33 Luxury Gift Ideas for Women Who Have Everything

Updated on April 20th, 2021
By Lewis
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If you are looking to treat a special lady to a luxury gift then you might find this list handy. It contains a big selection of items that will make lovely gifts for women but have a luxurious touch to them. This means that they can be suitable for special celebrations where something is needed that will stand out and really make the woman feel that you have spoiled her. There are lots of different things as we know that women have different tastes in things and gift buyers have different budgets. Hopefully, it will mean that they will be at least one gift idea for everyone.

Luxurious Gifts and Presents for Women

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If you are looking for toiletries then this boxed set of Rituals branded products could suit you. It includes a 6.7 fl oz foaming shower gel with an indian rose and sweet almond oil scent, 10.1fl oz hand wash with an Indian rose and sweet almond oil scent, 2.3 fl oz body cream with an Indian rose and Himalaya honey scent and a 4.4 fl oz salt scrub with sweet almond oil and Indian rose scent. They come together in a pretty box.

Vegans will appreciate this cruelty-free pamper box. It contains all sorts of lovely items that they will enjoy spoiling themselves with. There is 200ml moisturising body butter, 50ml rejuvenating clay mask, 200g exfoliating body scrub, moisturising hand pack, revitalising foot pack, conditioning hair mask, calming eye kit, tea light candles, do not disturb sign and body puff. They come together in a box ready to send straight to the recipient.

Women will enjoy being spoiled with this Winter in Venice themed gift set. It contains a selection of products which are all presented in a jewellery box which can be used afterwards. The items inside are a 345ml shower gel, 345ml body lotion, 190ml bath soak, 190ml hand cream, 200g bath salts and a 25g rose bath puff. The jewellery box is cream in colour. It all comes together tied with a ribbon.

A special box of chocolates can make any person feel really special. This box contains 36 special chocolate truffles. There are different flavours so there is a chance that everyone’s favourites will be included. There are four of each flavour and they are tahini, cappuccino bitter, cappuccino milk, ganache, hearts with pistachio, trio whole hazelnut, honey flavour, mini hearts milky and almond special milky. They come in a pretty box.

Luxurious facial products can make great gifts. This one from Elizabeth Arden is an eight-hour miracle spray. It is designed for dry skin and is a silky oil that will hydrate and add moisture to the face and hair as well as other parts of the body. It has a light floral fragrance and a lovely texture. It is designed to be used after a shower and rubbed into the body and patted onto the face and neck.

A spa in a box can make a lovely pamper gift. This box contains a selection of products in a reusable hatbox which could be used to store hats or other accessories. Inside there is a pair of slippers, loofah, scrubbing brush, bubble bath, bath salts, shower gel and body lotion all with a vanilla berry fragrance. The products have a moisture-locking formula which hydrate and soothe thirsty skin.

Travel products can be useful things to give as gifts and this Molten Brown set has a luxurious feel. It contains mini bottles of fiery pink pepper bath and shower gel, fiery pink pepper body lotion, jasmine and sun rose bath and shower gel, jasmine and sun rose body lotion, suede orris bath and shower gel, suede orris body lotion, delicious rhubarb and rose bath and shower gel & delicious rhubarb and rose body lotion. They all come in a pretty wash bag.

Rituals have put together a lovely pamper set. There is a balancing body cream with Indian rose and Himalayan honey, harmonising foaming shower gel with Indian rose and sweet almond oil, softening exfoliate scrub with Himalayan salt and a reed diffuser. They all come together in an elegant white and red gift box so you will not need to wrap them and can send them directly to the recipient if you wish.

Bath bombs are a great way for someone to enjoy their bath and have a relaxing soak. This set contains 12 different bath bombs in a pretty wooden box with a buckle. They are all tennis ball sizes and individually wrapped to preserve the scent. There are rose, ocean, lily, citrus, grapefruit, mint, lemon, chamomile, grape, rosemary, green tea and coconut scents to them and they are all different pretty colours.

Relaxation is a really important part of life and this soft Sherpa fleece oversized hoodie will allow anyone to feel really cosy. It is like a blanket that you can wear and it is a blush pink colour but there are other colour options. It is one size and should fit people of all shapes and sizes. It has elastic cuffs and a two-sided giant pocket to put things in.

Having a relaxing bath can make a great treat and this is a luxury ballotin box containing six bath mallows and creamers. They melt in the bath and release their essential oils and butters. The set has a rose bath creamer, rosebud buttercup, purple daisy bath mallow, marigold bath creamer, pink bath gem and a jade bath gem. They come in a pretty gift-wrapped box with a ribbon. There are alternative scent packs available.

Chocolate can make a lovely gift and this luxury tasting box of Green and Black’s organic chocolate will make anyone feel special. It features a selection of bars in small sizes to sample. There is a 70% dark chocolate 35g and the others are smaller at 15g each – white chocolate, dark 85%, toffee, ginger, almond, sea salt, milk, hazelnut, dark 70%, dark 85%, hazelnut & currant and butterscotch. Allows the whole range to be sampled.

A mixed set of pampering items can make a great gift. This set has a 25g milk of the Gods chocolate bar, 25g luscious orange chocolate, popcorn shed cookies and cream, two pairs of ladies popcorn socks for bedtime and relaxing in a pink, blue and white colour size 4-7, Himalayan crystal bath salts, cleansing aloe face mask and a vanilla blanc candle which is coconut wax and burns for 25 hours.

Tea lovers will enjoy this organic gift box. It is made by Pukka and there are various flavours of tea each in their own sealed sachet which are all caffeine-free, kosher and vegetarian. There are 45 in total and they include three ginger, turmeric gold, elderberry & echinacea, blackcurrant beauty and lemon, ginger & manuka honey. The pretty box is made of card and can be recycled once the teas have been consumed and enjoyed.

Candles make a very relaxing gift but they vary a lot. These are luxurious because not only are they organic and designed for stress relief but they are made with soy wax which is smokeless. They have a lavender and fresh rose fragrance and they will burn for around 50 hours in the glass jar that they come in. The jar comes with a lid to preserve the scent before and between burning. The fragrance lingers when the flame is extinguished.

Feet like to be treated well and it can help the whole body relax when the feet are relaxed. Therefore, this foot mask treatment could be a lovely gift. It will hydrate dry and cracked skin as it has rose oil, aloe vera and beeswax. It is actually a double-layered bootie that is put onto the foot. It is infused with serum and so will treat the feet and nourish them in thirty minutes.

Molton Brown is a luxurious brand and so anyone receiving their products will know that they are being spoiled. This is a bottle of their relaxing bath and shower gel which has a Ylang-Ylang, cedarwood and yuan zhi extract which are thought to promote a sense of calm. It is in an opulent purple colour and with the silver lid will look lovely in any bathroom and there is 300ml in the bottle.

Many women love to indulge themselves with lovely toiletries. This boxed set from Nivea is called cashmere indulgence. It has a crème care shower 250ml, nourishing body mouse 200ml, deep moisture serum nourishing body lotion 250ml, intensive hand cream 100ml, soft moisturising cream, essential lip balm and a shower puff. They are all designed to hydrate, moisturise, soothe and nourish dry skin. They all come in a branded box.

Lindt is well known for making luxurious chocolate and this mini praline collection makes a great gift. There are 36 masterpieces inside the box. There is dark chocolate with caramel cream and almond taste, white and dark chocolate with orange marzipan, hazelnut soft nougat with hazelnut pieces, pistachio marzipan, orange caramel filling in a dark chocolate heart, Marc de champagne truffle, macchiato milk chocolate cup, dark chocolate and milk chocolate with crunchy caramelised hazelnut pieces and almond and hazelnut soft nougat.

Relaxation is often associated with baths but those people that prefer a shower may like these shower steamies. They are aromatherapy fizzies with six different scents. There is a watermelon for relaxation, grapefruit for relaxation and boosting immunity, menthol and eucalyptus for improved respiration and concentration, peony and pear for soothing, romance, calm and uplift, cacao and orange for relieving stress and boosting immunity & lemongrass and cocoanut for pain relief reduced anxiety and increased brainpower.

Having smooth skin can help someone to feel really spoiled but they are not always able to get the spa treatments that are needed. This facial cleansing brush will allow you to administer the procedure at home. It gives a complete face spa with gentle exfoliation and deep scrubbing. There are three brush heads to choose from and two spin settings to get the desired results. Suitable for all skin types.

Fun gifts can be a great idea and these socks will help someone to get the pampering that they deserve. They are pink fluffy socks and on the bottom, they say ‘if you can read this’ and ‘bring me some wine’. They come in pretty cupcake style packaging and they are warm and comfortable. They are made from a cotton mix fabric and can stretch to fit most sizes of foot.

There is lots of organic luxury in this anti-ageing box set. It contains five 30ml products to nourish the skin on the go. There is argan oil for repairing the hair, aloe vera gel to moisturise, refresh and nourish the skin, hyaluronic acid concentrate to give the skin a taut appearance, ACE serum to balance the complexion and make skin glow and hyaluronic acid cream to moisturise and lock in the anti-ageing effect.

Sanctuary spa produces different gift sets and this is a great pamper selection. It has a 200ml body scrub, 250ml body wash, 250ml liquid gold bath elixir, 200ml wet skin moisture miracle and 75nl heel balm all with a long-lasting fragrance. It all comes in a really pretty gift box with a floral design and heart shapes cut out of it. The products are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans with parabens or microbeads.

Coffee lovers will be in for a treat with this travel coffee set. It has 9 takeaway coffee cups that just need water adding to provide a lovely drink. They are all different flavours. There is Irish cream, peppermint, caramel, vanilla, cappuccino, café au lair, amaretto, breakfast blend and mint mocha. The cups are sample size – about the size of an espresso cup so give a little shot of luxury.

This pamper gift set has a selection of spa products in it. It has a packet of prosecco Epsom bath salts, cleanse and soothe soap bar, flower love big bath bomb, lavender bags, calm shower steamers and an apricot rose scented candle. They all come in a branded box together with an information card which looks really pretty. All of the items are cruelty-free and suitable for vegans and a portion of sales supports the planting of trees.

Mums that deserve pampering will love this special gift box designed especially for them. It has nine items in it including some pink Himalayan bath salts, natural loofah, body exfoliating pad, soy wax lavender-infused aromatherapy candle, super soft bed socks, padded blackout eye mask, do not disturb sign, nail grooming kit, soft foam toe separators and a tingling head massager. They all come in a laminated box wrapped in tissue.

This is a starry jasmine beauty set. It is a pretty box that has a bubble bath, shower gel, body lotion, bath milk, body butter, soap and sponge. The items have sunflower seed oil and vitamin E which moisturise and soften skin. They have jasmine essential oils which provide energy and uplift the mood. They come in a decorative gift box that has a pretty purple ribbon tied around it.

A basket of pampering items can make a lovely gift. This white basket has coconut-scented items in – 300ml shower gel, 300ml bubble bath, 175ml body lotion, 50ml body butter, 50ml body scrub, 100g bath salts and a pair of slippers and a bath puff. The items all have a matching design on them which makes the set look really pretty and the basket could be reused afterwards to store other things.

Scented balms can really help with mindfulness and this pretty tin contains five different ones. They are all travel size so they can be taken out and about or used as tester to try before buying larger ones. They have different purposes – sleep well, destress, focus, happy and escape. They use aromatherapy blends to provide a lovely scent that is felt to have mood changing properties as described on each.

Spa sets can give luxury treatments in the comfort of home. This one has a cherry blossom theme and comes with a shower gel, bubble bath, bath salts, body lotion, body mist, body butter, hand soap, bath bombs, flower-shaped sponge and a basket. All of the items come in the basket which is tied with a pretty ribbon. It can easily be reused to store other items once those have been used up.

Molton Brown sets are always luxurious and this set has a pretty selection of hand washes. They are all mini pump bottles with different scents – delicious rhubarb and rose, cypress and sea fennel, orange and bergamot & heavenly gingerlily. Hands take a lot of rough treatment and these will really help to look after them. Each is 100ml and they come in a branded gift box all ready to wrap up and give as a lovely gift.

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