31 Photo Frame Presents - Perfect For All Occasions

Updated on June 17th, 2021
By Lewis
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Photo frames make lovely gifts for those people that like to display pictures of their loved ones. There are lots of different types to choose from and if you are looking to buy one then you may like the opportunity to be able to look at the types of frames that are available so that you can pick one that you think will work really well for the person that you are buying for. We have therefore put together a list of frames so that you can see what there is really easily and it will allow you to be able to pick one that you think will really work. We have chosen frames at different costs too so that they suit all budgets.

31 Photo Frame Gift Ideas

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A photo cube is an unusual way to display a photo. This one has eight cubes joined together and they can be moved around like a puzzle. It means that you can have fun with a game that uses a personal picture. You just have to send in a picture and the cube will be custom made for you. It could have a family photo, landscape or any other pretty picture.

A crystal ball is a very unusual way to display a photo. This one has been laser engraved using an image from a supplied picture. The crystal ball is clear with no bubbles so it is really easy to see the image. It is 8cm in size and comes on a crystal base so it is easy to display. It comes packaged in a gift box so it is ready for you to hand over or to be posted directly to the recipient.

An engraved frame can make a thoughtful gift. This one is wooden and it takes a 7 x 5 photo. It can be engraved above and below the picture so you can share a special message with the recipient. It is made from MDF with a French oak finish and has acrylic glass so that it is safe and will not break. The engraving is done by a laser so it will last and not fade or rub off.

If you are buying for a friend then this can be a great frame to get. It is a white frame with a shabby chic look to it as the paint is distressed. Along the top, in coloured wooden tiles, it says ‘friends’. It will fit a 6 x 4 photo in a landscape orientation and the frame is quite thick measuring 18 x 23cm in size. It has a stand so it can easily stand on a shelf.

If you are looking for a romantic photo frame them this could be the one to get. It is hinged and there is space on the right for a 4×6 portrait orientation photo. On the left it says ‘I love you to the moon and back’. It is a light up frame so the words will light up. It comes in white or black and measures 7.8 inches high and 7.8 inches across in total.

A cube frame can be an interesting way to display photos. This one will allow 5 photos to be stored in it – one on each of the four faces on the sides and on the top. The frame is made from natural oak and so has a pale wood look to it. The photos need to be 3 x 3 in size. The top frame lifts off so that you can store things inside.

A tree ornament seems a fitting way to display family photos. This one is black metal and has six hanging frames on it which can have family photos put in it. The frames are each 8.1 x 5.6cm in size. They have a ribbon attached and you can hang them on any part of the tree. The tree is free standing which means that it can be placed on any shelf, desk, window sill etc.

If you want to get something that will sparkle then this silver crystal mirrored frame will do the job. There are three size options so you can get one that suits the photo that you want to put in it. It comes with a pull-out stand so that it can be placed on a shelf as well as a hook so that it can be hung on a wall. It can be used for landscape or portrait images.

Those people that like intricate designs will enjoy looking at this lace-inspired heart-shaped frame. It is silver in colour and the top left and bottom right sides have a lacy pattern on them. It has a satin silver finish and is made of metal. It takes a 3 x 3 inch photo. It has a stand which means that it can be displayed on a shelf, desk or sideboard.

A photo block can give a modern touch to a photo. This one is 15 x 20cm in size and it is frameless which means that the photo really stands out instead of a fancy frame. It does come in other sizes as well which means that you can choose one that you think will work well. The frame is also see-through at the back and so you can put two pictures in it back to back.

If you are buying for a friend then this sentimental frame could be a good choice. It is wooden and has a message on it which says ‘A good friend knows all your stories a best friend has lived them with you’. It has space for a 4 x 6 photo beside the quote. It measures 23 x 19.5 x 3cm and would make a sentimental gift for someone to give to a very close friend.

Wooden frames may seem a bit dull but this one is double-sided and has a floating Scandinavian style to it. It comes in a selection of different sizes and so you can buy one that you feel will work well. The double-sided design means that you can use it to put two photos back to back. It will look good standing on a table where it is viewed from different angles.

If you want a frame that displays multiple pictures then this wooden one could be the answer. It has spaces to display twelve photos and some are in landscape and some in portrait and has a modern style. The spaces are all for 6 x 4 sized pictures. It comes in a choice of colours- natural wood, white or black. The frame can easily be wall-mounted using the fittings on the back.

If you are looking for a frame with a contemporary look then this grey wooden frame could work well. It does come in other colour options too but the grey colour is an on-trend choice. You actually get two frames and you can choose between different sizes depending on the photo size that you have. The frame is made of MDF and it has shatterproof acrylic over it.

If you want a frame that will shine, then this rose gold photo frame will be a good choice. It comes in a choice of sizes so you can choose the one that will work the best. You can also pick a silver frame rather than a rose gold frame if you prefer. It has wall hooks on the back but also a stand so you can have it on a desk or shelf or hung up.

Unusual frames can make really interesting gifts. This one is a heart-shaped piece of slate that comes on a stand. You send in the picture and it is printed on it. You can choose other colours and styles if they are more appropriate. It is made from natural stone which means that it is durable and comes with a stand so that it can easily be displayed. It will make a great gift.

If you are looking for a freestanding photo frame then this one could work. It is actually two frames that are joined together with a hinge so they can stand up on a shelf or table. There are two colour options – deep or light brown and they have a wood grain effect. They fit 5 x 7 inch photos and both in portrait orientation. They are made with MDF with an HD glass front.

If you are looking for cute frames then these could be it. It is a series of three picture frame with a house and dog design. Two of the frames take a 6 x 4 photo and the other takes a 4 x 4 photo. They are made from white and grey MDF and they have a plinth so they can be free-standing but they also have a hanging hook. The whole item measures 25cm tall x 42cm wide and would be great for family photos.

This modern photo plaque will make for an unusual gift. It comes in a choice of sizes and you will need to upload a photo and information about a song that you would like to have named on it. The frame will have a code put on it and when that code is scanned with a phone, Spotify will play the song automatically. It is made of acrylic plexiglass with professional printing.

A photo frame for a good friend may need to be special and sentimental. This one is a box frame that is white and inside there is a space for a 15 x 10cm photo. Above the picture, there is a string with two hearts on and some pegs. The pegs have things attached to them. The first says ‘best’ the centre one has a heart and the last says ‘friends’ but you can change these if you wish.

If you are looking for a romantic photo frame then you may like this one which is also unusual. It is a white frame which has a wooden frame inside it and then room for a 6 x 4 phone. On it is stuck a pretty wicker heart which has a white ribbon on it. It has a cute rustic look and will display a portrait orientation photo. It has a fold-out stand so that it can be displayed on a desk or shelf.

Engraved frames will give you an opportunity to present a message with the frame and you may choose to put a photo inside it as well. This particular frame is wood and you can choose a message to be engraved above and below the picture. It can be in portrait or landscape format and it will take a 7 x 5 inch photo. The back has a pull-out stand and hanging hooks so it can be put on the wall or on a shelf.

If you are looking for a coastal or distressed style of frame then this set of two blue frames could work for you. The blue has a shabby chic whitewash effect and there is a white line around it too. It is made from PS material with real glass. It can take a 4 x 6 inch photo and it has an easel for displaying on a table, desk or shelf and hanging hooks to put it on the wall.

Simple frames can make great gifts and if this is what you are looking for then this could be just the design for you. It comes in a 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 inch size and it has a simple gold edge and white centre to the frame. It has a black velvet backboard that has a pull-out stand which means it can stand on a shelf or desk as well as hanging hooks for portrait or landscape orientation.

If you are buying a photo frame for a granddaughter or sending a picture of a granddaughter to grandparents then this could be the right frame. It is a silver-plated frame that takes a 6 x 4 inch photo at a portrait orientation. The top of the frame has ‘granddaughter’ on it and at the bottom, there are some hearts. It is a pretty frame and would be lovely if gifted with a photo in it.

Heart-shaped photo frames can be lovely items to frame family photos. This wooden heart has space to display ten different photos. There are six which are 8 x 8 cm and 4 that are 10 x 15cm in size. Overall the total heart is 45 x 44cm in size. It has a shabby chic wood-look finish and fittings on the back so that it can be hung on the wall.

Romantic frames can be lovely to give to a spouse. This one has a rustic wood look and says on it ‘I love you most the end I will’ on it and has a heart on it which is twine wrapped around nails to make a macrame type design on it. . There is a space to hold a 3 x 3 inch photo on it. It can be displayed freestanding or hung on a wall.

Nurseries will look really lovely with the ark shaped photo frame on the wall. It will take a 6 x 4 inch photo and is a shiny silver colour so would make a very appropriate Christening gift. The frame is in an ark shape and features some pairs of animals on it. Around where the picture goes it says ‘two by two’ over and over again. Comes in a box.

If you are looking for something a bit different then this multiple photo frame could suit you. It has the space to display six photos and it is hinged so that it can be altered in orientation to look really interesting when it is standing on a shelf. It takes two different sizes of photo, some 5 x 7 and some 3 x 5 and some are landscape and some portrait.

Pretty photo frames can make great gifts for a Mum and this one not only has a floral pattern but it says ‘Amazing Mum so many wonderful memories with you’ on it. There is a space for a 4 x 6 inch photo on it. There is a stand so that it will be able to stand up on a flat surface so can be displayed on a shelf, desk or table. It is made of MDF, plastic and glass and measures 18 x 18cm in total.

Many parents like to keep lots of memories of their baby and having foot and handprints from them when they are tiny can make a lovely image to keep. This photo frame is part of a kit where parents can make foot and handprints of their baby and they will be able to frame them alongside some pictures of their baby. Frames come in a choice of white or black and the photo spaces are for 2.75 inch square pictures.

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