33 Presents for Your Godmother

By Eve
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Godparents can be an important part of your children’s life and will most likely become part of the extended family. We have chosen a wide range of gifts that we are sure the Godmother to your child will love, whether it is in recognition of the part they will play on the day of the Christening or for their Christmas and Birthday presents going forward. We have jewellery, clothing, artwork, ornaments, birthday and Christmas cards and mugs and glasses. Whether you are the parent gifting the Godmother on behalf of your child or you are the child gifting to your Godmother we have got you covered!

33 Gift Ideas for Your Godmother

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A gorgeous bronze coloured bracelet with a stunning design of two entwined circles that are covered in diamantes. There is also wording from the heart on the outside of the bracelet in black text saying, ‘First my Godmother, Forever my friend.’ The clasp is a claw type with additional chain available to fit to size. This gift is delivered in a blue presentation box ready to be wrapped and gifted.

A cute sign in an artisan timber formation. The shape of the sign is a heart which measures one hundred millimetres by one hundred millimetres. The words on the front of the sign are, ‘A Godmother’s love is precious and true – I feel so blessed that my Godmother is you.’ The text is in a mix of reds and is surrounded by hearts and butterflies.  A black cord allows for the sign to be affixed to the wall.

A gorgeous card for the Godmother on her birthday. On the front of the card is a neutrally based colour, with the words, ‘For you on your Birthday, Godmother – Having a Godmother as special as you means more that you could know,’ in a mix of gold and pink text. A beautiful floral design is featured. The card measures twenty one centimetres long with a width of 13.7 cm.

A lovely photo frame to gift your Godmother that can be made that extra bit special by choosing a photo of the two of you together to put in the photo frame. The word on the front of the photo frame says, ‘Special Godmother,’ with some flower heads and butterflies. The outside of the photo frame is the colour of a shiny grey metal and measures fourteen centimetres length by nine centimetres width.

A gift that can be personalised for your sweet Godmother. This keyring will ensure that memories of your love for them is never far away from them. This silver composite keyring has a black base with the words, ‘Godmothers are a blessing – thank you for being mine – love.’ At the beginning you can put your Godmother’s name and at the end your name can be inserted.

A cute bracelet to make the Godmother’s Christmas that extra bit special. This charm is displayed on its black thread used to fasten the bracelet, with a metal charm in the design of a snowflake. The bracelet is affixed to a white presentation paper type product with the text, ‘A Christmas wish for – An amazing Godmother – Tie this bracelet around your wrist and make a wish when the cord breaks your wish might just come true.’

A novelty gift for the much loved Godmother. This white mug is made from China and on one side of the mug is a hot pink base with an illustration of a white crown and the words also in white, ‘Keep calm – I’m the Godmother.’ The capacity of this mug, that is suitable for hot drinks such as coffee, tea and hot chocolate, is three hundred and twenty five ml. The mug weighs three hundred and sixty grams.

This is bracelet made from a silver type material that will be cherished. On one side of the bracelet are some sweet words whilst on the outside is a floral and leaf design. The circumference of the bracelet is just under sixteen centimetres. This bracelet comes delivered in a presentation box that has a rustic feel and with a foam type fabric inside to protect the bracelet.

The cutest photo frame! The frame itself is made from a timber based product and is available in three different sizes dependant on your preferred choice of photo size. On the top of the photo frame are the words, ‘My fairy Godmother,’ whilst underneath the photo can be customised with a personalised message such as the name of the Godmother and name of the Godchild.

A stunning looking necklace that not only looks good but with lovely wording that the Godmother can treasure. This necklace is made from a metal material. The pendant is circular with two parts and lovely words depicted on both parts. Together the parts form to make a full moon. The length of the chain is forty six centimetres, whilst the width of the pendant is nineteen millimetres.

A gorgeous charm especially for your Godmother. Made from a silver coloured metal, the word ‘God Mother,’ is on the front of the charm in black text. Alongside the text are two hearts, one of which is bigger than the other, and coloured in black. This charm will fit bracelets such as the one by Nomination. A wonderful gift for your Godmother to cherish whilst never been too far away from her thoughts!

A shopping bag with style! Perfect for those shopping days or picking up a few groceries. On the front of the bag is a cute circular leaf design in white with the text, ‘No. 1,’ in the centre of the design. Underneath the pretty design is the word, ‘Godmother.’ The text is also in white. This bag is a light grey-ish colour but there is an amazing selection of colours to choose from such as yellow, pink and coral.

A very cool  T-shirt for the Godmother to wear with pride. This T-shirt is available in a selection of colours, such as blues and greys, although our favourite is this black one with multi-coloured text. The text states, ‘Best Godmother Ever,’ on the front of the T-shirt. The T-shirt comes in all sizes, small, medium, large, extra large, double extra large and triple extra large.

The novelty gift for the Godmother with a sense of humour. This white China mug is suitable for hot drinks. The text on both sides of the mug is in black and says, ‘This lady has the best Goddaughter – Yes she bought me this mug.’ To the side of ‘this lady,’ are an arrow on each side pointing upwards. The mug comes well packaged to avoid any broken parts during transit.

A lovely gift for the Christening Day that may be cherished for years to come. This Godmother survival kit comes in a baby pink netted bag. The bag measures one hundred and sixty millimetres high by one hundred and ten millimetres width. Included in the survival kit is a descriptor of the meaning of all the items contained in the kit, for example, a candle to be the guiding light in the little ones life.

An adorable bracelet for the Godmother. The bracelet is circular in shape with some rigidity and is silver in colour. This bracelet can go up to two hundred and sixteen millimetres in circumference. There are four pendants coming off the bracelet. One pendant is a circle with the words, ‘Fairy Godmother,’ whilst the others are a shoe, a carriage and a wand. Very Cinderella with lots of Glam.

A gorgeous keep sake for the Godmother with heartfelt words on a paper based product that can be hung up. The text on this gift says, ‘My Godmother has – Ears that listen, arms that always hold, love that is never ending and a heart that is made from gold.’ This print can be customised in terms of, size, the person who the gift is for and in this case ‘Godmother,’ and your own personal message should you wish.

An extremely sweet crystal type gift in the design of a teddy bear. The bear measures thirty millimetres tall and sits on a yellow coloured metal flat stand that has sparkly embellishments.  The bear itself is transparent in material and glistens in the light. The teddy is in a sitting pose and is holding a red heart with a diamond like piece in the top left hand corner of the heart. Inside the gorgeous case this gift comes in, are some heartfelt words.

A divinely cushion to snuggle into with a silky touch. The cushion is neutral in colour with the words, ‘There is no better friend that a Godmother – And there is no better Godmother than you.’ The text is black and in a mixture of Capital and small letters, with purple coloured banners around some of the text. This cushion measures forty centimetres length by width. A lovely gift with meaning and love.

Wowsers one for the ever increasingly popular ‘Gender Reveal,’ party from the mother of the baby to be to the Godmother to be! This T-shirt is available in a wide range of colours. But our favourite is this black T-shirt to keep things neutral, that has an outline of a heart and an illustration of a baby’s foot on each side. The words ‘Pink or Blue – Godmother loves you,’ are either side of the heart.

A classy gift for the lovely Godmother in your life. This travel mug is white and suitable for keeping the tea, coffee and hot chocolate warm whilst travelling. The design on the travel mug is a floral one in pinks and green around a gold circle. Inside the circle are the words, ‘World’s best Godmother,’ and underneath can be customised with your own sweet message.  A lovely gift that the Godmother can use on a daily basis.

A coaster for one of the mugs we have recommended or on its own; either way will make a fabulous gift. The coaster is square and measure ninety millimetres length by width with a depth of four millimetres. One the front of the white coaster is a drawing of a lady which can be customised with the Godmother’s first name alongside the text, ‘Bestest Godmother,’ followed by a personal message should you wish. You can choose to have a soft backing on the coaster or as is.

One for the Godmother who likes a glass of wine. A gift for the Mum to the Godmother of her little one. This wine glass does not have a stem which makes it more stable and practical. On the front of the glass, ‘Only the best friends get promoted to Godmother,’ is depicted in white type along with some arrows and hearts. With a whopping 443 millilitre capacity, this wine glass is bound to be a winning gift.

A fabulous fitting T-shirt for summertime. On the front of the T-shirt is the text, ‘Best Godmother in the Galaxy,’ in capital letters and in white type. You can choose to gift this T-shirt from a wide range of colours such as greys, pink, coral and red but we do love this navy one. This T-shirt is available in sizes small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large which range from UK female sizes eight to sixteen.

A gorgeous Christmas card for your Godmother with a festive theme. The card features a holly branch with an adorable bear sat in a stocking that is hanging from the branch. In the teddy’s hand is a gift wrapped present. The words depicted on the front of the card are, ‘To a Special Godmother at Christmas – Hope you have a magical Christmas. This rectangular shaped card measures 21 cm in length and 14.8 cm in width.

This really is a wonderful gift for the Godmother in your life for her to cherish. This artwork features a white card with a wooden, ‘G’ alongside a paper clipped using a peg with the word, ‘Godmother,’ on the paper. The last part is lovely wording for the Godmother. The backing consists of a white base with a pattered area with a grey and white leaf design. The item measures two hundred millimetres length by width with a depth of forty five millimetres.

A special gift for a special Godmother, this ornament made by the renowned, Willow Tree. This ornament features an Angel with black wings and a child, with the Angel behind the child holding their hands. The distinguishable neutral colour scheme is used with white and sand coloured. This ornament stands 12.7 cm tall with a width of 3.8 cm. This gift comes ready packaged in a card box with beautiful wording both included with the ornament and on the side of the box.

A lovely Christmas gift for your Godmother that can be hung on her Christmas tree. This star shaped decoration is made of an acrylic glass type material, and has the message, ‘Merry Christmas Godmother,’ in white text. At the bottom of this text is the opportunity to put your own message over three lines of fifteen characters each. The diameter of this gift is seventy five millimetres. The decoration comes with a red ribbon ready to put straight onto the tree.

An adorable card for your Godmother on her birthday. An illustration of two mice are on the front of the card, an older one and a younger one that is holding a pretty flower. The writing on the front of the card says, ‘Lovely Godmother – Tucked inside this Birthday wish you’ll find a hug or two inside.’ In the inner section of the card is equally heart-warming wording. The card measures 195 mm long and 149 mm wide.

There surely cannot be such a unique gift as naming a star in honour of your Godmother. You can choose to name a star or constellation. A document will be sent out for you to gift your Godmother, with the name you want to call it and your own personal message. Also included in the pack are details of the star, artwork of a three-dimensional view of your chosen star and a card.

A glass for the Godmother, whose favourite tipple is a vodka. The see through glass features text on the front that says, ‘Thank you for being my Godmother.’ You can customise this glass with a personal message such as your Godmother’s first name and your name. The glass comes in a blue coloured cardboard box with a part at the front where you can see the glass. This gift comes ready to wrap and go.

A very cool gift for the trendy Godmother! This set includes a mug and a matching coaster. The white China mug has a postage stamp design on both sides of it. The postage stamp is pink with a black outline. Inside the stamp there is topsy turvy crown where the stamp would go, the ‘1st,’ and below the following text, ‘First Class Godmother.’ All illustrations and text is in white.

This pen will make a wonderful gift for your Godmother, whether for Christmas or her birthday. It is a gift she can carry around with her. The pen is primarily white with a black section where the pen is gripped. On the white section are the words, ‘Awesome Godmother,’ surrounded by blue, yellow, red, orange and green stars. Beautifully presented this pen writes in black.

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