35 Molton Brown Gift Sets - The Perfect Present Idea

Updated on May 24th, 2021
By Louise
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Molton Brown make a good range of quality toiletries and you may like to give them as gifts. You may wonder what would be the best types to give away though and this list should help you. We have put together a selection of different products that we think will be appealing to different people. There are gift sets and single items, which means that you can choose the thing that you feel will most appeal to the person that you have in mind. The quality products will always make a really good gift.

35 Molton Brown Gift Sets

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Woody and citrus scents work well together and this trio gift set combines them. There is a Tobacco Absolute (with spice, cedarwood and citrus scents), Geranium Nefertum (with green fig, bergamot, jasmine, oakmoss and sandalwood) and re-charge black pepper (with ginger, lemon, coriander, basil, oakmoss, ambergris and vetiver) bath and shower gel all included in the set. They are all 300ml bottles and come together in a lovely boxed set.

Spice and citrus is the theme of this bathing gift set. It includes four 100ml bottles of bath and shower gel in a very elegant and stylish looking box. The scents are geranium nefertum, re-charge black pepper, fiery pink pepper and orange and bergamot. Having these small bottles will allow the recipient to try out a range of different scents and see what suits them the best or to enjoy every type.

Floral shower gels can be a lovely choice and this set contains two 300ml bottles. It has a rosa absolute and a blissful temple tree bottle included in it. They come in very elegant looking packaging which you would associate with the Molton Brown range and so they make a very special looking gift set to give. The bottles and red and blue so will look pretty in the bathroom too.

If you want a range of products then this gift set could be a good idea. It is a winter warmth body and hand set. It includes a suede orris bath and shower gel, rosa absolute bath and shower gel, fabled juniper berries & Lapp pine fine liquid hand wash, fiery pink pepper fine liquid hand wash, fiery pink pepper hand lotion and fiery pink pepper hand cream. Would be especially good for someone with dry hands.

For someone who has not tried Molton Brown products, this set of 8 x 50ml bottles will give them the chance to try them out. It contains fiery pink pepper bath and shower gel, fiery pink pepper body lotion, coastal cypress sea fennel bath and shower gel, coastal cypress and sea fennel body lotion. Geranium nefertum bath and shower gel, geranium nerfertum body lotion, volumizing shampoo with Kumudu and volumizing conditioner with kumudu.

Hand cream can make a great gift for someone that has dry hands, perhaps from their work, gardening or just from the weather. This Molton Brown one is a delicious rhubarb and rose-scented cream and comes in a 40ml size. It is a very pretty pink bottle with a silver lid. The scent has a top note of rhubarb with a heart note of rose and a base note of musk.

Travel size toiletries can be very useful for someone who travels a lot and this set has eight different products in which are all 30ml in size and come with a pretty pink bag to keep them in. The different products are gingerlilly body wash, gingerlilly body lotion, pink pepperpod body wash and pink pepperpod body lotion, delicious rose and rhubarb bath and shower gel, delicious rhubarb and rose body lotion, blossoming honeysuckle and white tea bath and shower gel and blossoming honeysuckle and white tea body lotion.

Body and hair both get a treat with this gift set from Molton Brown. It includes five 100ml bottles which are vetiver and grapefruit bath and shower gel, vetiver and grapefruit body lotion, Russian leather bath and shower gel, purifying shampoo with Indian cress and purifying conditioner with Indian cress. The pretty bottles all come in an elegant looking box that has a see-through front so they can be easily seen.

Fans of milk musk will enjoy this set which contains a 300ml bottle of bath and shower gel and a 50ml bottle of eau de toilette. The scent has hints of luscious pear, soft musk and white cedarwood. They both come in very pretty bottles and are presented in a luxurious gift box which makes the gift look even more special. The box is white and gold with an elegant and contemporary design to it.

Those that enjoy a rose fragrance are likely to enjoy this Molton Brown gift set. It has a suede orris scent which has Tuscan orris and threads of rose absolute which gives a dreamy cloud of powdery fragrance. The set includes a 300ml baths and shower gel and a 50ml eau de toilette in the suede orris scent. They come together in a sophisticated looking gift box in a colour to match the product.

Hand lotion is something that a lot of us need these days with the constant hand washing and sanitising that we are doing. This one has a lovely fragrance of orange and bergamot with top notes of mandarin, heart notes of neroli, cardamom and galbanum, and base notes of musk, ylang-ylang and cedarwood. It is a 200ml bottle with a handy pump top. It will look great in any bathroom and will moisturise hands and leave them with a zesty fragrance.

Body lotion can really help to hydrate the skin and this one makes it smell good too. It is a 300ml of Molton Brown vintage with elderflower. It has a top fragrance of sparkling grapefruit with mandarin and white current with a heart of delicate elderflower with coriander and petograin and a base of balancing vetiver with tonka bean and ambergris. It is a unisex fragrance that will nourish winter skin.

A body scrub can help to make skin feel soft and pampered and this is a fiery pink pepper scented one from Molton Brown. It is 275g and has top notes of pink pepper, tangerine and elemi oil with heart notes of nutmeg and ginger oil and base notes of patchouli and cedarwood oil. It is a pretty pink colour and comes in a jar with a silver lid and inside a pretty gift box.

Candles can be really relaxing and therefore they can make really great gifts. Molton Brown has made this juniper jazz one which is fragrances with crisp juniper berries with metallic notes and mint with a heart of powdery orris with woody notes and guaiac wood and a base of creamy sandalwood with musks and patchouli. It comes in a pretty black tin with a white pattern and in a matching box.

Liquid hand wash is a very convenient and hygienic way to wash. This one by Molton Brown also smells good with a Fiery Pink Pepper scent to it. It has top notes of pink pepper, tangerine and elemi oil with heart notes of nutmeg and ginger oil and base notes of patchouli and cedarwood oil. It comes in a pretty bottle with a pump top and is pink in colour.

Most of us use deodorant and this Molton Brown one for men smells great with a top note of piquant black pepper with lemon and ginger, a heart of herby coriander with basil and violet leaf and a base of herby vetiver with oakmoss and ambergris. It is a 150ml spray can on an elegant bronze colour with a silver lid. Great for popping in the gym bag or using after showering.

Shampoo can make a huge difference to how our hair looks and so spoiling yourself with a good one can be worthwhile. This purifying shampoo by Molton Brown has Indian cress. It is a 300ml bottle which is a really pretty yellow colour with a silver lid. It is a purifying shampoo for all hair types which is enriched with Indian cress extract, jasmine, honeysuckle and sandalwood. It will gently cleanse and nourish the hair.

Eau de Toilette makes for a lovely gift. This Molton Brown Re-charge black pepper one comes in an attractive bottle. The scent is of piquant black pepper with lemon and ginger, heart of herby coriander with basil and violet leaf and a base of herby vetiver with oakmoss and ambergris. There is 50ml of perfume included and it is designed to spray on the pulse points. It comes in a white gift box so ready to give away.

Body polish can rejuvenate skin and leave it with a healthy glow. This orange and bergamot one from Molton brown has a lovely fragrance with top notes of orange and bergamot with top notes of mandarin, heart notes of neroli, cardamom and galbanum, and base notes of musk, ylang-ylang and cedarwood. It comes in a 275g tub and in a pretty yellow box. Just massage onto the skin and rinse with warm water.

This Molton Brown Bushukan antiperspirant deodorant stick is 75g and have a lovely perfume. It has top notes of citrusy bushukan with bergamot and elemi with heart notes of verdant thyme, clary sage and cedarwood and base notes of woody vetiver with patchouli and tolu. It refreshes and revitalises the skin and is designed for men to use. It has a yellow container and comes in an elegant white box.

A good hand cream can make a really big difference to our skin and this one not only has a lovely flora luminaire scent but it will hydrate the skin and seal in the moisture. It leaves the hands with a scent of orange blossom, Polynesian frangipani and vanilla. It comes in an elegant looking yellow tube with a silver lid that would look lovely in any bathroom or bedroom.

Shower gel can make a welcome gift because it is always useful and this Molton Brown Bushukan scented one would make a lovely gift for any man. It is anti-oxidant rich and has a zingy citrus aroma which will give an invigorating shower or bath. It has citrus scents from orange and lemon oils as well as Thai bushukan fruit extract. It is a 300ml bottle which is 140mm high.

Men that enjoy an old-fashioned shave will love this moisture-rich shaving soap and bowl. The bowl is silver in colour and comes with a lid to keep the soap fresh and fragrant. The 100g bar of soap contains coconut oil which is very hydrating and it will not only create a creamy lather but will allow the razor to effortlessly glide over the skin. They both come together in an elegant gift box.

Lips can get dry at any time and men can be particularly prone as they tend not to wear lipstick or lip balms that provide protection. This lips saver is a 10ml tube that has vitamin E and beeswax to soften and condition the lips which will make them look and feel great. The tube comes in a gift box so all ready for giving away as a present.

Tired eyes can feel uncomfortable and do not always look good which is where the anti-fatigue Bari Ji eye gel can come in handy. It not only has moisturising bai ji extract but also algae which will calm the skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles. It soothes gently. It has a roller to make the application easy and gentle. Comes in a gift box and is suitable for men or women to use.

Orange and bergamot make a refreshing scent and this home and linen mist from Molten Brown will allow your home to smell delightful. It has an energising scent that has top notes of orange, bergamot and mandarin, heart notes of neroli, cardamom and galbanum and a base note of musk, ylang ylang and cedarwood which will make your home smell like the blossoming Sevillian spring. Comes in a pretty gift box.

Dry skin will love this moisturising, extra rich bai ji hydrator made by Molton Brown. It is designed for normal to oily skin and has sandalwood and bergamot together with the bai ji extract to make it smell great and has macademia seed oil to help soften the skin. It is designed for men to use on their neck after shaving to help the skin to recover and to look great.

This eau de toilette is a refined fragrance with dark complexity, it opens with citrusy bergamot and spicy cinnamon leaf. It has a floral heart of elemi and black tea which contrasts with a strong base of heady oudh, golden honey, woody vetiver and hints of warm myrrh. This is a 50ml bottle which has a golden colour and comes in a matching gold gift box which looks extremely opulent.

Body oil can really help to moisturise skin after cleansing and this one provides 100ml of hydration together with a heavenly gingerlilly fragrance. It has top notes of ginger, cardamom and clove with a heart of lily with tuberose and tagetes and a base of soft musk with cedarwood and sandalwood. It comes in a 100ml bottle in a pretty gift box, so all ready to give away as a lovely gift.

Eau de toilette makes a really special gift and Molton Brown have provided a great option with the 100ml Russian leather bottle. It has a woody aroma with a blend of purple basil, smoky black tea and fresh elemi. It is designed to be sprayed on the pulse points for a long lasting and unique fragrance trail. It is intense and sophisticated. It comes in a pretty bottle and a white gift box.

Rosa Absolute is a favourite Molton Brown scent and so this eau de toilette spray is likely to be a popular gift. It is a 50ml bottle and has the classic Italian rose with blackcurrant and sweet patchouli fragrance. It is designed to be spritzed on the pulse points. It is a very pretty colour and comes in a striking and elegant red gift box decorated with Molton Brown’s signature compass print.

Getting the right hair conditioner can be really important and this Molton Brown Indian Cress conditioner is suitable for all hair types. It is designed to smooth the hair so that it has a lustrous finish and it will also purify with its jasmine, honeysuckle and sandalwood extracts. It does not weigh down the hair and keeps ends looking really good. This is a 300ml bottle which will work nicely when combined with a Molton Brown shampoo.

Finding the right deodorant is not always easy, but this Molton Brown bushukan spray might do the trick. It has bright citrus notes to it and helps you to keep fresh with a mix of black pepper, bushukan and patchouli fragrance. The scent has an optimistic character with a sparkling top note, herby freshness and woodiness in the base. It 150ml spray bottle in an attractive yellow colour with a silver lid.

Shaving can really take its toll on the skin and so this American Barley post-shave recovery balm can be really pleasant on the skin. This 75ml tube of lotion will soothe the skin and rebuild the skins moisture barrier. It is suitable for all skin types and has a sandalwood and musk scent to it. It would make a great gift for someone that likes to look after their skin after they have shaved.

Reed diffusers are a great way to keep a room smelling lovely. Molton Brown have used a rhubarb and rose aroma in this one so it smells really floral and fruity with a base of musk. There is grapefruit, vanilla and spun sugar to produce a really complex scent to your home which may remind you of crimson summer tart. It comes in a very pretty pink gift box and so would make a lovely present.

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