29 Gift Ideas for People You Work With

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Buying gifts for work colleagues is not always easy. Although we might see them each day, we will perhaps not know enough about them to pick them the very best gift. We might also feel that we need something that is not too personal to give them as we work with them rather than being their friend or a family member. Therefore, we have put together a list of things in the hope that this might help you to be able to find something suitable for them. We have a variety of things to suit different tastes and budgets in the hope that everyone will find something that they like.

29 Presents for Work Colleagues

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This is a wooden coaster which is circular and has ‘chance made us colleagues craziness made us friends’ engraved on it. It is a useful gift but also shows a nice sentiment for someone you work with that you feel close to. It is something they can use on their desk at work or at home. It comes with a gift box so is all ready to give as a gift.

This is a flip book called ‘Workplace Mood Swings’. It is a book that can stand up and be put on a desk and the owner can turn it to an appropriate page. It has phrases on each page such as ‘blah, blah, blah. Not listening!’, ‘Payday! Time for biscuits.’, ‘What part of NO don’t you understand’ and ‘whoop! Friday feeling.’ A fun gift to give a work colleague with a good sense of humour.

This is a personalised wine glass. It has three sections on it marking out different amounts of wine and you can decide what is written by each. For example, it might say ‘good day’ on the bottom one, ‘bad day’ on the middle on and ‘don’t ask’ on the top one. However, you can choose what you think will be appropriate for the recipient. Will make a fun and unique gift.

This is a ‘Work Survival Kit’. It is a small organza bag with a selection of small gifts inside. Attached to it is a card which explains the significance of each of the gifts. For example, ‘coffee – to make sure you are alert in the mornings’, ‘paperclip – to help you hold it all together’, and ‘candle – to brighten up your day when things get tough’. Is a fun small gift which should cheer up anyone.

This is a fun novelty pen holder in the shape of ‘Dead Fred’. It is a sculpture of a man lying down which measures 6.5 x 2.5 x 13cm which is made from red rubber. In his chest is a hole for you to put your pen so it looks like the pen has stabbed him. Will brighten up any desk and is great for someone with a good sense of humour.

This is a funny book called ‘How to Poo at Work’. It is a guide to dealing with all sorts of poop related problems at work. It includes what to do if you are ill, a colleague comes in, there is no paper or no seat, your phone rings and other real situations that are hard to cope with. They are tips and diagrams to help you out in the most difficult of situations.

This is a stress reduction mouse mat. It is a 220mm x 180mm mouse pad which is 5mm thick and works for all mice. It has a white background with black writing which gives instructions for how to use the stress reduction mouse pad. There is a red target in the middle and the instructions guide you to hit your head on it. It would be a funny and unique gift.

This is a novelty warning sign to put on a desk. It is a yellow A shaped sign which can be propped up on a desk and it says on it ‘caution mood swing in operation’. It could be used to give to someone going through the menopause or just for anyone who tends to get moody or is a bit of a joker that might like to pop it on the desk of a colleague when appropriate.

This is a pen which has a bamboo casing and comes with a bamboo box. It has a medium ball point nib which is gold and black but there is also the choice to buy a fountain pen as well. The lid of the pen also has gold details. The box has a slot carved into it so that the pen fits precisely into it. A great gift idea as it looks really elegant.

This is a special bracelet which has a waxed cotton cord and a silver charm which is heart shaped on it. It comes on a card which says ‘Thank you for all you do. Hope you like my gift to you. A wish bracelet to help your dreams comes true. Make a wish as you tie this bracelet and when the cord wears through your wish may come true.’ A sentimental gift idea.

This is a fun badge to wear around the office. It is bright red and in white writing it says ‘I’m here to help!’ underneath in black writing it says ‘only joking f*** off!’. The badge measures 3.8cm in diameter. It has a metal pin fastener on the back so that it stays attached securely. There are other designs available with different words too. A great cheap gift to pop in with a card or to accompany another gift.

This is a book which says ‘team Awesome’ on the front in white writing on the black cover. It is a notebook and measures 6 x 9 inches and has 110 white, lined pages inside. It has a matte cover. It is a great book for a boss to give to their team to keep them motivated and has lots of uses such as a notebook, diary, journal, to do lists etc.

This is a fun desktop toy which could be fun to give to a colleague. It is called tetherball and it is a pole on a base with a ball attached to it by a string. The idea is to hit the ball so that the string wraps around the pole. It could be played competitively by colleagues or be used as a fidget toy. Comes with a mini 32 page book with a history of the game and the rules as well as trivia information.

This is a spoof book called ‘The Ladybird Book of The Meeting’. It has original illustrations from various Ladybird books with funny text accompanying it such as ‘People at work spend a lot of the day in meetings. Meetings are important because they give everyone a chance to talk about work. Which is easier than doing it.’ Great fun for anyone that works in an office and attends lots of meetings.

This is an A4 file folder to keep things organised. It is made from PU leather and has a zipper closure. It is 12.78 x 10.14 x 0.78 inches. Inside there are business card slots, a pen ring, zip pocket and pad compartment to fit an A4 pad and there are pockets on the outside as well. There is plenty of room for storing all the stationery that you need to keep you organised.

This is a sign that can be put on an office door. It is mainly silver and has different messages which can be changed such as ‘do not disturb’, ‘welcome please knock’ and ‘out of office’. It is very bold and means that it is easy for anyone trying to visit someone who has an office to be able to know what their status is. It is easy to glue to any door and equally easy to remove as well.

This is ‘The Butt’ tape dispenser. It is a man sitting on the loo and he has a pen in his mouth and Sellotape in is hands. If he is lifted up there are paperclips in the bowl and a pad of post it notes forms the cistern with pen holes behind it. It is a great office organiser and joke item to have on any desk whether in the home or at work.

This is a funny key chain which would make a great leaving gift for a work colleague. It has two pendants on it and one is heart shaped and says ‘good luck’. The other is rectangular and says ‘good luck in your new job your traitor’. It makes a fun farewell gift and will hopefully make them feel happy even if they are sad to be leaving their job. This item has free delivery.

This is a book called ‘Mr Happy and the Office Party’. It is spoof Mr Men book with illustrations based on the original books. However, the story is not like the original ones as the morning after the office party Mr Happy loses his smile. It will appeal to anyone that has been to an office party. It is definitely a book for grown ups and should cheer up anyone that reads it.

This is a team leader survival kit. It is a small organza bag filled with all sorts of items that a team leader would find useful. For example, ‘coffee – to make sure you are alert in the mornings’, ‘paperclip – to help you hold it all together’, and ‘candle – to brighten up your day when things get tough’. Everything comes in the bag which is tied with a ribbon and has a card attached which explains the relevance of each item.

This is a cuff bangle which is silver in colour. On the outside there are two arrows on it but inside it says ‘keep f***ing going…’. It is made from stainless steel so is durable and can bend slightly so that you can easily fit it onto your wrist. It is a fun thing because only the wearer will know about the message that is inside it and it will hopefully inspire them when wearing it.

This is a drinks coaster which says on it ‘office friend!’ in orange and has a cartoon face which is winking. It is made of wood with an oak veneer and is about 5mm thick and is 100mm x 100mm in size. It is useful item that will allow you to keep your hot or cold drinks from damaging your desk and will also provide a fun and colourful message. It is coated too so it is protected from spillages.

These are funny pens. They are all mainly pink with some silver details. Each of them has a different message on them such as ‘F*ck off I’m Busy’, ‘same sh*t different day’ and ‘I’m very busy and important, so p*ss off.’ The messages are laser engraved so will not come off. They come with a black velvet feel pouch so they make a great gift.

This is a cooling fan which is a mini size and suitable for any desk. It has a five blade design which means that it is not too strong and it is really quiet. It will not disturb you or others when at work or when asleep or any other time it is being used. It has a long cable on it which will connect to a USB. It is only 14.7 x 10cm so it is easy to find space for.

This is a fun mug. It is white and has black writing and red numbers on it – it says: ‘I always give 100% when at work 12% Monday, 23% Tuesday, 40% Wednesday, 20% Thursday, 5% Friday. It is a 10 fl oz mug and is suitable for microwave and dishwasher use. Would make a great gift to anyone that works in a place where they take in a mug as long as their colleagues have a sense of humour.

This is a laptop cooling stand. The idea is that it will fit many different models of laptops from 12 -17 inches. Not only will it keep the laptop angled off the desk so it does not get too hot, it will also put it into an ergonomic position to make it better for your posture. It is non-slip and will keep the laptop stable and in place. When not in use it folds up to easily fit in a bag.

This is a lucky sixpence gift which has an inspirational message in the box. Sixpences are known for luck as well as attracting wealth and good fortune and this one is in a presentation box which says on it ‘Don’t follow your dreams….chase them’. It is a lovely sentiment for anyone and could make a particularly good gift for someone that is ambitious or is starting a new job or project.

This is a brightly coloured lanyard. These usually have to be worn to hold a work pass and they can be really dull. However, this one is brightly coloured with multi coloured rhinestones on it so that it will really stand out and make a statement. There are also plain coloured options for people that are a bit more conservative in their taste. Has a silver oyster clasp at each end.

This is a novelty desk plaque. It says on it ‘workaholic looking down on those with a life’. It is 25 x 11.8cm in size and so will fit easily on a desk. It is wooden with a gold coloured plaque that has black writing on it so it will really stand out. Will make a great gift for someone that works hard or as a gag gift for someone that doesn’t.

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