29 Gift Ideas for Anyone Who Loves Leeds United

Updated on May 12th, 2021
By Lewis
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If you are buying a gift for a Leeds United fan, then you may be looking for some ideas. You might want something unique, personalised, fun, useful or cheap and may just not know where to look. We can help though as we have compiled a list of suggestions that we feel will be really attractive to Leeds United fans. We hope that you are able to find the right gift on the list that will suit the person that you are buying for and will fit in with your budget as well. There is a lot to choose from and we are confident that you will!

29 Presents for Leeds Utd Supporters

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Books can make great gifts and a Leeds United fan will enjoy this book by Dave Tomlinson which is a history of the team. It includes a history of the team from when it was founded to the present day with information from players, supporters, owners and locals to add to the social context and how the club has made an impact on the local community. It makes for an interesting read for fans of the team.

Fans of Leeds United will love to have a go at this quiz book which will test their knowledge of the team. It will add to their knowledge as well as it has the answers so they will be able to look them up and learn things so they can show off in the future! There are sections of different players, transfers and certain competitions as well as many other things with 600 questions in total.

A print can be a great gift as it is something that can be admired every day. This one is of Elland Road stadium and it comes in a selection of different sizes. Each is printed on 280gsm card which is high quality. The picture is a pencil sketch with fine liner pen highlights. It comes unframed so you can choose a mount and frame of your choice that you feel will match the best.

A pint glass is a great gift idea for someone that drink pints, whether they drink alcohol or soft drinks. This one has a Leeds crest on it and space for a name so that it can be personalised. The text is bright white so that it stands out from the glass. It has a simple conical design and it is good quality and is dishwasher safe. It is official and fully licensed merchandise.

Notebooks are really useful and this one has a Leeds United design on the front so is great for fans of the club. It has 120 lined pages which means that it is ideal for notes, using as a diary or journal or lists. It would be great for kids to use at school or college or for adults to use at university or work or just for use at home.

Scarves are something that football fans really like. This one is a retro-style Leeds United one as it is white with stripes that are blue and yellow and it has blue tassels in a double fringe design. It is made from 100% acrylic and is therefore soft to wear. It measures 145cm x 20cm in size and is also available in a few other colour options – blue or yellow.

A street sign can be a fun gift to give. This one is white and has a black border with ‘Elland Road LS11’ on it. It is made from metal and it is 30 x 20cm in size. It has holes in each corner so that it can be easily hung up on a wall. The sides are turned in so that there are no sharp edges. Would look good in a fans bedroom, men’s den, bar area or anywhere else in the house.

A face mask is something that many of us have to wear, perhaps even on a daily basis. It may not be much fun but you can make it better by using one of these personalised Leeds masks. It is blue with the club logo and you can have your name put on it too. It comes in a medium or large size and it is machine washable. It has a double layer with space for a filter.

James Butler has written this book of ‘100 years of Leeds United Managers’ which could be of great interest to fans. It has a history of the club through the eyes of the 36 different managers that have worked for them. There are interviews with some and lots of highlights as well as challenges described in this exciting book. It is a hardcover and would appeal to fans of the team.

This book by Phil Hay describes how Leeds United was reborn under the leadership of Marcelo Bielsa. It documents the events that happened since he was taken on in 2018 and how he pulled the team back into the Premier League making them a more dynamic, entertaining and professional team. It explains some of the techniques that he used as well as the difference that they made and the cultural impact that he has had.

Word searches can be lots of fun and fans of Leeds will find this one even more fun. It has puzzles based on team line ups and things like that that can be found in the grids. It has large print as well, meaning that it is suitable for most people to be able to have a go at. The grids are capital letters which means that they are more difficult than some books so they will provide lots of entertainment.

Mugs can make useful gifts and this one is funny as well. It has ‘Mr Leeds’ on it in a Mr Men style. It shows a yellow character in the Leeds kit with a football on it. The mug is white with a black rim and handle and says ‘Mr Leeds’ inside as well. It is dishwasher and microwave proof and it comes gift boxed so is all ready to give away.

Pint tankards can make a good gift and this one has a sturdy handle and heavy base. It also has the Leeds crest printed on it and you can have a name put on it as well (forename and surname). It is 16cm wide, 15cm high and 10cm deep. It is dishwasher safe so is easy to keep clean and is a fully licensed official Leeds United FC product.

Lamps can make useful gifts and this one lights up to look like a 3D football. It is, therefore, a great gift for any football fan. It can run off batteries or a USB cable and has LED lights. It has a remote control so that you can choose the colour of light as well as the mode and so you can easily make it the colour of your favourite team.

A funny mug can be a great gift for someone with a sense of humour. This one is white and in bold black writing says ‘I support Leeds and this is the only cup we are getting this year’. It is 11oz in size and has a high gloss finish. It is microwave and dishwasher safe and the printing is high quality and therefore will not fade or crack. It comes in a box.

Fans of Leeds United will be interested in the biography of the club. The book is written by Rob Bagchi and has a history of the club aimed to educate and inform but also to entertain and aimed at new and old supporters. It has stories about managers, players and the money men and includes all of the ups and the downs that have taken place over the years.

This book is by Louise Speed about her husband, Gary Speed who died in 2011. It has information about early days with his wife as well as from his parents and there are lots of contributions from famous names recalling his best and most memorable football moments as well as how they felt when they heard about his death. It is an emotional and interesting account of a legend of the game.

Collectable items can be lovely things to give and this book is put together from newspaper headlines and more detailed articles and pictures about Leeds United. It is beautifully bound in hardback and it has information from 1920 – 2020 with the most memorable moments in the club’s history. It can even be personalised with a name on the cover. There is also the option to purchase with a gift box.

Most of us like to laugh and Leeds fans will enjoy this funny book. It is ‘The Funniest Leeds Quotes…Ever!’ by Gordon Law. It has over 250 side-splitting quotes and quips, which were said by team members and managers over the years. It should be a book which will entertain and give the reader a repertoire of funny quotes that they can share with their fellow fans to make them smile.

Dave Tomlinson has penned this book called ‘Dirty Leeds: The First Title: Don Revie, Gharry Reynolds and the Team of the Sixties’. It discusses this successful partnership and how it led the club to move from being small and dreary to being semi-finalists, finalists and champions within five years. It is the fourth Leeds United book by this author. It is available in a paperback or a Kindle edition.

Water bottles are really handy things to own. This is a slimline double insulated water bottle in white which holds 500ml and has a vacuum cap. It is 7cm wide, 27cm high and 7cm deep. It can have a surname and number printed on it to make it look like a shirt and it has the Leeds crest on it too. It is an officially licensed Leeds United FC bottle.

Kids who are fans of Leeds will enjoy this word search book. It has all sorts of grids which they can use to search for the names of players that have played over the years. It includes lists of players and the managers from the last 20 seasons to be found in the grids. Kids love word searches and this will keep them quiet when you need to have a peaceful few minutes!

Joke books can be great fun and this book is ‘The best ever book of Leeds United Jokes: Lots and Lots of Jokes Specially Repurposed for You Know Who’. They are all old jokes which have been repurposed to include either Leeds fans or players in them. Fans will enjoy seeing the funny side of them and they will enjoy all of these old classics whether they are young or old.

Mugs can be very useful but they do not have to be boring. Leeds United fans will like this mug which is white with a print of the Elland Road stadium on it which wraps right around the mug. It has a high definition colour and is dishwasher safe and UV resistant as well. It is 9cm high and 8cm in diameter so a good size for a decent cup of tea or coffee.

Football programmes can be collectable and this is a poster of the front of a programme from the Arsenal vs Leeds Match at Webley in 1972 for the FA Cup. It is A3 size so 420 x 297mm in size and it comes framed in a sleek A3 polycarbonate frame which looks good with the matt mount. It is lightweight but good quality so will be easy to hang up.

Don Gillan has put together this Leeds United Season Scrapbook. It has an account of the team from when they started, to how they came up through the ranks. It covers 1919/20 and 1920/21 when they made there most remarkable progress with match reports and stats for every league and cup match. It is a very important time in their history so a must-read for all fans of the team, whatever their age.

Personalised items can be fun and this photo is a great way to give a fun personalised gift. It is a picture of a changing room with Leeds united kit and you can personalise the centre shirt with any name and number to suit the person that you are buying it for. It is 30.6cm x 25.4cm and comes in a card presentation folder. It is fully licensed and approved by Leeds United FC.

Ian Ross has written this book which is called ‘Leeds United: The Return to Glory’. It is an account of Leeds United’s 1992 League Championship season which culminated in their victory in the penultimate game. It is a book that will appeal to fans of all ages and will be a fun and entertaining read to remind them of that exciting time in the team’s history. It is a paperback book.

Any Leeds fan will love to celebrate their victories and they can do so with this mug. It is white with a blue background print that has a picture of a cup and says ‘Leeds championship winners 2019-2020’ on it. It is 11oz in size so a decent size for a good drink. The design is printed on both sides and it is microwave and dishwasher proof. Will make a very welcome gift to a fan.

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