32 Presents for New York Lovers

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The Big Apple, NY, NYC, the City all affectionately refer to New York City, the city where dreams are made of. We have put together a list of gift suggestions for that person in your life who loves New York. The Statue of Liberty, yellow taxis, the Empire State building, the Hudson River, the Chrysler building are all synonymous with New York and feature in a lot of our gift suggestions. Included within our suggestions are clothing, art and crafts, textiles, trinkets, chinaware and even ownership of a small part of New York! Whomever you are searching for a gift for, if they love New York or style or both, you will find the perfect gift here.

32 Gift Ideas related to New York

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A personalised gift for the New York fan. This registration plate depicts the Statue of Liberty and the text ‘New York.’ Underneath there is space for a personalised touch whether the recipient’s name or other information or a word that is meaningful to the person you are gifting this item to. The plate is white with a yellow line at the top of the plate with blue text and a grey illustration.

For the traveller who is visiting New York on their travels, this journal will make a wonderful gift. A journal consisting of twenty pages of a plain blank paper based product. On the front cover you will find an attractive design with the wording, ‘Our trip to New York’ in black against a white background. The ‘New York’ text shows visualisations of the New York skyline, including the Statue of Liberty’s crown.

A gift for the expectant visitor to New York to help them on their way. This money box made from china will give them the motivation to save those pennies for their trip. Primarily white with black text stating, ‘Destination (with depiction of an airplane) – New York – Holiday fund.’ There are blue and red arrows at the top and bottom of the box that measures 9 cm high with a width of 8 cm.

A perfect gift for the loved one returning from their trip to New York where they can securely store all their wonderful memories from their trip. This yellow photo album can hold a massive two hundred photos measuring ten centimetres tall by fifteen centimetres width. The photo album is yellow, perhaps as a nod to the famous yellow NYC taxis. On the front is the name ‘New York,’ and a skyline of the City.

A wonderful New York themed gift. This keyring is a plain silver colour with four pendants attached. One pendant is white with the text ‘New York,’ in red and black, one showing the Empire State building, another in the shape of an apple in the design of the United States of America flag and one depicting the Statue of Liberty. Impeccable detail and quality, this keyring will certainly brighten up their day.

One for the younger fanbase of New York, this set from Lego is suitable for young people ages between twelve and eighteen years of age. The set portrays some of New York’s most famous landmarks such as the Chrysler building, Flatiron Building and One World Trade Centre. When put together the highest point reaches 26 cm with a width of 25.5 cm. Not only will this this set provide hours of amusement but when constructed will also make an attractive feature in any room.

The perfect combination of New York and a wine related gift, ideal for those evenings reminiscing about that once in a lifetime trip. There are six wine charms included in this set, with each one representing an iconic image of New York. The width of the attachment part of each charm is twenty five millimetres. This gift set comes beautifully presented in a black paper based case with italic wording on the top.

What better gift for the ultimate New York enthusiast than a part of the actual city. This gift includes a document confirming ownership of an approximately six hundred and forty five centimetre squared plot of land in the Big Apple. The actual location and pictures of the land are shown in documentation that is also included. You can yourself insert the person’s name, of whom you are gifting to, onto the deed.

A fabulous casual bag for everyday use. This total bag is available in four different colours, but our favourite is the black. With a black base colour, on the front of the bag is white text that states ‘I’d rather be in NYC.’ Also in white is an illustration of the symbolic and distinguished Statue of Liberty. The width of this bag is three hundred and eighty millimetres with a height of four hundred and twenty millimetres.

A beautiful gift for the person who loves New York, this tea light holder features the New York skyline and also comes with a candle and item that will project the visual. The skyline includes points of interest such as St Patrick’s Cathedral, the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, the Chrysler Building to name just a few. A gift that will bring New York to your loved one’s home.

A New York styled money carrier that can be personalised with the name of the person you are giving this gift to. Made from sturdy material the design shows the New York horizon. There are a number of compartments with space to store cash and cards. With a width of ninety millimetres this wallet measures one hundred and twenty millimetres high and has a depth of thirty millimetres.

An absolute stunning piece of artwork featuring a view of New York that will enrich the interior design of any room. This black and white photograph artwork is available in a range of sizes. The photograph is unusual as it depicts a window opening to the New York landscape but adds another dimension to the portrayal. The art comes attached to a solid timber framework.

A fabulous and stylish addition to any room, this table lamp features the New York night horizon. Black with a white New York City design, you can choose the warmth of this lamp with three settings and this lamp can be controlled through touch. The lamp stands 29 cm tall with a width of 9 cm. Please ensure you take note of the light bulbs required for this lamp. Matching items are available.

A gift for the collector of fridge magnets or who loves New York or both! The fridge magnet is styled in a brushed metal brown colour. The magnet shows all the attractions synonymous with New York from the taxis and the iconic buildings such as the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty to the Chrysler Building that contribute to the famous New York Skyline. A good sized magnet that is of great quality and finish.

A timeless New York styled pencil case or make up bag, or even just a small bag for any other purpose. It has different sections in the bag so that different items can be stored separately. The bag is mainly black but on the front is a photographic view of New York from height and in a sepia finish. The length of the bag is two hundred and twenty millimetres with a height of one hundred and thirty millimetres.

A lovely gift for a friend or family member who loves New York or has or is expecting to go there. This coaster is suitable for all types of drinks with a protective top cover on top of a timber based product. The black and white photograph depicted shows the Statue of Liberty close up with the distinguished skyline in the background. The square coaster measures ninety five millimetres width by length.

A stylish mug made from Ceramic type material. With a white base colour the mug shows the renowned buildings and bridges that relate to New York in colour. The mug measures ninety millimetres high with a diameter of eighty five millimetres. This mug comes packaged in a black box with the brand name, ‘Leslie Gerry,’ along with the words ‘New York Collection,’ in white text and ‘NY’ in blue text.

A different but no less impressive coaster showing New York from a different viewpoint. On the top of the coaster is a colour photo of a New York junction from a birds eye view. The view shows multiple buildings on a crossroads with vehicles crossing including a number of yellow taxis. Made from a durable reflective material, this coaster is able to take all types of drinks both hot and cold.

This sketch pad is suitable for the younger and older audience both male and female and will keep the recipient of this gift amused for hours whilst providing a space to switch off. Everything required to produce this masterpiece of a New York night-time scene with the Chrysler building the focal point. This artwork measures forty one centimetres length with a width of just over twenty eight centimetres.

A cool and fashionable pyjama set for the young lady! This pyjama set includes a top that is a mix of white and black and includes a stripy pattern with bottoms that are primarily black. On the top is the text, ‘Varsity Team – New York – 52,’ in white text. The same test can be found on the bottoms in much smaller type. Available in sizes from the ages of nine to sixteen, these pyjamas are made from natural material.

An incredible one thousand piece New York themed jigsaw puzzle full of bright colours! This puzzle is based on another well known landmark, Times Square, renowned as the City’s entertainment hub. A good quality puzzle set for the one who enjoys doing a jigsaw and the bright lights of New York. When completed this jigsaw will measure seventy centimetres long with a height of fifty centimetres.

A lovely addition to the bedroom of loved one who loves New York or appreciates chic interior design. The design of this cushion cover is a black and white photographic style taken at height with the focal point being the Empire State Building with the Hudson river in the background. The cushion cover is square and measures forty five centimetres length by width. Hard wearing, this cushion cover is made from natural materials and silky to touch.

With this gift, New York City will never be far away from the thoughts of the person receiving it. A mouse mat with a monochrome photo design featuring the Statue of Liberty with the Empire State Building and other buildings in the background. The mouse mat measures two hundred and thirty five millimetres length with a width of one hundred and ninety six millimetres.

A match made in heaven with a blend of Disney’s Minnie and Mickey Mouse and New York. The bottoms are a lovely light grey whilst the top depicts Mickey and Minnie hugging with a scene of New York in the background. Available in sizes small, medium, large and extra large and made from a natural product these pyjamas are super comfy and will aid a good night’s sleep without compromising on style.

This lap tray is perfect for keeping the image of New York in their minds but with a different style of New York! The cushion part of this lap tray is blue whilst the actual tray is a baby blue. On the top of the tray is an image of multiple New York landmarks using a vibrant colour scheme of blues, pinks, purples, greens, yellows and black. The lap tray is a good size and comfortable with the cushion section fitting comfortably.

An uber comfy and super sized blanket, perfect for snuggling up to or keeping warm in those cold nights. This blanket measures one metre length by two metres height. The pattern on the blanket is a New York scene as the sun sets. The Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building are the prime focus whilst the sky is a mix of blue and orange. The buildings are shown with their lights on.

A loud lampshade that will make a statement in loved one’s bedroom, who loves New York. In a traditional style, this lampshade depicts New York in a monochrome arrangement with famous landmarks including buildings and bridges and a New York taxi in yellow.  ‘Downtown and Brooklyn,’ and I heart New York,’ are written in white. With a width of just over twenty five centimetres and height of approximately twenty centimetres.

One for the younger New York fan, this cute baby grow is not only comfy to wear but makes reference to New York. The baby grow is black and has white text on the front of it saying, ‘New York City.’ Made using natural fibres this baby grow is available in sizes from new born until two years. A lovely gift for the family that loves New York meaning that the baby of the family is not left out.

The ultimate New York City gift in the form of a baseball cap. This baseball cap depicts the famous Yankees baseball team logo on the main part of the cap. The baseball cap is available in black, a green camouflage, green and red. The baseball cap only comes in one size but can be tweaked to fit by adjusting the fastener. A great gift in recognition of the Yankees or New York City fan.

Another amazing arts and craft gift suggestion, this one is an embroidery set perfect for those new to this hobby! All the tools that are needed to undertake this exciting task are included with this gift set. When finished this artwork will be stunning with New York at night alight and measure approximately forty one centimetres width by just about fifty one centimetres.

A fabulous gift for the friend or family member who loves New York. This ornament is made from a metal product and depicts the Empire State Building on a detailed model size. The measurements are one hundred and eighty millimetres high with a maximum width of sixty millimetres and depth of forty five millimetres. This model will look great on a desk or mantlepiece or anywhere else where it will regularly be seen.

This New York styled gift will actually make you feel like you are there! This lamp has a black base then plaque type structure showing the iconic buildings and bridges of New York. Birds in the sky and the words, ‘New York,’ are also illustrated. When this lamp is switched on it comes alive with a three dimensional angle in one of the seven neon type colours, such as blue, green and purple.

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