29 Gift Ideas for Army Memorabilia Fans

By Louise
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This is a list of gifts which all have a military theme. We have put together this list because we know a lot of people collect items like this; or they are or have been in the forces, and so like to receive gifts which are related to that. However, we also realise how tricky it can be to choose the most appropriate items and thought that anyone looking for a gift like this might struggle. We have therefore included a big selection of items at different prices in the hope that it will be useful for lots of people.

29 Presents for Military Paraphernalia Fans

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This is a special helmet carrier attachment. It is designed for a military helmet and has straps that can be adjusted. It also has sturdy release clips and three rows of mole loops on the front. It is in a khaki colour and is made from durable plastic and tough fabric. It will strap onto any patrol pack or bergen and the buckles are quick release so the helmet can be grabbed quickly when needed.

This is a mesh mask which comes in black, tan, green or camo. It is 6 inches and can be folded easily. It provides ear and nose protection and has mesh meaning that it is more breathable as it provides ventilation. It is 20cm high and made from water resistant nylon. It has adjustable straps, so that it can be altered to fit different sizes of face and therefore one size fits all.

This is a tactical Army assault backpack which is available in black and desert tan. It is made from durable 900D Oxford fabric and has a ventilated mesh padded back and shoulder straps. It has a big internal capacity which includes a hydration bladder pocket, It is 50 x 30 x 30cm in size and can hold 45L in total. The fabric is waterproof and there is a main compartment with a double zipper and two smaller pockets on the front.

This is a tactical suit for men. It is a shirt and trousers in a choice of black, khaki or jungle style camo design. It is available in sizes small – XL. The top has long sleeves and camo design on them with a plain body that has a zip on the neck to make it easier to remove. The trousers have lots of pockets and are also long. The clothes are lightweight and breathable.

This is a face veil or neck wrap in a green colour. It is a military green coloured mesh material and is 180 x 180cm in size. It is lightweight, can be stuffed in a pocket and is durable and breathable. It can be used as a shemagh, scarf, towel, bandana, head wrap, neck protector, scrim helmet netting or a sleeping bag liner. Very useful for all sorts of purposes.

This is a fun garland with a camo design. It is a 6m length of bunting and each triangle is made from a khaki and brown camo patterned material. It is made of plastic so it is strong and shiny. It is great for a military style party, to decorate a camo style tent or even for a military style room or men’s shed. A cheap idea too which could be bought with other items as well.

This is a plastic storage trunk. It can fit 89 litres of items inside it and has a hinged lid. It is padlockable and is heavy duty as well. It is black and measures 82 x 44 x 34cm so can hold a lot of things inside. It is water resistant and has indentations on the base, so that it can stack on other boxes. It comes with free delivery.

This is a pair of safety goggles or sunglasses. They come in army green, tan or black and they have a frame made from flexible TPU and the lenses are interchangeable between grey, transparent and yellow, so they can be used as sunglasses, safety glasses and for night vision. The lenses are anti glare and windproof. There is a fabric strap to keep them on which is adjustable and they come with a fabric case.

This is a pair of hard shell knee pads. They are available in camo, green, sand or black and they are one size. They have a hook and loop strapping system which means that they can be put on and removed really quickly. There is soft inner padding for shock absorption and the inner centre is also non slip, so they are more comfortable to wear as well as safer. They are adjustable for a close fit to allow freedom of movement.

This is a military style bag which comes in a selection of different camo designs as well as plain black and green. It is made from 600D Oxford nylon fabric and is light weight but also durable. It can be used as a handbag or shoulder bag and the straps can be easily adjusted. There are four pockets with zips with a main one, a front pocket and two side pockets, so it easy to organise items inside. It has adjustable and detachable straps.

This is a military style helmet camouflage cover which comes in different types of camo design. It is designed for adults to wear and is made from 35% polyester and 65% cotton with a plastic shell. It has adjustable straps to keep it in place and it is light so easy to carry too. It does not include the helmet itself but is just the coloured cover which is suitable for FAST MH/PJ helmets.

This is a pair of keychain gear clips. They come in black, sand and army green and is made from polypropylene webbing with a strong plastic clip. It is durable and can take a lot of weight. Designed for carrying water bottles, keys, a torch or other tools when attached to a belt or bag, and things can be easily removed using the quick release clip. They are 23cm x 2.5cm in size.

This is a carrier vest. It is heavy duty nylon webbing and allows easy attachment of mole pouches. There is a sturdy zipper down the front and it is sleeveless, It has side laces and hook and loop straps, so that it can be adjusted to fit people of different sizes. It is made from 100% nylon and there are two internal pockets as well as D rings on the bottom.

This book is called ‘Outdoor Paracord!’ and it is by Todd Mickkelsen. It is book which shows you how to use a strong, durable paracord for lots of different uses. It has all sorts of ideas for using it –  for pets, scouts, military, camping and hiking. It has instructions on how to make things as well as specific projects for specific uses. It has lots of pictures and clear instructions for each project.

This is a waterproof dry bag. It comes in a choice of different colours and it is a roll top sack designed specifically to keep the items inside dry – even if floating on water or in rain, snow or mud. It comes in different sizes – 5L, 8L and 11L and it is lightweight. It is made from polyester and is waterproof and tear resistant with a smooth surface with an adjustable shoulder strap.

This is a bottle holder which is khaki in colour. It is made from high quality materials and has a zipped up top section so the bottle is kept securely inside. It is 12 x 5 inches in size and has a padded interior and can hold a tall insulated container or a bottle of wine. It even has a small pocket on the front. It has an adjustable strap to carry it with and has loops to attach it to a bag or belt.

This is a small bag for a medical kit. It is green and has a red cross on it. It basically has a zip all around three sides and will open right out flat, so that it is easy to pack medical items inside it. It is 20 x 15 x 9cm in size and has a snap fastener and a shoulder strap. It has lots of loops so that it can be easily hung from a belt or bag if necessary.

This is a fleece jacket which comes in a number of different colours and designs. It comes in black, coyote brown, grey, green and various green camo designs. It is available in sizes XS to 3XL and has a zip all the way down the front. It has two pockets on the chest with zips and pockets on the upper sleeves with Velcro. It has a high collar, hat and is windproof.

This is a book called ‘Guns & Ammo Guide to Sniping : A Comprehensive Guide to Guns, Gear and Skills’. It is available as a paperback or kindle version. There are lots of topics included such as unusual shooting positions, modern articles, anti-cant, temperature effect, distance shooting for police, ballistics for beginners and much more. It has lots of tips, tricks and techniques from pros as well as guidance on buying gear.

This is a digital survival watch. It is a waterproof outdoor watch which comes in green or black.  As well as being able to tell the time, it has a built in compass, whistle, fire starter and paracord bracelet which can be removed. It has a stopwatch, date, alarm and back light on the main watch as well. The wristband is made from paracord and the main watch from an aluminium alloy, which is corrosion resistant.

This is a compass which has a metal chain and nylon cable included with it, so that the owner can choose which to attach to the compass. It can be tied onto trousers or a bag when walking and it will not need to be taken out of the pocket. It is waterproof and shake proof and is highly sensitive and stable. It comes in a case which can be opened easily by pressing the button on the end.

This is a jumper which is available in olive, navy or black. It is a ribbed sweater with a shoulder epaulette on each shoulder and patches on each elbow to help it to last longer and wear better. It has a crew neck design with rolled up cuffs. It is made from 100% acrylic and comes in men’s adult sizes small to 3XL. It is warm and comfortable to wear.

This is a mini sewing kit. The case is made from camo print material in green and khaki colours and it contains buttons, a needle threader, safety pins, a thimble, tabs, thread in a range of colours, needles and scissors. It is 20 x 14cm when open and 10 x 14cm when closed. It is made from 600s tac-poly. It has various slots and pockets inside to store all of the items.

This is a pack of green coloured army socks. There are three pairs in the bundle and they are designed to be worn inside military boots. They are thermal and have a cushioned foot and are hard wearing. They are made from wool, acrylic and other mixed fibres. They are knee length and are warm and comfortable to wear. They are suitable for men’s feet in UK shoe sizes 6 – 11.

This is a steel canteen. It is a 304 food grade stainless steel water bottle with cup and there is a green nylon cover with a waist belt, so that it can be easily carried. The belt has a buckle that will easily fit on a belt or bag. The canteen cup can be set directly on a fire to boil the water or cook things inside it and there is a handle which can be attached to it to make it easier to lift it.

This is a pair of heavy duty full finger gloves. They come in army green, khaki or black and in sizes M – XXL. They are strong, durable and are made from a thick material but they are not stiff or bulky, so it is easy to still move your fingers when wearing them. They are anti-slip, lightweight and breathable as well as fast drying. They have a reinforced palm and carbon hard knuckle shell.

This is a 1.5 x 2 meter piece of camouflage netting. It comes in a selection of different styles and colours such as leaves, tree, snow, woodland and desert, so you can pick the one that is most suitable for your needs. It is made of 150D Oxford material which is lightweight and easy to carry. It can be used as a decoration, sun shade, or for camouflage purposes and so can be very useful.

This is a headlamp or head torch. It is in a khaki colour and has a 5 function LED light which has a red bulb for stealth or night use. It is high quality and has a vertical adjustment. It has a rubber anti glare coating with a matte finish. The head strap is fully adjustable and is elasticated, so that it can fit around any head. It requires 3 x AAA batteries.

This is a pair of ultralight boots. They come in tan or black and are available in sizes 7-11 with a medium width fitting. They are made of suede leather fabric which is durable and scratch resistant. They have a non-slip sole with really good grip. They are flexible, lightweight and have lots of cushioning. They are made from leather with a ethylene vinyl acetate sole and have laces.

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