32 Presents for Carpenters & Woodworkers

By Eve
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Buying gifts can be a tricky business at times and so we are here to make it easier. This list of items are gifts that are suitable for woodworkers. Whether you are buying or a friend or family member that has a career as a woodworker or you want to thank a woodworker that has done some work for you, then you may be a bit stuck trying to figure out what to buy. We have come up with a list of suggestions in order to help you. There is a range of items which means that there should be something that will suit all tastes as well as all budgets.

32 Gift Ideas for Woodworkers

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A Wolfcraft 5208000 mitre angle could be a very useful gift for a joiner. This one is grey in colour and measures 150 x 275 x 66mm in size. It can be used as a marking gauge for parallel lines or for measuring and transforming angles and has an integrated drill gauge for the determination of drill diameters. It is suitable for three-dimensional workpieces such as beams or squared timber.

A boxed set of tools can be a lovely gift to give. This one has four tools inside and they are a 9-inch sliding bevel, 9-inch carpenters set square, an eight-inch mortice gauge and a no. 4 smoothing plane. They come together in a box that has durable hardwood handles and brass fittings. It is lined inside with soft, green material to keep the items inside in good condition.

A two-piece carpentry set can make a very welcome gift for a joiner. One is a try square that is 8 inches and the other is an adjustable sliding bevel. The pair have hardwood handles that are bound in brass which give a comfortable grip. They have wing nut angle adjustment so it is easy to tighten and loosen them. They are embossed with both metric and imperial graduations.

Tools can be useful gifts for joiners. This electric wood hand trimmer laminator could be very useful. It has a plunge and tilt base and it is possible to buy attachments for it to do extra jobs with it. It is a good quality item and most of the spare parts for it are compatible with famous brands including the motor. It has a 71-w motor and is 220-240 volts and 50/60 Hz.

Nail pouches can be really useful things to have and this means that they will make welcome gifts. This is a leather pouch that has one pocket and is brown in colour. It is double stitched so that it is really strong and is made from suede and leather which will last a long time. It is 40 x 160 x 240mm in size and it is model number 68149 and made by Rolson.

Woodworking twist drill bits will be useful for a joiner. These are file rasp drill bits and they are 6.3mm or ¼ inch. They are high quality and they are made of IC45 steel material and have a fire dipped black surface treatment which means that it is sharp and durable. They will be perfect for woodworking and wood carving and they can be used for grinding. Polishing, shaping and burnishing softwood.

Joiners will find this apron useful. It has three pockets made from heavy-duty suede which are designed for nails but can also be used for other tools as well. They are reversed nail pockets which gives them easy access. There is a loop on each side for holding hammers which are made of metal. It is reinforced at all of the major stress points so it should last a long time.

T-shirts make great gifts and this one will be fun as well. It has a design on the front showing a carpenters hourly rate ‘£100/hr standard £125/hr if you watch £150/hr if you help £200/hr if you worked on it first £250/hr if you tell me how to do it’. It is a short-sleeved t-shirt and it comes in sizes suitable for men, women and children and in a selection of colours to choose from.

Tool belts can be very handy to get easy access to everything that you need when working. This one has 20 pockets and so provides plenty of places to store items and to keep them sorted well. It is heavy duty and also has a tape measure pocket, hammer loops and a clip. It is double stitched so that it will last a long time. It is adjustable to fit waists from 32 – 48 inches in size.

If someone is looking to hold a lot of tools on their body, then this tool vest can be useful. It has lots of pockets and places to keep tools and the pockets are all reinforced for strength. It is designed to fit people of different sizes with an inside expander incorporated into the design and adjustable shoulder straps as well. It has mesh ventilation to help the wearer to stay cool.

Wolfcraft have made this pocket hole jig and put it together with some accessories in a plastic case. It is a practical selection of items such as wood screws. The jig is easy to handle and accurate as well as being sturdy to use. It can be used on a mitre as well as for drilling oblique pocket holes for screws. The round dowels supplied mean the drill holes are practically invisible.

A chisel set can be a useful item to gift to someone that works with wood. This set has four pieces although you can buy sets with different numbers. They all have precision ground blades and impact-resistant plastic handles. The blades are heat-treated for strength. They are size 6, 12, 19 and 25mm. The brand is Rolson and the sizes are stamped on them for ease of use.

Right-angled clamps can be useful pieces of kit to have. This one has a single handle and is made of a premium aluminium alloy. It will allow two wood blocks of different thicknesses to be joined at a 90-degree angle. It has an adjustable jaw and a solid handle that is made from rubber so it is non-slip. It has a maximum clamping range of 68mm and has many uses.

Multi-tools can be very handy as they save you from carrying too many items. This item is a pen with a stylus as well as having a built-in ruler. It also has a spirit level and screwdriver attachments for a crosshead and flathead. It is a useful item for anyone to have including a joiner. It means that they can carry a selection of useful items together in one.

Aprons can be handy items for joiners to have. This one is heavy duty and made of waxed canvas, which is durable and water-resistant. It has PU leather straps. It is adjustable and will therefore fit people of different sizes. It has lots of practical pockets that will enable the wearer to hold their tools on their person to make it easy to reach everything that they will need.

A good tool bag can be a really useful item to own for any workman. A joiner would be really grateful for this bag. It has a heavy-duty rubber base and is mainly made of 600D Oxford cloth. It has grab handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. It is 42 x 19 x 29cm in size and so there is plenty of room inside for lots of tools. It also has compartments and pockets which means that you are able to easily organise all of your items.

A biscuit jointer can be a useful item to own. This one has a yellow body and comes with a black carry case. It can make 45-degree frame joints, edge to edge joints, corner joints, edge mitre joints, offset joints and T joints. It has a dust bag with it as well. It is 900W and has a soft comfortable handle with a good grip so it is easy to use. Gives an accurate and professional finish.

Multitools can be really useful items to have as you can do lots of jobs with them without the need to carry lots of items. This is an 8 in 1 tool which can be used to find the centreline of different sized doors to help with making out of lock and latch positions. It can also act as a gauge for fire doors and can work as a mini square as well. It comes in a choice of colours.

Accessories can be really handy gifts and these oscillating saw blades could make a welcome gift. They fit with all of the major brands of saw blades and there are twenty in the set. There are six different types of blades included for cutting metal, plastic and other materials, each being designed for a specific purpose. They have built-in length markers on the side to help with the accuracy of cutting.

A large square can be a really useful item to give to a joiner as a gift. This one is 12 inches in size and has a black oxide finish. It has a strong cast aluminium body and has a clear scale on it so that it is really easy to read the values on it. It has a protractor scale of 0-90 degrees. It can be used as a saw guide for angle measurements and cuts, so suitable for all sorts of projects.

Finding the right angle is really important and this digital angle finder can therefore be very useful. It has a hanging hole and a spirit level with a backlit digital display so it can be easy to get the angle right even in dim light. It comes with a battery. It can measure angles between 0 and 225 degrees very precisely and there is a hold button to lock it in place.

A wood trimmer can be extremely useful for a joiner. This one is made from aluminium and plastic so that it is durable and will last a long time. It has a transparent cover to stop sawdust flying upwards but you can still see through to track what is going on. It has a scale on it that is easily visible. It includes a set of accessories to make it easier to use such as a trimming guide, dust board, wrenches and sample guide plate.

Mini tools can be very useful for doing more intricate work. This is a set of five which all come in a wooden box with a metal latch which makes them look really special. Inside are five tools which are all high performing and very small. There is a woodworking plane. Combination marking gauge, sliding bevel, try square and dovetail square. They are made from hardwood and brass.

Intricate woodwork calls for special tools, such as the ones in this set. There is a hook knife for doing spoon, bowl and kuksa carving, a whittling knife, a chip carving detail knife and a polishing compound. They come together with a pair of cut-resistant gloves. They are made from hard and corrosion-resistant metal which means that they will stay sharp and last a long time with walnut handles.

Jointing biscuits can be very useful and this is a set of them. There are 150 in the set and they come in different sizes. There are three different types – 14 x 47mm, 19 x 54mm and 22 x 59mm. They come together in a plastic box which means that they are easy to store and to carry around to different jobs. They can be used for woodwork projects using lots of different woods.

An adjustable door clamp can be a handy thing for a joiner to have. This is a pack of two and they have a dial adjustment on them. They will clamp doors or other things really securely. They are designed to be shaped so that they are strong and can be adjustable between 15-55mm. They are made from a black composite material with steel straps and anti-rock square feet.

A biscuit cutter can be handy and this one is by Silverline. It is ¼ inches and it has TCT cutting edges. It has strong, hardened steel shanks. It is twin fluted for a smooth finish. It is designed specifically to be used for biscuit joints, slots and grooves. It has a maximum of 12,000 rpm. It can be used at 13mm bearing for no. 20 biscuits and 19mm bearing for no 10 biscuits.

Rexbeti have made this wood biscuit plate joiner kit which could make a useful gift. It is suitable for all wood types and comes together with 100 wood biscuits. It has three adjustable fence positions and you can tackle edge to edge, end to edge and mitre to mitre work. The preset depths allow you to use it to cut slots for multiple biscuit sizes. It is easy to use so great for beginners and has a detachable dust bag.

Carpenters pencils can be extremely useful. They are square which means that they do not roll around and get lost. This is a pack containing 72 pencils and they have a black lead which is suitable for writing on bricks, wood and other materials. They are red in colour which means that they can be seen easily. They have a good quality core so the leads do not break easily. They are 17.5cm long and 1.3cm deep.

Woodworking gadgets can make great gifts. This dual-purpose scribe could therefore be a useful thing to give. It is made of aluminium which has been hardened to make it really hard-wearing. It allows you to draw straight lines or arcs so that you can mark things out. It has a laser scale on it which is really clearly marked so you can get a high precision measurement. It has a 0-120mm drawing range.

A file set can be a useful gift for a joiner. This set has carbon steel grade T12 files which are really strong. There are four metal files which are semi-circular, round, triangular and flat as well as 14 needle files. There is also a wire brush and bristle brush which will clean the files ready for their next use. They have non-slip rubber handles with an ergonomic design.

Newkiton has made a wheel marking gauge with a micro-adjust function. It comes with a bearing wheel cuter for softwood, a locked wheel cutter for hardwood, a metal pin, ten woodworking pencils and a screwdriver. It allows you to easily slice wood and make hairline layout marks. There are different adjustment levels, micro and coarse for precise work with a quick turn knob to make adjustments as necessary.

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