17 Presents for People Who Love Zumba

Updated on May 10th, 2021
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If you know anyone who really loves to exercise and particularly likes Zumba, then you might like to buy them gifts that are related to this hobby. You might like to find something related to their hobby, that refers to it or that would be useful to it. If this is the case, then we hope that our list will be useful to you. We have put together a selection of things which we hope will inspire you when you are looking for a gift. There is a range of different items in this list and we hope that means that you will be able to find the perfect gift for them.

17 Gift Ideas for Zumba Fans

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This is a notebook which has a black cover on it and says ‘eat sleep Zumba repeat’ in white and yellow. The book is a paperback which is 6 x 9 inches in size and has 120 lined white pages. This means that it has lots of different practical uses. It could be used as a diary, notebook, for lists and things like this. It is a really handy and practical present and would be a fun book to give to someone that loves Zumba.

This is a Zumba towel that can be personalised. It is 29.46 x 14.99cm and has Zumba and a bright multi coloured pattern . It would make a great practical gift and will mean that they will always know which towel is theirs when they are working out. It is 5500gsm so absorbent for wiping down the body or gym equipment but can also be used as a mat.

This is a pair of women’s Zumba trainers. They come in all sorts of different designs and have padding inside and a moulded sole, so that they are really comfortable as well as having a good grip. They are designed to be flexible as well, so that they give better movement. They can be used for all sorts of sports as well as for walking and just casual general use. They come in sizes 2.5 – 10.5.

This is a printed sticker which has a heartbeat design with the word ‘zumba’ on it. There are lots of different colour options, so that you can pick one which will fit with the place that it is going to be stuck. It is weather resistant and stays on in a car wash, so is really suitable for all vehicles and it will not damage the paintwork either. It is quick and easy to apply.

This is a DVD called ‘Zumba Slimdown Party’ is a fun way to exercise. It is an exercise DVD with a party theme, so it makes exercise fun because you are dancing. There is one exercise disc and it has a choice of different routines which are all high energy and can be used for fun but to also improve fitness levels and general health. A great gift for a Zumba fan who wants something to do between classes.

This is a pair of printed yoga pants which could be used for all sorts of exercise and workouts including Zumba. They come in a big choice of different colours, have pockets and have tummy control as well. They are very practical but also great fun to wear. They are made from 88% polyester and 12% spandex and are therefore stretchy and comfortable, which means that they work well in a Zumba class or for any other type of exercising.

This is a women’s sleeveless workout vest. It is a sleeveless tank top design with a fun print and comes in small. It is breathable with a slim fit, so looks good and is comfortable to wear while working out. It can also be worn as a casual top or for any other type of sports and exercising including Zumba. It makes a great gift and even comes with free shipping.

This is a Zumba fitness DVD which also comes with some toning sticks. It has a selection of different routines on it, so is suitable for lots of different fitness levels. It has Zumba basics, 20 minutes express routine, cardio party, sculpt and tone, flat abs and a dance party. Therefore, there is a different routine for each working day of the week if you want it. They are lots of fun and will help to keep you fit and healthy and would make a great gift.

This Zumba exhilarate body shaping kit includes toning sticks, DVDs, includes a workout planner and a 10 day weight loss program. This little kit has everything that you will need to create your own workout plan, fitness routine and workouts so that you will be able to get fit and lose weight at the same time. There are quick and longer routines to suit different people depending on their ability and the time that they have available.

This is a pair of workout shoes which are great for high energy workouts such as Zumba. They come in a selection of different designs that you can choose from and they come in sizes 2.5 – 8. They are lightweight which means that they are suitable for different workouts and they have air technology for support and comfort as well as extra padding. They are also designed for ankle mobility to help with dancing or other fitness activities. They are lace up so you can get a snug fit as well.

This is a shock absorber bra which is designed specifically for exercise. They come in a selection of different colours such as pink/purple, black, silver, white, waterfall purple, black, ocean wave, blue and pink. They are made from 81% polyamide, 10% polyester and 9% elastane. They are designed to be supportive, so that they give comfort and hold even whilst doing the most strenuous of exercises.  Making this suitable for Zumba and other high impact exercises.

This is a woman’s hoodie which has the word ‘zumba’ as well as a picture of a butterfly. It is multicoloured with a rainbow drawstring on the hood. It is made from 100% cotton and is cosy and warm with really big pockets on the front. Great for keeping warm on the way to a Zumba class or just for general wear.  It has a similar design on the front and the back and comes in sizes small – XXL.

This is a mug which is mainly white and has ‘Keep calm and Zumba on’ written on it with a heart and a woman dancing on it. It is an 11oz mug and is a very practical gift but also a fun one. It even comes with free delivery, so it does not cost too much and makes a great gift for anyone that really enjoys their Zumba classes or doing Zumba at home.

This is a cap which has a printed design on the front which is the word ‘zumba’ and a butterfly with multicolours. It has a mesh back so that it is breathable and more comfortable to wear. It also has an adjustable design so that it fits lots of different head sizes. It is a great gift for a Zumba fan for them to wear to a class or at any other time when they need to shade their head and face from the sun.

This is a travel mug which says on it ‘There are shortcuts to happiness and Zumba is one of them’. It is made of 100% stainless steel and is 14oz so it holds a good sized drink. It is dishwasher safe as well. It has a black handle so that it can be held without risk of burning the hands and has a black lid and base as well. It can fit in a standard cup holder.

This is a Zumba DVD called ‘Strong’. It is a total body workout and includes muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric moves which will help you to tone your body as well as burn calories. There are special Zumba tracks with crafted routines to match them, a starter guide and a 20 minute demo workout as a bonus. There are modifications for all fitness levels, which means that you can choose how intense your workout will be.

This is a Zumba DVD which is great for any Zumba fan. It teaches basic steps and so you will be able to do it even if you have not been to classes. The later sections are a bit more advanced, but still can be followed by a beginner and there are cardio workouts which will help to improve fitness, as well as lots of fun music to make it more entertaining and fun.

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