29 Presents for Minecraft Players

Updated on September 21st, 2021
By Lewis
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Minecraft is a very popular game with children and so if you are buying a gift for a young fan, you may like to buy them something that is related to the game. It is not always easy to know where to look and what to buy though, especially if it is not a game that you have played before. We have therefore put together a list to help you which have a selection of different Minecraft themed items so you will be able to see what is available to buy. We have picked things that will appeal to different tastes that are also at different prices so that you can find something in your budget.

29 Gift Ideas for Minecraft Fans of All Ages

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Lego sets are enjoyed by most children and there is now a selection of Minecraft themed sets. This one features a pig-shaped house and it has some game characters too – Alex, 2 pigs, a creeper as well as carrots and a gold shovel. The side of the pig house opens up so that the characters can go inside and there is even an explosion function for when the creeper comes too close!

Tracksuit trousers can be great for any child to lounge around in and these have a fun Minecraft Theme. There have Minecraft written on the side of each leg and a TNT picture on the black pair and a creeper on the grey pair. They come in black or grey and are available in various sizes suitable for children aged 5-14 years of age. They have pockets on each side and are made from comfortable cotton.

Dressing gowns can be great for kids and this one has a lovely soft fleecy inside which is light green and white outside with a Minecraft creeper design. There is also a black design available as well. It comes in various sizes suitable for children aged 5-14 years of age. It is made from polyester so it is soft and comfortable and it fastens with a tie on the waist.

A Minecraft themed bedroom will look great with this themed duvet set. It has a reversible single duvet cover and pillowcase which have a Minecraft design on them. One side has a scene and the other side has swords on it. They are made from polyester and cotton which means that they are easy to wash and dry and they are durable and need minimal ironing. It is an officially licensed product.

Kids will love this Minecraft themed t-shirt. It has lots of the different characters from the game on it such as the spider, creeper, cow, dragon, and zombie and comes in a choice of colours. It has short-sleeved and comes in sizes suitable for children aged 3-15 years old. It is made from 100% cotton which means that it is really comfortable to wear and it is officially licensed merchandise.

A personalised keyring can be a fun gift to give and this one has a grass block design from the Minecraft game in pixel art and there is the option to have a name put on it in the pixelated print associated with the game. You will need to just let the seller know which name you need and they will send the personalised keyring. The keyring is made from wood and will therefore last a long time.

Drawing is something that children like to do and this book will guide them in how to draw various characters from the Minecraft game. It is designed for kids aged 8-14 years of age and it has step by step guides on how to draw various characters such as Steve, an Enderman and the Enderdragon. There are even blank pages at the end for trying out the techniques that are taught.

Primary school children will like this useful set of Minecraft themed items. There is a backpack that is 36 x 26 x 10cm and has a main pocket and smaller front pocket. There is a lunch bag that is 21 x 20 x 9.5cm in size. There is a pencil case which is 20 x 8cm and a water bottle. The bags are made from polyester with zipper fastenings and they are durable.

Onesies are loved by children both for wearing in bed and as general loungewear. This one has a Minecraft theme and there are two different designs. They are available in sizes suitable for children aged 5-14 years of age. They are made from polyester and so are really soft and they have a zipper down the front and a hood, making them really comfortable and cosy. They are official Minecraft merchandise.

Heat changing mugs can be fun to play around with and also to drink from. This one is 18.5fl oz in size so very large and it has a Minecraft scene that appears when it has hot water put inside it. It has the pattern of an empty cave on it and when the hot drink is put in it monsters and other things all appear. It comes in a box and is officially licensed merchandise.

Water bottles are handy for kids to have and many need them for school. It can more fun to have one with a Minecraft theme. This one is black with a green lid and a creeper design on it that also features zombies, skeletons and endermen. It holds 25oz and is 23cm tall. It has a sports cap lid and a carry handle so is very convenient to use. It is an officially licensed product.

Caps can be useful items to have to protect the head and the face from the sun. This black cap has a Minecraft design with a logo on it and says ‘crafting since alpha’ around the brim. It is made from 100% cotton and it has a snap fastening which you can use to adjust the size of the cap so that it fits different sizes of head. It is officially licensed.

Winter weather calls for scarves, hats and gloves, but children are not always keen to wear them. This set though has a Minecraft theme and so they may be much more likely to want to put them on. They are all mainly black but have a creeper and TNT picture on each of them. They are made from a polyester and acrylic blend and are designed to fit children between the ages of 3-14 years of age.

Hoodies are popular with kids and this one has a Minecraft theme to it. It is dark grey and says ‘Gamer Minecraft’ on it in pink pixelated writing with a pink life heart and green creeper design with white taping down the sleeves. It is made from 100% cotton so will be soft and comfortable. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 5-13 years old. It is an officially licensed product.

Beanie hats are comfortable to wear and kids love them. This one has a creeper design on it so is green and black in a pixelated design to match that of the game. It comes in two size options and therefore you should find one that will work. It is made from synthetic materials and really comfortable to wear. It is officially licensed merchandise and even has an embroidered tag on it.

Bandanas can have lots of uses as a face covering, snood, headband etc and this one is navy blue with a Minecraft creeper design on it. It has been sized so that it will fit children from age 4-13 as it is slightly elasticated. It is made from 100% polyester which means that it feels soft and it is breathable when being used as a mask. It is an officially licensed product.

Kids that like to dress up will like this Steve costume. It has a 3D blue top and half mask which can be work together with jeans to make the child look like the Minecraft character. There are sizes to fit different ages of children from age 4-12 years old. There are other costume options as well such as a creeper and diamond armour, so you can pick the best one.

Zip up hoodies can be a hit with kids. This one has a Minecraft theme and is black with a TNT logo and Minecraft tape down the sleeves. There is also a grey option with a Creeper logo on it. It comes in sizes suitable for children aged 5-14 years old. It is made from 93% cotton and 7% polyester so it is soft and comfortable as well as warm but will not stretch out of shape.

Minecraft Lego makes a great gift and this set is an abandoned mine. It has Steve, a zombie, spider and slime as well as coal, iron and diamonds and a falling gravel feature. It is great fun for children to build and then to play with. There is a special switch that can be activated o release the high-level rocks which can crash down on top of the mobs.

Hoodies are a popular choice with children and this one has a fun flippy sequin design on it. It has a creeper face design which changes to ‘Here Comes the Boom’. It comes in sizes suitable for kids aged 5-14 years of age and it is made from 100% cotton and is soft and midweight. It has ribbed cuffs and hem and a soft brushed lining. It is easy to machine wash.

Mugs are great gifts as they are so useful and this one is a Minecraft themed one. It has a pickaxe shaped handle with a pixelated design on the main mug. It could be used for drinking out of or for displaying as a keepsake. It is a large mug at 18.5 fl oz and it comes in a decorative box which means that it is all ready to give away as a gift. It is an official product made by Paladone.

Kids will love taking this bag to school with them. It is black with a green pixelated creeper design on it. It is 45 x 33 x 14 cm in size and it has a large main pocket, a smaller front pocket and mesh side pockets. It has shoulder straps that can be adjusted in size so that it can fit easily. It even has a creeper head on the zip. It is officially licensed merchandise.

Top Trumps is a fun game to play and this set has a Minecraft theme to it. It features all of the characters from the game and so is really great fun to play. It comes in a plastic box which means that it is really easy to carry around and play at any time, such as on the school bus, when visiting people or in the car. It comes with the option of buying a Minecraft joke book as well.

Lights are useful for kids to have in their bedroom. This Minecraft themed one is a series of blocks and they can be arranged in different ways on the bedrock base. There are grass, TNT, diamond ore, Redstone, gold furnace, crafting table, jack o lantern and watermelon blocks so they can be lots of fun to play around with. It is an officially licensed product.

A Minecraft themed mug could be a fun gift to give. This one is 550ml and is made from green ceramic and has a creeper face on it. The handle is designed to look pixelated. It also comes with a 10cm x 10cm coaster which is also a green creeper head. They come together in a box which means that they are all ready to give away as a gift together.

Drinks cups can be handy gifts to give and this one can be customised using the stickers provided. The stickers all have a Minecraft theme and the idea is to arrange them in a way that will look great. The bottle can easily be taken apart so that the stickers can be put on and then put back together again. It comes with a plastic straw that goes through the hole in the green lid.

The Coral Reef is the name of this Lego Minecraft building set. It features Alex and a drowned zombie with accessories such as a diving helmet, magic trousers and sword. It also comes with two pufferfish and there is a chest with a fish and a pearl inside it. It is a fun kit to build and then to play with and is suitable for kids aged seven years and older.

Caps are useful for protecting the wearer from the sun but there is no need for them to be boring. This one has ‘Minecraft’ written on it and has a diamond design. It is grey with blue on it. It is designed for kids and has an adjuster at the back so that the size can be changed to provide a snug fit. It comes in two different sizes. It is made from acrylic and cotton and has a wide brim.

Word art posters can look quite unusual and this one is in the shape of Minecraft Steve. It can be printed in different sizes and you can customise it by choosing certain words to be included within the word art. It is printed on high-quality photo paper and it comes framed. The frame has a white wood-effect and it has high-quality acrylic glazing which is durable and similar to glass.

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