35 Presents for Netball Players

Updated on August 16th, 2021
By Eve
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Netball is a game that many people like to play. If you are looking to buy a gift for someone who plays, then you might like some ideas of what netball themed items there are that you could get. We have therefore put together a list of items that we think will be useful for those that like playing the game. There are lots of different types of items and they are in different price brackets so you will hopefully be able to find an item that will really suit the person that you are buying for.

35 Gift Ideas for Netball Fans

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Having a good ball to practice with can make a really big difference when you are trying out your netball skills and trying to improve them. This is a mitre hand-stitched training ball. It is really eye-catching and available in blue or yellow. It has a soft touch that is grippy which makes it easier to hold onto it when it is caught. Great for team or individual use.

Sure Shot has made this netball. This one is designed for training and school use. It has a rubber cover which is designed to be hard-wearing and so it should last a long time. Inside it has a latex bladder which should also last well. A fun ball that comes in sizes 4 and 5 so you can choose the one that you think will be the most appropriate for the person that you have in mind.

It is important to have a good pump to make sure that your netball is always the right size. This pump is made by mitre and is in an electric cyan blue colour. It includes a plastic carry case so that it is kept clean when not in use. It has the standard euro needle with it and it works for all types of different sports balls including netballs.

A netball post is a must for someone that wants to improve their game. This one is portable and it can also be adjusted in height. It is made from toughened sand coated durable steel and so can cope with being outside in all weathers. The base is designed to be sturdy but is not too bulky so easy to move. It is 15mm thick with a 380mm hoop and 3.05m top height.

A wall-mounted netball ring can be useful and this one has 3mm twine with a competition-spec 38cm diameter hoop. The hoop is powdered coated steel and so it will last a long time. It comes with fixing bolts so it is easy to attach to a wall. It is great for giving anyone shooting practice and a much cheaper alternative to a free-standing post and takes up less room on the ground as well.

A match netball can be a very useful thing to own. This one is made by Mitre and is white in colour. It has a pyramid embossing which offers three types of grip making it much easier for a player to use. The pattern and design make it easier to see the ball and therefore speed up reactions. It can be shipped with or without a pump and arrives deflated.

Portable netball stands can be useful so they can be moved around. This one has an adjustable post as well and the base is wheeled so that it is easy to move around as required. The hoop is professional size and the height is also a regulation standard which means that it is very useful for practising for games and matches as well as for having fun with.

A netball hoop can be very useful for training. This one is easily attached to a wall and even has the screws provided. It comes with or without a ball so you can have everything you need to get started. You will just need to fix up the hoop to the regulation height and pump up the ball and it will be ready to use. The ball is a training quality one.

Netball lovers will enjoy receiving this keyring as a gift. It has a strong loop on it and attached is a pendant that looks like a Gilbert netball. It is three dimensional and the ball is white with pink and blue colouring. It is a fun item to give to any netball fan whether they enjoy watching, coaching, teaching or playing and can be used with keys or as a bag charm.

Older netball fans might enjoy this book which is a novel which is based around a netball team. It is called ‘Court Out’ and is by Deb McEwan. The main character uses netball as an escape from miserable home life but finds that the team members also have secrets and emotions are released at a tournament which causes problems with the team and their performance on the court.

A mug can be a great gift and this one is white and says on it ‘life is better with goals #netballgirlcode’ in bright pink and turquoise colours. It is ceramic and the writing is on both sides. It is printed using the dye sublimation method which means that it can be put in the dishwasher and microwave without the print getting damaged. It is 11oz with a glossy finish.

Nets will get a lot of wear and tear if they are used a lot. This is why this replacement netball net can be very useful. It is white in colour and made by Gilbert. It is made from string and comes in branded packaging. It would make a great gift for someone that owns their own netball post and net and might find that it needs a new net from time to time.

If you want a lot of netballs then this set of three and pump could be a great purchase. The balls are Ziland match balls and they are designed for good performance. They are hand-stitched and have a high air retention bladder which helps them to retain their shape well. They come with a Newitts dual-action hand pump so they can always be kept well inflated for maximum performance.

Refillable water bottles are a great alternative to plastic and this one is white with a picture of a trophy on it and says ‘worlds best goal shooter it’s official #netball girl code’ It is 500ml and is made of stainless steel so will last a long time. It has a leak-proof lid and is double-walled to keep the contents hot or cold for longer.

This freestanding netball hoop and post is made to school standards of galvanised steel. It is available in pink or blue. The frame has a powder coating that is ultra-durable and means that it is weather resistant. It can be altered in height up to 10ft. It has a weighted base so it should stay in place easily. The net is braided twine which conforms to competitive netball regulations.

An international level netball can make for a good gift for someone that enjoys playing the game. It is made by Molten and I has an optimised grip pattern so that it is easy to handle as well as to pass and shoot. It has a latex bladder and has a hand-stitched construction. It is white with a green and blue pattern on it so that it should be easy to see.

Hoodies make great gifts for anyone and this one will suit a netball player as it says ‘Future Netball Star’ on the front of it. It comes in sizes 3-13 years and in various colours. It has short sleeves and a kangaroo pouch style pocket on the front. It is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester and is therefore soft and comfortable to wear as well as being machine washable.

Sure Shot is the brand of this Hornet training netball. It has a top-quality rubber grip to it which makes it easy to use. It is hand-sewn and has 18 panels to it with a latex rubber bladder which is very good at retaining air. It is size 4 which is an official size and is also an official weight so it makes for an ideal practice ball.

Kids that want to play netball will enjoy this 9ft netball goal. It has padding on the pole so that if they run into it they will not hurt themselves. It can have the height adjusted which means that it is suitable for children of different heights to play with it. The main pole and base are black and the hoop and padding are red so that they can be seen easily. The net is white.

Netball players may like to get this Webb Ellis ball as a gift. It has a special MP3 grip which makes it more durable in training conditions. It has an Airlock-3 bladder with an improved valve which means that it is really great for air retention as well. It is pink and white in colour and comes in size 4 or 5. It is designed to be high performing consistently even when played with for a long time.

Anyone starting out in netball could find this kit useful. It includes a ring, pump and ball. The ring can be wall-mounted and is red with a white net. The ball is made by Gilbert and it is available in size 4 or 5 and is a training ball. The pump is a hand pump by Martin Berrill and will be needed to keep the ball at the correct size and to inflate it when it first arrives.

A training and match ball can be a useful one to have. This ball by Gilbert is just that and is size 5. It is designed for really good performance both indoors and outdoors as it has been tested for both. It is designed for playing at club level and is white and pink in colour. Would be handy for playing with at a club or practising in between training sessions.

Kids that play netball might like this kit bag. It can be personalised with their name and has a picture of a netball on it. It has a drawstring fastening which is also used to carry the bag. It comes in a choice of sizes and is made from water-resistant material. It is 45 x 34cm in size and can therefore hold trainers and a PE kit or other items.

Freestanding netball posts can be very useful for training purposes. This one is school standard and is made from high-quality steel which has been galvanised for a durable finish that is 100% waterproof. This means that it can be used indoors or outdoors. It has a weighted base so it will not fall over. The base has wheels so it is easy to move it around. The ring height can be adjusted.

Netball players may like this cylinder gym bag. It says on it ‘I play netball because punching people is frowned upon’ in bright white writing. It comes in black with a choice of handle colours. There are grab handles as well as a shoulder strap. It is 20 litres in size or 50 x 25 x 25cm and so can carry a lot of kit and equipment. It is made of polyester.

Netball skirts are useful for players of the game. This one is made by Gilbert and is available in a choice of four colours; black, red, green and blue. It comes in sizes 6-18. It is made from 92% polyamide and 8% elastane so is comfortable to wear and flexible to enable freedom of movement when it is being worn, so it is easy to run around the court.

A mini netball can be a useful item to practice playing with. This one is made by Gilbert and it is white with a grey and pink pattern on it with the brand name and ‘mini netball’ written on it. It will be great for anyone that likes to play mini netball or who wants a smaller ball to practice with while they are getting used to playing the game.

A boot bag can be very useful for any type of sports show. This one can be personalised as well with a name and it has a picture of a netball player on it as well. There are lots of colour choices. The bag is 35 x 19 x 12cm in size and it has a double zip around it and a grab handle at the top. It is hand-printed and there is a choice of different colours of print as well as fabric colours on the bag.

If someone owns lots of balls then this bag could be useful. It is specially designed for carrying sports balls. It is made from heavy-duty 420D Oxford material which is waterproof. It also has mesh so it is easy to see the balls inside it. It is tear-resistant and durable so should last a long time. It can fit up to 15 balls inside it and has a drawstring top with an adjustable shoulder strap.

Netball coaches may find this coaching board really useful. It is 32 x 22cm in size and has a court marked out on it. It comes with magnets in red and in blue to represent players as well as a pen to draw on the board. The board is made from quality materials so that it will not easily bend. Has markings on both sides of the board.

Netball kit will be easily transported in the special bag. It is a cylindrical duffel bag and says ‘netball kit’ on it. It is a black bag with handles in the option of black, white and fuchsia and the writing is white. It is made from polyester and is 20 litres in size or 50 x 25 x 25cm so there is plenty of room for sports shoes and an outfit inside.

Netball clubs will need training bibs for their teams to wear so that they can easily see what team they are on. This is a set of ten bibs in a colour of choice. There are lots of colours to choose from, which are all bright and easy to see, so it will be easy to tell one team from the other. They come in different sizes for adults and children of different ages.

A netball club might be interested in buying this netball trophy. It has a player with a ball on the platform which has a plaque that can be engraved. It is 18.5cm high and looks metallic. It could also be bought as a gift for a netball player if you want to let them know that you think they deserve a trophy as they play so well.

A netball coach or teacher will need to have a whistle to make sure that the team knows when they need to stop playing. This one is a special squeezy whistle and it is made by Gilbert. It is blue in colour and it has a black wristband on it. It still produces a decent amount of sound compared to a traditional whistle and could be easier to use and less dangerous too.

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