31 Presents for Justin Bieber Fans of All Ages

By Louise
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Is there anyone who has not heard of Justin Bieber? The singer and songwriter has sold a staggering one hundred and fifty million records globally at the age of twenty seven years old. Fans of Justin Bieber come from over the world and are often referred to as ‘Beliebar/s!’ With this in mind we have compiled an almighty list of gift suggestions for the ultra fan. From bedroom accessories such as bedding and wall art, to items to wear, like pretty necklaces, perfume and clothing and of course what he is actually known for – CD’s of his best music. Our gift suggestions are suitable for fans of all ages and genders.

31 Gift Ideas for Justin Beiber Fans

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A scent for the young lady who also happens to love Justin Bieber. The scent itself is described as gorgeous and not overpowering. The design of the bottle is unique with a mix pinks and purples in a wire type material swirling around the actual bottle. This is a large bottle of perfume with one hundred millilitres. A lovely scent with beautiful packaging for the young lady on her birthday or for Christmas.

The perfect accessory for the young fan’s bedroom. This heart shaped cushion features a photo of Justin on the front of it along with the word, ‘Justin,’ in white text. A very snuggly cushion it can also be used as a comfort cushion during trips. Super comfy this will make a lovely cushion to cuddle up to. The cushion measures approximately three and fifty millimetres by two hundred and eighty millimetres.

The ultimate mug for Justin Bieber fans of all ages. With a white base there are multiple photos of Justin depicted onto the mug and a sign he is holding up shows the words,’ What do you mean?’ The packaging consists of a box with material to keep the mug safe and secure during transportation. On the outside of the box is a photo of Justin Bieber holding up a sign saying, ‘Official Merchandise,’ to put your mind at ease.

This black T-shirt which is suitable for men, was been released along with the Purpose album of 2015. The text, ‘Justin Bieber,’ is white with a black and white photographic styled illustration. It is available in sizes small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large. This uber cool T-shirt will make a wonderful gift for your friend or relative who loves Justin Bieber.

A gorgeous necklace that is silver plated. The chain is a good size and around forty two centimetres long. Whilst the pendant depicts the word, ‘Belieber,’ the name that Justin Biebers fans are known as. A beautiful gift and fashion accessory for the young lady who loves Justin Bieber, whether it is for Christmas or her Birthday or ‘just because.’ The young lady will be the belle of ball.

Another necklace with a different style. Once again, this necklace is made using a silver coloured type of material. The chain is long at sixty centimetres with a heart shaped pendant. On the pendant is Justin Bieber’s signature. A lovely gift that the young lady will cherish. The package that will arrive measures 12.4 cm long by 8.4 cm width and a depth of 1 cm.

Somewhere to put their make up at home and on their travels, this cosmetic case comes with a reflecting glass for those make-up touch ups. On the front of the make up case is a picture of Justin Bieber in a star outline, with his name in blue and white text alongside a pink and blue star. The background colour of the cosmetic case is black. The length of the bag is twenty one centimetres, with a width of sixteen centimetres and depth of six centimetres.

A Justin Bieber themed clock that will make the perfect bedroom accessory for the Bieber fan. There are two varieties of clock to choose from. These clocks have either a pink or purple outer rim, dependant on your colour preference and then a purple or pink clock face and the numbers are either in white or black. There is a photo of Justin Bieber in the centre of the clock face with either an autograph or his name in capital letters.

A colouring book with fifty six pages full of Justin Bieber outlines to colour in. The front cover features three coloured-in drawings of Justin Bieber alongside the wording, ‘Justin Bieber – Colouring book.’ The size of this colouring book is just under twenty eight centimetres in length with a width of 21.5 centimetres. This is sure to keep your loved one or friend who loves Justin Bieber, entertained for hours.

These wristbands will make a lovely stocking filler or add on gift or even for the Justin Bieber themed gathering. The wristbands are white in colour with the name, ‘Justin Bieber,’ in purple type and the word ‘Believe,’ in gold text, as a nod to the film made about him and his concerts. There are six wristbands in this pack. The circumference of each wrist band is twenty cm with a width of 2 cm and a depth of 0.2 cm.

Fans of Justin Bieber range from toddlers to centurions, and this gift suggestion is aimed at the younger fans. Suitable for children from the age of three, this toy has been made to look like Justin Bieber with blond hair, and wearing jeans, a white T-shirt and camouflage over shirt. The toy measures one hundred and ten millimetres high, with a head that moves and will sit on any flat surface.

A gift for the true Justin Bieber fan. This throw features a collage of photographs of Justin Bieber in different poses. His name, ‘Bieber,’ is also depicted, in white capital letters alongside a red heart. You can choose this throw in three different sizes, but our personal favourite is the large, that measures 203 cm length by 152 width, for those perfect days watching Justin in concert on the sofa or for snuggling up to on bed listening to his tracks.

One for the older fan, this wall art will look amazing on the bedroom wall of the Justin Bieber fan. The photo features Justin without a top on, visualising his tattoos and the ‘cross’ jewellery that he is wearing around his neck. The photo is in black and white and does not come with a frame but of course you can purchase one separately. The length of the photo is seventy centimetres whilst the width is fifty centimetres.

A stylish piece of clothing for the Justin Bieber fan, coming from his own personal fashion brand, ‘Drew.’ Made primarily from natural fibres, this women’s hoodie has a large front pouch. It is available in sizes, small to double extra large. You can choose your loved one’s favourite colour from white, black, navy, grey, blue, red and white. On the front of the hoodie is a circle coloured in yellow, with black eyes and where the smile would be, is ‘drew,’ the brand name.

Another Drew, Justin Bieber branded item, but this time in the shape of a mug. This white mug, made from china, has the trademark yellow circle and black eyes and the word, ‘drew,’ in black text, inside of the circle. The height of this mug is ninety five millimetres with a diameter of eighty millimetres. The capacity for their drink of choice, whether coffee, tea or hot chocolate in three hundred and thirty millilitres.

A really cool keyring, featuring your loved one’s favourite performer, Justin Bieber. The attachment part of this key ring is a silver coloured metal, whilst the main section is made from a plastic type material. On the front of the keyring, features a photo of Justin Bieber dressed in all black against mahoosive black speakers on a burgundy coloured background. Underneath the image is the word, ‘Justin Bieber,’ in white text.

This uber cool wall art in the style of a metal sign. The base colour of this sign is blue with a rusted effect around the outside. There is an image of Justin Bieber wearing a white T-shirt and with a silver type jewellery chain in his mouth. The name, ‘Justin Bieber,’ appears in white text with, ‘The Believe Tour – 06.22.13,’ making reference to his 2013 tour. This sign measures 30.5 cm length with a width of 20.32 cm.

One for both male and female Justin Bieber fans! This super trendy knitted hat comes in one size and has a simple design with the classic Justin Bieber clothing brand logo and name, Drew. The brand name and logo feature in the recognised yellow circular shape. This hat is available in four different colours, black, navy, a dark grey and a light grey.

This top is one for the male Justin Bieber fans. This vest type top is black with an iconic photo of Justin Bieber without a top, in a pray stance. Above the photo is the word, ‘Justin,’ and below the word, ‘Bieber,’ in white capital text. This photo is synonymous with Justin Bieber’s release of the album, Purpose, in 2016. You can choose from sizes, small, medium, large and extra large.

An ultimate gift for the ultimate fan. This timeless and limited edition gift, is a replicate of the ultimate level of recognition in album sales, for Justin Bieber’s Believe album. On a dark coloured background features the album record, a photo of Justin Bieber in black and white with a banner with the text, ‘Believe.’ There is also a silver plaque that provides more detail about the gift.

An oldie for the fan of Justin Bieber! This CD, ‘My World 2.0,’ came out in 2010 at the beginning of Justin Bieber’s music career. With tracks such as ‘Baby,’ ‘Somebody to love,’ ‘Stuck in the moment,’ Runaway love,’ and ‘Never let you go,’ this early Justin Bieber will make a winning gift for the fan of this artist. The front cover of the CD shows Justin Bieber posing in a black and white photo.

A very cute jewellery box for the young lady. This jewellery box is a mix of blues with light purple text for the word, ‘Justin,’ and dark purple text for the word, ‘Bieber.’ The pattern is a mix of the primary colours with a photo of Justin Bieber in black and white on top of the jewellery box. Inside the jewellery box are compartments to keep different items separated, such as rings and earrings.

Not only a CD but with lots of other goodies included such as boxer shorts, stickers and stick on tattoos. This album was released in 2020 and a big feature of this set is that it has restricted distribution. Songs included on the CD are, ‘All around me,’ ‘Habitual,’ ‘Yummy,’ ‘Available,’ and of course, ‘Changes.’ The CD itself is red with a photo print of Justin Bieber on the front without a top.

A cool and very massive cut out of Justin Bieber measuring one hundred and fifty centimetres tall with a width of one hundred and two centimetres and weighs one kilogram. Made from a strengthened paper based product it is easy to put up and take down. The cut-out shows Justin Bieber sitting on his guitar case with his guitar in a playing position. He is wearing all black aside from the gold coloured trainers.

A bedroom ‘must-have’ accessory for the Justin Bieber fan. This bedding set includes a duvet cover suitable for a single sized bed and a pillow case. The bedding set is primarily purple with the name, ‘Justin Bieber,’ in pink and blue text on the pillow case. On the duvet cover is a photo of Justin Bieber in colour. On the side of the photo is the name ‘Justin Bieber,’ in different colours.

A lovely charm bracelet, with of course, the Bieber theme! The bracelet is made using a grey metal type material and has five charms coming off the bracelet. There are two charms with the initials, ‘JB,’ one charm with the word, ‘Purpose,’ after the album and tour,’ whilst the final two have, ‘Bie,’ and ‘ber,’ making up the name of the artists surname. The bracelet measures 15.24 cm with an additional 2.54 cm available.

A fragrance with a fruity and floral scent, this Someday spray perfume comes in the largest size available at 100 millilitres. The bottle is a gorgeous blue glass with red heart top and a couple of gold charms around the top. The charms are a key and heart shaped lock. This item comes beautifully packaged in a box with a light blue base and lots of stacked hearts in red, pink, blue and purple.

This is a really gorgeous necklace and will make the person receiving this necklace as a gift, incredibly happy. Made wholly from a silver type of material, the chain measures forty two centimetres in length. The pendant is unusual as it is in a rectangular shape, with the word, ‘Belieber,’ written in black joined up text, on the front of it. A wonderful gift whether it is for a Christmas or Birthday present.

This is a handy and practical Justin Bieber gift theme. The purpose of a pop socket is to make reading and scrolling through tablets and smartphones easier. The pock socker is black but on one side of the pop socket is the word, ‘Bieber,’ in formatted white text. The length of the pop socker is approximately 4 cm with a width of just over 1.25 cm and a depth of just over 0.75 cm.

A wall sticker that will brighten up any area and can be affixed to almost every surface. We think that it is very likely that this gift will end up on display on the wall of the youngster’s bedroom! Measuring fifty seven centimetres in width and thirty centimetres in length, the wording featured comes from one of Justin Bieber’s hits, ‘Boyfriend,’ alongside a silhouette of Justin Bieber and some hearts.

This T-shirt is the perfect gift for Justin Bieber fans of all ages and genders. The T-shirt is available in a men, women and youngsters’ fit and comes in sizes small to triple extra large for men and women, and from ages two to twelve for young people. It comes in a choice of five lovely colours, white, blue, yellow, pink and orange, with the words ‘#Belieber,’ in black text on the front of the T-shirt.

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