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There are lots of people these days that like zombies – perhaps books or games about them and you may even know quite a few people like this yourself. If you do know some people like this, then it can be a good idea to buy them gifts that are related to zombies. There are different things that you can choose from but you may wonder where you could go for ideas. We have put together this handy list for you so that you are able to choose something that you think will work for them. There are different types of items so we hope that it means that there will be something that will work for you.

30 Gift Ideas for Zombie Fans – Suitable For All Ages

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This is a piece of fun wall art. It is a page from an antique dictionary which is printed with an art design and it says ‘tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are’ and has a picture of a zombie on it. The picture is 10 x 8 inches so fits in a standard sized frame either one that size or a larger one with a mount. The page comes in a cardboard sleeve so is ready to give away.

This is a fun pen or pencil holder. It is in the shape of a zombie lying on the floor and the pencil slots in where its chest is. It is about 18cm in size and makes a fun novelty item to put on any desk, whether at home or at work. The zombie is wearing a ripped suit and is all covered in blood with a gruesome expression. It is made of resin.

This is a fun wall sign. It is white and says on it ‘keep calm and shoot the zombies’ with a picture of a rifle on it. The writing is in black, picture in grey and it has red splats all over it. It comes with hangers on the back so that it is ready to put up on any wall. It is wood board with the wording etc printed on one side only.

This is a fun keyring which says on it ‘I chews you’ with some zombie hands making a heart shape around the words. The design is printed using dye sublimation which means that it will last a long time. It is printed on both sides as well. It Is made from plastic with a metal ring so is very durable and is suitable for using with keys or as a handbag charm.

This is a fun bag of shower gel labelled up as zombie blood. It is green and comes in a bag that looks like the bags of blood you get from hospitals. There is a loop so that it can easily hang in any shower room. It has 380ml of shower gel and is not tested on animals. It is scented shower gel too so will leave you and the bathroom smelling good!

This is a fun black t-shirt which says on it ‘I would push you in front of zombies to save my cat’ with a picture of a cat in white and zombies in red. It comes in sizes small – XXL and comes in a fit suitable for ladies. It has short sleeves and is made of 100% cotton. It is a fun and unique design and would make a great gift for any zombie enthusiast or cat lover.

This is a fun guitar pick. It has a picture of a zombie and a tomato on it. You actually get a useful pack of 12 picks and they each vary in thickness. This means that the recipient can try out different ones as they will give different sounds when they play. There are three different sizes, they will get 4 of each size which means that if they lose one, they will have plenty of spares.

This is a pair of zombie earrings. They are made from 925 sterling silver and are a matching pair which are silhouettes of zombie figures in an attractive silver colour. They are small studs so are delicate and look good with any outfit. They come in a Katy Craig gift box and are all ready to give away as a gift to someone who is a big zombie fan.

This is a soft plush toy which looks like a zombie. It is quite cute despite having quite an evil look on its face. It is wearing black and has black horns with white bushy eyebrows and beard. It has pink feet and grey skin and is carrying a book. It can be used as a stress toy or for something soft to play with. Suitable for adults and children over the age of three years.

This is a white mug with ‘zombie lover’ written on it in black. It has a C shaped handle which is easy to hold. It would make a really fun gift for anyone that loves zombies. It comes in two sizes either 11oz or 15oz and therefore you can choose the one that you think will be the most suitable for the recipient that you have in mind to give it to.

This is a shopping bag with a zombie hand design. The hand is a disembodied one which is green with red where it has been cut and what looks like bones sticking out of the bottom. It is a fun design on a natural cotton coloured bag. Bags are handy as they can be reused so are better than plastic bags and it can be fun to have one with a great design to make a statement when you shop.

This is a monster Jam play set with a zombie theme. It has big jump action as the cars catapult through the mouth of the zombie. The set even includes an exclusive zombie monster truck that cannot be found anywhere else. It also has a launch ramp, a break away gate, tracks and an instruction sheet. It is a great toy for any child that loves zombies and monster trucks.

This is a fun zombie ornament which perches on the edge of a shelf. They are the three wise zombies as one has his hands over his ears, one over his eyes and one on his mouth. They are cast in resin and painted with grey skin, black suits and blood over them. They are 10cm in size and are all in a sitting position. They could make a great gift for a zombie fan.

This is a fun Halloween themed hoodie. It is black and white and the bottom is black with a white top and coming out of the black are zombie hands. It is suitable for men and women and comes in sizes small – 3XL. It is made of 88% polyester and 12% spandex and is lightweight but comfortable to wear. They have long sleeves, pockets on the front and drawstrings around the hood.

This is a zombie hand holding a goblet. It can make an interesting centre piece or ornament and could be used for drinking from (it has a 7oz capacity) or storing things in. It is 12.7 x 11.43 x 19.05cm and you can buy a single, a pair or a set of six if you require them. It is a fun item which would go down well with any zombie fan.

This is a latex zombie mask. This would be great fun for wearing on Halloween or for a fancy dress party or a zombie themed get together. It is a hand made item and is good quality and designed to be comfortable to wear for a long period of time. It can be hand washed and you can apply non-oil based make up to it as well if you want to change the look.

This is a bottle of zombie themed hot sauce. It is a spicy mix of tomato, vinegar, chilli, sugar, lemon and orange juice, mustard, onion, red pepper and garlic flavours. It means that it has a complex flavour as well as being hot. It is a 142g bottles and has pictures of zombies on it. It is a great novelty item which will appeal to anyone that likes zombies and that also likes hot sauce.

This is an audio CD of Dracula and The Curse of Frankenstein. It is the score from the Hammer Film composed by James Bernard played by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. It could be something that would appeal to zombie lovers and it has been recorded digitally and has a great sound. It even includes part of the score which was cut out of the films so you get a bonus as well with it.

This is a notebook with a zombie theme which can be personalised. On the front is a full moon with a graveyard and a hand reaching out of the ground. It says on it in red ‘[name]’s zombie escape plan’. The printing is high quality so it will not rub off the front of the book. It can be used for all sorts of things in addition to zombie escape plans such as a diary, journal, to do lists and as a general notebook.

This is a fun zombie themed phone case. It is compatible with a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and is brown with green hands reaching up along the bottom with the words ‘zombie party’ written above. It is also available in different designs and in different sizes to fit different models of phone. This means that you can pick the right one for the recipient that you have in mind. It even comes with free delivery.

This is a paperback book called Legion by Ian Rob Wright. It is the second book in the series about the end of the world and the monsters that are appearing which need to be fought. It is a really scary book and so great for anyone who loves this sort of thing and is obsessed with all things world ending and zombie related. There is also an interesting storyline about the people trying to fight the monsters too.

This is a bandana with a zombie design and black background. There are all sorts of funny zombies printed on it. It is made from 100% polyester so that it is soft and comfortable. It can be used as a neckerchief, face mask, headband, hair tie, balaclava, hat, headband, pirate type head covering or wristband. It comes in one large size and is lightweight and compact. It measures 51cm in length and 24cm in width.

This is a brooch with a pizza slice on it being held by a zombie hand and is brightly coloured so it will stand out. It is made from metal with a sturdy pin on the back so that it stays in place. It will look good on a lapel, hat, scarf, bag, pencil case etc. It is good fun and an unusual design which will be great for someone that loves pizza and zombies.

This is an unusual zombie themed wall clock. Instead of numbers there is a different zombie character around the clock face. It is made from acrylic with a mirrored surface and has silent movement so there will be no annoying ticking. It is self-adhesive so it is easy to hang as you can just stick it onto the wall and it comes with a ruler to help you to hang it straight.

This is a loo brush with a skeleton theme. It has a skull as the base to put the brush in and there is also a skull and bone design on the brush handle. It would fit in really well with any gothic bathroom or be a great gift for someone who likes things like this such as zombies, skeletons, pirates etc. It is a unique design which could make a pleasing gift.

This is a DVD called Zombie Lover by Cody DeVos which is also available in Blu-Ray form. It has a zombie themed plot which could mean that it will make a really good gift for anyone that is a fan of zombie movies, books or anything else with a zombie theme. It could be one that they have not seen before which might therefore make it a really great gift.

This is a metal sign which is bright yellow and has ‘zombie Xing’ on it in black with a black outline around the edge and red splodges on it like blood marks. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and is therefore a versatile gift idea for someone that likes zombies and has a good sense of humour. It can be used in a kitchen, bar, dining room, men’s den, garage, garden etc.

This is a book called ‘A Zombie Summer School Diary’ and it is by Mark Mulle. It is a Minecraft themed book and therefore a great read for any child that is into Minecraft. It is an unofficial book about a zombie that goes to school and has a skeleton as a teacher as well as other monsters as classmates. Could be a child’s idea of a dream school ….or maybe not!!

This is a clutch or shoulder bag which is black with a picture of two zombie/skeleton type people on – male and female with red hearts with an arrow through. It is made of high grade nylon and is water resistant. It has an adjustable shoulder strap with lobster clips at each end and has a zip across the top to keep the contents secure. It measures 10.43 x 13.78 inches.

This is a fun set of Minecraft Lego. It is a Minecraft cave and comes with coal, red stone, gold and diamond ore, furnace, ladder and a Minecraft zombie with baby zombie and Steve with a pick. It also has a bat, torch and cookie too. It is a fun set and will be good to build as well as to play with. It is an officially licensed Minecraft Lego set in a box, so all ready to give as a gift.

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