31 Presents for a Hen Party

Updated on August 10th, 2021
By Louise
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Hen parties are fun occasions and often those that go like to contribute to the party in some way, perhaps by buying gifts. It is not always easy to know exactly what to buy though and so we have put together this useful list to help. We decided that it would be a good idea to put together a list of items that you might want to consider buying as a hen party gift. We have picked a variety of things to suit different people and also different budgets, which means that you should be able to find items that will be suitable for you to buy.

31 Gift Ideas for a Hen Party

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Slippers are great to buy for a hen party gift as they can be worn when the bride is getting ready for her big day. These are slip-on and backless and are made with a shiny satin-like outer and a soft sheepskin like inner. In diamante crystal the words ‘bride to be’ are spelt out on the top. They come in one size. They would also be great for a spa day hen party.

Notebooks can make great hen party gifts as they can be filled with memories of the occasion, notes, photos, tickets etc. This one says ‘last fling before the [ring]’ on it with a picture of a ring rather than the word. It comes with a pretty pen that has a gemstone on the end. It can also be used as a guestbook for party guests to write good wishes inside.

Novelty gifts can be great fun to give. This is a drinking straw which spells out the word ‘bride’. It is pink in colour and it is reusable. It is 11 x 10 inches and has a long length so it will fit in a long glass or even a bottle. It will make the party a lot of fun for her to be using this straw and she can have it as a keepsake afterwards or keep reusing it.

‘Would you rather’ is a fun game to play and this is a take on the game called ‘would she rather’ which is designed for hen parties. It is a fun way for party guests to try to guess what the bride to be might do. There are 10 cards in the pack which are 148mm x 105mm. They would make a great ice breaker or be good for a laugh and might even lead on to other fun games at the party.

Hen party guests might enjoy wearing a pair of these funny glasses. There are 16 pairs and they all say ‘team bride’ on them. They will allow the guests to all feel part of the group and they can be a lot of fun for them to wear. They are printed on to quality white card and so will last for the duration of the party. They can be used as a great prop for photos.

It might be the case that the bride would like to gift favours to her hen party guests. If this is the case then she may like these little drawstring pouch bags. They are made from cotton and each says ‘bride tribe’ on them. They are 10 x 15cm in size and come in sets of 10, 20 or 30. They can be washed and reused and they are made from canvas.

Hen party guests might like playing around with these temporary tattoos. They are in a rose gold colour and there are 9 different designs and 45 in total. They are very easy to apply to the skin and will wash off easily as well so they will be quick to use. Some of the slogans on them are ‘Bride to be’, ‘team bride’, ‘OMG she’s getting married’ and ‘goodbye miss hello mrs’.

A garter can make a fitting gift for a bride to be. This one is a pretty ivory colour with a lacey look and a pretty bow with pearl-like bead in the middle. It is elasticated which means that it should fit most people. It will not only be a fun thing for them to wear on the day, but they will be able to keep it as well in their Wedding memory box.

Bracelets can make lovely gifts and this is a silver-plated bead bracelet that has a puffed heart pendant with pearl charm. It comes on a card which says ‘Bride to be. Here’s to love, laughter and happily ever after’. It is adjustable so should fit most wrist sizes and comes in a gift box and with a gift bag so it is all ready to hand over as a gift.

Hen parties will need lots of decorations if they are taking place in a specific rented venue. This pack could be a great starting set as it has a big selection of balloons. There are letter balloons that spell out ‘bride to be’, there are 10 rose gold balloons, and 4 latex balloons filled with confetti. There are also shaped balloons which are a champagne bottle, a diamond ring, champagne glass and two heart-shaped ones.

T-shirts can be great items for hen partygoers to wear. This t-shirt is in a Friends series style. You can choose from ‘Rachel I found my lobster’ for the bride which is white with black writing or ‘The one where Rachel gets married’ which is black with white writing. However, the name Rachel will be changed to the bride’s name. They are great fun and come in a selection of sizes so there should be a suitable one for each guest.

Many hen party goers like to wear sashes, especially if they are going out for the evening. This is a set of 8. There is a white one which says ’Bride to be’ and then seven pink ones which say ‘Bride tribe’ on them. They have a soft satin feel to them and they are 31 inches long and 3.5 inches wide which means that they will be comfortable for most people to wear.

If the party will be at a spa then this set could be a lovely gift to give. It has a shopping bag, headband, hand towel and slippers which are all white with ‘Bride to be’ on them. It is a lovely set and there are other similar sets with different names on such as ‘Bride’s Mother’, ‘Maid of Honour’, ‘Bride’s Aunt’ etc. The items all have the names put on using crystals.

This is a naughty tutu for a bride to be. It has a white tutu skirt and a bag on the front which says ‘same p*nis forever’ on it with a pouch which says ‘game over’ on it. It is a fun outfit that could make a good prop for photos and a more daring bride to be may even wear it when going to the pub or a club to turn heads and have a good laugh.

A game can be a fun contribution to a hen party. This one is called prosecco pong and is obviously a drinking game. The idea is to place six glasses on the table and try to bounce balls into them. When a ball successfully lands in a glass then a drink can be had and the first team to finish all their drinks wins. There are 12 plastic glasses and 3 pink ping pong balls included in the box.

Hen party groups might like to wear these wrist bands. They are white and gold and say ‘team bride’ on them. They come in packs of ten and they can make for a great keepsake for those that have attended the party as well as fun to wear at the party. There is also the option of rose gold and white wristbands. They are adjustable so will fit most sizes of wrist.

Advice cards can be great fun and this is a set of 30. They are designed to hand out to people so that they can fill in things that they feel will be useful for a bride to be. They could be given out at a hen party, workplace or elsewhere. There are 30 double-sided cards which are A6 in size and they come with a canvas pouch to keep them in so that the bride can store then and look back over them when she wants to.

Wine glass charms can be really useful items as they help to identify which wine glass belongs to who. This set of charms all have different coloured beads on and they have a heart-shaped pendant on them which says ‘hen night’ on them. They come in a very stylish black gift box which means that they make a lovely keepsake gift but there is also no reason why they cannot be reused.

‘Me to You’ have put together this lovely Tatty Teddy themed bride to be set. They come together in a pretty box with a Tatty Teddy bride pictured on it. Inside the box, there is a pink eye mask which says ‘Beauty sleep’ on it and there is a pair of pink fluffy socks which say ‘bride to be’ on them and they are size 4-7 so should fit most feet. A really cute selection.

A hen party group could be really grateful for these. They are little drawstring bags that say ‘hangover kit recovery kit’ on them in red with a red cross on them. They come in sets of 10, 20, 30 and 50. They are 6 x 4 inches in size and they can be filled with lovely gifts to give to the party guests. Perhaps a pain killer for their headache, some sweets or chocolate for energy or even a little miniature as ‘hair of the dog’.

A game can be lots of fun to play at a hen night. This is a specific hen night game and it is a drinking game. There are 100 cards and it has all sorts of challenges for the players or else they will have to forfeit and have a drink or they may have to drink anyway. It can be a giggle and it can even reveal information about the bride to the rest of the players.

A guest book frame is an unusual gift but will make a lovely memory. This idea is that there is room in the middle for a photo that says ‘team bride’ underneath it and there is a pretty floral design. There is plenty of space left blank though where the hens can leave messages for the bride. Might be wise to ask them to fill it in before the drinking starts!

No one likes the idea of washing up after a hen party or the idea of broken glasses. Therefore, these pink champagne glasses could be a great addition as they are plastic. They are long-stemmed and there are ten of them and they hold 175ml of drink. They will not break if they are dropped and are made from one solid piece so they will not come apart either.

Photo frames can make good gifts as they provide an opportunity to display a memory. This one is silver in colour and very shiny and says ‘hen night’ at the bottom with champagne glasses, champagne bottle, ‘L’ plate and streamers pictured on it. It is made from metal and it has space for a 5 x 3 inch photo in a landscape orientation. It comes in a box all ready to gift.

‘L’ plates can be a fun gift to give to a bride to be. They are fun to wear for the hen party. This is a pack which contains two of them. They have a white background with a pink ‘L’ on them. They could be worn at an engagement party, hen party or bridal shower and will add some fun to the occasion. They are a budget price too so great as a low price gift.

A bride might like to give some gifts at her hen party and this personalised compact mirror could be just the thing. Not only can it have a name put on it but also a role such as bridesmaid.  It is a folding compact and inside there are two mirrors, one is proper strength and the other is a magnifying mirror. It is a compact size of 7cm in diameter so great for popping in a bag.

Sentimental gifts can be really lovely things to give. This is a lucky sixpence for a bride which comes in a box that says ‘something old, something new, something borrowed something blue and a lucky sixpence in her shoe’. The sixpence comes in a clear plastic case which is 50 x 50mm in size. The coins are on a cushion but easy to remove for use in the shoe on the big day.

A cotton tote bag is a useful thing to give as it will be able to be used for all sorts of things. This one has a pink picture of a hen on it and can have a name printed on it. It is made from 100% cotton and is 140gsm. It could be a bag just to be used by the bride or lots could be ordered for all of those that are attending the party or for the key guests such as the bride’s family and bridesmaids.

Caps can be handy for keeping the head and face protected from the sun. They do not only need to be practical though and this one is white and has pink text on it which says ‘bride to be’. It has an adjustable strap which means that it should fit most sizes of head. It could be a fun item for the bride to wear during her hen party and possibly other times as well.

It can be fun for the guests at the hen party to all have badges to identify them as part of the group, especially if they are going out and about to pubs and clubs. This is a set of 17 badges that say ‘team bride’ on them. There are pink with white writing and white with pink writing so you can choose the ones that you feel will look the best.

Games can be fun to play at a party and this is a set of two card packs. One is a dare card set and the other is a Mr and Mrs quiz pack. The dare pack has one dare on each card, players choose a card and if they do not complete it they have to pay a forfeit. The other set needs the groom to answer the questions in advance and then the bride has to do a dare for every question that they have answered incorrectly.

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