25 Gift Ideas for Yoga Fans

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There are many people these days that love yoga. The combination of toning exercises and relaxation can be really appealing to a lot of people. If you know someone that enjoys it then you might like to buy them gifts that are related to their hobby. We have put together a list of gifts that we feel would appeal to yoga lovers and therefore hope that that it will help you to be inspired as to what to buy them. There are a selection of different types of things, so there should be something that you will think will suit them.

25 Presents for People Who Go ToYoga

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This is a funny, personalised mug which says ‘[name] had perfected the wine lovers yoga pose’ with a picture of someone in a yoga position balancing a glass of wine. The mug is white with pink and black colours within the printing. You can add a name of your choice and it is printed on both sides, making it suitable for left and right handed people. It is even dishwasher safe and comes with free delivery.

This is a loose and baggy yoga top. It has short sleeves and is really long and says ‘yoga’ on the front of it. It comes in different colours – black, charcoal, denim and white plus there is a choice of colours for the lettering too. It is available in sizes small, medium and large, but is designed to be oversized and baggy. It is made from 50% cotton and 50% Tencel and is ethically made.

This is a vinyl wall sticker which has the word ‘zen’ at the bottom and shows someone in a yoga position. It is made with a transparent film which has an adhesive on it, so it sticks easily to a clean and dry surface as long as it is smooth. It can also be easily removed and is waterproof adding a relaxing statement to any room.

This is a paperback notebook. On the front of it, it says ‘Never underestimate a woman with a yoga mat’ and the cover is grey with pink and yellow lettering and has a picture of a woman doing yoga on a mat. The book has lined paper inside so it is suitable for making all sorts of notes, for use as a diary, journal, lists or many other things. This can be a great gift idea for someone who loves to do yoga and also likes to write things down.

This is a pair of white socks which have ‘keep calm and yoga on’ at the bottom with a person doing yoga on them. The writing and picture is blue and it is made from a special material which helps the socks to grip, so if they are worn on a hard floor they will not slip. They are ankle socks and made from comfy cotton in a size that will stretch to fit most sizes of feet.

This wine bottle holder is a sculpture of a cat doing yoga. The cat is a cute metal sculpture which curves around to form a loop to hold a wine bottle securely. It is painted in a metallic bronzy orange colour with silvery details on the face and feet. It makes an interesting ornament and fun bottle holder and would be a great gift for someone that does yoga and also enjoys drinking wine.

These are special yoga and meditation bracelets. You can pick one of the three bracelets or all three of them. They have different gemstones on them and each has a pendant on it as well. They each have an elastic thread, so that they can stretch to fit nicely. The stones are natural amethyst, rock crystal quartz, synthetic sodalite, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, red agate and synthetic redstone. The stones are in groups of three and look really pretty.

This is a ceramic ring holder which has a yoga theme. The ring holder is white and in the middle is a figure in the lotus position with their hands above their head. It is a great tray for keeping rings and other small pieces of jewellery and bracelets could be draped over the figure to keep them from tangling. It measures 9.5 x 10 x 10 cm and comes in a box so it is ready to give away.

This is a cat paper towel holder. The cat is stretching in a yoga like position and its tail is in the air for the roll to be placed on. It is made of metal and is painted white in a shabby chic/antique style. It can be used to hold two rolls of loo roll or one roll of kitchen paper. It has a sturdy non-slip base which means that it will do a great job – great for cat lovers.

This is a pair of yoga tights for women. They can also be used for running or other types of work outs. They come in sizes ranging from small to 5Xl and in various colours such as grey/black, gradient rose, black or grey. They have a comfortable elastic waistband and are made from breathable cotton. They fit snugly and are therefore great for stretching in and doing all sorts of exercise.

This is a set of yoga themed coasters. They are round and each has a cut out design of someone in a yoga position with each one being different. They are made of MDF wood, so they are sturdy and each one is 4 x 0.47 inches in size. They would make a great gift to any yoga enthusiast and they are also very useful in protecting furniture from hot and cold cups.

This is a yoga gift hamper which contains a selection of items which any yoga fan would love to receive. It has an authentic four inch Tibetan bowl set which comes together with a cushion and stick. It has a learn yoga mug which is ceramic and shows some poses on it. There is a yoga key chain which has a meditation pose on it. It also comes with a card, so you can write a message on it to go with all of the items

This is a small set of statues in a yoga pose. There are four different ones in the set and they are all around 8.5 – 11cm high. They are made of ceramic and are white so they can be painted if required. Each one is different in a different pose, so they can be grouped together or spread along a shelf or in different places in the home. A lovely gift for a yoga fan.

This is a set of two pairs of yoga socks for women. These are non-slip socks which just cover the feet and have elastic over the top of the foot to keep them in place. They have PVC dots on the bottom, so that they do not slip but they are stretchy fabric, so they allow lots of movement in the feet. There is a black and a light grey pair in a velvet storage bag. One size that stretches to fit all.

This is a microfibre towel which is great to use at the gym, after a workout or yoga class. It comes in a big selection of different colours and three different sizes, so you can choose what you think will work the best. It is quick drying and absorbent and made from 80% polyester and 20% polyamide, which means that it is lightweight and compact.  It even arrives in biodegradable packaging.

This is fun shopping bag which says on it ‘yoga class? I thought you said pour a glass!’. It comes in a big selection of colours such as pink, yellow, blue, grey, black, white and pink and measures 42cm x 38cm.  It is great for gym kit, shopping, days out etc. It is made from 100% cotton and is ethically produced. A fun and useful gift for a yoga fan.

This is a fun yoga themed short sleeved t-shirt. It has a llama on it in the lotus position and says underneath ‘Llamaste’. It is available in black, asphalt, Kelly green, olive and dark heather and in sizes suitable for adults and children aged 2-12 years old and sized small – 3XL. It is a cotton and polyester mix, so it is soft and comfortable to wear with some stretch and has a crew cut neckline.

This book is called ‘Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations and Techniques’ by Mark Stephens which is an essential book for new and experienced yoga teachers as well as a guide for students too. It has all of the curriculum standards as set out by Yoga Alliance so can be used as a core textbook. It has lots of photographs and illustrations to help including support and tools for teaching and even includes philosophy and history.

This is a mood lamp which has a yoga theme. The lamp has an ABS base with a Perspex top which when illuminated has a picture of a person in a yoga pose which gives an impression that it is 3D. It is an energy saving light and there are 8 LEDs inside. It is powered by a universal USB interface cable. It gives different lighting effects and can be used in many different places.

This is a pair of harem pants. There are lots of different colours and designs to choose from and they all have a Bohemian print and style. They are great for yoga if you want something baggy to wear or just on hot days and come in sizes small to 5XL. They are made from 75% polyester and 25% cotton and can be easily hand washed in cold water and hung up to dry.

This is a sign which has an arrow pointing to the right and written on it says ‘beach yoga’ and underneath it says Miami Beach, Florida. It is a metal tin sign and measures 10 x 45cm. It has holes drilled in it so that it is easy to hang it up on a wall. It is weatherproof and rust proof, so can be hung inside or outside and will stay in good condition.

This is a women’s workout top which would be great for yoga. It has thin straps over the shoulders and back to give plenty of room for stretching and is available in sizes 8-22. There are lots of different colours and designs to choose from, so you should be able to find something that will look good. They are made from 92% polyester and 8% elastance so they stretch and there are very few sewn seams to keep it really comfortable.

This is a set of Indian yoga prints. There are 4 pieces of artwork which are each 30 x 30cm in size and they are all of mandalas in matching grey and yellow colours. Each is printed onto a hand stretched canvas onto wooden bars. Each has a metal hook on the back, so they are all ready to hang up on the wall. They look good hung together as a group or separately in different parts of a room or even in different rooms.

This is a special clock which has been made out of a 12 inch vinyl record. In the centre there is a sticker with the clock face and hands have been attached. The actual record has been laser cut to produce a silhouette of a figure in a yoga pose. The clock has quartz movement and makes no noise, so there is no annoying tick. A stylish piece which will stand out against a pale wall.

These are special stretch resistance bands which can helps with all sorts of sports and exercise activities such as yoga. They come in different sizes and colours and they are made from polyester elastic, so that they are soft to touch. The correct length needs to be chosen depending on the height of the person choosing it and they have loops for the feet and hands. Great for improving flexibility.

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