32 Gift Ideas for Walkers & Outdoor Lovers

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If you know someone that enjoys walking or rambling then you will probably want to buy them gifts related to this when it is their birthday, Christmas or another gift giving occasion. This means that you might benefit from looking at the list of gifts that we have put together. We have tried to find a good range of items that we think might appeal, not only to different personalities but also to different budgets. Therefore, we hope that you will be able to find a gift which will not only be something that you like, that you think they will like and that you can afford.

32 Presents for People Who Enjoy Walking

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This is a fun t-shirt for a walker. It has a picture of someone peering at a mountain on the front in white with white writing saying ‘It’s another half mile or so’ on it. It comes in black, navy, asphalt, cranberry and Kelly green. It is short-sleeved and comes in styles and sizes suitable for men women and children from age 2-12 and sizes small – 3XL. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix, so is soft and comfortable to wear.

This is a novelty Walkers survival kit. It is a small bag which contains a selection of really small items and attached is a card which explains the relevance of each one. It comes in a green organza bag which measures 13cm x 18cm and it should make any walker really smile and realise how much you care. Items include ‘fizzers – to give you an energy boost’ and ‘safety pin – to remind you to stay safe’.

This is a unisex hoodie which says on it ‘This is my dog walking hoodie’ with a dog silhouette in the ‘o’ of the word dog. It comes in sizes small to XXL and has a cosy hood which has a drawstring to match the colour of the hoodie and a nice roomy pocket on the front to store dog treats or just to keep your hands warm. It comes in various colours: black, fuchsia pink, gold, grey, sand, red, navy blue, maroon, sapphire blue, olive green and peppermint green.

This is a very handy backpack. It is small and light and therefore easy to carry, but will also fold up when not in use or when needed to be packed into a suitcase. It comes in a big range of different colours and has 20L of storage space. It is made from water resistant and tear resistant nylon and has a durable metal zipper on the front and main pocket. It also has reinforcement in lots of places to make sure it is really strong. It has two side mesh pockets as well.

This is a travel mug which is about 16.5cm tall and slim enough to fit in a car cup holder. It is mainly silver in colour with a black lid, base and handle. It has black printing on it and says ‘The Rambler: Rambling is one of the most rewarding activities seeing the real wonder and beauty of the countryside no walk is ever the same.’ This is printed on both sides and there is also a compass design.

This is a 5 in 1 survival bracelet. It includes a fire starting stone, whistle, compass, wire saw which can also be used as a knife and a paracord which is very strong. It can be worn around the wrist or attached to a bag to help a hiker that might get into trouble or need to have a prolonged stay whilst they are hiking. This could be great for those that intend to camp as well.

This is a bodywarmer or gilet – a sleeveless wax jacket made by Walker and Hawkes. It is olive coloured and has a tartan lining inside. It is made from 100% waxed cotton so is sturdy and waterproof. It has two small chest pockets and two large waist pockets with pop stud closure. It has a two way zip which is heavy duty. It is available in sizes small – 5XL so there should be a size to fit everyone.

This is a picnic hamper which is a backpack. It is an ideal gift for a walker or rambler as it is so easy to carry and also practical. It is available in red or brown and comes with an attached wine holder and picnic blanket with waterproof lining. It comes with a large cooler compartment to put the food in as well as a pair of wine glasses, knives, forks, spoons in stainless steel, plastic dinner plates, chopping board, butter knife, salt and pepper shakers and a corkscrew.

This is a rechargeable headlight made by Victoper. It has three lights and four different modes so it is really versatile. It charges fully in about 4 hours to provide 7-8 hours of light. There is a brighter light in the middle and then one on each side and they can be pivoted to light up the ground or further ahead. It is adjustable and is water resistant. It would be extremely useful for someone that rambles or walks regularly in case they are in dim light and need to be seen or need to see where they are going.

This is a book called ‘Yes I do have a retirement plan….I plan on going walking’. It is actually a plain notebook and is 6 x 9 inches. It has 118 lined pages where the owner can plan their next walk, take notes while walking or write about their latest walk with details of it. Of course, it can also be used as a general notebook, journal or planner as well.

This is a baby walker which looks like a police car and has a very cute face on it. It is a great sturdy design which will help children to balance when they are first learning to walk. It also has a big storage space inside it, so it can be used to store their toys in. They can take their toys for a walk or put them in and out of the car. It has a rubber ring around each wheel so it will not scratch the floor.

This is a Walker and Hawkes flat cap made of wool. It comes in a selection of different tweed check style patterns such as cream, brown, grey and beige. It has a padded lining so it is really comfortable and is made from 80% polyester and 20% wool. It comes in various sizes to fit different sizes of heads. It will keep any head warm when the owner is out walking wherever they choose to go.

This is a walking journal which has a picture of a pair of walking boots on the front of it. It is a guided journal so that you can fill in all sorts of information such as a list of walks you would like to do, which has a double page spread for you to complete various details. There are 52 of these, so that you can record a walk for every week. There is also a favourite walks section, so that you can record the walks that you would like to do again.

This is a white ceramic mug with blue writing on it. The 11oz mug says ‘No 1 walker’ on it in blue print. It is a fun alternative gift for someone that likes walking. The mug is made of ceramic and has a comfortable ‘C’ handle on it. A practical gift which will please someone who loves walking or rambling and they will know that you think highly of them.

This is a pair of women’s shoes designed for running and walking in. They are black in colour and come in sizes 2.5 – 7 and are all wide fittings. They have cushioning as well, with a leather outside and manmade sole and inner. They have a sturdy lace fastening, so they will stay comfortable even on long walks. They also have a good grip, so will be suitable for muddy and wet conditions.

This is a special balance bike for 1-2 year olds. It is really sturdy and a great way to get them used to balancing as they scoot along without pedals. Can be a really great start to learning to ride a bike. It comes in blue, green, orange or pink and is really lightweight and suitable for use inside and outside on many surfaces. There is a limit to the steering, so it is easier for them to stay in control.

This is a special protective map cover. It is water repellent which means that when rambling or walking in the rain a map can still be easily used. It fits Ordnance Survey maps as well as other types. It has a Velcro closure and a carry strap which is adjustable. It also works with touch screens so you can pop your phone inside to keep it dry and still operate it through the cover.

This book is called ‘The Rough Guide to The Lake District’ and has coloured photographs and maps of the area. It has all sorts of information about where to stay, where to visit and things not to miss. It includes everything you need to plan a walking holiday in the area and you will be able to carefully decide where to go and what to do each day using the guide, so you can have the perfect plan before you go.

This is a fun joke present for someone that likes walking. It is a novelty inflatable set of: a walking stick and zimmer frame. If you know someone that likes walking that has a sense of humour then this could make a good present for them. It could also work well as part of a dressing up outfit. The walking stick is brown with a black end and the zimmer frame is silver with black feet and handles.

This is a black beanie hat. On the turn up it has ‘official dog walker’ embroidered on it in bright yellow. It is made from acrylic and suitable for men or women. A great gift idea for a professional dog walker or someone that has a dog that they walk regularly. It is tight fitting and will keep their head warm when they are out and about. It even comes with free delivery.

This is a useful gift for someone that likes to walk, but is not very steady on their feet. It is a stabilizer for walking or rollator and it has four wheels and two handles with brakes, so that it can be used safely. It also has a handy seat which can be used when they need to sit down and have a rest. It comes in different sizes and has a sturdy steel frame.

This is a baby walker for a toddler. It has eight wheels on the bottom, so they can get about in lots of different directions but while safely secured in the seat using the seatbelt. It also has brakes on some of the wheels to limit the direction or stop it completely. It has an adjustable height to allow for a growing child and a tray in front for toys and books.

This is a special harness to help babies when they are learning to walk. It fits securely around their body and an adult can use it to hold them in an upright walking position. It is blue and red with a cute owl design and the safety straps can be adjusted using the buckles, to fit the height of the baby. It will help parents to encourage a child to walk without them having to keep bending down to them all of the time.

This is a step counter or pedometer which is used to measure how many steps you have walked.  It comes in blue, pink or white and is very simple and easy to use. It will simply count the steps once the start button is pressed. It has a clear design so the numbers can be easily read. It just needs clipping to clothing, putting in a pocket or bag and it will give an accurate step count.

This is a windproof and waterproof jacket for women which comes in purple, black, blue, rose red and watermelon red. It is a softshell fleece jacket and comes in sizes small – 5XL. It is breathable and has a warm fleece lining as well as long sleeves and a collar. It also has a hood which is detachable. This will keep walkers really warm when they are out and about in cold weather.

This is a pair of hiking trousers for men which can convert into shorts if required. They are available in grey or black and are made from polyester. They have a stretchy waist so they fit well and are available in sizes 30-38. They have zippered security pockets and they are water repellent, windproof and breathable. They are great for hiking and rambling, as they will keep the walker warm and dry but not too hot and being flexible means they suit all seasons.

This is a water resistant hiking boots bag. It is suitable for any ankle boots or shoes up to a size 12. The outside is made from water resistant nylon and the interior can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. There is also a rear ventilation window to let the air flow in and out. It has solid feet on the bottom to protect the base of the bag from being damaged. It has a handy carry handle on the top.

This is a special spray which can be applied to clothing to repel mosquitoes. It is 350ml and in a pump spray bottle. It treats up to 3.5 squares meters of fabric and will repel mosquitoes and other biting insects. It can be used to treat sleeping bags, blankets, tents and clothing. Great to use before you go out walking, if you are prone to being bitten by insects of any sorts.

This is a pair of women’s hiking trousers which are available in black, dark grey, green, navy or light grey. They come in sizes small to XXL and have UV protection. They are also windproof, water repellent, light and quick drying. They have moisture wicking too. They have zipped side pockets and an elasticated waist for convenience and comfort. The fabric also stretches, so it is comfortable to wear when walking, camping etc.

This is a set of waterproofs – a mac and trousers to match which come in a range of colours. They are also windproof and all the seams are taped. The jacket has a hood which can be zipped away and a drawcord on the bottom to keep the wearer snug and warm. The cuffs have poppers to close them and the waist of the trousers is elasticated.

This is a pair of The North Face men’s hiking boots. They are black or brown in colour with a lace fastening. They are available in sizes 6-13 with a medium width. They have a gum rubber sole which has a very good grip to keep footing secure even in muddy or wet conditions. They have a mesh inside to make them more comfortable to wear and are breathable.

This is a pair of ladies walking boots which lace up. They are available in grey/pink, grey, grey/blue and black/pink and in sizes 4-8. They have a cushioned lining to make them more comfortable when walking long distances. They have a thick sole which has a lot of grip to provide a secure footing in mud, snow or wet conditions.  A thoughtful gift for someone that walks a lot.

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