28 Gift Ideas for People Who Love To Drink Vodka

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If you know someone who likes a drink of vodka then you might like the idea of buying them gifts which are related to this. However, you may not want to keep buying them the same bottles of vodka all the time, you may fancy the idea of getting them something a bit different. This is why we have come up with this list of different ideas for gifts that we think will suit vodka lovers. We hope that you will find some things that you feel will suit them, that you like as well and will also suit your budget!

28 Presents for Vodka Drinkers

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This is a set of four coasters with a vodka theme. They are from The Leonardo Collection and are all slightly different. They each have a different message on such as ‘Shhhh….there’s vodka in here!’, ‘Vodka made me do it!’, ‘Save water drink vodka!’ and ‘”Trust me you can’t dance” – vodka’. They have white backgrounds with rose gold writing and bubbles along the bottom. They come in a gift box so ready to give away as a present.

This is a mug which is white and says on it ‘How do I get it all done?’ Coffee and vodka, honey’ with a picture of a vodka bottle and a take away coffee cup. It comes in 11oz or 15oz, so you can choose the most appropriate size. It is microwave and dishwasher safe, which means that it is extremely convenient. It will make a fun gift for anyone that enjoys vodka and coffee.

This is a lovely crystal highball glass which is perfect for drinking vodka from. The glass has a pretty crystal cut pattern towards the bottom and it also comes with two reusable metal straws as well as a silicone ice mould to make a 5cm sphere of ice – to use as a funky ice cube. A lovely gift set which comes in a cardboard tube gift box so it is lovely to give away.

This is a Tanzanite Vodka gift set which includes a 70cl bottle of Tanzanite vodka in a unique bottle with 4 glasses which match the bottle. The vodka has a silky taste and smooth texture due to being distilled repeatedly.  It is really good quality and has won awards for its taste.  They come together in a box which means that it will make a really lovely gift for anyone that enjoys quality vodka.

This is a pair of novelty ankle socks. They are white socks and on the bottom in blue it says ‘if you can read this’ on one foot and ‘bring me a vodka’ on the other with a picture of a glass underneath. The writing is made from raised non slip material to make the socks safe to wear even on hard floors. They are stretchy and therefore one size fits all.

This is a fun set of chemical shots. It contains four 50ml shot glasses which are all different shapes and look like the types of vessels you would find in a chemistry lab. Things like a beaker and conical flask. They are great fun to use and can be used with any spirit. Great for parties and for serving coloured cocktails but also drinks like vodka. They are great fun and come in a box.

This is a funny plaque to hang up and it says on it ‘Let’s drink vodka and take shite!’ with a picture of a glass on it with ice, lemon and a straw. It is made from high grade PVC so is durable and has two holes in it with twine threaded through so that it can be hung up. It is 200mm x 100mm in size and would look good by a bar, in a kitchen or dining room or anywhere that vodka is consumed!

This is a vodka lovers survival kit. It includes 18 novelty items in a hologram gift bag. There is also a laminated card included with an explanation of the relevance of each gift such as ‘eraser – to help make the hangover disappear’, ‘money – a contribution to your vodka fund’, ‘clothes peg – because sometimes being drunk stinks’, ‘tea bag – for times when there is no vodka’ and ‘ coffee – for the morning after’.

This is a vodka infusion set. There are 6 different infusions to make vodka cocktails. There are two Caribbean and pineapple flavoured, two mojito and mint flavoured and two peach and orange flavoured. They come in silk pouches like fruit teas and can be put in the drink to create a cocktail flavour without any hassle of mixing drinks. 100% natural with no artificial additives. They come in a box and make an interesting and original gift.

This is a cocktail making set. It has a full bartenders kit so that you make your own cocktails. There is a bamboo stand to keep all of the items neat and tidy. There are 16 items including a cocktail shaker, jigger, pourer, corkscrew, tongs, muddler, spoon, 4 straw spoons, 4 strainers and the stand. This is a fun way to make exciting drinks and would be a great gift for vodka lovers.

This is a novelty shot glass which could make a fun gift. It is actually in the shape of a grenade. It has a little handle to make it easy to use. It could make a great espresso cup as well as a shot glass so that it has more than one use. It holds 60ml and is dishwasher safe. It comes in a box and is all ready to give away.

This is a pair of hip flasks which are made from stainless steel. Each comes with a small funnel to make it easy to fill up. The cap is attached to the flask with a hinge which means that it cannot easily be lost. It is laser welded so that it has a leak proof seal. It measures 15 x 10 x 3cm and has an 8oz capacity. The stainless steel spout and flask are easy to clean and would make a great gift.

This is a bottle of Ciroc which is French Vanilla flavoured vodka. It is a premium vodka so it has been distilled five times and is made from fine French grapes. It has a taste of vanilla cream and vanilla beans and is rich, silky and smooth and therefore really pleasant and enjoyable to drink. It could make a lovely gift for a vodka lover that also likes the taste of vanilla.

This is a really interesting craft vodka. It is a Japanese vodka called Haku and is a 70cl bottle. It has a soft, round and subtly sweet taste which makes it different to other vodkas. It has a nose of sweet and delicate florals with rice. The taste has a sweet and complex aroma of rice. The finish is a lingering sweetness because of the bamboo filtration system. It comes in a minimalised stylised bottle.

This is an engraved personalised glass with vodka. It is a bubble glass tumbler which is 8oz and is engraved with ‘[name]’s vodka glass’. The glass measures 2.75 inches in width and 3.5 inches in height. There is the option of having it come with a cardboard gift box.  It comes with a bottle of JJ Whitley raspberry vodka. The bottle is 70cl  and comes in a really pretty bottle, so both make a really pretty gift.

This is a very pretty set of three bottles of vodka. They are made by Grey Goose and there are three flavours – L’Citroen which is lemon, L’Orange which is orange and Le Poire which is pear. Each is produced and bottled in France. Each bottle is 600ml and has a screw cap. It has a pretty design and they come in a box so ready to give as a gift.

This is a bottle of Kendal Mint Cake vodka. It is 21.4% vodka and was created in Kendal in Cumbria. There is a choice of bottle sizes 50ml, 200ml and 500ml. It has a very sweet and minty taste, so is idea for someone that likes this combination of flavours.  It is fine and smooth in flavour. This would make a great novelty gift, especially for someone that is a fan of the Lake District.

This is a set of Stolichnaya glasses. It is a set of 6 glasses which have a stackable design so they are easy to store. They have Stolichnaya vodka on them in red and they have a fluted design. They are 7.9cm wide and are 15cm high. It also comes with an arygoods pourer to put onto the bottle to make it easier to get the right measure. Makes a great gift for a vodka lover.

This is a uniquely shaped bottle containing a flavoured vodka. It is a fun gift and the high heeled shoe is transparent, so that means you can see the brightly coloured vodka inside. It comes in different colours and flavours, so a red coloured sour cherry flavour, a light pink coloured pink vodka, an orangey red coloured blood orange flavour and a warm amber coloured toffee flavour. Each contain 4cl or 40ml.

This is a fun novelty vodka. It comes in a heart shaped bottle and there are three different flavours to choose from. It comes in a choice of toffee, sour cherry or pink vodka flavours and each is a different colour. The vodka itself is distilled three times to make it soft in tone and then it is flavoured so that it can be used either with a mixer, as a shot, over ice or in a cocktail.

This is a special little novelty gift containing a chocolate bar and a mini vodka. It is a single origin milk and dark chocolate bar finished with crushed almonds, sea salt and caramel.  Included is a 5cl size salted caramel vodka.  It makes a great little gift, perhaps a stocking filling or even a Secret Santa present for anyone that likes flavoured vodka and chocolate.

This is a toffee vodka and shot glass set. The shot glass says on it ‘Kin toffee and vodka’ with the work ‘Kin’ written on a bird like in the logo. The miniature is a kin toffee vodka in a 50ml size, which will fit well in the 60ml shot glass. They come in a box so they are all ready to give away as a lovely gift to a toffee vodka lover.

This is a fun short-sleeved t-shirt, which comes in sizes and styles to fit men and women. It says on the front ‘vodka lime & sunshine’ in really big writing. The t-shirts come in a selection of colours such as black, slate, white, baby blue, lemon and pink and come in sizes small – 3XL. It is made of a cotton and polyester mix and is in a classic fit with crew neck and can go in the washing machine.

This is a limited edition glass. It has ‘New Amsterdam’ written on it vertically down the middle along the front. The glass has an octagonal shape and measures about 10cm x 10cm. It is an unusual glass which means that it could make a really interesting gift for someone who enjoys vodka, as they are unlikely to have anything else like it. Therefore it could be a great gift for someone who either collects glasses or likes unique things.

This is a mixed pack of flavoured vodka shots. They are made by Quivers and there are 36 x 20ml shots in the pack. There is are 12 of each flavour which are also brightly coloured – apple sour, strawberry and raspberry which are bright green, red and blue. Each has a tamper proof seal and is an exact measure so you will know exactly what you are getting. They are also easy to chill. They come in a box and would make a really great gift.

This is a fun pair of tilted vodka glasses with a miniature. They are really stable but look tilted when they are on a flat surface so are great fun. They are 90mm high and 42mm in diameter and hold a maximum of 60ml. The bottle that comes with it is a Bamboo worm vodka which is weird and strange and the worm is edible. The bottle contains 7cl or 70ml and is 37.5% alcohol.

This is a set of Spirimix premium vodkas. It is actually a box containing 4 sachets which contain an individual 25ml serving of vodka. It is premium vodka which is distilled in England. The box looks really elegant as it is satin covered with a magnetic catch on the hinged lid, which means that it makes a really lovely gift to someone that likes vodka.  Also great for a Secret Santa, stocking filler or other small gift.

This is a flavoured vodka in a fun shaped bottle. The bottle is in the shape of a man’s torso and holds 40ml of drink. There are three to choose from and they are different colours and flavours. There is a light pink coloured pink vodka, a bright red sour cherry vodka and an amber coloured toffee vodka. They are all handmade in the UK and make great novelty gifts.

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