27 Presents for Zoo Lovers - Suits Kids of All Ages

By Louise
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So many of us have happy memories from trips to the zoo whether due to the educational aspect, the exoticness, the cute animals, the people we went with, the excitement, the overall experience and even the creepy crawlies. You can bring a part of the zoo experience to your home or of that of a friend or family member who loves zoos and zoo animals. With these handpicked amazing and imaginative gift ideas such as: wall art, bedding, clothing, animal figures, toys to improve creative play and motor skills and party accessories you cannot go wrong whether the gift is a general gift, stocking filler, Christmas present or Birthday present.

27 Gift Ideas for Zoo Fans

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A perfect gift for a girl or boy between the ages of 18 months and 6 years for creative play. Made from hard wearing plastic this beautifully designed and brightly coloured set consists of a Hippopotamus, a Polar Bear, a Zebra, a Monkey, and a Penguin.  Not only will these appropriately sized models keep children entertained for hours but they also come with a useful storage box,  so they can be taken out and put back with ease.

This timeless book is a firm favourite of young children and is suitable for both girls and boys up to the age of 2. This 18-page book makes for an enchanting experience at bedtime and is beautifully illustrated with bright colours throughout. Within this board book, children can pull the tabs up to see which animal has been shipped by the zoo. The animals featured include an elephant, a lion, and a monkey.

Made using child-friendly, hard-wearing, environmentally friendly, and safe materials. This charming set consists of 14 plastic and popular zoo animals including: a Hippo, Kangaroo, Wolf, Elk, Crocodile, Zebra, Cheetah, Giraffe, Panda, Elephant, Gorilla, Lioness, Lion and Tiger. Each figure measures around 8 cms wide by 15 cms length whilst the playmat measures approximately 100 cms by 81 cms allowing for endless playtime fun for up to 4 children. A bag is also included allowing for tidy and easy storage.

The perfect gift for an animal loving child for creative play. The set includes a groovy Khaki multi pocket cargo vest and hat outfit and is suitable for the majority of boys and girls aged between 4 and 10. Plus the other all essential items for the aspiring zookeeper – a torch (comes with batteries), magnifying glass, binoculars, whistle, compass and a useful bag to keep all the items in.  This set uses quality materials.

This educational and fun toy is suitable for children, both boys and girls, from 18 months to 7 years old. Whilst four figures are included with this set, there are another 20 to buy, which can make the perfect gift for Christmas and Birthdays from family and friends alike. With a boldly and attractively coloured tree house, children can learn creative play and all about animals, what they look like and the sounds they make.

A traditional and beautiful play set positioned within a cute carrier which transforms into the housing for the animal figurines and stands at around 28 cms tall. Everything is made from wood and is suitable for girls and boys from the age of 12 months. This set will encourage imagination and education. There are 23 figures which includes – a zookeeper, vegetation, a wheelbarrow, polar bear, camel, flamingo, penguin, tiger, giraffe and hippo.

Perfect for the Peppa Pig and Zoo fans! The set includes three figures, a giraffe, Peppa pig and of course Leo the Lion.  A small tortoise, a push cart and two exhibits (butterfly & tortoise) are also included. This set is suitable for girls and boys, aged three years old and older. Durable and attractively designed this playset will keep your little ones entertained for hours whilst encouraging creative play.

This attractive puzzle with eye catching colours is suitable for children between 18 months and 3 years of age. This wonderful toy can help to improve motor skills, vocabulary development and encourage imagination. Made of durable and safe child-friendly plastic there are 34 pieces within this set that comes with its own handy storage container. Featuring 4 animal themed carriages which make a train when pieced together. Can be used with other Duplo products to increase the length of the train.

Girls and boys alike will love this toy featuring a penguin and monkey enclosure. Recommended for children aged between 18 months and 4 years. 22 hard wearing plastic pieces are included: 2 adult and 2 children figurines, 2 monkeys, 2 penguins, a dove, a slide, a swing, a bucket of fish, a wheelbarrow, a rake, a bunch of bananas and a bucket of fish. This toy realistically replicates a zoo environment providing an exceptional learning opportunity and lots of fun for little ones.

The ideal stocking filler for all children between five and twelve years old. Consisting of 34 pages of which, ten pages are perforated and provide the outline of the zoo animals with numbers which correlate to relevant stickers. The animals included are: a Giraffe, Peacock, Gorilla, Puffin, Panda, Snake, Elephant, Koala and Tiger. The dimensions of this sticker book are 23 cms length and width. This book will keep kids amused for hours!

With a whopping 200 stickers each sticker is 4 cm in diameter and features photographic artwork of 9 different zoo animals with each set of nine stickers perforated. Wrapped in a protective film to reduce packaging materials, these quality stickers have multiple uses such as to create cake toppers, envelope sealant or to provide a template to draw freehand to name a few. Both girls and boys will love this gift!

An enchanting soft toy for zoo and elephant enthusiasts! Made primarily from polyester and standing at over 20 centimetres, this beautifully designed elephant soft toy has a smooth and cosy feel to it. The soft toy comes in its own bag, brightly coloured in yellow with the words ‘From the Zoo,’ and ‘Very Heavy’ on the front of the bag. This gift will warm the hearts of anyone who loves elephants irrespective of age.

A classic toy for girls and boys aged between 18 months and 5 years old. Made from hard wearing wood, there are 18 brightly coloured and stylishly designed pieces included in this toy set. A Monkey, Giraffe, Lion, Tiger, Pig, Duck, Turtle, Elephant and more are amongst the zoo animals featured in this set. Each piece can be assembled to make a decorative design using the string or used independently. This lovely set will encourage imaginative play.

This timeless pull along toy is suitable for both boys and girls from 12 months old. Featuring an endearing Giraffe, it makes an attractive and colourful toy. This toy will make a great companion as it follows the little one around when pulled and will help with motor and co-ordination skills. Made from ethically sourced wood and standing at 19.5 cm with a length of 11.1 cm and a depth of 5.4 cm.

The ultimate zoo themed party pack! This set has an incredible 130 party pieces including table cloths, serviettes, two different sized plates, cups, knives, forks, spoons, and a bag for storing cutlery for 16 people. This set features zoo animals, extremely cute Elephants, Giraffes, Lions, Monkeys, Zebras and Hippos whilst the cutlery is a lovely green colour. The items are made from a mix of durable and safe plastic and quality paper, dependant on the product.

A lovely gift for girls and boys aged between 5 and 10 years that will hopefully keep them amused for hours. This set comes with six moulds depicting a Crocodile, Lion, Elephant, Flamingo, Giraffe, and a Tiger. Also included in this set are powder paints and a paint brush. When the water is blended with the powder it should be poured into the moulds. It will take approximately one hour for the mixture to harden. Then the fun bit – painting and decorating!

A super soft, warm, and cosy dressing gown made from good quality flannel material.  Available in sizes from 1 year old to 7 years old and suitable for girls and boys. With eye-catching and vibrant colours, the cool design features several zoo animals such as a Lion, a Crocodile, a Snake, a Monkey, and a Tiger. This robe has a hooded top, long sleeves and a belt that can be adjusted to fit and is sewn in so it won’t get lost!

This stylishly designed and cute Penguin themed neck warmer is perfect for the winter months or as a stocking filler. With an adorable penguin that is light blue in colour against a light grey back drop with white snow themed triangles. Made from cotton each warmer measures 40 cm in length and 23 cm in width, and are suitable for children, both girls and boys, aged between one and eight years old. These neck warmers are soft, comfy and stretchy

A super exciting gift for children from the age of two right up to thirteen years old. With ten safe colouring pens this set comes with a white T-shirt with a black funky outline of different zoo animals on the front of the T-shirt including a Gorilla. The child can colour in the pattern and put it on. Then the T-shirt can quite simply be put in the wash where the colouring ink will be removed ready to start again!

This girls’ head band set featuring cute animal ears does not include just one headband but 10! Each one represents an animal and includes a Leopard, a Giraffe, a Zebra, a Tiger, and a Monkey. Comfy, enduring and made from good quality material, each hairband measures approximately 20 cm length by 13 cm width and 1.5 cm depth. You will be the ‘Belle of the Ball’ wearing one of these cute head bands.

A cross between a baby grow and a fitted sleeping bag, this is amazingly comfortable and will keep your young one warm during the winter months, as it is the equivalent of 3.5 tog bedding. Made from durable and safe cotton this outfit comes in three sizes: from six to eighteen months, 18 months to three years and three to four years. With a functional design in black and white with some minimalist colouring. Giraffes, Lions and Elephants are featured within the print.

With a pretty and neutral design this high-quality and soft duvet set is available in single size only, which comprises of a duvet cover and pillow cover. It is suitable for girls and boys and is made of cotton and polyester. The animals featured on the design on the front of the duvet and pillow cover include appropriately coloured Giraffes, Elephants and Lions. The back of the covers is a plain white colour.

This adorable Moses basket is the perfect addition to a baby’s bedroom. This basket is appropriate for babies from birth to around 6 months or to a maximum weight of nine kgs.  The mattress is made from a blend of cotton and polyester allowing air to circulate and is also waterproof, with an adaptable hood. This bedding set features a beautifully illustrated Giraffe in neutral colours suitable for both baby girls and baby boys.

This sweet ladybird travel bag is medium sized and the perfect travel companion for girls and boys as a pull along case or as a back pack by a parent. The 33 cm handle can be adjusted to suit with a handy pocket on the outside of the case for a drinks bottle. The dimensions of this case are 45.72 cm length x 31.75 cm width with a depth of 17.78 cm. This case features a red body with its distinguishable black spots and a pink face.

This pretty muslin cloth is composed of bamboo and cotton which is ecologically safe and kind to baby’s skin. Measuring 120 cm by 120 cm this muslin cloth is beautifully designed and features Lions, Cheetahs, and Giraffes. This soft muslin cloth can be used for a variety of uses such as: for protection against the sun, to provide cover in the car or when using the pram or even as a light blanket.

This cute duvet set features the alphabet with each letter of the alphabet depicting a different animal. Some of the animals included are: an Owl, a Unicorn, a Horse, a Panda and a Yak. Made from microfibre polyester, this bedding set includes – a duvet cover and pillow case and comes in several different sizes: Single, Full size, Double, King and Super King. The single and full sizes come with one pillow case, whilst all other sizes come with 2 pillow cases.

This enchanting and pretty wall art sticker will turn any little girl’s or boy’s bedroom into a wonderland. Easy to install and made of innocuous materials this sticker can easily be removed with no harm to the surface. The sticker comes in two parts and when fully assembled measures 120 cm width by 100 cm length. The art depicts several monkeys, a bear, a hedgehog, an elephant and a number of owls with a swing and tree. It will truly make a lovely gift!

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