35 Gift Ideas for Your Wife

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Buying presents for your wife is not always easy. Although you should know her better than anyone else, you may find that you are running out of ideas or that you want something that shows how much you care, but are just not really sure exactly what will fit the bill. We have therefore put together a list of items which we hope will be useful. We have found a large range, so we hope that there is something to suit everyone and every budget as well. So please take a look so that you can get inspired as to what to buy.

35 Presents for Your Wife That She Will Love

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This is a framed print which says on it ‘wife is only ten in scrabble but you are everything to me’. The word ‘wife’ is made out of scrabble letters. It is a fun novelty gift and particularly good for anyone who loves playing scrabble. It has a white background with black writing and a white mount and frame. It is handmade in the UK by a small company and would make a thoughtful gift.

This is a white mug with a black printed sentimental message. It says ‘To my wife, never forget that I love you. If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes only then would you realize how special you are to me, love husband’. The ceramic mug is 11oz and has an easy grip handle and non-fade lettering.

This is an engraved chopping board which says Mrs and Mrs on it with a heart and arrows illustration. A great gift for a female couple or for a woman to give to her wife. It is a rectangular board which is made from Hevea hardwood and measures 30cm x 30cm. This would make a lovely chopping board but also used for serving food on such as cheese or slices of bread or just displaying in the kitchen.

This is a leather journal which has a heart design and two people kissing with the message – ‘To my wife, never forget that I love you. If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes only then would you realize how special you are to me’. It has 120 pages and a cellophane slot as well as a card slot and is even refillable.

This is a novelty book called ‘HIIT: High Intensity Intercourse Training’. It is a cheeky and fun book for a couple which has 60 exercises with instructional diagrams and tips to give any couple lots of fun ways to keep fit and have fun. Could be a great way to make things more exciting in the relationship or it could just be a novelty gift that will give you both a laugh.

This is a compact mirror which is engraved. It is metallic and silver in colour and has ‘To my wife, never forget that I love you. If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes only then would you realize how special you are to me, love husband’ engraved on the back of it. It comes in a pink gift box.

This is a red rose shaped velvet feel gift box which opens up to reveal a glass teddy bear holding a red glass heart. The bear is on a gold plated based which has diamante crystals in and there is also one on the heart too. Inside the lid is a sentimental verse as well declaring how much the recipient is loved. The box measures 5.8 x 5.8 x 3cm and it makes a very sentimental gift.

This is a sexy lingerie bodysuit or teddy which comes in a selection of different colours.  It is made of delicate lace and comes in a selection of sizes from small to XXL. It is soft and comfortable to wear and has pretty bows and lacy details. It also has holes in the top to show off their body perfectly, so the wife will look really attractive to her husband.

This is a fun book called ‘How to be a Good Wife’. It is a guide which was written for the middle classes in the 1930’s so has all sorts of out of date advice. It is very funny and old fashioned, but not only is it an interesting reflection on how things were in those days, but there are also some snippets which could be really useful even in today’s much more modern marriages.

This is a special bath pillow which is designed to help anyone have a really relaxing bath. It has 7 suction cups to keep it in place and it is ergonomic in design to provide the right amount of support. It is fully waterproof and would make a great gift for a wife that enjoys relaxing in the bath. It has memory foam, so it is much more comfortable than an inflatable alternative.

This is a cute babydoll nightdress. It is made from black lace and comes with a matching pair of black knickers. It has a lacy low cut top and a see through skirt part to it and is made from 65% cotton and 35% polyester, so it is soft and comfortable to wear. It is available in sizes small to 3XL and has adjustable shoulder straps and a fitted waist to show off natural curves.

This is a gift experiences box. There are over 995 different experiences that can be chosen and many of then are for two people. This means that the wife can pick an experience, that they would like to share with their husband. There are all sorts of things such as dining out and doing all sorts of activities. It comes with free delivery and is valid for 2 years from the date of purchase.

This is a set of luxury Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The chocolates have a hazelnut in the middle which is surrounded by a creamy filling, a light wafer which is crispy and surrounded by chocolate with small hazelnut pieces on it. They are wrapped in pretty gold foil so look really special. This is a pack with 42 chocolates in, so there are enough to share! They come in a plastic box.

This is a toiletry bag which would make a great gift for any wife that is a Harry Potter fan. It is made from a soft purple cloth with a gold coloured zip and text on it which says ‘I solemnly Swear that I am up to no good’. It has a luxury feel and is big enough to hold a good selection of cosmetics or toiletries as it measures 21cm x 12cm x 9cm. It is officially licensed.

This is a special Spa Luxetique gift set. It contains a selection of different rose scented products all in a bath tub and tied up with a ribbon. It has two bath bombs, a shower gel, bubble bath, body lotion, body butter, bath salts and a bath puff in pink. It is a lovely little set which will look good in any bathroom and the bathtub can be reused to keep other products inside.

This is a Box of Favours. It is a purple gift box with a gold coloured design with ‘Box of Favours’ written on it. Inside the box there are 15 cards which each have a gold foil border. Ten of them are already written with favours on and there are five that are blank for you to write on. They include things like breakfast in bed, a movie of choice, house chores, back massage, special meal, cuddle etc. The giver has to be prepared to give these to the person they gift it to on request.

This is a set of gold hair brushes. There are three brushes in the set and they are all in a rose gold colour. There is a large paddle brush to detangle hair, a round ceramic barrel brush to add volume and boost body and a vent brush for speedy blow drying. They come in a gift box, so they look really lovely together to give as a special present to a special wife.

This is a pair of cotton thong knickers. They are Iris and Lilly brand and come in different colours : white with grey waistband, black with blue, grey with blue, mixed colours, black with white, black and white striped and grey with white. They also come in different sizes from XS to 3XL. They are made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane and are suitable for machine washing at 30 degrees.

This is a rechargeable hand warmer. It is a great gift for a wife who has cold hands a lot. They come in rose gold, blue or black and they charge using USB. They provide double sided heating and there are 3 different levels of temperature. They are 4 x 2.7 inches in size, so are easily portable and can therefore be carried in pockets or bags. These take 2-3 hours to charge and can last up to 6 hours on the lowest temperature setting.

This is a hamper with chocolate and fudge inside it. It contains six different packs of sweets, three flavours of fudge and three types of chocolates. There is 1kg of sweets in total and they come in six separate packets. They come in a lovely single weave wicker basket, which could be used afterwards to store things in or to give away to someone else with a gift inside. Perfect for someone with a sweet tooth.

This is a pamper set, which would make a great gift. It includes a vanilla latte coffee body scrub, gin and lime bath melt, pina colada bath melt, gin fizz shower smoothie, gin and lime scented candle and a gin and lime bath tea bag. It is 100% vegan and cruelty free and made in the UK. Comes in a gift box so makes a lovely present for a wife.

This is a pair of bracelets for a couple. They are matching and are made of leather and stainless steel. The man’s bracelet is wider at 1.7cm and the woman’s is 1cm. They will fit most wrists and can be adjusted in size by being gently bent. The leather can be personalised as well with special words, a date, phrase etc. They are highly polished and have a lovely silver colour.

This is a hoody which says on it ‘Best. Wife. Ever.’ It comes in a big selection of colours such as hot pink, black, burgundy, red, purple, royal blue and navy. It has a drawstring around the hood and a big pocket on the front. It is made from 80% cotton and 20% polyester and in sizes small – 5XL. It has long sleeves and will therefore be warm and snuggly.

This is a set of ceramic elephants. One is white and the other is darker grey. They are 25.5cm and have intertwined trunks, so are a symbol of love. They are a pretty and romantic pair and would make a lovely gift either for a couple or for a husband to give their wife. They come in a box, so they are ready to give away as a romantic gift.

This is a book called ‘The Good Wife Guide’ which has 19 rules for keeping a happy husband. It is an old fashioned book with all sorts of rules for wives to follow, which just would not be seen as acceptable these days. However, the funny comments and photographs should entertain any wife, as long as they know that their husband is not serious when he gives it to them!

This is a woman’s watch made by Fossil. It comes in a choice of colours – silver, gold or rose gold. It is an analogue watch with metal strap and the case is 38mm in diameter and the strap 18mm in width. It has zirconia crystals around the dial to make it sparkle. It also has the day and date on the display and three luminous hands. It comes in an illustrated tin box, so it is great for giving away as a gift.

This is a romantic candle. It is white in colour with black writing on a sticker which says ‘I love you to the moon and back’. It makes a lovely keepsake gift for a wife or something that she could burn to create a peaceful, relaxing and romantic atmosphere. The sticker with the words needs to be removed before burning, so they can be kept in a special place. It measures 13.5cm high, 6.8cm wide and deep.

This is a casual baggy dress which has ‘Best Wife in the Galaxy’ printed on the front of it. The dress has handy pockets on the front and ¾ sleeves. It comes in a choice of colours – green, red, grey and black. It is made from 100% cotton so it is really comfortable to wear. It comes in sizes small – XXL and is causal and about knee length, so can be worn as it is or paired up with leggings or tights.

This is a Baylis and Harding gift set in a sweet mandarin and grapefruit scent. It includes a bath milk, body lotion and shower cream. A lovely set to allow someone to really pamper themselves and the items are not tested on animals and suitable for vegans. It comes in a pretty box with a ribbon tied around it, so it is all ready to give away as a lovely gift.

This is a very pretty bottle of perfume by Vera Wang. It is called princess and comes in a heart shaped bottle which is pink. Not only does it look really feminine but it will make the recipient feel like they are really special and loved. The lid of the bottle is even in a crown shape. There are a choice of different sized bottles and the perfume has a fruity, floral scent. This comes in a pretty box.

This is a set of two key chains. Each has a puzzle piece pendant on it and they fit together. One says ‘you are my missing piece’ and the other says ‘you fit me perfectly’. The key rings come together in a pretty gift bag and can make a great gift for a wife, where she will keep one and the husband will take back the other one, so they have a very special pair.

This is a sentimental necklace with a double heart pendant. The two hearts are intertwined and one is a white gold and the other rose gold colour. They have cubic zirconium crystals around the edge of each heart. The pendant is 0.9 x 0.6 inches and the chain is 17.7 inches with an extra 2 inches available if needed. It would make a romantic gift for any wife and comes in a gift box.

This is a beaded bracelet that has blue tiger eye beads with one orange/yellow bead and some small sterling silver ones as well. The beads are highly polished so look attractive and are comfortable to wear. It is a couples bracelet so designed for both to wear one bracelet each, but it could make a gift just for a wife if required. It comes with a gift bag and a spare elastic string just in case it is needed.

This is a personalised gothic style cushion cover which measure 40 x 40cm. It has the names of the couple at the top and room at the bottom for a date and place. The skulls look like a couple getting married – one with a top hat and the other with flowers on its head. Would not be a gift for everyone but great for someone that loves skulls or anything gothic.

This is a great gift to a wife that got married in 1999. It says on it ‘wife est 1999’. It comes in various sizes from small to 3XL and lots of different colours, all with white writing on. It will make a great gift to celebrate 21 years of marriage. It is made from a cotton and polyester mix and is therefore comfortable to wear and easy to wash as well.

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