35 Presents for Someone With A Bar At Home

Updated on August 16th, 2021
By Eve
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There are lots of people that have a bar in their home these days. They can be fun and you may like to buy them gifts that they can use in their bar. There are lots of things you could get, but we know that it is not always easy to know what sorts of things are available. We have therefore put together a list of suggestions to help you. We hope that it will mean that you will be able to find an item that will be suitable for the person that you have in mind.

35 Gift Ideas for Anyone With a Home Bar

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Opening bottles will be something that will take place in most home bars. This bottle opener is wall mounted to make it really easy to do and has a lid catcher built into it as well. It is a keg shape and made from wood with metal on it. It is 33 x 15.5 x 6cm in size and will look good in any bar area. Will make a great gift to accompany a few bottles of their favourite beverage.

Cocktail lovers will enjoy this tin sign which has a selection of classic cocktail recipes printed on it. It is 7.87 x 11.81 inches in size and has a fun retro style. It can be hung up in different ways as it is not too heavy. It is waterproof and although it looks rusty, that is just to give an antiqued feel and the rust is printed on. It has folded edges so it is not sharp to handle.

A cocktail making set would look good in any bar area. This one has a lot of different items in a wooden stand. There is a cocktail shaker, jigger, spoon, strainer, corkscrew, ice tongs, pestle and 4 pourers. The stand is made from elegant looking bamboo wood and the items are all made from stainless steel so they look shiny and are durable as well as easy to wash.

A fun game could work in a bar area. This is a roulette wheel but around the edge are 16 shot glasses. The glasses all have numbers on and the idea is that you spin the ball and then take a shot from the glass with the number on that comes up. The glasses have either red or black colouring on them. A fun novelty item that would be great for parties or gatherings.

Personalised items can be very special and thoughtful gifts to give. This one is a bar sign which says ‘Welcome to ‘name’ public house’ you add a town or city or surname or any text of your choice to the sign. It is 400 x 200mm in size and is made from metal. It has double-sided sticky pads on the back and pre-drilled holes so you can choose how to hang it up.

A beer machine could be a useful addition to any bar. It is made by Blade and it has a machine but also includes an 8L keg and 12 Moretti glasses. The glasses are stemmed beer glasses with the Birra Moretti logo on them. The keg contains the Birra Moretti beer and it can be replaced when needed with that brand or another one. Would make a great gift for beer drinkers.

Bar sets can be good presents for those with bars and this one is personalised. It has a bar runner, 4 coasters and a bottle opener. They are all neon colours and they can be personalised with the name of the bar, location, drinks of choice etc. The runner is 10.2 x 51cm in size and it is rubber backed so that it will not slip. The coasters are also rubber-backed. The bottle opener is made of solid steel so it will last a long time.

A fun wall plaque can brighten up any bar area. This one is made of tin and is available in four different sizes. It is printed using the dye sublimation process so the print should last a long time. It has rounded corners so it is not sharp and it has 4 pre-drilled holes in it to make it easy to hang up. It is black with white and red writing on it.

Storing glasses can be tricky in a bar area and so this special hanging storage for wine and other stemmed glasses can be really handy. It is made of metal and you can buy it in different sizes for different numbers of glasses. It is spray painted to make sure that it will not rust and means that it is easy to access glasses and to store them when not in use.

Opening beer bottles can be a lot of fun with this wall mounted bottle opener. It is silver coloured with the words ‘open here’ on in red in a fun font. It has a retro style and comes with wall mounting screws and plugs and is very easy to fix. It is made from zinc alloy with nickel plating and is weatherproof and durable so can be used indoors or outdoors.

Tea towels can be very useful things to have in any bar area. This one can be personalised as well with a name or funny text. It has a picture of two pint glasses of beer on it. It is 30 x 40cm in size and has a waffle pattern to the microfibre cotton fabric. It is fast drying and super absorbent and also has very vivid colours.

Drinks coasters are very useful items to have in a bar area to protect tables and the bar from spillages. These are a lot of fun as well because they have faces printed on them and can be clipped onto a persons nose so that they can pose for silly selfies or just make each other laugh. They are double-sided and there are 20 of them and so there are 40 faces altogether.

Whiskey drinkers will enjoy having a nice decanter set on their bar. This is an etched globe decanter in a wooden frame with a ship in the middle of it. There is a glass stopper that will keep the drink really fresh. It comes with two matching etched tumblers, a pouring funnel, ice tongs and 4 ice cubes. The funnel, tongs and cubes are made of stainless steel so they will last well.

Personalised gifts can be fun to give and this one is a bar sign. It says ‘welcome to ‘text here’ fin bar home is where the gin is’. It is a black sign with white writing on it with a picture of a glass of gin and flowers in a retro style. It comes in a choice of two sizes. It comes with double-sided adhesive tape so that it can be easily mounted on the wall.

Beer tankards are a must for most bar areas. This is a set of four and they are old fashioned in style with handles. They are made by Maison and White and the handles are designed to make them really easy to hold. They are 14 x 95 x 120mm in size and having a set of four means that there is enough for a group of people to enjoy having a glass of beer together.

Getting the right measures is important in bars, especially if you are making cocktails. Therefore any home bar owner might find these thimble measures useful. There are three in different sizes. There is 125ml, 175ml and 250ml with the sizes stamped on them. They are made from stainless steel which means that they are really easy to clean as well as being durable and so should last a long time.

An ice bucket can be a great addition to a bar. This is a black one that is Strongbow branded and has Team GB on it as well. It is made of metal with a small handle so it is strong and durable and can easily be transported. It is an authentic Strongbow product showing their official sponsorship of Team GB. The bucket can hold up to five cans.

The ability to pour six shots at a time would be useful and this glass dispenser allows this to happen. It is a special drinks dispenser with six acrylic cups to go in it. It can be a fun thing to have in a home bar and also for parties and even for using for drinking games. It can be used for dispensing all sorts of different drinks in even quantities and very quickly.

Glasses can make a good gift for anyone that drinks and this elegant pair would look good on any bar. They are Copa gin glasses with stems and have a cut crystal pattern on them. The glasses are a good weight so are easy to hold and they will withstand multiple washes without any risk of breaking. They come in a smart-looking box together with an elegant stirrer and jigger which have a gold colour to them.

A 3 in 1 corkscrew toll can be a handy item to have in a bar area. This one has a foil cutter, corkscrew and bottle opener all in one tool. It is made from stainless steel which means that it is strong and durable and is available in a gold or silver colour with a wooden handle. It is ergonomic to use and comes in a very smart gift box that is branded and can be used to store it in.

A last orders bell is a really fun accessory to have in a home bar. This one is chrome and is designed to be wall-mounted. It has a striking shine to it so will look really great in any location. It has a 12.5cm diameter base and comes with the wall bracket all ready to hand it up. It has a metal clapper and natural rope attachment to give it a traditional ship bell look.

Bar runners can be really useful to keep a bar cleaner and to stop glasses from slipping. This one can be personalised with any text that you choose. It has a black background with a gold border and space for text in white lettering. It is made from 100% polyester and measures 440 x 250mm. It has a rubber backing so it is slip-resistant and therefore very useful.

Metal wall plaques can really look good in a bar area and these all have a drinking theme so will work really well. There are five of them and they are 30 x 20cm in size. They are all different and some are landscape and some portrait and they all have a retro feel. They are waterproof and durable and will not rust and they are easy to clean.

Optics can be a handy thing to have on a home bar. This rail has space for four bottles and includes four 25ml solo optic spirit measures. The design allows four one-litre bottles to be held on it. It will give a lovely display on the back of a bar as well as making it easy to get an accurate measure of every drink that you are pouring.

Keeping things organised in a bar area is not always easy. This special organiser can therefore be useful. It is made of black plastic and has sections in different sizes for keeping things in. There is a square section for napkins of 25cm square and then smaller areas for keeping straws, cocktail umbrellas, cocktail decorations etc. It comes boxed so easy to wrap up before handing over as a gift.

Having a stand for bottles in a bar area will really make an impact and this LED one will really stand out. It has a remote control so the colour of light can be changed and it can be still, strobe, flashing or colour fade. It can be great for daily use in a plainer mode and then changed for a party. It is 40 x 20 x 26.5cm in size and can therefore hold quite a few different bottles.

Wine lovers will enjoy this retro wall plaque. It is 20 x 30cm in size and has a vintage look to it There is a picture of a glass of wine being poured on it with lots of information about different types of wine on it. It has four small predrilled holes to make it easier to hang up although double-sided tape could also be used. It is waterproof and easy to clean.

Bottle lights can be a great gift for someone to use in their bar. This is a string of 20 LED lights with a copper wire which are battery operated. They can be put into any shape and look good inside an empty bottle to light up any area such as a bar. There are 12 sets of lights included and so lots of bottles can be lit up to provide a lovely atmosphere in the bar area.

If a lot of cans are consumed in a bar area then this can crusher could be a useful thing to have. It is made of aluminium so it is very strong and it is grey in colour. It can be easily mounted to any wall and will then be strong enough to crush lots of bottles and cans as well as plastic bottles. It is great for use at parties or if you use a lot of cans so that they take up less room in the recycling bin.

Personalised items can look great in any home and this is a personalised bar runner. It comes in two sizes a small and medium, so you can choose the size as well as the text to go on it. It has a rubber gripper backing which means that it will not slide around on the bar. It is black with a white diamond shape in the middle with black writing on it.

Someone who is new to making cocktails may enjoy this special set. It has a stainless steel shaker in it as well as a strainer. There are also cocktail pods to make the drinks – there are 2 x 50ml Bacardi Mojito, 2 x Bacardi Strawberry Daiquiri and 2 x 50ml Bacardi Rum Punch. Each has natural flavours and the finished cocktail will be 120ml when made up. They come in a smart branded box.

It can be fun to have some relevant pictures behind your bar. This is a vintage tin sign which looks like a retro chalkboard and has different shots described in a menu style. It is 20 x 30cm in size and has pre-punched holes which means that it is easy t0 put up on the wall. It is lightweight which means that it can be hung up really easily. It has rolled sides so that it will be safe to handle on the edges.

Pouring shots is easier with this special rotating drinks dispenser. The circular holder has room for four bottles each a litre in size. It has leak-proof dispensers which pour 35ml shots from each of them. It is made of solid metal and has a heavy-duty base which means that it should stay secure and not fall over. It has four spring-loaded holders for each of the bottles to be kept securely in place.

Straws are items that are often kept in bars but many people are no longer keen on using them because they are one-use plastic. This pack of straws can be a useful alternative to have. They are made of metal and can therefore be washed and used again and they come in different lengths with some in a bent design. They are rainbow coloured and they have an anti-scratch coating and come with a cleaning brush.

Guinness branded items can be great for use in a bar area. This is a bar towel and set of coaters all bearing the Guinness logo. The towel is made of absorbent fibres and designed for putting glasses on so they do not slip and any drink that runs down the glass or condensation is absorbed by the towel. There are also ten coaters to protect tables are the bar.

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