32 Karate Gifts for All Ages

By Louise
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There are a lot of people that enjoy karate and this means that it is likely that you will know someone that does. It is likely that you might like to buy them gifts that are related to karate as well so that you know that they will be getting something that they will enjoy. However, it can be hard to know what to get them if you are not someone that does karate yourself. This is why we have come up with a list of ideas for gifts that we feel may appeal to those that like karate or want to learn.

32 Presents for Karate Fans

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This is a set of training nunchucks. They are perfect for beginners as they have foam handles which are comfortable to use. They are also non-slip which means that they are safe to use. They have a metal chain part which is very strong so they will last a long time. They are 11.8 x 1.2 x 1.2 inches in size which make them portable and easy to carry around.

This is a fun martial arts headband. It is designed for kids and is white with a black pattern on it. It is in a karate kid style and kids will find them fun to wear. They can be great for those that are doing karate but also those that enjoy it and might want to wear one for playing, dressing up or fancy dress. It is made from a polyester and cotton blend material.

This is a fun post-it dispenser with a karate theme. The stand has a cartoon character in karate clothing on it and it holds the papers. It fits post-its which are 76 x 76mm in size and other brands of sticky notes in that size. It makes it easy to grab a note with one hand when you need one. The figure has a pen holder in its back as well, so you can keep a pen handy to grab as well.

This is a short-sleeved t-shirt which has a multicoloured striped background print with a silhouette of someone doing a karate kick on it. The t-shirts come in a range of colours and sizes suitable for children aged – 2-12 years old and adults sized small – 2XL. The t-shirts are made from a polyester and cotton mix so they feel soft and comfortable to wear and can also be washed easily.

This is a round tin which is silver in colour and has a red lid which says ‘keep calm and love karate on it’. Inside the tin is an assortment of retro sweets. The tin is 6cm high by 12cm diameter and once the sweets have been eaten could be used for storing other things like more sweets, coins or small collectables. Great gift idea for anyone that loves sweets and karate.

This is a karate word art print that can be personalised. It has a picture of a figure doing a karate move which is all made from words. The words can be chosen by the purchaser as can the colour that they are written on. It is printed on A4 photo paper and comes ready for you to frame. You will therefore be able to choose a frame that will match the colour of the print that you have picked.

This is a karate belt display stand. It is designed so that a person can show what level they are at by displaying the belts that they have earned. It is made from plywood and comes with stickers with letters on so that you can personalise it with your name. It has eight places to hold the belts and there are also places to hang their medals from as well.

This is a pair of cufflinks with each have a little figure on doing karate. They are 3D so look really good and they are silver in colour as they are made from English pewter. They are hand made in Sheffield and they come in a gift box. This means that they are ready to give away as a special gift to someone that is a big fan of karate.

This is a 12 pack of bookmark each with a karate theme. There are six different designs and so you get two of each design. These are a great gift for someone that loves martial arts as well as reading. A bookmark is always useful when you enjoy reading books. These have boxing, martial arts, and taekwondo themes on them. Each is 7 x 2 inches and is made from 5.50z matte card and is water-resistant.

This is a notebook which says on the front of it ‘I am 5 and I love karate’ and it has a picture of someone is a karate pose on it. It is a paperback book which has lines on white paper and so is suitable for many uses. It could be used for a notebook, journal, diary etc. It will make a great birthday gift for a child that will be five years old and likes karate.

This is a drawstring bag which has a picture of a person doing a karate kick on it and it can be personalised with a name underneath. It comes in a choice of colours and is made from 210D polyester. It is 44 x 34 x 1cm in size and is useful for carrying sports kit or swimming kit but of course most appropriate for karate clothing or any other martial arts kit.

This is a cute and cuddly teddy bear. It is brown in colour and wearing a long-sleeved white t-shirt. On the top is written ‘I [heart] karate’. The toy makes a great gift for a child, it is soft and fluffy and looks cute and its t-shirt means that it will be great for anyone that likes karate. Suitable for those kids that do karate as well as those that just enjoy watching it.

This is a special light which, when switched on, lights up a picture of someone doing karate which looks 3D. The light has a remote control which you can use to toggle between different colours of a flashing light mode. It makes a great light for a kid’s bedroom and has a USB charger which can be connected to a computer or home adapter. It has 9 LED light bulbs which are power saving.

This is a karate outfit for a newborn baby. It comes with pink trousers and a pink jacket which has a black belt and details including the words ’future black belt’ printed on the back of it. It is a great idea to give to a baby whose parents are big karate fans. Would look really cute on a little baby and will make a fun and thoughtful gift.

This is a brooch which is in the shape of a person doing a karate move. It is made of cast English pewter and has intricate detailing. It is suitable for wearing on a scarf, hat, tie, coat or bag. It comes in a gift box so it is all ready for giving away as a gift to someone that is a big fan of karate and likes to wear pins.

This is a stamp set. The stamps are made from beech wood and you get five different ones in the set. There are five different pictures in the set and you can choose from a theme of bicycles, golf, mountain biking or dancing. It is a high-quality mini gift which looks really lovely. The stamps can be used for arts and crafts activities such as scrapbooking, journaling, card making or to put on letters or decorate notebooks.

This is a white karate outfit designed for a beginner. It is available in sizes 160cm and 170cm. It is made from light and comfortable cloth which gives lots of freedom of movement. It is 100% cotton and so is soft and comfortable. It comes with a jacket with strings and trousers with a traditional latch. It has double fabric on the shoulders and reinforced seams on the sleeves and trousers.

This is a white karate suit for an adult. It comes in sizes small – XL and includes a pair of elasticated waist trousers and a jacket. It is made from polyester and cotton so is soft and comfortable to wear and will not allow the student to get too hot. It is pre-shrunk as well so will not shrink while it is in the wash. It comes with a free white belt.

This is a martial arts grading belt which comes in 7 stitch cotton. They come in a choice of colours so you can pick the right one. They come in 240cm, 280cm, or 320cm sizes. They fit easily around the waist and stay in place well. They are made from a sturdy 7 stitch cotton which means that they will last a long time. They have the Starpro name and logo stitched on to them.

This is a pair of kick target pads for martial arts such as karate and taekwondo. It is designed to practise low and high kicks for enhancing speed, accuracy and strength. It has a PU leather outside and a high elastic compression sponge inside so that it is flexible while remaining durable. It is 35 x 29 x 7cm in size and makes a snappy sound when it is kicked. Comes with an elastic wrist band.

This is a kit bag which is black and blue and says ‘karate’ on it. It is a large bag which has a large zipped compartment with pockets on the sides as well. It has strong carry handles. It is made from a durable vinyl with foam padded inserts. It has a large capacity which means that it is ideal for keeping all sorts of kit in such as clothing, kick targets, towel etc.

This is a special three-bar metal leg stretcher. It is one size and the idea is that it can be used to improve flexibility in the legs. It can be adjusted to different levels of stretch and can stretch legs up to 180 degrees. It is lightweight and easy to transport so great for training and classes as well as using at home or in the gym when you need to get in some leg stretching practice.

This is a cookie-cutter set with a karate theme. Each cutter is the outline of a person in a different karate pose. They are silver in colour and made of stainless steel which means that they will not rust or tarnish. They are 11 x 7 x 2cm in size. They can be used for making cookies but also cutting fondant shapes or even for sandwiches or brownies – great for a martial arts party.

This is a wallet which can be personalised with a name and above has a figure printed on it in a karate pose. It is a tri-fold wallet and therefore has a lot of spaces for cards, ID and notes. It also has a zipped section and coin compartment. It is made from 100% leather and so is strong and it is also hand-stitched so it will last a long time.

This is a white mug which says on it ‘born for karate forced to work’ in red and blue writing. It is made from ceramic and has a large ‘c’ handle which means that it is easy to grip and use. It has the text printed on both sides which means that it is suitable for left and right-handed people. It measures 8 x 8 x 9 cm and makes a fun and useful gift.

This is a water bottle which is white with a black lid. It has a picture of a man doing karate printed in black on it. It comes in a large 600ml and small 400ml size and has interchangeable lids which are a sports top and a loop carabiner clip. It is lightweight and therefore great for carrying about and using for all sorts of sports. A great reusable alternative to a one-use bottle of water.

This is a hot water bottle cover which has a picture on it of a cartoon boy doing a karate move. It is white in colour and the print is in black so it really stands out. It is made from super soft 100% cotton and is printed on one side. It will fit any 2-litre hot water bottle inside it – the bottle is not included. Makes a great gift for a child that is a karate fan.

This is an apron which says ‘I [heart] karate’ on it in black with a red heart. It is made from white polycotton and so the printing really stands out. It is 86cm long and so will fit most people from chest to thigh and therefore will cover and protect a large area of their clothing. Has a waist tie which will fit around most sizes of the waist. It is hand-printed and designed in the UK.

This is a long-sleeved hoodie which says ‘karate’ on the front of it. It comes in white with black printing or black, blue and red with white printing. It is made of 100% cotton which means that it is soft and comfortable to wear. It has a kangaroo pouch style pocket and a drawstring around the hood. It is ribbed around the cuffs and hem to keep out draughts.

This is a Kyokushin karate baseball cap. It is black in colour and has white printing on it, both on the front and back. It has a large peak to keep the sun off the face to keep the wearer protected and cool. On the back, there is a metal buckle which can adjust the size of the hatband so that it is comfortable to wear by people of various head sizes.

This is a karate design bed cover. It is a set which has a design of someone in a karate pose on it and it is white and black. It comes in different sizes to fit different sizes of bed. Included is a quilt cover and pillowcases. It is made from polyester and cotton so that it is soft and comfortable as well as breathable and skin-friendly. It has a concealed zip closure.

This is a set of karate stickers. They are black and show a silhouette of a figure in a karate kick pose. There are 30 stickers in total and they are 2.5 x 2.5cm in size, each with the same design. The stickers would be great for children that like karate to stick on their notebooks, pencil tins, mirrors, bags etc. They make a great budget gift idea for kids.

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