33 Windsurfing Gift Ideas for All Ages

By Louise
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Windsurfing has increased in popularity over the last few years with more and more people taking up the activity.  Windsurfing has created beaches such as: Newquay and Saunton Sands in the South West that are now known as surfing beaches, with many surfers turning up with their campers and enjoying the beach life. However, it is not always easy to find a gift for a windsurfer, so that is where we come in. We have compiled a list of gift suggestions that we are sure you will find a gift for the surfer in your life. From items the windsurfer can wear on or off the board to jewellery and useful gifts that will enhance the safety and/or experience of the surfer.

33 Presents for Windsurfing Fans

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A perfect gift for the surfer or surfing fan in your life. These cufflinks are made from a silver type material with the design of a surf board with a blue and white surf sail attached to the board. These delicately made and stylish cufflinks come in gorgeous packaging consisting of a white rectangular shaped box with the brand name ‘Onyx Art,’ and ‘London,’ on the side of the box.

A very practical and thoughtful gift! The surfer will be able to put this mat on the sand or any other surface, and then be able to change with little risk of their feet and other body parts getting covered in sand or other materials. This large mat, that is also water-resistant measures a huge one metre in diameter when put to use. The mat can be laid out with ease, as it can be put away. A simple concept with many benefits.

Another useful and practical tool to gift the surfer! This hanger enables the surfer to hang up their surfing kit in the car or wherever they happen to be. To affix the hanger to the surface of your choice is easy with the magnetic type of material used. The hanger is black with red and white wording and includes the brand name. The magnetic part measures six and half centimetres in width.

These uber cool shoes gives the feeling of not wearing shoes but with some protection of wearing shoes. The shoes do not have tie up laces, so are easy to put on and come in a range of sizes from UK size 3.5 to 12. You can also choose from a range of lovely colours including – navy, grey, coral and green but our personal favourite is the navy, due to the ease of putting the shoe on without laces.

Headwear that will protect the surfer’s face from the surf in those cooler times and sun in the warmer times! Made using a stretchable type of material, this headwear is black in colour and is available in sizes, small, medium, large and extra large. It is made by a well known brand in the surfing world, Osprey. Well made and snug, your surfing friend or loved one will be sure to thank you in those chilly and extra hot days.

One for the lady in your life who loves to surf. A gorgeous necklace made using a silver type of material, with a surfing theme. Handcrafted, the pendant depicts a large wave in a circular outline, with a 1.2 cm diameter, whilst the chain is a good size at forty five centimetres in length. The necklace will be truly loved by your loved one and will make an extra special Christmas or birthday gift.

A handy tool for the surfer to measure wind speed when they are doing what they love, windsurfing. This gadget can be used with their mobile phone to give better data and measures not only wind speed but also the chill factor and how cold the wind is. A stand for the anemometer to sit on, a tool and the triple A battery that is required to operate this equipment are all included along with the actual device.

A perfect little stocking filler, Secret Santa or ‘add on’ gift for your loved one, this item is for cleaning their wet suits. It is a mix of both shampoo and conditioner to maintain the condition of the wetsuit. This shampoo and conditioner will remove almost all sources of dirt and made using non-harmful ingredients. The bottle is with a white back ground and khaki coloured sticker with white and blue writing on the front.

An incredibly useful gift for the windsurfer when they go wind surfing. This gift comprises of a set of five bags that are water resistant and can keep the windsurfers personal items dry and secure when wind surfing. Each of the five bags included is a different size giving the windsurfer options of the personal items they want to take with them when they are windsurfing. We love this multi-coloured set which includes, blue, green, orange, red and black bags.

These pair of gloves are ideal for the windsurfer to prevent their hands getting cold when wind surfing in those cold winter days. Made using superior materials, these gloves are black with lots of circles on the inside of the gloves for an improved grasp. These gloves are available in sizes double extra small, extra small, small, medium, large and extra large and are made by the renowned brand Osprey.

An unusual, but no less enchanting pair of earrings for the lady who loves to surf. Made from Chinese Zangyin, a silver coloured type of metal, these earrings are a drop type earring. The design features a figure stood on a surfboard whilst holding onto the sail. Aside from being authentic it looks very traditional in style. This earring set will surely make a surfer incredibly happy whether a Birthday or Christmas gift.

A lovely hoodie that will make a fabulous gift for the windsurfer. Made from a mix of natural and synthetic materials, they are super snug. On the front of the hoodie are the words ‘I’d rather be Windsurfing,’ in white text. In the centre is a visual of a surfer riding the surf board and waves. The background colour of this hoodie is burgundy and is available in sizes small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large.

A very slick and trendy clock for the surfer to put up in their home, whether in their bedroom, kitchen or lounge. The clock is circular in shape and the bottom half is in the style of an old skool record. The top part depicts a surfer holding a surf board whilst surrounded by palm trees. The actual clock face shows standard numbers in white against a black back drop. The hour and minute hands are black and the second hand red.

A cheeky little gift for your surfing friend or family member. This illuminous white mug made from China has the text, ‘I might look like I’m listening to you but in my head I’m windsurfing,’ in black. With a volume capacity of three hundred and twenty five millilitres, this mug comes well packaged to ensure a secure and safe delivery. This mug will not fail to disappoint.

Made by the well known brand – Mystic, this black safety knife measures three hundred millimetres in length and two hundred millimetres in width with a depth of fifty millimetres, and weighs approximately half a kilogram. The blade is made from stainless steel and is perfect for cutting lines and webbing. There is a small sized hook that can enable it to be securely mounted.

Another one from the great brand – Mystic Watersports, this item is essentially a harness that will attach the windsurfer to the sail as a safety feature. This harness is available in sizes, extra small, small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large. The item is aesthetically pleasing in black with different texturing and with the brand name in white. A gift for the windsurfer that will give you peace of mind.

And yet another one from the leading Windsurfing brand – Mystic, this gift will allow for the windsurfer to connect themselves to the board. This is a gift primarily for the surfer who prefers to hit the waves without the sail.  This product offers two attachments with one for more freedom and the other with a shorter length for more control. You can choose from three different sizes to suit.

An eye-catching wet suit to gift the lady in your life. This wet suit is grey with bright pink side panels and is made for warmth and comfort. Available in five sizes, extra small, small, medium, large and extra large, this is a wet suit made using quality materials and stitching. On the rear of the wetsuit is where the wetsuit can be fastened and unfastened. This wetsuit will make a wonderful Christmas or Birthday gift.

A lovely wall decoration, this wall art depicts a black silhouette image of a surfer riding their surf board alongside a little island and in the distance some palm trees, a boat, birds and the sun. This wall art is square and measures fifty seven centimetres in length and width. You can change the colour of this canvas from a wide range of colours, such as yellows, oranges or blues, by contacting the seller directly after your purchase.

Wow! this artwork is the real deal and will make the perfect addition to the windsurfer’s wall in the lounge or any other room, brightening it up with its electric colours. With a gorgeous scene of a surfer riding the waves during a sunset. This wall art measures five hundred millimetres in width with a length of six hundred millimetres. If you do wish to have this Word art framed you would have to buy the frame separately.

This will make the wind surfer feel a little closer to their second home, at the beach windsurfing, whether they are studying or working. This super cool mouse mat features a stunning scene of a very blue sea, with a wave and surfer wind surfing. The mouse mat measures one hundred and eighty millimetres in width with a length of two hundred and twenty millimetres, although it is available in different sizes.

A novelty gift in the shape of an apron for the windsurfer who is partial to a bit of cooking. This apron is made from all natural fibres and measures eighty seven centimetres in length with a width, at the largest position, of sixty centimetres. The words on the front of the apron say – ‘I’d rather be land windsurfing,’ in white text with a choice of either a red, black, blue or hot pink base colour.

The cute bag will be perfect for the surfer whether carrying their ‘change back into’ clothes or for a spot of shopping. The bag is made of natural fibres that have been conscientiously procured. The background colour of this bag is black but it is also available in a range of other colours such as: greys, pinks, blues and even yellow. The text on the front of the bag is white with the words, ‘I’d rather be land windsurfing’ with a windsurfing related image.

A must-have for the surfing dude or dude-ess! This car sticker will brighten up any vehicle or camper. In the design of a surfer in action, standing on top of the surf board whilst working the sail. The design is black on a white background. The sticker is made using quality material that is water and fade resistant. The sticker can easily be stuck to the vehicle and relocated if required.

A gift that must be on the wish list of the man in your life who loves to surf. This padded vest is black with a white outline around the neckline of the vest that follows on both sides of the front zipper. On the front of the vest is the brand name, ‘Mystic,’ in black text alongside the brand logo on a white background. This vest in available in a wide range of sizes from extra small to double extra large.

This is a genuinely gorgeous gift for your other half or friend who loves the surf either in participation or as a fan. This silver bracelet can be customised to include their birthstone replacing the standard aqua stone and for the charm with the letter of their first name and even second name if required. The remaining charm is in the design of a surf board with a surfer standing on it, holding onto the sail.

A surfboard that will make a fantastic Christmas or Birthday gift for either the man or lady in your life.  Made by the renowned water sports brand, Zray this surfboard measures just over three metres in length, with a width of eighty one centimetres and depth of fifteen centimetres. The permitted weight is up to one hundred and forty five kilograms. The surfboard is made from a strong plastic product.

A piece of headwear to enhance the safety experience for the surfboarder when wind surfing with the added benefit of keeping those ears warm in the colder climates or days. The helmet is black against a swirly pattern with yellow straps. The brand and model name appear on the helmet. For context, the large/extra large sized helmet corresponds to fifty nine to sixty one centimetres in circumference.

A super practical gift that will keep the surfer’s ears free from the water and wind without compromising on the ability to hear or affecting stability. Sturdy ear plugs that will remain in the user’s ears regardless of outside conditions. Included in this set are a variety of sizes the actual ear plugs and the attachment fasteners. The outer container can be affixed to the surfer and comes with a lead that can be adapted to fit.

The ‘How to’ guide for windsurfing, will make an ideal gift for the budding surfer or even the more established surfer looking for more insights into the sport. This paperback book contains seventy pages of advice and tips, from equipment to styles. This book even looks attractive with a range of blue colours and white text for the title of the book and blue text for the author’s name.

The perfect stocking filler, this repair tape will make sure the surfer’s day of surfing is not ruined by a little hole in the sail.  With a whopping two metres of tape, this tape will fix the hole on a temporary basis until the sail can be fixed on a more permanent basis. The tape is white and has a width of 5 cm. It comes in a box featuring two shades of blue with bright yellow writing and an illustration of the tape.

This set of two harnesses will allow for the windsurfer to be securely affixed to their surfboard giving you peace of mind. The harness lead can be adapted to suit the individual user. The width of the lead is one centimetre with a length from just under fifty six centimetres to just over seventy centimetres. Made using quality materials this is a durable product that is up to dealing with extreme weather.

Perfect for warming up the surfer when they return to land, this wearable towel will certainly do its job. This poncho is made from a fleecy type of material which makes the poncho supersoft to wear. There is a large central pocket and the poncho has a hooded top. This particular poncho comes in a fetching orange and grey colour and measures a huge metre and a bit in length. Perfect for those colder surfs!

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