35 Presents for Leaving Co-Workers

Updated on March 2nd, 2021
By Eve
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When a colleague is leaving work, it is likely that they will have some sort of leaving gift given to them. Whether the team get together and buy something or individuals buy them gifts there is likely to be some sort of presentation. Often some flowers and a bottle of something might be bought, but you might want to see whether there is something different that you can buy. If this is the case, then you might find this list helpful. We have put together a selection of items, that are quite varied and different prices to make it easier for you to find the right thing.

35 Gift Ideas for Colleagues Who Are Leaving

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Mugs make great gifts as they can be very useful to use at home or to take to the next job. This one is funny as well. It says on it ‘good luck finding better colleagues than us’ with a smiley face. It is made from white ceramic and has black print on it. It is a 10oz mug, so a decent size and it is dishwasher and microwave safe so extremely convenient too.

A makeup bag can be a useful gift to have, for storing makeup or toiletries, art materials or collectables. This one is 100% cotton in a natural colour and it measures 9 x 7 x 2.6 inches. It has a sturdy black zip and a floral pattern on it. It also says ‘A wise woman once said “I’m outta here” and she lived happily ever after’. A great gift for someone with a good sense of humour.

If you are close to the person that is leaving then this sentimental wooden plaque could make a good gift. It says on it ‘chance made us colleagues but the fun & laughter we share made us friends’. It is a cute 10 x 10 cm in size and a heart shape. It has a hanging loop so can be displayed easily and could also be put around the neck of a bottle or used as a gift tag on a present.

It can be hard saying goodbye to a colleague and this bracelet will show them that you will miss them. It is a silver-plated bracelet with 5mm beads and a stretch cord with a heart pendant on it. Everything is E-coated so that it will not tarnish. It comes on a card which says ‘it is sad you are leaving you will be missed x’ on it and that comes inside a gift box.

Funny gifts can be good ones to give if the recipient has a good sense of humour. This mug and keyring both say ‘good luck finding better coworkers than us!’ on them. The mug is white with black print, it is 11oz and made of ceramic. The keyring is made of stainless steel so it will not tarnish and it has a second pendant which is heart-shaped and says ‘thank you’ on it.

Novelty gifts can be fun and this one is an organza bag filled with tiny items. It has thirteen little things inside it and they are all symbolic and make up the ‘sorry you’re leaving kit’. Attached to the red ribbon that secures the bag, there is a card which explains the significance of all of the items in the bag. It makes a fun and sentimental gift at a good price.

Candles can make lovely gifts and this one looks good. It is by La Jolie Muse and is jasmine blossom scented. It comes in a glass jar with an elegant lid. It is 9 x 9 x 13cm in size and is made from soy wax which burns cleanly and is cruelty-free. The jasmine fragrance is thought to be a natural remedy for stress. It comes in a white box with a black ribbon.

Notebooks can be extremely useful and this one is very naughty as well which will make some people laugh. It says on the front of it ‘new job w****r’. It has a pale blue cover with matching elastic to hold it closed and has a soft feel to it. It is A5 size (140 x 210) and has 80 pages inside which are lined and are 80gsm. Perfect for a colleague with a sense of humour!

Stationery can be a handy gift to give, particularly if the person is moving to a job where they will need it. This tape dispenser will certainly make an impression in a new job. It also handily holds post-it notes, paperclips and pens. It is called ‘The Butt’ and is shaped like a person sitting on a loo and they are holding the tape in their hands with a pen in their mouth.

Prints can be a lovely idea to give and this one has a tree design with owls sitting on it. On the left-hand side names can be listed, so all the team members names. On the right, a personal message can be printed on behalf of the team. It can have up to 50 names but left blank if required. It is all ready for framing when it arrives and there are different size options so you can pick a size that you can easily buy a frame for.

Travel mugs can be very handy as an alternative to disposable cups. This one is made from stainless steel so is a silver colour and says ‘Good Luck finding better colleagues than us’ on it. It has a plastic base, handle and lid so it can be used without burning and it fits into most car cup holders. It is designed to keep the warm drink inside hot for a long time.

If the person that you are buying for likes ornamental objects then they may like this glass friendship ball. It has a tree of life inside it and is 10 x 10cm in size. It has a white ribbon on it to hang it up so that it can be hung in the window to create pretty patterns in the room. The tree has brown trunk and leaves and the ball comes with a note which explains it is to celebrate a new chapter in life.

Candles can make lovely gifts and this boxed set with a pretty ribbon would make a very fitting leaving present. Inside the box, there are three tins which contain candles, each with a different scent and a different coloured tin. There are clean cotton, spa serenity and twinkledust jasmine scents and each has a pretty tin and interesting design. They will burn for up to 24 hours each, so will last well.

You will need to be buying for someone with a very good sense of humour to give them this mug! It says on it ‘By leaving you’ve proved that God does listen to our prayers’. It is a white ceramic mug and has the print on both sides so it is suitable for left and right-handed people. It is 10oz in size and is dishwasher safe. It comes in a polystyrene box inside a cardboard box.

Diaries can be great gifts as they are useful and this 5-year diary has a decorative cover as well. It is A5 size and has a cream cover which is made from faux leather with motivational messages on it. It has six ring binding as well as multiple pockets for storing cards, pens and documents. Each page has the date at the top and then space for five years worth of notes, so you can look back at what you were doing in previous years.

People moving on to new things could very much benefit from inspiration and motivation. Therefore this positive thinking jar could be a great gift. Inside there are kind and humorous quotations on pieces of paper inside the jar and there is one for each day of the month (plus extra, 31 in total). The jar is 98mm x 85mm with a twist lid that says ‘positive thinking’ on it and comes in a gift box.

A bangle can make a lovely gift and this one has a selection of pendants on it. There is a large round one which says ‘an amazing coworker is hard to find difficult to part with and impossible to forget’ and there is a heart, pearl and fleur de lees design pendant as well. The bangle can be adjusted in size and comes in a jewellery pouch so is ready to give away.

Pens can make extremely useful gifts. This one is made by Scriveiner and it is a rollerball pen which is black and gold. The pen is brass with black lacquer and  24k gold in places. It uses Schmidt liquid ink which means that the pen glides really smoothly so feels like a fountain pen but it has the convenience of a ballpen. It comes in an elegant gift box with a refill.

Cute gifts can be a lot of fun to give and this one would be great for cat loves. It is a sticky pad dispenser which is a cute cat. It can sit on a desk and allow you to easily take off one post-it at a time from the pad in it. It takes 76 x 76mm z-notes and there is a set, in a poppy colour, included with it. Great for using at home or at work.

Forget-me-not plants are very cute and pretty and this set, allows someone to grow some and makes for a sentimental leaving gift. It is a kit which contains a packet of seeds, starter plant pot, compost disc and a plant marker. The flowers have a very pretty blue colour and they are small and delicate. It comes in a gift box, which means that it is easy to wrap up before giving away.

Mugs can be handy to take to a new job or to use at home. This one is fun as it says ‘Goodbye things won’t be sane without you’ on it with a picture of a waving beaver. It is a white ceramic mug which is printed on both sides so suitable for left and right-handed people. It is dishwasher and microwave safe as well which means that it is very convenient to use.

Novelty gifts can be a big hit with some people and beer drinkers might really like this gift. It is a beer glass with strobing light functions. It is made from plastic and is 24.9 x 8.9 x 9.1cm in size. It is a full pint glass with the slim shape of a Pilsner glass. There are four light functions and you can set them using the on-off switch on the base so make sure that you do it before filling it with a drink!

Notebooks can be handy things to own and this one is funny as it says ‘I will miss emailing you from 5 feet away’ on the black cover in bright white writing. It is a 120-page book with a matte cover and the pages are lined. It will therefore be useful to use as a journal, diary or just general notebook for using at work, college or at home.

Portfolios can be useful items to keep things organised. This one is made of leather and has a sturdy zip fastening. Inside there is room for a pad of A4 paper as well as pens, an ipad (with tabs to keep it secure), phone and business cards. There are handy pockets and slots to help to keep everything organised. On the outside is a pocket that will hold an 11 x 7-inch tablet.

Someone that drinks whisky will really appreciate this set. It has two crystal whiskey glasses, whiskey stones and tweezers. There are 8 stones which are reusable and they are made of stainless steel. They just need to be put into the freezer for 3-4 hours and used as ice cubes but do not dilute the drink as ice cubes will. They come in an elegant black box ready to give away.

If the person you are buying for drinks wine, then they may appreciate this wine glass, It is stemless so designed like a tumbler but is 15oz in size. It is engraved with ‘chance made us colleagues but the fun and laughter made us friends’ and has some hearts on it too. It is dishwasher safe and the ink on it is fired at such a high temperature that they will not fade.

Personalised items can make thoughtful gifts and this is handy too. It is a leather-covered notebook which can have a  message or name put on the front of it. It comes in a choice of colours and is A5 size with a buckle closure. It has lined memo pages inside so useful for all sorts of note-taking. It has a page market as well and looks smart and stylish.

Desktop organisers can be a useful thing to buy someone and this one is decorative as well. It has a pen pot but also a sculpture of someone playing the saxophone on it. It is made from metal so is durable and measures 4.75 x 5.25 x 2.5 inches. It is modern in style and will certainly be a talking point whether on a desk at work or at home.

Stationery gifts can be very useful and this set can also be engraved with a message of your choice. The set comes in black, blue, red or silver and has a pen and mechanical pencil which match in a presentation box. You can choose to have just the case or just the pencil/pen or both engraved. The pen writes with black ink and the insert can be refilled when it runs out.

If the person that you are buying for likes ornamental things then this engraved glass could be a good gift idea, You can have your own message put on it. It is designed for someone retiring as it says ‘on your retirement’ at the top and then any message can be engraved below. It is 17cm x 15cm in size and comes on a glass stand. It comes inside a red gift box which is silk lined.

If the person you are buying for reads then you might like to buy them this handy bookmark which also makes a great keepsake. It is a silver coloured feather with a chain attached that has a 3D butterfly and a glass pendant with flowers inside. It measures 11.5 x 2.3cm and will make any book look really pretty. There are different colours available as well.  It comes in a pretty gift box.

Keyrings can make good keepsakes, can be used as bag charms or with keys. This one has three pendants on it. One is round and says ‘An amazing coworker is hard to find difficult to part with and impossible to forget’ and there is a heart-shaped pendant and a pearl pendant as well. It is made of stainless steel which means that it is durable and will not rust. Comes in a velvet jewellery bag.

Candles can make great gifts and this is a pack of four candles in tins. Each tin has a different intricate design which is brightly coloured. The candles have different scents as well – lilac, lotus, gardenia and jasmine. They are made from soy wax which means that they are smokeless and clean. Once the candle has burned the tin can be reused for other things. They come in a pretty gift box decorated with the same patterns as the candles.

Planners and diaries are really popular at the moment and this 6-minute diary can make a great gift. It comes with a choice of cover colours and it is undated. The idea is that you use it for three minutes at each end of the day and use it for mindfulness and gratitude. It has a 70-page introduction as well, explaining how it works. It has exercises and prompts to help you to improve your thinking.

Glasses can make great gifts as most people drink these days. This one is a large glass which is long-stemmed and could be used for wine, gin or other drinks. It can be personalised with a message which means that an appropriate message for the person that is leaving can be put on it. It is a 23oz glass and is sturdy. It is permanently engraved so can go in the dishwasher without impacting the message. It comes in a box.

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