31 Gift Ideas for Young Women

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Buying gifts for young women is not always easy. You may have a few ideas, but we hope that we will be able to help you to come up with something a bit more original. We have therefore put together a list of items which we think will help you. We have included a big range of different items and we hope that this will enable you to be able to find the perfect gift for them. We have tried to include a big range of things, that we feel that young women will like, so that you will be able to find one item that will suit the person you have in mind really well.

31 Great Presents for Young Ladies

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This is a bottle of Calvin Klein Eternity Moment in a choice of either 50ml or 100ml sized bottles. The bottles are really pretty in a see through, rectangular glass with a delicate pink/peach coloured perfume inside. The light fragrance is fruity with pomegranate blossom, sweet lychee and guava as well as raspberry cashmere, warm rose wood, passionflower and musk.  A light summery fragrance which is a popular choice with many young women.

This is a pair of women’s harem pants in a hippy style. There are lots of different fabrics and colours to choose from and they come in one size. They are great for casual wear or yoga and for hot days. They are made from soft and breathable polyester, which is loose and flowy so keeps the wearer cool. The ankles and waist are elasticated, with the waist having the option of being high or can be folded to make it lower and it is one size.

This is a boxed set of 7 bath bombs which will make a lovely gift. They are all different and there are different shapes such as a cupcake, sphere., cube and doughnut shape and they are all different colours. They have different scents too: lavender, mint, coconut, Ylang-Ylang, rose, blueberry and sweet orange. They can help to make any bath really relaxing and they even colour the water and fizz when put in it.

This is a set of socks which are pink and say on them ‘if you can read this’ on the one sock and ‘bring me some wine’ on the other. They are pink with black writing on them which is a non-slip material. They are thick and fuzzy and they stretch to fit all sizes of feet. They come in a pack wrapped up with a ribbon that looks like a cupcake so they are a lovely gift to give.

This is a really pretty embroidered flower design backpack. It is 12 x 10 x 6 inches in size, so makes a great handbag or bag for carrying smaller items such as phone, purse, shopping bags, hair brush, makeup etc. It is black but has brightly coloured embroidery on it with pretty patterns and floral shapes in gold and rainbow colours. It is made from canvas with polyester inside.

This is a large vanity case which contains all sorts of make up items. It has 60 pieces inside with all sorts of different cosmetics all neatly filed inside. It measures 170mm x 25mm and is 92mm high. Inside there is nail polish, eye shadow, foundation, mascara, lipstick, pencils and make up brushes. It includes everything that you could possibly need or want with regards to make up, so it makes a great starter kit.

This is a set of 50 stress less cards. They each have exercises on which help to reduce anxiety. These can help with making the person feel less stressed but has the added benefit of enabling them to be able to sleep better and improve their general health. The exercises are easy to do and can be done in different places, which means that it is simple to find one to do when you are on the bus, at the supermarket, on your lunch break etc. A great gift for someone that needs help with reducing their stress levels.

This is a lambswool scarf which is 11.8 by 64.6 inches in size with a fringe on the bottom. It is made from 100% pure Merino lambswool which is really high quality wool from Australia and it is really warm and cosy. The scarf is a tartan design in a pretty pink colour and works with many different outfits and will keep the wearer really warm. It comes in a gift box.

This is a hair brush and comb set in a handy holder. There is a vent brush, paddle brush, curling brush, comb and mirror all with a black stand. The items are all black with purple on the handles. It is a useful set which has everything you will need for styling hair, and they even work on extensions and wigs. The bristles are soft so that they will not damage ones hair.

This is a personalised bag which comes in a choice of colours or sizes. You can choose from small, medium or large, so they will fit either toiletries or makeup or even work as a pencil case. You can have a name of your choice on the front. There is a choice of natural, navy or black bags and print colours can be white, black, gold or rose gold. They even come with free delivery.

This is an embossed book with a lovely image of an elephant on it. The book is silver on the cover, so it really pretty and it measures 10cm wide by 13.5cm in height, which means that it is really cute as well. The book is lined inside and so can be used for all sorts of things such as: a diary, journal, lists or general notes. It is hand made and will make a unique gift.

This is a lovely pamper gift that any young woman would really like. It is a set which includes: a shower gel, body lotion, body butter, body scrub, bubble bath and foot cream and they are all in a gift set. It is a lovely present of Sanctuary Spa pamper products, which will be a welcome gift for any young woman especially one that likes to relax by pampering her body.

This is a pretty pair of sterling silver earings with a knot design that are 1.1cm in size made by Alex Perry gifts. The loops of the note have small stones along them and there is a large one in the middle of the stud. They are cubic zirconia and so they will really sparkle. They come in a gift box and so would make a lovely gift for any young woman.

This is a pair of touchscreen gloves. They are designed so that they are able to be used with any mobile device. This means that you are able to keep your hands warm while using any type of mobile equipment, as they have a special material in the finger tips, They are made from 85% acrylic and 12% elastane with 3% conductive yarn. They have a non slip palm and stretch to fit but come in two different sizes.

This is an outdoor camping mat or picnic blanket that folds up into a small bag for easy transportation. They come in a choice of colours – sky blue, cherry red, cotton candy pink, lemon yellow, camouflage and shamrock green. They are great for anyone who goes to festivals, camps or just likes sitting outdoors for picnics or other leisure activities. It is 152 x 140cm and it has corner pockets, which you can fill with sand or stone to stop it blowing away.

This is a skin care tool. It is a face roller made of natural jade stone. It can be used to massage the face and neck. It is double ended with different sized rollers and it works by relaxing the muscles and helping fluid to drain away causing the face to look less wrinkled and more relaxed. It comes with a box so it is all ready to give away as a gift.

This is a fun game called ‘Sussed?’. It is a lifeology game where you will have interesting question cards where you ask other people questions such as ‘Am I a better comedian or philosopher?’ or ‘Would I make a good armadillo?’. The cards can help to provoke all sorts of interesting conversations and there are all sorts of different things to ponder. Suitable for adults and children over the age of ten years old for 2-10 players.

This is a stainless steel water bottle. It is vacuum insulated which means that it will keep your water cool. It comes in a selection of colours and sizes which means that it is really easy to find the right one. It has a leak proof screw top and therefore is handy to use in all sorts of situations from taking it to your work out, when walking, to the office or school or even just at home.

This is a versatile bedside lamp which is also a Bluetooth speaker. It is 12 x 8.6cm and cylindrical in shape. It has a colour change mode and is easy to control with the buttons on the front. It has a touch control, so is very simple to use even in the dark or when half asleep. It has a rechargeable battery which will work for 3-18 hours depending on how bright the light is.

This is a comfortable dressing gown for ladies. It comes in a selection of colours and styles, some with hoods and some extra long, so you can choose the appropriate one. They have white hoods, collars and cuffs to contrast with the main coloured fabric. They are also available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. They have handy pockets and are made from fleece, so they are really soft and cosy – they are comforting as well as warming.

This is a piece of wall art which is personalised. It is all about the day someone was born and has the date of birth and major events that happened on that day, as well as having their name on. It has things like songs that were in the charts, news stories, famous people that share their birthday etc.  It therefore makes a really great birthday gift and comes in either A4 or A3 size.

This is a lovely set of three hand creams made by Cath Kidston. Each is a 30ml tube of cream with ginseng root extract, carrot seed oil, shea butter, vitamin E and glycerine to help the skin feel soft and smooth. These are travel sized with a really cute picture on, so will be great for travelling, in a desk drawer or for popping in a handbag. They come in a pretty box.

This is a book called Rad Women Worldwide and it is a profile of 40 women from across the world. Each have persevered and been radical in order to achieve what they have and the women chosen are from different eras and countries to inspire all sorts of different women. It also has a list of other women, so that you can go on and do more research if you find the stories in the book inspiring.

This is a set of natural bamboo make up brushes. There are ten different brushes in the set, so there should be enough for all of your make up needs. It includes a brush for foundation, powder blush, concealer, blending, eyeshadow and lips. Each is different with a different head to use for a different thing. They have bamboo handles with aluminium and plastic fibres. They are soft to use and come with a make up bag to store them in.

This is a pretty bag which could be used for make-up and cosmetics or for toiletries. It is made from a water resistant material and has padding to protect the items that are inside it. It is durable and is easy to carry with the handle on the top. Inside it has a hook, so it can be hung up on the back of a door so that it can be more easily used and takes up less space.

This a lady shaver from Remington. It has a double foil for comfortable and quick results and there are floating heads to follow the contours of the body. It gives a smooth result and comes with a bikini trimming comb as well. It comes with a charging stand, so that when it is used it has no wire. It comes in a box and so is all ready to wrap up as a gift.

This is a keyring with a lovely elephant pendant on it. It has a leather part with a ring on each end, one standard round keyring and one lobster type. Each has an elephant charm on it which is there to symbolise good luck. They come in a choice of black or brown and would make a lovely gift, which could be used with keys or as a bag charm.

This is a creative exercise book called ‘365 days of art’. It is a journal designed to inspire budding artists or those who do art as a hobby to explore their creativity each day. It has an activity for them to do every day such as drawing shapes and lines to shading and calligraphy writing. Each has a tutorial or hints and tips to follow and the aim is that you will expand your art skills and enjoy the process at the same time. When finished it can become a great keepsake.

This is a pair of leggings which can be used as yoga pants or for other fitness wear. They come in black, dark blue, red and pink and they are made from 70% nylon and 30% spandex.  This means that they are breathable, stretchy and comfortable to wear. They come in sizes small to XXL and they quickly pick sweat away and are therefore great for sports. They are also high waisted to give a trim tummy look.

This is a quartz analogue wristwatch made by Fossil. It is rose gold in colour and has cubic zirconia crystals around the face and where the numbers would normally be. It has an elegant design and has a metal strap which matches the colour of the face. It has a luminous hand to easily show the time and has smaller dials on the face as well – which show the date.

This is a fun book called ‘Time to Grow up and Handle your Sh*t’ – A Guidebook for Young Adults. It is a fun gag book for any young person that has a good sense of humour. It covers all sorts of topics such as driving, insurance, starting a business, music and stress but all in a funny way, not to be taken seriously. A fun little gift which would make a good stocking filler or Secret Santa.

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