33 Gift Ideas for X BOX Players Of All Ages

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There are many people that love their X-box and if you know someone that does then you may find it fun to give them gifts that are related to their hobby. However, it can be easy to run out of inspiration when you are looking for gift ideas and that is why we have come up with a list of suggested items that we think you might like to consider buying for them. We have found a selection of different things so that you have plenty to choose from and at different prices so that you can find something that will suit your pocket too!

33 Presents for X-Box Owners

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This is a lamp with the X-box ‘X’ on it in black. It is made from ABS plastic and can be powered by battery or USB so is flexible. It can also be wall mounted or used free standing. It is a cool and stylish design and would look great in a bedroom or on a desk of any gaming fan. It measures 21.8 x 22.4 x 7.5cm and so is easy to fit into any space as well but provides bright LED light.

This is a set of supplies for an x-box themed birthday party. There are 48 pieces to serve 16 guests and you get napkins, large plates and small plates. They are made of biodegradable paper which is recyclable but they are also durable when being used. They have a bright green design so will look great and really work with the theme for a video game party and make it easy to clean up afterwards.

This is a pair of black socks and on one it says, ‘do not disturb’ and on the other it says ‘I’m playing xbox’ in white and each has a picture of a handset on it. They are available in four size options for children and adults. They are made from 80% cotton so are soft with 18% polyester and 2% elastane so they are stretchy and they are machine washable.

This is a digital alarm clock which looks like an x-box game controller. You use the buttons on it to set and control the clock and it has a built in alarm as well. It has a classic look and will fit in with any bedroom belonging to a gamer as it is mainly black. It is an officially licensed product and made by Paladone and comes in an official box so all ready to give away.

This is a heat sensitive mug made by Paladone. When it is cold it has a black display with X-box handsets on it. When a hot drink is put in it, it has a green display with a different picture. It is a practical and fun gift which any x-box fan will love. It is made from ceramic and is 300ml and there is the option to buy a 2 pack bundle if you need more than one mug.

This is a kit which has replacement parts for Xbox One Elite controllers. It has D pads in it and they are made from stainless steel and use magnets to stay in place. They are really easy to install but you will need tools to be able to do it. The new D-pads are really smooth and flexible meaning they can improve the players speed when they are using them.

This is an Xbox One game called ‘Need for Speed Payback’. There are also versions of this game for other games consoles as well. It is suitable for adults and children over the age of 12 years old. The car race game features different classes of car and three playable characters that you will use to try to keep away from the cops as often as you can. A fast action game.

This is a personalised cushion with an Xbox theme. It says on it Reserved for [name] and his Xbox’ with a picture of a handset in the middle. It measures 18 x 18 inches in size and would look good on a bed or sofa. It has a zip fastening so that it is easy to put a cushion inner inside it. It would be a welcome gift for an Xbox fan of any age.

This is a Perfk Professional USB cooling fan which is for an Xbox One. It is made from black plastic and has 3 integrated high speed fans which are designed to keep your console cool which should help it to last longer. It also has an external USB port which helps to charge the controller and USB hard drive if required. Could be a useful gift for someone who uses their Xbox a lot without frequent breaks.

This is a short-sleeved black, navy, asphalt, dark heather or heather blue t-shirt which is designed for games. It says on it ‘My Perfect Day, 1. Wake up 2. Play video games 3. Eat breakfast 4. Play video games 5. Eat lunch 6. Play video games 7. Eat dinner 8. Play video games 9. Sleep.’ It comes in styles and sizes suitable for men, women and children aged 2-12 years and sizes small – 3XL.

This is a holder for an Xbox one controller. It could also be used for a smart phone and other things. It is designed to hold the phone above the controller so you can easily see the display on the phone while you play. It is made from black ANS plastic and holds everything securely so you do not need to worry about the phone falling off and getting damaged.

This is a black wall sticker which has the word ‘gamer’ on it and depicts two games console handsets and a joystick. It is made of quality vinyl and is self adhesive with an easy to peel back. It is waterproof and easy to remove without leaving behind mess or residue. It is 18 x 12 inches in size and would look good on any smooth and clean surface such as a bedroom wall, office, door or even window.

This is an Xbox One S 1TB console bundle. It comes with the console, wireless controller, download of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Deluxe Edition, 1-month of Xbox Live Gold, 1 month trial of Xbox Game Pass for console and 1 month of EA access. The console not only allows you to play games but you can watch 4K blu-ray movies and videos from Netflix, Amazon and YouTube and listen to music with Spotify.

This is a frame box which can be personalised. On the front of the black box in white writing it says ‘[name]’s Xbox fund’. It has a slot in the top for posting money into. It measures 25 x 25 x 5cm and has a high quality acrylic crystal clear front. The back comes off when needed so that there is easy access to the money. A great way to encourage children to save up.

This is a purple or pink gaming headset which has a microphone on it. It has a pair of ears which can be placed on or off to make the wearer look cute. They are Somic brand and they have a volume control and are compatible with different games consoles including Xbox. They are good quality and the microphone can be moved so that it reaches the correct place to be easily heard.

This is a fun chocolate bar in the shape of a games controller. It has different coloured parts on it so there are white, yellow, red and dark brown buttons on it and the main part is light brown. It comes in a box designed to keep it safe in transit so it should not break. The box is 14.8 x 10.6 x 2.2 cm and weighs 70g. It could be used as a cake decoration or given as it is for a gift.

This is a pair of pyjamas with a gaming theme. They come in sizes suitable for children aged 8-15 years of age. The top is black and long sleeved with ‘eat game sleep repeat’ written on it and a picture of a handset with grey cuffs and collar and a red line on cuffs and bottom. The trousers are grey with a handset design on. They are made from 100% cotton and are suitable for machine washing.

This is an Xbox torch keyring. It looks like an Xbox and is an officially licensed product but is a torch with a high powered beam which is a keyring. It has a secure screw fastening to keep keys safe, although it could also be attached to a bag, zip or something like this. Could be a very useful gift and also has a fun theme for any Xbox lover.

This is a white ceramic mug with a funny slogan. In black print it says on it ‘Gaming makes me happy!…you, not so much!’ It is 11oz so holds a generous amount of drink and has a fun and unique design. It comes well wrapped so it is safe in the post and the box will mean that it is easy to wrap up once you get it. A great gift idea.

This is an official Xbox one gift set. It contains a selection of Xbox themed items. There is a set of 4 silicone coasters which are round and shiny. There is an A5 notebook with ‘Team Xbox’ on the front. There is a black pen with ‘Xbox’ printed on in white. A spinner keyring is also included and lastly there is a pair of socks which are green and black with the Xbox logo on them.

This is a word art print with an Xbox theme. The words form a picture of a handset and it can have a name of choice put on it as well as any other words included should you wish them to be. The print is on satin finish 270gsm photo paper and is available in A4 or A5 size with the option of it being framed or not so you can choose what you think will be the best option.

This is a four piece set with Minecraft themed items. It comes with a backpack, lunch bag, drinks bottle and pencil case. The bag is grey with Minecraft figures on and has a main zipped pocket and front pocket. The lunch bag is black with green edging and has Minecraft figures on. The water bottle is black and green and fits in the mesh on the side of the bag. The pencil case is black with four Minecraft figures on. A great set for any Minecraft fan to use at school.

This is an Xbox Elite Wireless controller series 2. It also includes a carrying case, 6 thumbsticks, 4 paddles, d-pads, adjustment tool, charging dock and USB-C cable. It has a wrap around rubberised grip with shorter hair trigger locks and adjustable tension thumbsticks. There are re-engineered components to make it easier to use.  It all comes in a box so it is really easy to wrap up as a gift.

This is a bundle which includes an Xbox One S all-digital edition with FIFA 20 as well as a 1 month subscription to Xbox live gold and download codes for Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, Sea of Thieves & FIFA 20. It is a set which allows disc free gaming so you can conveniently just download them and play them without fiddling about with discs. Suitable for adults and children over the age of 12 years old.

This is a bundle which has an Xbox One X and Forza Horizon 4 Lego Speed Champions. The game allows you to play Speed Champions in the Horizon Festival at Lego Valley. You can race and explore and amass a brick collection to construct a house and garage to store your speed champions cars. You can also use the console to watch movies and videos using Netflix, Amazon and YouTube in 4D.

This is an Xbox 360 250GB console. It has one controller included as well. It is Kinect ready but does not have the Kineck Sensor bar included with it. It supports Xbox live and would make a great gift for anyone that loves gaming and would provide them with Xbox gaming capability at a reasonable price. Would make a great gift for a gamer that needs a replacement for their setup.

This is the Rocket League Collectors Edition game for Xbox One. It includes everything from the previously released version but has four exclusive vehicles also included. It has a 4-player split screen, 8-player online and ranked or unranked play options. It has exhibition, unfair and full offline season modes. The vehicles can be personalised with more than 100 billion different combinations of items. Has replay viewer and customisable controls as well.

This is Jumanji The Video Game for the Xbox One. You can choose to play as Dr Bravestone, Ruby, Mouse or Prof. Shelley and play in online or split screen modes with up to three others to defeat the enemies and survive the traps to save the world. There are mountain, city and jungle environments to explore and you will unlock new outfits and weapon styles as you get more skilled at the game.

This is an official Xbox One Chat headset. They are black and have a microphone and headphone speakers. They are made by Microsoft and are compatible with the original Xbox and newer versions and need no batteries. They are lightweight and comfortable so great for long gaming sessions. The microphone is responsive and has an adjustable boom. The mute and volume controls are easy to reach as well.

This is a way to customise your controller for your Xbox One making It faster to use. It is a Quickshot custom rubber grip with dual setting trigger lock. It will help to improve your reaction time while playing which could make a vital difference in some games. The textured grip makes it easier to keep hold of the controller and the customisable trigger locks will help to speed up reactions. It is really easy to install and would be a welcome help for any gamer.

This is a game for the Xbox One – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It is a single player game where you play a Jedi Padawan and have to complete your training, develop powerful force abilities and master the art of the lightsaber. There are iconic locations, weapons, gear and enemies to play with, so lots of fun to be had. For adults and children over the age of 16 years of age.

This is a monitor for an Xbox One. It is 11.6 inches and full HD with a 178 degree viewing angle. It can be closed like a laptop when not in use so easy to tidy away and to transport. It has multiple interfaces such as audio jacks and built in speakers and has eye care technology with flicker-free backlighting and a blue light filter to reduce eye fatigue. Gives a great gaming experience.

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