29 Gift Ideas for Makeup & Beauty Lovers

By Lewis
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There are many people that spend a lot on their beauty and makeup products and really enjoy these sorts of items. If you know someone like this, then you may like to buy them a gift which will relate to this. However, it is not always easy to know what you should buy them. There is a lot of choice and variation in price so it can be tricky getting the right thing. This is why we have put together this list of items which is quite limited but has a variety of items. It should make it really easy for you to be able to find just the right gift.

29 Presents for Make Up & Beauty Fans

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A pretty makeup kit can be fun to use and this one looks good and has lots of different makeup included in it. It is an expanding box which contains lots of items. It has a concealer, three blush powders, 26 eyeshadows, an eye powder, two lip gloss, six lipstick creams, a lip pencil, a blush brush, an eye shadow brush, two applicators and a mirror. There are lots of colour shades for creating different looks.

If you want to treat someone then this spa set can be a great gift. This set has an orchid scent and contains a scented candle, body butter, hand cream, bath bar and bath bomb. It means that you can give a gift that will provide a soothing spa experience to have at home. The products have essential oils and antioxidants which nourish and repair the skin leaving it soft and moisturised.

Bronzing makeup is used by lots of people. This set contains a range of different items. It has a makeup brush set as well as a fix cream blush and bronzer palette, a bronzing baked eyeshadow palette technic strobe FX cream and technic strobe kit cream and powder highlighters blush. These items can all be used together to give a sun-kissed look to the skin. They all come together in a box.

If you are looking for a set of makeup then this could work for you. It is a box that opens up to reveal all sorts of items. There is a useful mirror in the lid and there are palettes of different make-up items. There are 48 matte and shimmer eyeshadow colours, 18 lip glosses, 3 blushers 3 pressed powders, 6 concealers and 8 makeup brushes. They are highly pigmented which means they give a really bright colour.

For anyone that likes to look their best, this facial cleansing brush can be a great gift. It has a selection of different heads which can be used to perform different tasks. So, there is a blackhead remover, one for caring for acne-prone skin, one for removing makeup etc. It is suitable for all skin types. It is electronic so you get a deep skin treatment and you can even use it to massage the skin.

Makeup remover pads are often disposable and this means that they are thrown away after use. If you or the person that you are buying for are looking to be more environmentally conscious, then these reusable pads could be the answer. They are long-lasting and just need water to work and can be washed over 250 times. There are two cleansing pads, two cleansing mitts and a laundry bag included in the pack.

A makeup bag can be a great gift for anyone that has lots of items. This one has a drawstring top with a flap that fixes with a hook and loop fastening. It can be opened out flat so you can easily see what is inside and then the drawstrings pull it up into a bag for storage. It is made of waterproof material and there are different colours and fabric designs to choose from.

Makeup brushes can make a big difference when you are putting on your makeup. This means that a good set can be a great gift for anyone. This set is from Oscar Charles and it has eight pieces in it. It has five face brushes, three eye brushes and a blender. The brushes are numbered to make it easy to identify them. All come in a beauty clutch bag and inside a box, so ideal for gifting.

If you are buying for someone who loves lots of different makeup products then this vanity case could be a great buy. There are lots of different makeup items already inside. There are eye shadows, nail polishes, eye pencils, lipstick, blusher, mascara, nail clippers, brushes and other items. Everything fits in the box so it can be carried around if necessary. The box measures 170mm x 255mm x 92mm in size.

Cosmetic bags can be very handy, for storing items at home or for taking them out and about, either on holiday or on nights out or visits. This item is a set of five identical cosmetic bags all with a message about friends ‘side by side or miles apart Friends are always close at heart’. The idea is that someone can gift these to a group of friends to show them how much they care.

If you are buying for someone that likes L’Oreal products, then they may enjoy receiving this gift set. It has two skincare items in it. There is an anti-wrinkle and skin firming cream that gives a radiant glow. It has pro-retinol and red ginseng and gives results in seven days. The box also contains lipstick which is a moisturising color riche haute matte lipstick that gives vivid colour while hydrating.

Having a good make-up bag can really help you to be more organised when you are getting ready and choosing the products that you want to use. This bag can help with just that as it has removable parts and plenty of storage space for all sorts of different make-up and brushes. It has dividers that can be moved so you can organise things as you wish. It is also waterproof and easy to clean.

If you are looking to get a starter set of makeup then this large selection could be just the job. It includes lots of different products such as eye shadow, concealer, lip gloss, brushes, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, pressed powder, lipstick, eyebrow cream, primer and mascara. It even comes with a bag to put it all in. The case is portable so it is easy to take on holiday or anywhere out and about with you.

L’Oreal fans will enjoy this pretty box set of items. It includes a moisturiser, lipstick and mascara. There is a revitalift day cream that improves skins firmness and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. There is a classic red lipstick that provides vivid colour while hydrating the lips. There is a volume million lashes mascara which has a millioniser brush to fan out the lashes without clumping or overloading them with excess mascara.

A good makeup mirror can make it much easier for someone to look their best. This one is a freestanding one which comes in white or pink. It has soft lights to make it easier to see your face without hurting the eyes. It has a detachable magnifying mirror as well as the main mirror. It is powered by a micro USB cable with a built-in battery. It can be adjusted to different viewing angles.

Harry Potter fans will really like this make-up bag. It is in the Gryffindor colours and says on it ‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good’. It has purple fabric with a gold zip and writing with a velvety feel to it. It is 12cm high, 9cm deep and 21cm long and is an officially licensed product. Great for holding all sorts of cosmetics or for carrying other items such as stationery or art materials.

Someone that really cares about their lashes will like this Killer Lashes set. It includes 3D black mascara and a fibre lash extender which come together in a gift bag. They add volume and fullness to lashes instantly and can give a look that cannot be achieved just with mascara but without the need for false extensions. The pouch allows them to be neatly stored and carried around in a bag.

Makeup brushes can be a welcome gif for those that enjoy wearing lots of makeup. This set comes with a brush holder and a set of 14 brushes with candy colours. They have a pink and blue colour handle and top and the brushes are all good quality and synthetic. They have wooden handles and aluminium tubes so they will last well. There are large brushes as well as more precise ones in different shapes and sizes.

A Rimmel gift set could make a great gift for anyone who enjoys this makeup brand. This set has stay matte pressed powder, stay matte liquid lip and extra super lash mascara. The products all come inside a sparkly makeup bag. It is a value set and the bag can also hold additional products so you can choose to pop a few more in or allow the recipient to put some of their own items in it.

Mirrors are essential for applying makeup and this one is portable and can be folded so ideal for popping in a bag. It is slim and durable and is 11.7 x 8cm so a useful size but still small enough to fit in a bag. It is made of aluminium and is therefore lightweight. It is shatterproof because of the aluminium shell and it will not rust. It is easy to clean.

Personalised products can go down really well as gifts as they are special and thoughtful. This gift is a personalised makeup bag where you choose an initial and name to be put onto it. It comes in either black or natural and there are three sizes to choose from. The bag has a sturdy zip on the top and has lots of room to store make-up items inside it.

Bath bombs can create a really relaxing bathing experience and many people really enjoy them. If you are buying for someone that does enjoy them then this set could appeal to them. There are 12 bath bombs in the set and they each have a different fragrance such as vanilla, lemon, strawberry and orange. They will fizz in the bath and add colour and fragrance to the water. They have essential oils and are vegan certified.

Many people remove makeup using disposable pads but there are now reusable ones that are better for the environment. This box has 20 pads in it and they are made from organic bamboo cotton. They come with a laundry bag so they can easily be washed in the washing machine when necessary. They are suitable for all skin types. They are biodegradable and compostable, so once they have been reused many times and you no longer want them they will be easily disposed of.

When doing make-up, it is common to wear a headband to keep the hair out of the way. This pack of four could therefore be useful to anyone who does this. They are one size and made of a fleecy material. There are four in the set so you can have some in the wash and some in use. They have good elasticity and will help to keep the hair dry when washing the face and cleaning it as well as when applying makeup.

A makeup case can make a great gift to anyone that loves trying different products. This one has a big selection of items for eyes, nails, face and lips including eyeshadow, blusher, lip gloss, lipstick and nail polish. There are lots of different shades which means that the recipient can try out lots of different looks to see what they like. It all comes in a case that has a good carry handle.

Any Wonder Woman fan will like this make-up case with brushes. It is a gold case with the Wonder Woman logo on it and there are matching make-up brushes and a paddle hairbrush. The makeup brushes include a contour fan brush, concealer brush, eyeshadow brush and bronzer brush. They are fully licensed Wonder Woman merchandise by DC comics and come together in a themed gift box.

Travel makeup bags can be very useful and this is a set of two. There is a main bag with large carry handles and inside there are all sorts of compartments as well as a cosmetic pouch purse. There are two fabric designs to choose from. The bag is 13 x 19 x 28cm in size and there are three compartments which can be used for toiletries as well as makeup.

Baby Yoda fans will love this adorable toiletry bag which has his picture on and says ‘Precious Cargo’ on the front of it. The bag has plenty of room for lots of products with a zip across the top to make it easy to access everything that is inside. It is great for Mandalorian fans and any fans of Yoda and they can keep anything inside. It is an officially licensed product.

Makeup brushes do not come much cuter than this Intersteller baby makeup brush set. There are five brushes in different shapes and sizes each of which has a different, cute figure on it. They have flat and fluffy bristles for use with lotions, eye creams, powders and eye shadow. They even come with a washing aid so they can be easily cleaned. They come in a pink velour pouch.

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