30 Gift Ideas for Kids Xmas Presents

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Christmas can be such a busy time of year and with so many gifts to buy it is not always easy to make good decisions. This is why we have come up with this list of Christmas gifts for kids. We have tried to pick out things that might be a bit different to the items that they may already have. Hopefully you will be able to find them something original and unique. You will also find that there is a range of different prices, which means that you should be able to easily find something that works within your budget too.

30 Ideal Options for Children’s Christmas Presents

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This is a fun camera for children. It is designed especially for children so it is easy to use and has a cute animal design. It is available in pink and blue and can take stills and record video’s. It has 12 megapixels and 1080p HD video with a 2.4 inch LCD display screen to view pictures and videos. It has a drop resistant design and is made from a soft silicon material.

This is a wireless portable microphone which is designed for kids karaoke sessions. It has LED lights at the top of the handle which will flicker with the rhythm of the music. If the volume is turned up higher the lights will be brighter. It also has voice changing modes; boy turns girl, girl turns boy, Warcraft and Loli. It is easy to hold with a comfortable handle. Can be connected to a phone using Bluetooth.

These funky walkie talkies have a 3km range so that children can chat to each other without needing to pay the cost of a mobile phone call. They come in a pair or trio with 8 channels and they even have an LED flashlight. They have a brightly coloured front and are easy to use with an ergonomic design for easy grip and are drop resistant for up to 1.2m.

This LCD writing tablet comes in a choice of pink or white. It allows children to draw with bright and thick lines and it has a coloured background to makes the pictures look really good. There is a lock switch to erase the picture when done, but before it is pressed it can be photographed with your phone to preserve the image. Can also be used for writing, maths and anything you would use a notebook for.

This is the board game ‘Articulate: The fast talking description game for kids’. The idea of the game is to describe a word without actually saying it. You are against the clock and other players have to guess the word. The words are child friendly, and are from categories such as nature, person, action, object, world and random and chosen for children between six and twelve years to be able to play easily. A fun game for all the family.

This is a remote control car which does all sorts of stunts. It has a firm structure so it is collision resistant and is shockproof. It has a lightweight body which will not break even if it falls some distance. It can go forwards and backwards and turn right or left with a 360 degree rotation and brake lights. It has a vacuum feature where it can drive vertically on walls or the ceiling.

This is a lovely boxed set of bath bombs. It contains nine 4.2oz bath bombs which have relaxing essential oils. They are handcrafted and each one has a unique scent: ocean, chrysanthemum, ylang, citrus, lavender, coconut, rose, eucalyptus and orange. They are individually wrapped so that the scents are preserved. They fizz in the bath which is great fun for children, and they are even suitable for vegans with no nasty parabens!

This is a construction set made up of colourful interlocking magic sticks. Kids can make all sorts of different items with them using the different shaped pieces which are – sticks, squares and triangles in a range of bright colours. They come in a handy carry box which is 20 x 15 x 10cm. The pieces are suitable for children over the age of three years old. The shapes can be joined together to make all sorts of things like a giant 3D jigsaw.


This is a handheld games console made by CZT. It has a 4.3 inch screen which is full colour and is backlit, which means that it can be played everywhere. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand and has control buttons on either side of the screen. It has built in stereo speakers, cables, camera and over 1200 games already installed and you can download more too if you wish.

These mermaid style make-up brushes are made by Girlzone. The set includes five professional make up brushes in different sizes, which all have multicoloured bristles and a handle which looks like a mermaids tail in a pretty pink, purple and blue colour. The brushes are for blusher, lips, highlighter, eyeshadow and powder and they are super soft. There is a mermaid style holder as well, which is blue and made of ceramic.

This is a hair chalk salon which has ten hair chalks in it. It comes in the colours silver glitter, dark pink, blue glitter, light pink, purple glitter, green, orange, yellow, red and light purple. They blend together or you can use them separately. They work really well on light hair as they are really vibrant colours. It washes out really easily with shampoo and water, when you are ready to return to your normal colour!

This is a fun glitter tattoo set. It has 24 tattoo stencils with things like hearts, fairies, crown, flowers and stars. It includes 6 pots of glitter which are in purple, pink, gold, silver, blue and green which are all metallic. It also includes two make up brushes which can be used to apply it easily to the skin. The tattoos are temporary so are easy to remove as well as being easy to apply.

These are LED gloves which flash with different colours in the fingers. They are great fun to wear and make it easy for children to be seen. They are breathable and stretchable and so are warm in the winter but not to warm for summer evenings. There is a button on the cuff which will change the mode for different colours and pattern settings. They fit children aged 3 and upwards. They come with batteries inside which can be replaced.

This is a large doodle mat which can be activated with a water pen. The water activates the colour in the mat which means that it can be used to draw pictures on it. As it dries the pictures fade away and it can be used again. It is a large 75cm x 75cm mat which is suitable for children from the age of 18 months to play on. It gives toddlers all the fun they would get from painting but with none of the mess!

This night light is in the shape of a dog. It is made from BPS free plastic which means that it is safe for children. It looks like a puppy and can be used as a table lamp or a night light. There is a bright light and low light setting.  It is an LED light so is power saving too and has a USB charging port so that it can easily be charged up. The light comes from the face and it is adjustable, so it can shine in the right direction.

This is a princess dress for girls ages 11-12. It is available in blue or pink and has thin lace sleeves which are half length and a full skirt which is full length. It has a bow on the waist and a zipper on the back which is hidden. It is made from polyester with tulle skirt and lots of layers in a tutu style. Great for parties, weddings, dressing up and other fun occasions.

This Disney villains purse includes Cruella Deville, Maleficent and Ursula the Sea Witch from 101 Dalmatians, SleepingBeauty and The Little Mermaid. It has a smart black background and under the three pictures it says ‘You can’t get something from nothing, you know’.  Inside there are different sections for cards and notes as well as coins and a zipped section in the middle. It is made from 100% polyester with strong stitching and a sturdy zip.

This is a fun science kit for primary school children. It includes a washable white coat and goggles, so they can look the part and has step by step instructions to do all sorts of fun activities. Also included is a name badge, test tubes with stand, 4 eye droppers, 3 funnels, 5 measuring spoons, 1 measuring cup, 1 plastic beaker, 1 magnifier and activity cards book. For children aged 5-11.

This is a set of 30 gel pens. They have all sorts of colours and include glitter, metallic, pastel and neon pens. They come in a sturdy carry case to keep them neat and tidy and so they are easy to carry around. They are non-toxic so suitable for children to use and they are smooth, so writes easily on all sorts of paper. A fun pack for any artistic children.

This is a play mat which has a piano in it. It has keys printed on it and it can be used by babies to crawl on and older children to make tunes. There are 8 instrument modes (piano, violin, accordion, trumpet, xylophone, clarinet, bass and flute) and 4 function keys which can change the volume, sound effect, record a song and play it back. Just needs 3 AAA batteries and can easily be carried around. Comes with a xylophone toy.

These press on nails would make a great gift for girls. There are 120 in total with different designs. They are suitable for children over the age of 5 and they are pre glued and easy to apply. There is no need for polish afterwards. They are acrylic and come in different sizes to fit different nails. There are different patterns such as spots, cats, unicorn and patterned all in pastel colours, mainly pink and some in red.

This is a printed pyjama set with a Christmas theme. It is full of patterns such as reindeer, hearts and stripes in red, white and green. They come in sizes suitable for 2-12 year olds. There are other designs available as well if you would rather something that is not such a Christmassy pattern. They have elasticated cuffs and ankles to keep them comfortably in place and they are 100% cotton.

This flying drone is hand operated so does not need a remote control. It has a LED sensor so it can hover and has collision protection. It has 5 sensors and is omnidirectional and rotates at 360 degrees. It is just thrown gently in the air and flies automatically and is really easy to control. Is suitable for children from the age of five years and upwards. It uses a rechargeable battery which charges in 40 minutes and lasts for 5 minutes.

This cute money box is in the shape of a steam train. It measures 17 x 13 x 5cm and is made of wood. It has a coin slot in the top and you can remove the engine cover to retrieve the coins from inside. The train has cute eyes on it and a plaque which says ‘my money box’ on it. It is a great way to encourage children to save up their money and it will make a nice ornament as well in their bedroom.

This is a watch with a blue strap with footballs, whistles, boots and goal nets on it. It is a great way to help to encourage children to learn to tell the time. The strap is really comfortable and durable as well as being easy to clean. It is adjustable too so is suitable for children aged 3-8 years old. It helps with telling the time as it says ‘past’, ‘half’ and ‘to’ on it.

This is a fun set of colourful beads. The beads can be used to make all sorts of colourful jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The beads are in different shapes and sizes as well as mixed bright colours. They come in a container which has 24 compartments for sorting the beads into. It also includes 10m of stretchy elastic, safety scissors, accessories, hair hoop and instructions. Suitable for children aged six and above.

This is a secret diary with a unicorn design on the front. The unicorn is made from reversible sequins and can change colour. It comes with a pen and unicorn stickers. The pen writes secret messages and they can only be read using the light on the pen which means that the girls can have lots of fun with secret codes or leaving messages for people.  This makes it a great fun item and also be useful as a diary or notebook.

This Apple iPad would make an amazing gift for any child. It has front and back cameras and stereo speakers. It has up to 10 hours of battery life and a 10.2 inch display. It has a fingerprint sensor and Apple Pay.  It comes with a lightning connector for charging and accessories. Support for smart keyboard and apple pencil. It is available in –  space grey, silver or gold and is 128GB and has wi-fi.

This is a magic clay set. It contains 24 pots of clay in different colours with all sorts of accessories to make things with it, as well as an instruction booklet. It contains tools and accessories, so that you can easily shape the clay and make different animal figures. The clay air dries in 24 hours so once you have modelled the item you can then leave it to dry and it will become hard.

This is a fun pogo stick which is for boys or girls aged three years and upwards. It comes in a choice of blue, navy blue, orange or red. It has comfortable handles and a cushioned base made from a light foam material. It can be used inside or outside and will not leave marks on any floor. It is a great fun for children to keep fit and has a squeaker in the base to make a funny sound as they hop.

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