26 Practical & Fun Golf Gifts

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Golfers can be a difficult bunch of people to find gifts for! We have put together this handy list ranging from the funny to the practical to the performance improving. Whether you’re looking for some high-end golf balls or some fancy tech like a range finder, or just something fun like a new mug or a keyring, we have the perfect options for you below to choose from. We have items to cover all budgets, so take a look below and see what would suit your favourite golfer.

26 Presents for Golfers

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With this putting training aid, each putt you make is returned the exact distance that it would have went past the hole had you missed – perfect for getting the strength of your putts correct time after time. The design is collapsable which makes it easy to transport. This is the perfect gift for the golfer who needs to turn those bogies into birdies.

This genuine leather organiser will easily fit in your pocket or can be clipped onto your golf bag with the attached carabiner. It is 23.5 x 14.5 x 2.6 cm. It includes a divot tool, 4 wooden tees, scorecards/pencil and two ball markers. This is an official PGA Tour merchandise organiser so will be an impressive gift for the golfer in your life.

This luxury golf towel can be personalised with either the golfers’ name or initials, making it a thoughtful gift they will treasure. The towel is made of luxury cotton velour and comes with an attached carabiner clip so that you can keep it attached to your golf bag. The towel measures 40cm x 50cm and can be machine washed.

This golf practice chipping net has 3 targets to help the golfer improve their short distance chipping. It comes with a carrying bag so it is easy to transport or store. With its collapsible popup design, it can be ready to use in seconds. The outer diameter of the chipping net is 51cm and can just as easily be used in your home or office indoors as your garden.

This novelty golf mug is printed with “To golf or not to golf? What a stupid question.” It has a dye sublimated design which will ensure a long lifespan. Perfect for your favourite golfer to have their morning tea/coffee! The mug has a black handle and interior and can hold 11oz of liquid. It would make an ideal gift for a golfer with a sense of humour.

This golf accessories gift set would make an ideal gift in its Shulook presentation bag. It includes a golf brush for cleaning clubs which has an easy to use extending cord to attach to your bag, a 30cm x 50cm golf towel and a divot repairing tool. Keeping your clubs clean during a round of golf will ensure you maintain accuracy and have maximum ball flight and back-spin.

This polo shirt by Under Armour is 95% Polyester and comes in sizes S to XXL. It comes in 13 different colours so you will be sure to find the one that’s the perfect gift to give. With its short sleeves to allow easy movement of the arms, it won’t get in your way when swinging a golf club. It also offers UV protection, ideal for those long rounds on hot days.

This “Golffather” t-shirt is a fun play on the hugely popular Godfather movie series. It comes in black, blue, green, navy and can be ordered from Small up to 3XL so you’re sure to find the perfect match here. The t-shirt is 100% cotton for your comfort and can easily be washed in a regular washing machine on a low heat setting.

You’re sure to improve your score with this golf range finder. You can remove any guesswork from your club choice by knowing just how far you need to hit the ball, to an accuracy of ± 0.55 yards. The range finder only takes 2 seconds to power up and give you a range so it won’t slow down your game to use. This range finder comes with a carry case, battery and lanyard for easy use.

This Viekuu heated vest is perfect for playing a round in British weather. It has 5 built-in heat plates and can be easily charged via a USB cable. It only weighs 850g and is comfortable to wear. It has 3 separate temperature levels. It comes in a gift box ready to heat up your favourite golfer. This could also be used when walking, cycling etc.

The Garmin S10 watch is pre-loaded with more than 41,000 golf courses. It will provide you with the exact distance to the green as well as doglegs and any hazards. A perfect gift for a golfer to help them lower their score as it removes all guesswork from their game. It also comes with an app to upload all your round scores for free to track progress.

This top of the range glove is available in both left and right-handed. It has 4-way stretch across the knuckles for premium performance. The perforated fingers reduce moisture and increase breathability. These are guaranteed to improve your overall performance! Available in sizes S – XL, we have the perfect glove for every gift.

This pack of 5 personalised golf ball markers make an ideal unique gift. You can have them delivered with any name or initials you choose. With a spiked back and metallic gold rim, these will look impressive when given to any golfer. These markers are a standard 20mm in size. They will be delivered in a plastic case.

This set of novelty golf pens would make a great little gift for any golfer. The presentation case is also a mini-golf green with 2 balls provided, along with a flag, 2 golf balls and 3 clubs (pens). You can practice putting without having to leave your desk! They come in black, blue and red. This gift box is 19cm long.

This “It Takes a Lot Of Balls To Golf Like I Do” funny mug is the perfect present for a golfer. It holds 11oz of liquid and is microwave and dishwasher safe. Designed, manufactured and shipped from the UK, its available with free delivery. Available in any colour you want, as long as it’s white. High-quality printing and materials will ensure lasts a long time.

This personalised golf umbrella would make the perfect gift for any golfer having to play in typical British weather! White in colour, it can be printed with anything you like. A logo, name, cheeky message or even a photograph. The diameter when opened is 120cm. The umbrella is auto opening and has a black fiberglass frame.

These handy microfiber golf towels are 40cm x 40cm and come with a carabiner clip to attach to your golf bag. With their light microfibers they can fully clean the dimples on your golf balls and the grooves in an iron – so you know you’ll be gifting your favourite golfer a chance to finally win a round! There are 3 towels in the pack and you can choose purple, red or yellow.

This practical and portable training golf mat if perfect for the golfer who wants to work on their swing somewhere where there is no real grass. It’s durable and easy to keep clean and can be used in any weather. It includes both a rougher grass and a smooth green for putting practice. Perfect for golfers who can’t get out on a course every day.

This is a great novelty keyring for any golfer, engraved with “My Other Car is a Golf Cart”. It measures 12mm by 50mm and is made from high-quality materials that are both rust-proof and scratch-resistant. It is hypoallergenic and won’t fade. Free delivery is included, making this a superb gift for any golf fan.

These lake recycled golf balls are brilliant value for money. They are in near-new condition, many of them only having been hit a single time before meeting a watery demise! The Titleist Pro V1 is used by many golf professionals. Any golfer you know would surely appreciate a box of these as a present. They offer a significant performance gain over competing balls.

This miniature desk clock is perfect as a gift for any golf fanatic. Measuring 10cm x 7cm x 4cm it will easily fit on any desk. Its made up of both a golf ball and a golf club, to remind them it won’t be long and they will be back on the golf course rather than at work! The clock comes in a presentation box but please note you will need to order a battery separately.

This is a fun gift to give any golfer who won’t take offence! 6 Sh*tty Golf Balls for a sh*tty golfer, packaged up in a deliberately manky looking box. These golf balls are all second hand and deliberately chosen as the worst of the worst – just like the golf skills of the person you will be giving them to.

This is a lovely golf gift box that can be fully personalised. It includes a pitch repairer, 2 golf balls and 2 golf ball markers. All 5 items can be personalized with the name or initials of who will be receiving the gift. Everything comes in a beautiful display box. This gift set would be perfect for any golfer you know.

If you give this item to your favourite golfer, losing golf balls will be a thing of the past. With a specially tinted lense, balls will appear far brighter against grass, rough or trees. No more buying new golf balls or suffering shot penalties! These glasses are provided in a carry case with a cleaning cloth.

This is a great travel mug for any golfer, with the message “I once gave up golf. It was the most terrifying weekend of my life.” It is made of food-grade stainless steel so is guaranteed to be safe and not alter the taste of anything inside it. The thermos vacuum insulation will keep hot drinks hot for 5 hours, or cold drinks cold for 8 hours.

These golf balls are one of the highest-rated on the market. The new TP5x is made with 5 layer technology to ensure you have a higher launch, better in-wind performance and maximum control. If you gift these balls to someone they will be forever grateful for the improvement they see on their scorecards. There are a dozen balls in each box.

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