34 Presents for Motorcycle Riders & Fans!

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Not always the easiest to choose a gift for; we have pulled together a selection of gifts we think the motorcyclist you know, either as a friend or relative, will love. Our suggestions include clothing gifts, gifts to drink from, gifts to admire and hang, and novelty gifts! We even have a few art gift suggestions and tour and route guides for the motorcyclist adventuring further afield, with a journal that they can use to record those precious memories from that once in lifetime trip. We have practical gifts such as headgear and gloves and a bottle opener, an essential for the motorcyclist of course.

34 Gift Ideas for Motorbike Owners

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A brilliantly funny T-shirt for both men and women motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts. On the   front surface of the T-shirt is the sentence, ‘Imagine Life without Motorbikes – Now slap yourself and don’t do it again.’ This T-shirt comes in a range of colours including blues, greys, red, green and black. It is also available in various sizes from small to triple extra large.  An item we are sure that the motorcyclist will wear with pride.

A sweet, caring gift for your loved one who rides motorbikes. This keyring is made from a shiny grey coloured solid material and has a tag attached with the sentimental and thoughtful words, ‘Ride Safe – I need you here with me.’ An image of a motorbike in black and red heart is also depicted. The keyring measures around fifty millimetres long with a width of fifteen millimetres.

A novelty T-shirt for the motorcyclist. The T-shirt is black with white text that is not only upside down but also written in reverse and says, ‘Is my bike OK?’ Made using wholly natural fibres, this T-shirt comes in sizes small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large. This T-shirt is perfect for both men and women and you will not go wrong gifting this to your motorcyclist friend or family member.

A notebook for your Dad or Grandad who loves to ride two wheels. This notebook shows evolution of man through the ages to the last two, of which one shows a man doing tricks on the back of a motorised bike and the last one with his arms wide open ready to catch his toddler. The front of the notebook is white with the illustrations in black. The notebook measures approximately fifteen centimetres wide and twenty three centimetres in length.

A fabulous and super thoughtful gift combining the two loves of motorbikes and beer. This motorcycle themed bottle opener is in the shape of a classic motorbike with intricate details and is a brushed metal colour. The height of the bottle opener is around five centimetres and approximately twelve and a half centimetres long. The item itself is quite weighty weighing in at one hundred and eighty grams.

A novelty mug that will put a smile on the face of the motorcyclist in your circle. This ceramic mug is white with the words, ‘Motorcyclist – noun moh-ter-sy-klist – A person willing to take a container of flammable liquid, place it on top of a hot engine, and place the whole thing between their legs,’ in black type. With a capacity of three hundred and twenty five millilitres, this mug will fast become their favourite mug.

Inside this colouring book you will find fantastic outlines of classic motorbikes for the lucky recipient of this colouring books to colour in.  This paperback book consists of one hundred pages and measures approximately twenty eight centimetres long with a width of a just about twenty one and a half centimetres and depth of just over half a centimetres. Great fun and great for the soul.

For the motorbike enthusiast that cannot wait to get their motorbike licence, whether a youngster or young at heart. This official DVSA Theory Test for motorcyclists will help them get ahead. With a whopping four hundred and ninety four pages, this book contains everything they need to pass the theory test alongside the highway code book to give them every chance!

A fantastic book for the touring motorcyclist! This spiral bound book contains two hundred and eight pages of a recommended forty tried and tested trips to undertake alongside guidance for during the trip. This book is the must have book for the motorcyclist in your family or friend that wants to start exploring or already enjoys touring with their motorbike throughout the UK.

A real Cinderella gift for the female motorcyclist in your circle! This super useful back pack type bag is available in a range of gorgeous colours, including pinks, reds, blues, greys and even yellow, although our personal favourite is the black one. On the outside of the bag is, the wording, ‘Forget the glass slippers – this Princess wears motorcycle boots,’ is quoted in a mix of white and pink text.

One very handy gift for the motorcyclist who is partial to a Lambretta Scooter! This black wallet can accommodate ten payment or loyalty cards and of course cash. Made from a natural product that is of high quality and long lasting, on the outside of the wallet is an embellishment of a Lambretta Scooter in silver. For reference the wallet measures 100 mm wide and 75 mm tall with a depth of 10 mm.

Another book that recommends motorcycle tours but this time for the more adventurous motorcyclist who is considering a tour of America on a motorcycle. A colossal two hundred and eighty eight pages are included in this book covering forty fascinating trips all over America. If your friend or family member is considering some time out to tour America on their motorbike, then this is the book they will want in their stocking!

A health and safety and incredibly thoughtful gift for your motorbiking loved one. These earplugs are nationally approved and comply with relevant standards to protect your loved ones hearing. These ear protectors go one step forward in that they also allow the white noise to be eliminated whilst ensuring they are still able to hear noise within their surroundings. With a one size fits all this gift will be welcome.

An uber cool greeting card for the motorcyclist or motorbike enthusiast. This greeting card can be personalised for the occasion and the name of the person you want to send the card to. On the front of the card are two incredibly attractive motorbikes parked up in a motorbike park. Once you have received this card, all that is needed is your personal message and it is ready to send.

Another handy and practical gift that will be a well-received gift to the motorcyclist. These motorbike gloves allow warmth to be retained, perfect for those early morning, chilly motorbike rides or bad weather motorcycling. Of course, these gloves can be used for many other uses and practically every outside use such as snowboarding. These gloves are a universal fit. A gift that will without doubt, be appreciated by the motorcyclist.

This tour guide for motorcyclists covers Scotland with all its incredibly stunning scenery and great driving experience. In this paperback book you will find thirty suggested tours over nearly two hundred and ten pages. Highly recommended as well put together both in terms of research and writing. This book even covers a note of fuel stations along the trips! The perfect tour book!

Another essential for the motorcyclist! This all over head gear is perfect for those cold, rainy, blowy days when riding the motorbike. This clothing item covers the whole head leaving space to see out off and comes down past the shoulders. A universal in size fits all, there is also a zip in the back of the clothing to enable better fitting. Comfortable to wear, great fitting and fit for purpose, this balaclava will be the ‘go-to,’ for every motorbike ride.

The most wonderful gift for the touring motorcyclist! This lovely journal will encourage the motorcyclist to note down their memories from any motorbike tour they are undertaking. This journal includes suggestions of what to capture in the journal. On the front cover a vintage map is depicted with a motorbike and the words, ‘ Motorcycle trip journal.’ There are one hundred and eight pages in this journal.

A hard wearing back pack made with durable, yet comfortable materials, perfect for the Motorcyclist in their travels. This black bag is impermeable with resistance to adverse weather conditions and burglary which is great news for the motorcyclist. The bag has grey straps that can be adjusted for the perfect fit. The size of this back pack is forty seven centimetres high with width of twenty nine centimetres and depth of fifteen centimetres.

A trendy and useful Tote bag for the motorcyclist. This bag is perfect for taking to the shops for a small shop, taking to college or for work. The bag comes in a range of attractive and bright colours from blues to greens, greys to reds with white, black, pink, yellow and purple. This blue bag is particularly eye catching and on the outside in white type is a depiction of the evolved man with the last image of a motorcyclist with their motorbike.

An interesting sculpture that is made from a grey metal type material and doubles up as a stand for a wine bottle. The ornament depicts a figure wearing a jacket and riding a motorbike. The detail on the ornament is incredible and will look fantastic on the mantlepiece or in the kitchen of the motorbike fan. A bottle of a width of no more that eighty five millimetres can fit in this sculpture.

It is probable that every motorcyclist will agree with the sentiment displayed on this coaster. With a white background, the following sentence is shown in a mix of blue and black text, ‘Born to ride – Forced to work.’ The coaster is square and measures ninety millimetres in length by width with a five millimetre depth. Made from a timber product, this coaster will sit perfectly next to the motorcyclist whilst drinking their coffee or beer.

Another cool tote bag but aimed at the female motorcyclists. On the front of this black bag is the sentence, ‘Whoever said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend has never owned a motorbike,’ in a mix of pink and white text. Responsibly manufactured using natural products, the dimensions of this bag are four hundred and twenty millimetres height with a three hundred and eighty millimetres width. The capacity of the bag is ten litres.

Another motorbike themed colouring book packed full of outlines of different motorbikes to colour in. There are one hundred pages in this paperback colouring in book with a wide range of types of vehicles with two wheels.  Colouring in can also provide stress relief and promote creativeness in addition to being great fun and relaxing. A fabulous all round Secret Santa gift, Stocking filler or add on gift for any occasion.

A brilliant sign to gift the motorcyclist that they hang up in their garage or anywhere they regularly hang out. The sign has that definite used and trendy feel and is a mix of red, white, black and blue. The wording on the sign says, ‘Warning – Motorcycles are addictive.’ This sign measures twenty centimetres width with a height of fifteen centimetres, although larger sizes are available.

The ideal gift for the experienced motorcyclist that is looking to obtain the advanced motorcyclist standard. The aim of this book is to help guide the motorcyclist through what is required to pass the test. This book contains eighty pages with the front of the book featuring a photo of a motorcyclist taking a corner on an orange bike. An overview of what is covered in the book is shown on the front.

A gift for the motorcyclist, aspiring motorcyclist or motorcycle enthusiast! This extremely cool three-dimensional lamp, when switched on, lights up in the shape of a motorbike with a person riding it doing a trick. The colour of the light can be chosen from a number of colours. The light itself measures sixteen centimetres high with the same width and sits on a circular base.

A zipped hoodie for the slightly older male or female motorcycle riders. The hoodie has a dark coloured base colour and has the text, ‘Bikers don’t go gray – we turn Chrome,’ in a mix of black, white and red type. An image of a skull wearing a helmet is also shown. This hoodie has two pockets at the front of course the hooded top and comes in sizes, small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large.

A gift for the student or officer worker to keep their stationary items neat and tidy. With a zip opening, this pencil case is tubular in shape and measures twenty centimetres in length with a diameter of just over six centimetres. The motorcyclist design is depicted all over the pencil case. Made using strong, heavy duty materials, this pencil case will look great on any desk!

A gift for the travelling motorcyclist in your life, perhaps for when they are on a motorcycle tour. This pair of luggage labels will certainly make searching out their luggage a lot easier with a unique motorcycle design. Each luggage label has a length of one hundred and fourteen millimetres and a width of seventy millimetres. Made using high quality materials, these tags will not fail to impress!

An incredibly detailed hoodie that will pique the interest of the motorcyclist in your family or a friend. This light grey hoodie has two pockets on the front. Above the pockets is the design of an original Harley motorbike engine along with the patent details dating back to 2006. Primarily made using natural fibres this hoodie will certainly get some interest whilst at the local meet up or local pub!

A fabulous gift for wearing when in the kitchen or undertaking some art and crafts hobbies! This apron portrays a certain definition of a motorcyclist as a danger seeking and maybe a little crazy person! The text is in white whilst you can choose the main colour from black denim, black, blue denim, pink, red and blue. The apron comes in a single universal fit.

A traditional beer glass perfect for those summer evening in the gardens or cold winters by the fire. The type of glass used in the production is the obscure type and comes with humorous text on the front in black. This glass comes securely packaged in an attractively designed blue cardboard box with an imprint of a ribbon and bow, with polystyrene inside to avoid any breakages during transportation.

A great idea of a gift for when your motorcyclist is out and about! This small bag, perfect for holding small personal items such as a mobile and money, securely fits across the body. It also has a number of different compartments to allow for better organisation. The design showing a motorcyclist in red protective gear on his motorbike in potential race conditions sat on a red motorcycle, is on both sides of this bag.

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