25 Gift Ideas for Little Mix Fans of All Ages

By Lewis
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It could be the case that you need to look for gifts for Little Mix fans and would like to buy them something that they would really like. However, if you are not a fan yourself or have not looked for this sort of thing, then you might wonder what you should be considering and what sorts of items might be appropriate to buy for them. We have therefore decided to help by coming up with a list of items that we think fans of the girl band will really like. There is a mix of items and so there will be something for people with different tastes as well as different budgets.

25 Presents for Little Mix Fans

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Bedding can be a practical gift to give but if it has a nice design then everyone will really like to get it. This set comes in single or double and has a picture of the four original members of Little Mix on it. The set is made from 80% polyester and 20% cotton and is nice and soft and comfortable. It is machine washable and can go in the tumble dryer.

Water bottles are really handy and a great alternative to disposable plastic. This one has a picture of Little Mix on it. It is 500ml in size and has a sports cap and one with a loop in for a karabiner so that it can be attached to a bag or a belt. It will be great for using for school, the gym, while out walking cycling, at exercise classes or just for general use.

Calendars are useful for marking important dates on them, but they can also have lovely pictures on as well. This one is the official 2021 calendar for Little Mix. It, therefore, has pictures of the band on it. It is an A3 size wall calendar and each month has a picture of one or all four members of the band with a date panel that you can write on with appointments and birthdays.

Fleecy blankets can be lovely items to curl up under or to put on a bed. This one has a pink and white leopard print on it and says ‘Little Mix’ in black with a black triangle below it. It is 100% polyester and measures 100cm x 150cm in size. It can be cleaned in the washing machine and put in the tumble dryer so is really easy to keep in great condition.

T-shirts are always useful gifts to receive and Little Mix fans will enjoy getting this one as it has the name of the group and their name on it. It is white with a black and pink design on it. It comes in sizes medium – extra large in a cut for women. It has short-sleeves and is made from 100% cotton so is really comfortable to wear and will wash nicely as well.

Towels are always useful items to own and this one has a fun design as well. It has a black and white photo of Little Mix on it. It is 70 x 140cm in size so pretty big and will wrap around someone and is made from 100% cotton. This means that it is soft when being used and it is also machine washable so very easy to keep clean. It is an officially licensed product.

If you are looking for a budget gift then this bracelet pack could be a good idea. It contains three silicone bracelets which are purple, pink and blue. They all say ‘Little Mix’ on them in capital letters and have a heart on them as well. Young fans of the group will really enjoy wearing them to show how much they like them and they may want to share them with their friends as well.

Anyone that wants to know more about Little Mix will enjoy reading their autobiography which is called ‘Our World’. It tells the behind the scenes story of their personal lives and their success. They discuss how it felt to achieve great things as well as the lows and includes information about their relationships as well as their own close friendship and their hopes for the future and even gives style advice.

If you are buying someone Little Mix concert tickets then this cad can be the best way to give them to them It says at the top ‘Little Mix Enjoy the Concert [name]’ and underneath there is a picture of the group. Imagine what their face will look like as they read the wording and realise that when they open the card there will be concert tickets inside! Comes with an envelope.

Fans of Little Mix may like to have a poster that they can hang up on their wall. This one is A3 size which means that it is a handy size for framing but could also be stuck directly to the wall. The picture shows the four original members of the group standing together in front of a red wall and says ‘Girls Rule! Little Mix’ on the top of it.

Signed items can be great to give but they can be really expensive. This is a print so although the signatures are copies they are still authentic. It has a picture of the four members of Little Mix with a signature above each one and a white background. It is in a black frame and is 8 x 10 inches in size. It is printed on 250gsm high-quality glossy photo paper.

iPhone cases are really useful for protecting a phone and this one has a choice of pictures of Little Mix on it – either all four girls or just one of them. It comes in sizes suitable for different phones, you will have to select the phone type and picture that you want. It is scratch-resistant and protects the phone from drops, scratches and dust. It is lightweight and slim.

Mugs are always useful and Little Mix fans will enjoy using this one as it has an image of the group on both sides so is suitable for left or right handed people. It is an 11oz ceramic mug that is white with an ergonomic handle. It is dishwasher resistant so is easy to keep clean. It comes in a box, so easy to wrap up before giving it away as a gift.

Each member of Little Mix has an eyeshadow in this range by Dazzle by Me and you can pick which you like. Jade’s is khaki green, Jesy’s is golden, Leigh-Anne’s is also golden and Perries is shimmery and they are all distinctly different colours. It can be used dry as eye shadow but on a wet brush it can be used as eyeliner. Each pot is 26 x 30 x 30 mm in size.

Clocks can be fun things to own and this one is made from a CD. On the surface of the CD, a picture of Little Mix has been printed. The quartz movement clock has been added on to it. It comes with a stand so that it can be placed on a bedside table or desk more easily. It is 12cm in size. It will need a AA battery to make it work, which is not included.

If the person you are buying for likes to wear lipstick then they might like one of these from the Little Mix range. There are four options, one for each member of the group. They all have a matte finish and you can get Jade’s nude, Jesy’s red, Leigh Anne’s dark red or Perrie’s purple. Alternatively, you could get all four so the recipient can try out lots of different looks.

Mugs are useful but there is no reason why they should not be fun too. The white mug is 110z and has a heart on it with the band pictured inside it and says ‘Little Mix’ underneath and has a little heart above the picture with ‘LM’ in it. It is official merchandise and is high quality with bright print and comes in a branded box which makes it nice and easy to wrap up.

Mascara can make a great gift and this one has a Little Mix theme. It is Jesy’s volumising mascara and it is black and there is 8nl in the tube. It will allow fans of the band to get volumized lashes just like Jesy has. It is not too heavy or clumpy which makes it good for children to use as well as adults. It comes in a black bottle with Jesy’s boombox logo on it.

Most people like a cake when it is their birthday and if they are fans of Little Mix then they will love this cake topper. It has a photo of the group standing in front of some balloons on it and says ‘Happy [age]th birthday [name]’ on it. You just have to supply the name and age and it will be printed with that personal information on it. It is made from edible icing and is pre-cut ready for use and 7.5 inches in diameter.

Keyrings can be useful for putting on keys but they also make good bag charms. This one will be popular with Little Mix fans as it has a picture of the group on it. It is an acrylic keyring and the picture is inside so it is protected there. The keyring is 50mm x 35mm. It makes a great budget gift to pop in with a card or to give alongside another present.

Nail wraps can be a great way to make nails look pretty and elegant. This is a set created by Elegant Touch and they have Leigh Anne from Little Mix on the packaging. Each of the nail wraps is a different design and they are great fun to use. They are long-lasting and they do not need time to dry so they are a great alternative to nail polish and they are more detailed and interesting as well.

Sometimes song words can be very inspirational and these Little Mix words certainly are. They say ‘Spread your wings my little butterfly’ and this item is a sticker for putting on walls with these words as well as butterflies on it. It comes in a medium or large size of 105 x 41cm and 135 x 56cm. It comes on a sheet and you can cut it out and then arrange the words and butterflies as you wish.

A compact mirror can be a handy thing to pop in a bag, desk drawer or even in a bedroom. Little Mix fans will like this one as it has a picture of the girls on the top of it. The picture is very bright and vibrant and shows the girls sitting on chairs in a row. It is quite small at 7 x 7 cm in size but it will mean that it is more convenient to carry about and will fit in the smallest of bags or even in a pocket.

Little Mix fans will enjoy receiving this photo. It is a photo of the girls and each picture has the girl’s printed signatures by them. The picture is on a black mount and underneath there is a plate with the band’s name on it. It is professionally put together and is 10 x 8 which means that it will be easy to find a frame the right size to put it in. The black mount is 1.5mm thick and bevelled.

T-shirts can be very useful gifts as most people wear them. This one is black with short-sleeves and is a large women’s size. On the front, it says ‘Little Mix Glory Days’ and has a picture of the four original group members. It is made from 100% cotton which means that it is really soft to wear and will feel comfortable as well as being easy to wash. It is an official product.

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