds – 33 / 45 / 78 and there is an auto stop as well with a flip-over stylus. It has a recording function as well which is really easy to use. The CD player allows 20 track programming too. It is 320mm width x 170mm height and 290mm depth. It even comes with free delivery.

This is a pack of record player needles. You get 8 in a pack and they are diamond tipped. They are really easy to install and they are sturdy and so can be very easily put in within a few minutes. They are high quality made from aluminium and plastic with a red diamond tip. Each comes in a white plastic box to protect it from being damaged before it gets used.

This is a brush for cleaning records. It is an anti-static brush which will remove dust and dirt. It is made from very soft hair so it will not scratch or damage the record and will clean it so that it plays perfectly. It has synthetic fibres which will dissipate the static as well so that dust will not be attracted to the surface. It is an attractive brush with a wooden handle.

This is a cleaning fluid for vinyl records. It is a 100ml or 3.4 fl oz bottle with a fine spray nozzle. It is alcohol free and will easily clean dust, dirt and fingerprints in combination with a velvet brush or microfibre cloth. It is really handy when you have purchased records which are really dirty or own a record shop and need to keep the stock really clean all of the time.

This is a special clamp which ensure that the record and platter surface are held together. It is a stylish accessory as it is shiny silver and works really well with warped records to gently hold them in place without adding additional weight that will damage them. It can be tightened or loosened depending on what that specific record needs. It is very easy to fit and creates a great sound as well.

This is a record stabiliser. It will clamp the record in place gently so that it plays better. It helps to improve the stereo sound and stabilizes it. It will give a better quality of sound and is particularly useful when you are burning CDs from vinyl. Makes a good gift for someone that loves their records and appreciates good sound quality when they are listening to music and recording.

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