33 Lynx Gift Sets

Updated on September 17th, 2021
By Eve
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Many men really like to be well-groomed and a Lynx gift set could be a way to give them a great gift that will help with that. However, you may wonder which one might be the best or perhaps even where to get one from. We have put together a list so that it will much easier for you to choose. There are different sizes as well as different products and scents which means that you will be able to see what sorts of things are available and then pick the item that you think will suit the recipient the best.

33 Gift Sets for Lynx Fans

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Lynx Arica is possibly one of its most famous scents and this is a gift set celebrating 25 years. It has two items in it a 150ml body spray and a 250ml body wash both with the same classic scent. They come together in a box that has a design and colour that matches the colour of the containers inside. In the box is printed some facts from the news 25 years ago.

Washbag gift sets can be handy and this one contains a selection of products inside it which could be handy for taking when travelling. It has three items in it a 150ml body spray, 250ml body wash and a 150ml antiperspirant spray. They all come together in a black zip-up bag which can be used to keep them in or reused for other products. They all have the Africa scent,

Africa scent from Lynx is now 25 years old and this gift pack celebrates that. It brings together two classic products as well in the 150ml body spray and the 250ml body wash so the recipient will have all the basics they need. They come together in a box and you actually receive two boxes when you buy this item which means you can either give someone two or you have two gifts to give away.

Men might enjoy this wash set which includes an exfoliating body brush sponge as well as a Lynx Africa body spray 150ml and a 250ml body wash. The Africa fragrance has a spicy aroma which many men really enjoy. The sponge can be hung up as it has a loop, so great for using in the shower and it can be hung up to dry. They all come together in a box.

If ice chill fragrance is more to the taste of the person that you are buying or then they may like this gift set. It contains a Lynx ice chill body spray 150ml, body wash 250ml and an antiperspirant deodorant 150ml. They all have a cooling mind and zesty lemon scent to them and the body wash can be used for hair, face and body wash to make it quick and easy to wash every part with one product.

Lynx does not just produce products for men and this set is for women. It is a pack that contains a Lynx attract for her shower gel 250ml and body spray 150ml and also has a selfie light included. The products have a rose and bergamot scent and the light has three settings so it can be used to take the perfect selfie picture. The packaging can even be reused.

The gold fragrance from Lynx has a wood and dark vanilla fragrance and this gift set contains two products with this fragrance. This set contains a 250ml body wash and a 150ml 48h fresh deodorant and body spray. They have matching packaging which also matches the box that they come in which is black and gold in colour. The box can be repurposed or recycled after use as well.

A trio gift set can be a welcome gift. This one is the Lynx gold set and it contains a 150ml body spray, a 250ml shower gel and a 150ml antiperspirant spray. It has a subtle, refined fragrance of oud wood and dark vanilla. The combination will leave the user protected from odour and wetness for 48 hours with a real presence and they will be ready for anything.

Rose and bergamot make this Lynx for her set attractive to many people. It includes a 250ml bodywash and a 150ml deodorant and body spray which provides 48-hour protection together with a puff sponge all together in a washbag. It means that the recipient will have somewhere to keep her products and a handy bag to use for storage at home or to take with her when she is travelling.

Frozen pear and cedarwood fragrance this set of Lynx items. There is a body wash and a 48-hour fresh deodorant and body spray. Both of the items come together in a card box that matches the colouring and style of the items inside. It is a budget price and so will make a great gift idea for a secret Santa, additional gift or if you are on a very tight budget.

A five-piece toiletry set can make a great gift. This is a set that includes two body washes, two body sprays and a travel bag to put them in. They all have the Africa scent. These are little travel-sized bottles and so would make great stocking fillers or would be very handy for anyone having a night or weekend away to take so they do not have to take large, bulky bottles.

Women will like this Lynx gift set which contains a Lynx branded manicure set as well as two Lynx products. The products have an attract for her scent and they are a body wash and body spray. They come together in a box with the manicure set which is boxed separately in a white container, so you can keep it in the box it comes in and it includes scissors, clippers and more.

Dark temptation has a scent that includes chocolate, amber and peppercorn and this Lynx set has three items in it with this fragrance. It includes a body wash, antiperspirant and a deodorant & body spray. The sprays are both 150ml and the body wash is 250ml in size. They are revitalising with odour protection and a subtle fragrance with a hint of spice that will leave a long-lasting impression.

Mandarin and sandalwood make up the main scent of the Lynx Africa range which is cleansing and rejuvenating. This set includes bodywash and body spray in normal and travel sizes with this scent. It also has a comb, keychain, toothbrush, wallet, branded socks and lightning cable. This is a 12 days of Christmas advent calendar so a great fun product that would be particularly good for teenagers to have fun with.

Mini gift sets are not only great budget gifts to buy but they can be useful for travelling. This one has three little items in it which could be useful for using for weekends away. It contains products from the Lynx Ice Chill range and there are two mini body washes and a body spray in the set. They come in a matching box so they are all ready to give away as a gift.

Gift sets that include more than just toiletries can make for interesting presents this one not only has a Lynx gold trio but contains a micro-speaker as well which is wireless. It has a 250ml bodywash. 48h fresh deodorant and body spray and an anti mark 48h antiperspirant all in the lynx gold range which has an Oud Wood and Dark Vanilla scent. They all come together in a matching box which means that they are easy to wrap up.

Washbags can be really handy and so women will like this Lynx set which not only contains a washbag but some items to put inside it as well. It contains two of the Attract for her range and there is a fresh temptation bodywash and a 48h protecting deodorant and antiperspirant spray. The bag is white and pink and the products come inside it with a card around so that it looks good and is easy to wrap up.

This four-piece gift set has the Lynx Collision fragrance which is leather and cookies. It contains a body spray, bodywash and antiperspirant and also has a portable speaker. It means that when he is getting ready in the bathroom he will be able to listen to some music at the same time. They all come together in a gift box which can be given an extra life and rebuilt into something else or recycled.

A trio of body products can make a great gift. This Lynx You set has three classic Gold scented products. This is an all-day fresh deodorant and body spray 150ml, a 48h dry protection anti mark antiperspirant 150ml and an incredibly clean bodywash 250ml. They are all full-sized products with a cool vetiver and amber scent. They all have matching packaging and come together in a box, ready to gift.

Dark Temptation by Lynx has a subtle and sweet scent with a hint of spice and is overall chocolatey. This set contains a 250ml bottle of total relax body wash and a can of all-day fresh body spray 150ml. They come together in a branded box which means that they are easy to wrap up before handing over as a gift. Would make a welcome gift from a well-known brand.

A trio Lynx set can make a great gift. This one has three items in the lynx black range. It has a 250ml shower gel 150ml body spray and a 150ml anti=perspirant. The black scent is of frozen pear and cedarwood so masculine and sweet and the products give fresh protection. They all come together in a matching box which means that they are really easy to wrap up before giving away.

Retro scents will be appreciated by young and old men. This Lynx Africa scent is now over 25 years old but it is still popular. The gift set contains two Lynx Africa products – a 250ml body wash and a 150ml body spray. They come together in a retro-style box and have retro-style packaging on the products as well. Great fun for younger men as well as for those that remember it from the first time around!

Washbag giftsets can be handy because the bag can be reused. This bag has a selection of Lynx products inside it. There is an Energised body wash, Ice Chill deodorant and an Energized body wash. This means that there is a great range of items to try out and they will be able to see which of the scents they like the best. They could use them all for travelling or take the products out to use at home and keep the bag for future use.

The Ultimate Collection gift set has a selection of different Lynx products in it. It has five different body washes and five body sprays. The sprays are all 150ml and the body washes 250ml so all full size They come in different scents – Collision, Ice Chill, Gold, Dark Temptation and Black and so they will be able to pair up the body wash with the matching deodorant. Great for someone that likes to have a mix of different products.

This golden trio gift set is designed specifically as a stocking filler but could be used for a gift at any time. It is a box that contains a set of Lynx gold items. There are three in total – a 150ml Gold body spray which keeps the user all-day fresh, a 150ml Gold antiperspirant which provides 48 hours dry protection and is anti-marks and a 250ml Gold body wash which has an Oud wood and fresh vanilla scent to sharpen up the senses.

A travel bag kit can be a great gift idea. This Lynx bag is see-through with a black base and top and contains three Lynx products. It has Ice Chill range products in it and they have a very refreshing fragrance. Inside are mini travel-sized products of body spray and shower gel with two of each. They are great for taking to the gym or on holiday and they even reduce the body temperature.

Mini tin gift sets can be great to give. This one has a selection of Lynx black items in it. It has 2 body sprays and two shower gels which means that they can be easily used when on holiday or in the shower at the gym or swimming pool. The tin can be used to keep them in or reused to store valuables, collectables or other things inside, so makes a great gift idea.

Women will like this Attract for Her set made by Lynx. It contains a 250ml shower gel and a deodorant body spray that is 150ml. They are limited edition and will give her a chance to try them out and see whether she likes them. They come together in a white box so they are really easy to wrap up before giving as a gift or they could be sent directly to her.

Mini products can be very useful things to give. They not only allow the recipient to try something they may not have used before, but they are more portable so great for popping in a gym bag or taking on holiday. This set of Lynx black comes in a handy string bag to store or carry them in. It contains two bottles of bodywash and one of deodorant body spray.

Full-sized products can be great to give, especially if you know that the recipient is a fan of that particular item. This tin gift set contains a full-sized 48-hour antiperspirant which is anti-white marks and yellow stains and a precision pump spray daily fragrance. They are both in the Oud Wood and dark vanilla scent of the Lynx black range. The tin is black and gold in colour.

Novelty gifts can be fun and this Lynx gift set not only has Lynx items in it but it also comes with a Fisheye lens that can be clipped on. The Lynx products included are both from the Ice Chill collection and there is an Iced Mint and Lemon 8 hour fresh body, hair and face wash and a Frozen mint and lemon deodorant and body spray which is 48 hour fresh.

Collision Leather and Cookies seems like an unusual Lynx set but it is one that will have a combination of interesting scents. There is a hint of mandarin, cardamon and new leather which work together well. The set is a pair that includes bodywash and deodorant body spray and they have the same fresh clash. They are full-sized bottle with a 150ml body spray and 250ml body wash.

This boxed set of Lynx products comes in the unusual clashing scent of leather and cookies. It includes three full-sized products – a 250ml body wash, 150ml body spray and a 150ml antiperspirant, so everything a man needs to keep him smelling great and feeling good about himself. They come in a box (which can be reused or recycled) so are easy to wrap up before giving as a gift.

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