35 Gift Ideas for People Who Love a Glass of Wine

Updated on January 26th, 2021
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There are many people that like wine these days and you may know some yourself. In fact, you may hope to be able to get them a gift related to wine. However, getting them a bottle of supermarket wine may seem a bit dull and so you might want to think of some more interesting and original ideas. Therefore, we have put together a list of suggestions that we hope will be helpful. We have found a selection of things at different prices, which we hope will enable everyone to find something that is suitable or that will inspire them.

35 Presents for Wine Drinkers

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This is a wine aerator which is used for red wine to improve the bouquet, flavour and finish. It oxygenates the wine and you can pour it straight into the glass without any need for using a decanter. It is made from high quality acrylic and has a base stand so that it can easily sit on a bar or table. It even has a filter to catch sediment and a storage pouch. It has an elegant design and comes in a box, so it is ready to give away as a very useful gift for a wine lover.

This is an electric bottle opener in the shape of a gun. It is rechargeable and comes with a charging base. It charges in 12 hours and then can be used to open up to 30 wine bottles in one use. It just requires the user to keep pulling the trigger until the cork is removed. It takes all of the effort out of opening a bottle of wine and is a fun novelty gift too.

This is a special magic decanter. It is an aerator, so you just pop the glass under it and pour the wine through it and it will then pour into the glass. It removes the need for using a decanter and you can still get the full flavour of the wine from it. It is designed to allow just the right amount of air to pass through the wine for the very best flavour and even has a filter, no drip stand and travel pouch.

This is a European map which can be scratched off. It has wine regions marked on it and the idea is that you scratch off each region once you have sampled a wine from that area. This is a great way for anyone that really likes wine to experience some different types. It is printed on 170gsm silk art paper and measures 59.4 x 42cm or is A2 in size.

This is a fun heart plaque which says on it ‘I only drink wine on two occasions…when its my birthday…and when its not!’ It has a natural wood finish with black writing and a picture of a bottle of red wine and a glass. It is 10 x 9.5cm in size and has a hole in the top with some hessian twine for hanging it up. It makes a funny gift for a wine lover to hang up in their home.

This is a wine glass which has different levels marked on it with words – the lowest level says ‘easy day’ the next says ‘rough day’ and the last says ‘don’t even ask’. It has a coloured base and you can pick between red, blue, green, orange, purple or yellow. It is 325ml in size and is hand painted. It comes packaged in a postal tube to keep it safe and will then be easy to wrap up.

This is a pair of novelty socks which say on the bottom of one ‘if you can read this’ and ‘bring me some wine’ on the other. They are pink and fluffy and look cosy and the writing is raised and made from an anti-slip material, so you will not slip over. They come in a pretty cupcake style packet with a ribbon around, so are all ready to give as a gift.

This is a special wine stopper which comes in black, white, blue or red. It is a vacuum and sucks the air out of the bottle so that the wine will stay fresh for up to 7 days. It is designed to fit any standard sized bottles and to fit instead of a cork. You can even turn the marker on it to indicate when it was opened so you can remember when it needs using up.

This is a fun, novelty wine stopper. It is called ‘Coq au Vin’ and it is a chicken shaped wine saver. It is a funny looking little thing, which looks like a rubber chicken but can fit in a wine bottle to make an airtight seal and to help it to stay fresher for longer. It looks really funny with its head inside the bottle but will be really useful too.

This is a set of wine glass charms. There are five of them in total and each has a cat themed pendant on it. The pendants are all different and they also have coloured beads on them to make it really easy to know whose glass is whose. The idea is that the charms will be used to help someone identify which is their wine glass when they put it down somewhere.

This book by Alex Maltman is called ‘Vineyards, Rocks and Soils: The Wine Lovers Guide to Geology’. It is a book that explains the geology that is involved in the ground which then makes the best vineyards. Wine lovers may notice that there are geological terms on the wine bottles that they buy or in wine reviews and this book will help them to be able to understand them better and also explain the importance of geology in the taste of wine.

This is an insulated and padded bag for keeping wine cool. It comes in grey, beige, black or striped designs and has long carrying handles and a zippered top. It has room for two wine bottles and is great for taking them to a party or out for a picnic. There is a divider between the two sections, so that the bottles do not rattle together. It is made from sturdy polyester and should therefore last well.

This is a special wine glass rack and bottle holder. It is made of natural bamboo and has the space for one bottle of wine in the middle and six glasses hung upside down around the edge. The compact design means that it always looks neat and tidy and is space saving. It is easy to put together and take apart for easy storage. It even comes with free delivery.

This is a wine bottle holder in the shape of a cat. It is made from coloured metal and is a really cute design which looks like the cat is hugging the bottle. There are other designs to choose from in case the recipient is not a cat lover such as a gecko or Christmas themed designs such as a reindeer and Santa. It makes a great gift and will brighten up any bar, table, kitchen, shelf or sideboard.

This is a set of three bottle stoppers. They are designed to fit in any standard wine bottle, so that they can reseal it and keep the drink fresher. There are three in a pack, so if you have more than one bottle open you will be able to cork them all easily. It is easy to pop into any bottle with a diameter of 15-20mm. They will make a really useful gift.

This is a Buckingham Wine Decanter which is a hand cut, crystal decanter with a slim and elegant design and a traditional style. It has a wide base to allow the wine to aerate properly and release the full flavour. It has a capacity of 1000ml. It is made from 24% lead crystal. It would make a great gift for someone that loves red wine as it will look really sophisticated on their bar, drinks cabinet, sideboard or table.

This is a wine thermometer which you can use to make sure that you serve wine at just the right temperature. Not only does the special design allow it to be wrapped around the bottle and the temperature lights up on it, but there are marks on it to show what the ideal temperature is for different drinks. It is made from stainless steel, so it will not rust and looks shiny and elegant. Comes in a gift box.

This is a wine cooler stick set. It has a stainless steel bottle chiller rod, decanting aerator and pourer all in one. It is a useful set of items which also come with a free foil cutter, stopper, storage pouch and ebook on wine tasting, so it is really good value for money. A very useful gift for a wine lover and comes in a box so it is really easy to wrap up.

This is a fun set which includes everything that you need to grow your own red wine grapes. It is called ‘Wine Enthusiast grow me’. It has a packet of red grape seeds, a coconut husk starter, a compost disc and a plant marker. They will be able to plant the seeds and nurture the plants until they can harvest their very own grapes, so they can make their own wine.

This is a set which includes a bottle opener, wine aerator pourer, wine saver vacuum stopper and foil cutter. It is a useful box which will allow the recipient to easily get into their bottle, to get the full flavour from their wine and then preserve it, should they need to. It comes in a gift box which means that it is all ready to give away as a lovely gift.

This is a cheese and wine hamper. It has a miniature bottle of wine or prosecco and a selection of snacks to go with it including a red onion relish, artisan biscuits for cheese and 3 mini whole cheeses and a cheese club membership. It comes in a faux wicker box which is eco friendly cardboard or you can choose a genuine wicker basket. Makes a lovely and thoughtful gift.

This is a set of 4 WineGaz cartridges. It is a special capsule of argon gas which can be used to replace ones that have run out as part of the WineGaz cartridge. It will allow a wine bottle to be sealed up and the gas covers the wine to protect it from oxidation and means that it will last for several weeks without any change in the smell or flavour. Would make a useful gift for anyone that has this gadget.

This is a t-shirt which is short-sleeved and says on it ‘Wine is Bae’ with a picture of a bottle and glass on it. The t-shirts come in a choice of colours – sport grey, navy, dark heather and black and in sizes small – 3XL. They are made from 100% cotton so are comfortable and soft to wear and do not release plastic microfibers when washed. They have a crew neck and classic fit.

This is a personalised coaster. It says on it ‘Reserved for [name]’s red wine’ and has a picture of a glass of wine on it. It has a white background with black writing and is 10cm x 10cm in size. It has clear rubber feet, so that it is non-slip and does not scratch the surface that it is on. It will protect the surface from the glass as well as it can get wet from condensation or have drips of wine on it which can cause damage.

This is a giant wine glass designed for a wine lover. It says on it ‘save water drink wine’ and it is in the shape of a bottle with a glass on top. It can hold 750ml of wine. It comes with a cardboard gift tube, which keeps it safe in transit and makes it easy to wrap as well as some cleaning pearls to make it easy to wash up after use.

This item includes two boxed sets of wine charms made by Palm City Products. Each box has charms in it and each charm has a different pendant on it. One box has ten world travel themed charms and the other has eight wine lover themes charms. They are used to place around the stem of a wine bottle, so that it can be easily identified. They make a cute and handy gift.

This is a pocket wine aerator. It is a battery operated aerator which fits in a glass and so can be used to bring out the flavour of wine. There are settings for white, red and port and you just push the button for it to work. As it is small you can take it out and about with you as well as using it at home, so that you can always get a glass of wine that tastes at its best.

This is a set of foil cutters for wine. The tools comes in black and white and they will easily remove the foil from over the cork, so that the bottle looks neat and is all ready to have the cork removed. It is a fun and ergonomic way to get the bottle ready for opening. They are strong and sturdy and make a suitable little gift, perhaps to go with a bottle of wine.

This is a special wine preserver which is electric. It has a food grade silicon stopper and will remove the air from the bottle, so that it lasts for longer after it is opened. It takes two batteries and will detect the air pressure in the bottle, so that it can extract the right amount to put a vacuum in it. This will help to preserve the flavour and aroma of the wine, so that it will last a long time.

This is a wall clock with a modern design. It is white and has black minute and hour hands with a red second hand. Under this part of the clock it says ‘oh look it is wine o’clock’ in black with a black picture of a wine glass below it. It is rectangular in size and measures 40 x 13cm. It has a silent quartz mechanism and will need a battery for it to work.

This is a bag for carrying wine. It can be great to use as a gift bag, as it is made from brown leather and looks really elegant. It can be reused lots of times and it is a better alternative to a paper one which is unlikely to last very long, due to the weight of a wine bottle. It is designed with cut out handles at the top, so that it is really easy to carry.

This is a personalised cushion cover with a wine theme. It is white and it says on it ‘reserved for [name] and her wine’ in bold black writing. It is made from 100% cotton so it is lovely and soft and you will know that it will be good quality too. The cover is 16 x 16 inches, so you can decide whether to buy an insert or leave it for them to pop over one of their existing cushions. It is designed and printed in the UK and comes with free delivery.

This is an iron wine bottle stand which is made to look like a stylish ribbon. It forms an elegant sculpture and will certainly be a talking piece. There is a choice of colours such as silver, purple, red, blue, black and gold. It will hold one wine bottle securely in a horizontal position. It will make an unusual but very useful gift for anyone that loves to drink wine.

This is a book called ‘Wine Lovers Kitchen: Delicious Recipes for Cooking with Wine’ by Fiona Beckett. It contains all sorts of meals and recipes and each has a recommended wine to go with it as well as wine included in the ingredients too. There are soups, salads, starters, pasta, fish, meat, vegetables, sauces, relishes and sweet things, so there will be recipes for every occasion and for every taste.

This is ‘The New Wine Lover’s Companion’ by Ron Herbst. It has all sorts of information about wines from all over the world. It includes different grape varieties, wine growing regions, wine making techniques, wine tasting terms, glassware, bottles and openers, temperatures for serving wine, which wine to buy, how to order wine in a restaurant, how to understand labels and much more. It has all the information that you need to know about wine and more.

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