33 Funny Ideas for Joke Gifts

Updated on May 10th, 2021
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It can be good fun buying gifts for someone who likes a good laugh. There are lots of jokey gifts that we can choose from. But sometimes it is easier just to have a handy list to pick from, and this is what we have put together here. We hope there will be something that will suit everyone. We have practical items as well as silly ones, so you should be able to find something to suit the person that you have in mind. There are also a range of prices so you should be able to find an item that will suit your budget.

33 Joke Presents That Everyone Will Find Funny

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This is a fun giant joke box. It has 15 different joke items inside. It includes a whoopee cushion, creepy crawlies, nail through finger, snapping gum, baby snake, silly teeth, car scratch, window running mouse, cracked window, fried egg with flies on, giant window crawler spider and snappy hand. A selection of favourite jokes for kids who like to prank and play practical jokes. They all come in a colourful box.

This is a fun novelty catapult called ‘flick a chicken’. It is a chicken shape and you put the chickens head over your finger, pull back the legs and let go, so it shoots across the room. Should bring lots of laughs to any party and would make great gifts for party bags, pass the parcel, stocking fillers, Christmas crackers or piñatas. Suitable for children aged three years and over.

This is a box with 20 classical practical jokes inside. It includes a whoopee cushion, spiders, a fake poop, flies, rusty nail through finger, fake wounds, fly ice cubes, eye ball, fake teeth and fake sick. They come with instructions on how to use them, although creative children will be able to come up with all sorts of gruesome ideas themselves. Suitable for children over the age of eight years old, who like to play pranks on their friends and family.

These are great joke pants to give to anyone with a sense of humour. They come in a box which says on it ‘emergency plastic pants’.  They are unisex with an elastic waist are waterproof and non-stick!  Designed for wearing over clothing to protect the wearers clothes from spills. They are a fun gift for someone who is young and feels old, perhaps at a milestone birthday or similar.

This is a funny joke packet which is labelled ‘Senior Citizens wrinkle remover’. It actually contains some really rough sandpaper. This is much cheaper than expensive face creams and will exfoliate the skin, to leave it fresh and soft or maybe bleeding! A great gift for someone who is feeling old or noticing wrinkles that has a good sense of humour.  Comes with free delivery in a fun packet.

This is a funny sign which says on it ‘Caution mood swing in operation.’ It is great to give to anyone who tends to get hormonal or low blood sugar and gets moody as a result. It is a bright yellow sign so will really stand out and can open up to stand up on a desk or shelf. It is 25cm x 11.8cm x 1cm and will fit in nicely without overcrowding the area but will stand out with its bright colour.

This is a fake Heinz Baked Beans can. The base can be removed to reveal a secret compartment. It can be used to store valuables, so a potential thief will not be able to find them. It is also a fun prank gift that you can give to someone to trick them into thinking they are being given a can of beans, and you can put something nice inside. They are genuine replica licenced cans, so really look the part.

This is a fun poo head game. Someone wears a hat which has Velcro strips on. The others throw the poo shaped soft balls at the head and try to make them stick. There are different scores for attaching it to different areas.  It is suitable for playing indoors or outdoors and can be lots of fun. If you have ever felt like throwing poop at someone’s head now you have the opportunity!

This is a car air freshener which says on it ‘I’m only speeding cos I need a poo!’ A funny novelty car air freshener which has the option of 15 different fragrances: vanilla, ice water, ice noir, cotton fresh, beach breeze, bouquet, cee kay, pine, bubblegum, Cherry, new car, rose, citrus, lemon, cinnamon, lavender, peach and apple. Would make a fun gift for a car owner with a sense of humour.

This is a remote control fake cockroach. Great fun for children to scare adults and pets with this remote control pest. It is easy to operate with an on/off switch on the body and forward and side buttons on the hand held controller. The legs all quickly move to give it a real appearance when it is scuttling along the floor. It is bigger than a real cockroach to make it scarier and easier to see.

This is a fun bullshit button. It is bright red and has the word ‘bullshit’ written on it in white. It has 5 different phrases which are selected randomly and spoken when it is pressed and there is a light which also goes on when pressed. It is 7.5cm in diameter and needs 2 AAA batteries. It has Velcro on the bottom for easy fastening to many surfaces. Would make a great secret Santa gift for use in an office!

These are fun old age past it notes. It is a pack of post-it sticky notes but on it there are charts where you can tick off things you might forget. Things such as: remembering to get up, get dressed and put your teeth in and not to go out without coat, glasses, phone and name tag. A great gag gift for someone who is old and has a sense of humour or someone feeling a bit sensitive about their age.

This is a fun paperback book called ‘Dad jokes’. It features all sorts of really great jokes that Dad’s will love. Examples include ‘what does a spy wear on his feet? Sneakers’, ‘How did the camping trip go? It was in tents’ and ‘what is the best time to go to the dentist? Tooth-hurty!’ A great way to improve your Dad’s jokes or maybe not depending on how good they already are.

This is a great gift for the man that has everything. It is a Gentleman’s willy care kit. It contains a fluffing brush, styling shears, evening wear (chain with pendant) and sprucing mirror and comes in a gift box. On the lid of the box it says ‘intimate essentials for the man on the move’.  It is fun joke gift for a bloke especially one that worries about his appearance.

This is a box of teeth and fangs. There are 8 different styles, which are suitable for adults to wear. These are great for parties or dressing up as well as fun and pranks. Great for Halloween, plays and productions, silly jokes and other fun. They come in a box so they can be easily stored, when not in use and will stay in good condition and not get bent or dirty.

This is a novelty farting trumpet. On the packet it says ‘give the trump-et a parp to cover your fart.’ Blow into the trumpet and it delivers a hilarious farting sound. You can prank your family by blowing it near them, so people think that they have terrible wind which should cause lots of giggles. A great fun novelty item for children and adults alike and it even comes with free delivery.

This is a joke face mask which glows in the dark. It is black with a green rim and green writing on which says ‘fuck off’.  It is made of comfortable polyester and has embroidered wording and is great fun. Perfect gift to give to friends who hate being woken up or for using on planes when you want to sleep and not be disturbed! Should give everyone a good laugh.

This is a poo pen and it says on the packet ‘poopen your #2 pen’. It is a real working pen and makes a great gag gift. It could also be great to use on your desk at work if people are always stealing your pen – they will not want to steal this one! Also a great joke pen for children who are likely to find the idea of writing with a turd hilarious!

This is a tin of fifty pranks by Marvin’s Magic. It includes a hardback book so you know how to perform all the stunts and tricks. It has special props and all sorts of interesting gags for silly adults and children over the age of eight years of age. Includes things like realistic coffee spill, windscreen, window or computer screen crack, sponge rock, spider trap, fly in ice cube and many more.

This is a fun fart extinguisher. It looks the shape of a fire extinguisher but is actually a 100ml air freshener with nozzle spray and is 16cm tall so small and cute. It has a pleasant smell that is very strong to eliminate all nasty odours. It is a unique idea and a fun novelty but could also be extremely useful. It comes in a box, so really easy to wrap up and give as a gift.

This could be something which will bring a smile to many peoples faces – Donald Trump loo paper! You get two rolls which have 240 sheets per roll. They are made from 100% wood pulp and are non-toxic. There is an image of Donald Trump printed on every sheet and won’t smudge or smear so it can be used if required but it is really just intended as a gag gift.

This is a great belt which is practical as well as fun. It is a beer belt and has slots in it to hold 6 cans of beer. It has a camouflage print and a back strap which can be adjusted to different waist sizes from 82.5cm to 120cm. It is made of 100% polyester so is strong and should be up to the job. The present may go down even better, if it is filled up when given.

These are some fun trick glasses. They have a hologram eye picture on the lens, so if someone looks into your eyes they will get freaked out by how they look. They can be a great joke but might also be useful for wearing with a fancy dress outfit. When being worn they feel like you are looking through normal sunglasses. They are a size that will fit men, women and older children.

This is a fun pen which gives an electric shock. It is a ballpoint pen but when you press the button at the end (which you would normally do to retract the nib) it administers a shock. A fun gag to play on family, friends or work colleagues. A great gift to give to someone that likes pranks as long as they do not play it on you! Comes with free delivery.

This is a fun stationery set called a Butt tape dispenser. This is because it is designed to show someone sitting on the loo. His hands hold a roll of tape, he has a pen in his mouth, there are paper clips underneath him in the toilet bowl and post-its make up the cistern with pens behind. It is a handy set that will brighten up any home or desk area.

These are funny sandal slipper socks. So many people hate it when socks are worn under sandals! You can do just that with these white socks, that have a sandal design printed on them and they look realistic too. They have non-slip rubber grips on the bottom and are made from cotton. They come in size 5-11 so would fit most men or women and even children with larger feet.

This is a prank scare box which has a spider inside it. Hand the box over to someone and invite them to open it, perhaps pretend there are sweets inside. As they open the lid, the plastic spider will come out as it is attached to the lid. Will cause lots of screams and laughs and is a great gag gift, especially if the recipient knows lots of people that are scared of spiders.

This is a toilet seat exploding cap. It is a device for putting under the loo seat, which need plastic caps put in it (not included) to make a bang. When the loo seat is lifted it will make a bang and it is so small that it will not be noticed. It can also be used in other places such as cupboard doors and the car glovebox. Just buy some caps to go with it and it will make a great gift.

L This is a set of six fun prank parking tickets. They have been professionally printed on 150gsm paper so they look really realistic. They have a funny list of reasons on the back for why the person has been given the ticket such as ‘driving like a lunatic’, ‘parking in MY space’ and ‘too ugly to drive a car’. Great for catching out an annoying neighbour, family member or friend.

This is a fun golf ball called ‘unputtable’ which is ‘an unpredictable, maddening and hilarious putting gag’. It looks like a normal golf ball but goes all over the place when you hit it. It will not travel in a straight line and so can be used to trick your golfing partners so that you can beat them! Swap it without them noticing and you will be laughing and they will be mad!

This is a funny hot water bottle. It has a pair of boobs on it at the top which have been stuffed to look rounded as well as a belly button with the pattern of knickers at the bottom. It is a soft and cosy hot water bottle cover which measures 35cm x 20cm. It is a fun novelty gift which should get some laughs, but it could actually be used to keep warm in the winter.

These are fun jelly babies. They are called ‘jellyatrics’ and they are just like normal Jelly Babie’s but they were released to celebrate 100 years of Jelly Babie’s. They include the character’s ‘Pearl Stitch’, ‘Bill Bird’, ‘Mister Miser’, ‘Frau Aimer and Benny Dorm. They are fun packed which would be great for any older person with a sense of humour. They come in a choice of regular fruit flavour and sour fruit flavour.

This is a fun whoopee cushion. You just need to blow it up and place it on a chair for someone to sit on and produce an embarrassing sound. They work better if hidden under a cushion. They will produce lots of giggles and the joke never wears thin on most children and they will love pranking their friends and family. They are great gift for children or naughty adults and come with free delivery.

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