31 Presents for Jo Malone Fans

Updated on August 5th, 2021
By Eve
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You cannot go wrong gifting a loved one or friend with a Jo Malone Gift set. For those new to her luxurious beauty range or for those who are already captivated by her range of fragrances and fragranced products. We have chosen a broad selection of gifts and gift sets for you to choose from to make that special occasion for your loved one even more special. Perfumes and Colognes, body washes, hand washes, candles of every size, body creams, all suitable for men and women with some that are also unisex. You will find small sized, trial sized lavish high end beauty products, all the way up to candles weighing up to over two kilos.

31 Jo Malone Gift Sets

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A high end gift set containing a body and hand wash and body hand lotion with a delicious citrus and herbal aroma. Both the body and hand wash and body and hand lotion are one hundred millilitres in volume. This gift set comes presented in a stylish presentation box that is cream with black edging. In the centre in a box with black edging is the brand name, Jo Malone with ‘London.’ underneath.

This gift set contains two small bottles of Jo Malone’s fruity and floral scent, Pear, Freesia and Grapefruit Colognes. Both bottles have a volume of thirty millilitres. This gift comes delivered in the trademark Jo Malone elegant packaging consisting of a gift box that is neutral in colour with a black rim. The brand name and location is shown on the top of the box.

A gift set containing a small sized fragrance, body and hand wash and body moisturiser. Each item within this gift set has a different scent. The fragrance measures nine millilitres, the body and hand wash fifteen millilitres and moisturiser also fifteen millilitres. Once again this gift is presented in the standard Jo Malone gift box with class. A great pocket sized gift for the loved one who loves Jo Malone.

A Jo Malone gift set for the man in your life. This gift set includes five different Colognes with each having a volume of nine millilitres. The gift box synonymous with the Jo Malone brand is cream with black edges and the name of the brand on the front of the box. The fragrances are securely packaged with a foam type packaging inside the box. The perfect gift for the loved one who is new to Jo Malone.

This Jo Malone gift set comprises of a Cologne, hand and body wash and body lotion. The aromatic fragrance of all the items in this gift set is the same, their symbolic Wood, Sage and Sea Salt range. The Cologne has a volume of thirty millilitres whilst the hand and body wash is one hundred millilitres and the lotion is fifty grams. This gift is suitable for both men and women.

This gorgeous Jo Malone gift set consists of a fragrance, cleanser and lotion with the aroma of Pomegranates. The presentation box is very elegant with the standard Jo Malone outer box but with two pretty ribbons on opposite sides of the box. The pattern on the ribbons is a type of geometric triangular design with pink, black and grey triangles. Inside is a paper based packaging of the same design as the ribbons.

A Jo Malone gift set offering the opportunity of not just one fragrance but five! This mini set of Jo Malone Colognes consists of some festive fragrances perfect for a seasonal gift such as for Christmas. A beautifully styled gift box with pretty ribbons with a stripy design on two of the corners of the trademark Jo Malone styled box. The inner packaging features different coloured semi circles.

A fabulous set of Jo Malone beauty items that can be used to create your own gift sets for friends and family. This gift set has a range of Colognes with different fragrances, along with a couple of pouches of hand and body washes and body and hand lotions, again with different fragrances. The fragrances each have a one and half millilitres volume and the pouches five millilitres.

This Jo Malone set contains twelve sample sizes of creams and cleansers, that could be gifted as one large gift or put into a Christmas stocking or alongside other presents that you are gifting. They are perfect for the person who enjoys a weekend away or like to try different scents. Each beauty item has a five millilitre volume and comes in a small soft package with classic Jo Malone branding.

One for the love of your life whether it is an anniversary, Valentines day or even a Birthday. This Jo Malone gift set includes a gorgeous, concentrated Cologne fragrance, body lotion and another less heightened fruit based fragrance. Both fragrances have a volume of nine millilitres whilst the lotion has a volume of fifteen millilitres. This gift set comes in a cute soft material black pouch type bag.

A lovely Jo Malone gift set for a friend or loved one that loves Jo Malone or even just appreciates luxurious beauty products. In this set features a fragrance measuring nine millilitres, a lotion for the whole body measuring fifteen millilitres and cleanser that also measures fifteen millilitres. This gift is packaged in a bag with the Jo Malone logo and name on the front with a black ribbon on the left corner.

This delightful bedtime collection gift set from Jo Malone will make a wonderful gift. Included in this gift set is a Red Rose bath oil with a thirty millilire volume, a Linen Spray Peony with a forty five millilitre volume and a Blush Suede body cream with a fifty millilitre volume. This gift set comes delivered in a navy circular box with a gold coloured ribbon whilst inside is a blue, green and yellow stiped design.

A lovely Jo Malone gift that is ideal whatever the occasion! This bath oil with the aroma of Pomegranate and other aromas will soften and scent the skin. It comes in a container with a thirty millilitre capacity. The bath oil is wrapped in a black crepe type paper and then in a box with Jo Malone’s customary styling. There is a black ribbon that is tied in a bow across the top of the box and is made from soft fabric.

A gorgeous light moisturiser from Jo Malone to keep the skin super soft and smelling beautiful with a citrus base. This body lotion is a perfect size for travelling on a plane with a hundred millilitres capacity. The bottle has a label that outlines the product and brand with a light vertical stripy pattern in the background and black lid. This product comes in a classic Jo Malone box.

A small Jo Malone candle ideal for travelling with. The Pomegranate Noir scent is one of Jo Malone’s most well known. This sixty gram candle measures six and a half centimetres high with a diameter of five centimetres and will burn for approximately eighteen hours. The candle comes in an attractive black presentation box with gold coloured rims and a black soft material bow.

A Cologne for women from one of Jo Malone’s iconic range, the English Pear and Freesia fragrance. With a volume of thirty millilitres, the packaging is simple in a cream coloured box with black rim, and the Cologne placed inside and secured by some black material. The Cologne itself is in a clear bottle with a silver outer lid. A truly delicious scent that will make the most wonderful gift.

Another of Jo Malone’s illustrious scents, the Pomegranate Noir fragrance but this time in soap form. The soap itself is pretty and delicate and square in shape, with a width and length of eighty millimetres and a depth of fifty millimetres, weighing one hundred grams. The soap is an off white colour and comes in a square white box with black edges. This lavish soap is beautifully scented.

This Jo Malone Body cream will be a well received gift for the loved one who appreciates luxury beauty products. The cream has a soft aromatic nut and floral fragrance and has a volume of fifty millilitres. This Jo Malone body moisturiser is beautifully packaged in a cream box with black edging and a black ribbon that cover two diagonal corners with a bow in the top right corner.

A large sized body lotion with the fragrance of Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone, that is suitable for all skin types. The volume of this lotion is two hundred and fifty millilitres and measures fourteen centimetres high with a diameter of six centimetres. Although the lotion is aimed at a male market, it is also appreciated by women and could be considered a fragrance that is suitable for both men and women.

A Jo Malone gift set containing two of her signature fragrances. The two Cologne’s included in this gift set are ‘Wild Bluebell,’ and ‘English Pear and Freesia,’ with thirty millilitres bottles of each contained. The Cologne’s are gift wrapped together in the Jo Malone gift box. Neutral in colour with black ribbon and a black bow, this Jo Malone gift set is ready to be given to your loved one.

A large Jo Malone cleanser for the hands and body in a gel mousse form that will promote hydration. The scent is called English Pear and Freesia. The size of this hand and body cleanser is two hundred and fifty millilitres. The bottle measures 6.5 cm tall with a width of 3.4 cm and depth of 1.5 cm and a volume of two hundred and fifty millilitres. A box is not included with this product.

If you are not sure which jo Malone fragrance to choose for your loved one, why not keep those options open with a gift box containing five beautiful fragrances! Each Cologne has a nine millilitres volume and include Yuja, Waterlily, Nectarine blossom and Honey, Osmanthus Blossom and Orange Blossom. This gift set comes presented in an exquisite and subtle multi coloured box with the name ‘Jo Malone – London’ on the top of the box.

A larger than life Cologne from Jo Malone with this signature bottle of fragrance measuring one hundred millilitres. This Lime, Basil and Mandarin Cologne has a freshness about it with the scent of Citrus. The Cologne comes in a glass bottle with a silver open lid and is packaged inside a box with black ribbons on two diagonal corners of the packaging. A wonderful gift for that special person.

A gorgeous, aromatic fragrance with this Jo Malone Honeysuckle and Davana Cologne. The fragrance includes the key ingredients of Honeysuckle and Davana but also moss. This thirty millilitre scent comes in clear bottle with silver lid and within a standard Jo Malone box. The box is pink with a black ribbon leading to a cute little bow over the front of the box.

This Cologne from Jo Malone features Wood sage and sea salt and is a fresh and earthy scent. This aromatic scent is presented in a bottle with a silver coloured lid and then in a Jo Malone box. The volume of this Cologne is one hundred millilitres and the box measures one hundred and fifty millimetres with a width of eighty millimetres and depth equating to five millimetres.

A body creme like no other, this Jo Malone body cream will make a perfect gift. The body cream has a floral scent with Mimosa and Cardamon and has a volume of one hundred and seventy five millilitres. The pot that contains the cream is mainly black with a white and black label detailing the product and the brand. This pot has then been put into a cream box with black decorations.

A hand wash and body wash that will brighten up any bathroom. This Jo Malone Wood sage and sea salt all over cleanser is contained in a transparent container with a black handy dispenser pump. Inside this container are two hundred and fifty millilitres of a divine fragrance. A Jo Malone box and gift card are included with this body and hand wash. An earthy scent meets the ocean.

This gift suggestion certainly has the ‘Wow’ factor! A Jo Malone candle from her Pomegranate Noir luxurious range. Think spices, fruity, floral and Roses and you may have some idea of the aroma of this candle. This candle weighs just over two kilograms and can burn up to more than two hundred hours. The height of the see through jar, is eighteen centimetres and diameter sixteen centimetres.

A candle from Jo Malone that features one of the most expensive fragrances in the world! With a rich and mysterious scent this Oud and Bergamot candle weighs two hundred grams and is displayed in a black glass jar with silver lid. A black ribbon and bow completes this finish. For context this candle has a diameter of five centimetres and height of just under five centimetres.

A lovely candle with citrus scent. The candle comes presented in a glass jar with silver rims at the top and bottom of the glass and a black fabric ribbon on the top of the jar. At the top of the jar is a lid. The candle is 9.2 cm tall and has a diameter of 7.5 cm and is weighty at 200 grams. This candle can burn up to 45 hours.  Other ingredients include thyme in addition to the lime, basil and mandarin.

A candle gift for your loved one with the scent of Wood, Sage and Sea Salt. The candle weighs two hundred grams and measures ninety two millimetres high with a width of seventy five millimetres. The candle will burn for approximately forty five hours long. A gorgeous gift whether for your friend or relative who has long loved Jo Malone products or is new to them.

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