28 Gifts for Wine Makers of All Experience Levels

By Louise
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If you know someone that makes wine, then you may like to buy them a gift that will help to complement their hobby. However, if you do not make wine yourself then you may know little about how to do it. Therefore, you may need some help and guidance on what gifts might be the right ones to give and this is where we will be able to help you. Hopefully you will be able to find something in the list that we have put together that you will feel will suit the recipient that you have in mind. We have found a big variety of things at a range of prices so hopefully you will be able to find some things that are ideal.

28 Gift Ideas for Wine Making Fans

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This is a winemaking set. It has a lot of different items so that a beginner will be able to start making wine or it can be used to supplement a kit that a winemaker already has. There is a 5 litre plastic demi-john which is made from food grade plastic which will not add an odour and there is also a thermometer, funnel, brewing spoon, jug, tubing, steriliser, bubbler airlock and syphon. A very useful kit.

This is a book called ‘Wine Secrets : Lessons in Connoisseurship from top Winemakers, Sommeliers, Chefs and more’. It includes tricks, techniques and wisdom from forty wine makers including how to use leftover wine in the kitchen, how to read a label, how to taste, order and send back wine as well as storing it. A very handy book for anyone that makes wine to help them get some useful additional information.

This is a set designed for home wine making and brewing. It includes a triple scale hydrometer, glass cylinder test jar, stainless steel bottle brush, sturdy storage case to protect the glass hydrometer, microfibre cleaning cloth and an instruction booklet with a conversion chart. It is accurate and easy to read to get the perfect measuring result every time. The jar is narrow so you waste less wine when you are tasting so you can save more for enjoying when it is ready to drink.

This is a book caked ‘Exploring Wine Regions Bordeaux France’ by Michael C Higgins PhD and it has all sorts of interesting information. It would make a great gift for a wine lover that likes to travel the world exploring wine producing regions. The books also have wine educational material in them so that you can find out more about how to appreciate wine, where to visit and all sorts of other interesting information.

This is a special red wine warming sleeve. It will easily fit around a standard sized bottle and then you click the button and it will warm the wine to the perfect temperature. It can then be boiled for a few minutes and it is ready to use again. It takes just minutes to work and is portable so great for picnics, bbq’s and other occasions. Comes boxed so ready to give away.

This is a fun notebook. On the front is a unicorn drinking from a bottle standing on an arrow pointing to the right. On it is printed ’If I’m drunk it’s her fault’. It is a college ruled book which is 8.5 x 11 inches in size. It has 120 pages and so could be very useful for making notes, writing lists, using as a diary or as a journal. A versatile and fun book.

This is a gift set box which contains three magnum bottles of rose wine. The magnum is 1.5l and the wine is all the same, it is Chateau D’Esclans Whispering Angel Cotes de Provence 2019 vintage. It is award winning wine so would make a great gift for a fan of rose wine and it comes in a pretty gift box too so it is just right for giving as a gift on a very special occasion.

This is a fun baseball cap which is black and has ‘fear the winemaker’ written on it in white. It is hand printed in the UK and made of 100% cotton. It has a special hook and loop size adjuster on the band at the back so it can be altered to fit any size of head. It has a wide brim to shade the face and ventilation holes to keep the head cool.

This is a fun mug which is 11oz white ceramic and says on it in black print ‘world’s most awesome winemaker’. It is made from a durable ceramic so it should last well and will not scratch easily either. A fun gift for someone who makes awesome wine. For someone who is awesome and makes wine or an awesome person that makes awesome wine. It is hard to know quite how to interpret it which is all part of the fun!

This is a black t-shirt which has ‘the man * the myth the winemaker’ printed on it in white. It is available in sizes from small to 3XL and has short sleeves and a classic fit with a round neck. It is made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton so is soft and comfortable and a good fit. It can go in the washing machine so is really easy to keep clean.

This is a white ceramic 11oz mug with ‘world’s most awesome winemaker’ printed on it in bold black lettering. It has the design on one side and it is microwave and dishwasher safe so it is practical as well. It would make a great gift for any winemaker as it is practical and useful as well as showing them how much you think of them and their wine at the same time.

This is a unisex sweatshirt which says on it in white writing ‘Not to brag but I make amazing wine’. The sweatshirts have long sleeves and come in a choice of black, navy, royal blue or dark heather and in sizes small – 2XL. They are made from a cotton and polyester mix so are soft and comfortable with a round neck which is twill taped and are suitable for machine washing.

This is a hoodie which is black and on it in white writing it says ‘The best & most talented winemaker in the world’ which has white lines around to make it look like it is on a shield. It is made from cotton and suitable for machine washing. It is available in sizes small – 3XL and is a regular fit with long sleeves and a hood. Printed in the UK.

This is a black sweatshirt which says on it ‘Winemaker Dad like a regular Dad but cooler!’ in bright white lettering with some lines and dots around it to make it stand out. It is available in sizes small – 3XL and each one is printed in the UK to order. It has long sleeves and a large hood. It is made from cotton and is suitable for machine washing so is easy to keep clean.

This is a men’s vest top in black which says ‘winemaker’ on it in white bold letters. It is sleeveless and has a low round neck. It is made from cotton and hand printed in the UK to order. It is available in sizes small – XXL and is great for wearing on hot days, to the gym or even in bed to show off what you do and your muscles at the same time!

This is a cute ornament depicting a winemaker. It is a man with blue baggy trousers, a yellow shirt and pale hat carrying a basket of grapes on his shoulder. It is made from clay and is hand decorated and made in Provence. It is 9cm tall and would make a very appropriate gift for anyone that loves to make their own wine and also likes ornamental pieces and items which have a wine theme.

This is a humorous t-shirt which has ‘more wine’ printed on it over and over again. It is available in a big selection of colours such as black, navy, royal blue, baby blue, dark heather, olive, Kelly green, red, pink and purple and in fits for men and women from size small – 3XL in a classic fit. They are made from a cotton and polyester mix and are suitable for machine washing.

This is a pretty wall decal or sticker in black. It depicts a barrel and grapes with vines. It is 42 x 63 cm in size and would look good in a kitchen or dining room or even a bar area. It is made from vinyl PVC and can be removed and moved as long as it is on a smooth, clean and dry surface such as a wall, glass or tiles.

This is a pack of ten sulphur sticks which are used by winemakers. The idea is that the stick is suspended in a barrel and then burned before the barrel is put away for storage to treat it. The idea is that they will oxidate the barrel to make them much better for the wine to be stored in and prevent mould. The ten sticks should last a nice long time.

This apron says on it ‘World’s Best Winemaker’. It is a black apron which is made of 100% cotton twill fabric which is heavy and sturdy. It is one size and has a 24 inch chest, 29.5 inch length and 22 inch neck with a 30 inch strap to tie behind on the waist. It also has a 15.5 x 9 inch pocket which is handy for keeping things in while cooking, baking or even wine making.

This is a vineyard tour for two people. It is a tour with wine tasting and a buffet lunch is included as well. You learn all about the vineyard as well as the art of wine making and you get a free bottle of wine to take home. It comes as a voucher so can be used at an appropriate time and there are eight UK locations that you can choose from.

This is a refractometer for wine makers. It measures sugar related liquids such as fruit juice, soft drinks or honey as well as wine. It helps to make sure that the sugar levels are right in the items. It is very easy to use, just put a few drops of liquid on it and look through the eyepiece as you hold it up to the light and you will be able to read it. You can focus it too to make it even easier to see.

This is a special clip designed for holding a syphon tube for home brew wine. It can be hard to get it in exactly the right place when you are syphoning and this helps to make the job a lot easier. It is designed to hold standard syphon tubing with an outer diameter of 11mm. Can make the job very much more efficient and they may wonder how they coped without it.

This is a special heat pad that has been designed to help with the fermentation of wine. It has a plug so it is easy to power and just needs placing under the relevant container to heat it up. It gently heats to 50 degrees. It is waterproof to protect from spills and has an automatic shutoff for when the pad comes to the required temperature. It is easy to wipe clean.

This is a special bottle rinser. It is designed to make it really easy to wash out wine bottles ready for you to re-use them when you make your own wine. You just fill the bowl with warm water or sterilising solution and place the bottle neck on the plunger and give it a few squirts to get it clean. A simple device that is very effective and time saving too.

This is a premium winemaking equipment set. It includes all of the things that someone would need to make 30 bottles of wine. Great for someone starting out winemaking or who would like to expand the equipment that they have so that they can make more. The kit includes a fermenting bin with lid, a fermenting bin with lid and tap, syphon with u-bend and tap, bubbler airlock, brewing spoon, hydrometer, jug, funnel and steriliser.

This is a fun gift set which is in the shape of an oak barrel. However, it actually opens out as it is a gift box to reveal a corkscrew in one side and a wine stopper in the other. They are made from stainless steel and an aluminium alloy so they are sturdy but also look good as they are shiny. Makes a great gift for any wine lover. It comes with free delivery.

This is a wine aerator which comes in a choice of black, white or red. It can be fixed to the top of a bottle and it will deliver the wine straight to the glass while aerating it as it pours. It fits to all sizes of bottle and it charges using USB. It is small and portable, easy to clean and will not spill. It even comes with free delivery.

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