29 Novelty Presents for People of All Ages

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Finding a novelty gift for someone is not always easy. It can be fun to give them something that is a bit different, perhaps unusual or quirky especially to people that have a lot of things or have a sense of fun or good sense of humour. However, finding something that is a bit different and a novel idea is not always easy, which is why we have come up with a list of ideas to help you. We have listed a big range of different items in the hope that you will be able to find something that will suit the person that you have in mind.

29 Funny Novelty Gift Ideas

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This is a novelty 12 oz mug. It is a mug that looks like a ball of knitting yarn/wool. It has a message around the centre (as if printed on the paper wrapped around the wool) which says ‘I like big balls and I cannot lie’. It comes in a gift box so is ideal to give as a present to someone who knits or enjoys crochet. It measures 10cm x 11cm x 8.5cm.

This is a pillow which can be used as a stand for your mobile device. This one has a cute owl design, but there are other designs available so that you can choose one that will suit the taste of the recipient. It is useful for standing your device on when you are watching a film, reading an ebook or making a video call. It can also be used to read a physical book too. It has a pocket in the back to hold earphones, bookmarks etc.

This is a very silly but also fun toy. It is a little catapult called ‘flick a chicken’. Just put your finger in the head and pull back the stretchy legs and when you let go it will fly. It would make a great stocking filler, party bag toy or pocket money toy. Designed for children but there will definitely be some adults that would not be able to resist playing with it too.

This is a pet cloud! It is a soft fluffy white ball with googly eyes. On the back of the packet it has cloud care instructions ‘your pet cloud needs lots of love and attention. He/She should be walked for at least 30 minutes per day. Feed with tears of joy twice a day. Do not overfeed.’ It comes in a plastic bag to keep it clean and is ready to give away as a gift.

This is a ‘Grow a Sloth’ kit. Inside the pack there is a mini sloth and you add water to it and it grows up to six times the original size. When it dries out it will shrink again so it can be played with over and over again. It takes about 3 days for the sloth the grow when placed in a jug of water. When removed it will slowly shrink back to its original size. It is a cute item and a real novelty.

This is an umbrella hat by Smiffy’s. It helps you to keep dry but without the inconvenience of holding up an umbrella. Great for wearing outdoors at festivals, carnivals and things like this where you are outside for a long time. It also prevents your arms from aching from carrying an umbrella and leaves your hands free for other things. Good for when using crutches, on a bike or when pushing a pram.

This is a five minute poo timer. That’s right! You set it when you sit on the loo and then when the timer runs through you have to follow the instructions and wipe. It is an ideal present for poo-crastinaters who append far too long in the bathroom, hogging it so others cannot use it and getting out of household chores. Has a suction cup so it can be stuck to bathroom tiles.

This is a ball which administers electric shocks. It can be used to play the ‘hot potato’ game as it gives out random electric shocks. You can play all sorts of games with it and it can be a fun item to use to trick your friends and family. The shocks come randomly every 10-30 seconds and it glows red at the same time so pass it on quickly so you don’t get shocked!

This is a Star Wars themed fountain pen from Sheaffer. It has a stainless-steel nib of medium size and has character themed packaging which depicts Darth Vader which works well with the black and white plastic pen lid and barrel which says Darth Vader on it and has polished chrome details. It takes cartridge refills and comes with one cartridge so that it is ready to use. You can also pick R2D2 or Yoda options.

This is a roll of printed loo roll. It has a Donald Trump for 2016 president theme to it. It can make a great novelty gift for someone who is not a fan of the POTUS. The roll has 240 sheets and has a picture of Trump on every sheet printed in black and white. This novelty item is probably not something you would want to use but it could make a great gag gift.

These dust mop slippers are an interesting idea. You can pop them on and then clean your floors without the hassle of bending. You can even use them to wipe up spills but your feet will get wet unless you wear them over shoes. They could also be useful for putting on feet when walking over wet floors. They come in one size. Can also be used with other cleaning devices.

This is a strobing beer glass. It is a full pint lager glass which is tall and thin and when switched on (at the base) it will strobe with four light functions. Great to use at parties or in dimly lit rooms as a novelty and fun item. It comes in a box and so is easy to wrap up before you give as a gift. It even comes with free shipping.

This fart extinguisher looks like a mini fire extinguisher but actually sprays air freshener from it. It has 100ml of air freshener in it and has a strong but pleasant smell. Can be given to someone who makes lots of smells and needs to use it wherever they go or to someone who has a friend or partner that they need protection from! A fun and useful gift idea which comes boxed.

This is a bottle stopper with a novelty message. The stopper is made of silver coloured metal and has an enamelled red top with red writing on which says ‘Mum’s Medicine’’ with a white cross on it. A useful gift for keeping a wine bottle contents fresh once the cork has been removed but also a joke item for Mum so would make a good gift for a Mum that drinks wine and has a good sense of humour.

This is a mini vanity case for men which contains a ‘Gentleman’s Willy Care Kit’. It has a mini ‘fluffing brush’, styling shears, sprucing mirror and evening wear (which is a chain). Will make a funny gift for any chap that is into male grooming or who just likes a good laugh. It comes in a gift box too so it is ready for you to just hand over without the need for wrapping.

This is a Norse style shot glass set. It has a rustic wood stand with five holes in where the horn ‘glasses’ can be put in. Each is made from genuine ox horn and can hold 2 oz of drink. The wooden tray/holder has to be balanced on something with a thin neck such as a bottle or decanter. The wooden tray has runes on it and it all comes in a burlap gift sack all ready for gifting.

This is a set of three rude golf balls. The white balls have rude words printed on them such as ‘Tw*t’, ‘W*nker’ and ‘T*sser’. They come in a box which states that they are designed for rubbish golfers. The balls will help you to identify which is your ball when you are playing golf so could be useful on the course and other players are unlikely to notice what they say unless you choose to show them.

This is a candy dispenser. It is touch activated and there is a clear top on the machine so that you can see which sweets are inside. It comes empty so that you can add sweets before you give it as a gift or leave it to them to fill up with sweets of their choice. It need 3 x AAA batteries to work and can be a fun gift for any adult or child that likes eating sweets.

This is an inflatable walking stick which is a fun gag. It measures about 3 feet or 90cm high so could look almost genuine! Could be used to give to someone who has a milestone birthday and is feeling old, as a fancy dress prop or a fun gift. People might hit you with it if you give it to them but it is a soft inflatable so that should be fine!

This is a fun Magic 8 ball novelty gift. It has 15 answers and predictions so you can ask it questions with a yes/no type answer which can help you with decision making. You just give it a shake and turn it over and you will get an answer to your question. It is fun for parties, secret Santa, stocking fillers or just a fun gift that is a bit different.

This is a set of hot chilli sauces all put together in a pack to look like dynamite. It even has the strings on so it looks great fun. There are five 48g bottles of sauce; spicy hot sauce, garlic hot sauce, rattlesnake hot sauce, cajun jalapeno sauce and extra hot hot sauce. Great for a spicy food lover and much more interesting than a plain bottle of hot sauce.

This is a self-stirring mug. It has a paddle in the base of it so that you can stir the sugar into your tea automatically. The mug is insulated and has a non-spill lid so can be taken into the car or carried around safely without the risk of spillage. It takes 2 x AAA batteries and cannot go in the microwave or dishwasher due to metal and electronic parts.

L This PVC shower cap is in the shape of a unicorn. It has an elasticated edge so that it is easy to fit over the head. The design is of the eyes and nose of unicorn (that would be on the forehead) with a gold horn and little ears. The horn is filled with sponge material so that it stands up straight and looks genuine when being worn. A fun way to keep your hair dry in the shower.

This is a squawking rubber chicken. It is actually a dog chew toy which they will find a lot of fun, but it could also be given to a person as a quirky gift too. It can act as a stress ball type item or just be used to entertain others and make then laugh. Just squeeze it and it makes a loud screaming noise. Made from high quality rubber and is 6.5 inches in height.

This is a set of five highlighter pens in different sizes which look like syringes with lids on. They even have a 1-5ml measure printed on the side of them for authenticity. They are pink, yellow, orange, blue and green and you get a random mix of colours. They are great for healthcare professionals, novelty pen collectors or stationery lovers but also for anyone as a fun and novelty gift.

This is a stress busting desk boxing kit. You get a mini punch bag which has a suction cup base to keep it on the desk. There are two tiny boxing gloves to put on your finger tips and you can box away. There is even a book which gives you some ideas for boxing moves to use with it as well as some boxing trivia. A good secret Santa gift idea.

This is a plastic back scratcher. It has a long handle which is made of brightly coloured plastic with a hand on one end and a hanging chain on the other. It can be used to reach those irritating itchy areas that someone can not reach themselves. It offers really good value for money so can be popped in with another gift to provide an extra treat for the recipient.

This is a stress ball which looks like a human face. It comes in black and measures 5.5 x 6.5 x 6.5cm. It is very soft and squashy so that you can manipulate it to make silly faces which will cheer you up or just squeeze it or chuck it about the room. There are four different designs and you get sent a randomly selected face so you will have a surprise as to which one it will be.

This is a 16GB USB stick in the shape of a guitar. It comes apart in the middle to allow it to be plugged in as half of the guitar is a lid. It is 2 meters shock proof, holds data for over ten years and has a 12 month warranty. Great for a music fan or guitar player that also likes their fun gadgets. It is compatible with all major operating systems and comes with free delivery.

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