35 Gift Sets for Pink Gin Drinkers

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Gin is really popular these days and it is, therefore, likely that you will know people that enjoy drinking it. It might be the case that you would also like to buy them gifts that are based around gin. If this is the case then you have come to the right place as we have put together a list of gin gift sets which we think would make really great gifts for anyone that loves to drink gin. They all vary a lot in their contents but all contain pink gin in one form or another. Hopefully, the list will enable you to be able to easily find a gift set that will suit the person you are buying for.

Surprise Someone with a Pink Gin Gift Set

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The Pink Gin collection contains four mini bottles of gin. They are all 5cl and are – Whitley Neil Rhubarb and Ginger Gin, Edinburgh Gin Plum & Vanilla, Gordon’s Pink Gin and Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin. They all come packaged prettily in a pink gift box. They all have natural fruit flavours so are refreshing and sweet but also look pretty too. Having smaller bottles means that the recipient can have a little taster to decide whether they want to buy a big bottle.

Blue Tree Gifts have put together a really cute selection of pink gins in a very pretty pink gift box. They have chosen to include 3 x 5cl bottles – one each of Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin, Beefeater London Pink Strawberry and Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin. The selection comes in a pale pink box which is decorated with plant pictures in a darker pink and help to make it all look really special.

A glass and bottle of gin are included in this gift set. The gin is a Whitley Neill handcrafted gin that has a delicate and fruity taste with a long-lasting citrus raspberry flavour. It has a juniper, coriander and liquorice flavour which gives way to the raspberry. As well as a 70cl bottle, the gift set also includes a long-stemmed Whitley Neill branded glass to drink it from.

Gordon’s fans will enjoy this gift set which provides the recipient with a pint G&T moment. It includes a Copa glass with a long stem, a 200ml bottle of Schweppes Indian tonic water and a 5cl bottle of Gordon’s premium pink distilled gin. They all come together in a pretty gift box that is pink and has a contemporary design to it. Would make a great gift for a gin lover.

Gordon’s have put together a really fun gift set. This one has a 5cl bottle of their own pink gin with a long-stemmed, branded glass to serve it in. It also comes with some iridescent rose gold shimmer powder which has a subtle raspberry flavour that will make the drink really sparkle. You may want to add your own tonic to make a lovely drink which tastes good and is fun too!

Hampers make great gifts and this one will be welcomed by any gin lover. It has Gordon’s raspberry and strawberry pink gin 5cl, Blackfriars’s pomegranate and rose gin, Merchants heart and the London Essence tonics, 50g Lindt Lindor truffle box, 50g Ferrero Rocher and a golden gift box with dark chocolates with different centres – fondant cream, mint crisp, Neapolitan and dark truffle. They all come in a box with wood wool and an Ant & Child’s premium sleeve.

A candle and a glass of gin are some people’s idea of a really relaxing combination. This set would therefore go down a treat as it is a 5cl bottle of Gordon’s premium pink distilled gin and a strawberry-scented candle to burn while enjoying the drink. They come together in a Gordon’s branded box and they are an officially licensed product. The square box even makes it easy to gift wrap!

A flavoured gin collection can be a great treat. This one has three different bottles in it. There are three 5cl bottles included and they are pink cherry gin (quintessentially British) by J J Whitley family distillers, Gordon’s premium pink distilled gin and Raspberry Liquor from the Edinburgh Gin Distillery. They are presented in a really pretty box which is white with pink botanicals pictured on it so there is not even a need to wrap it up.

If you are buying for two people then this Gordon’s gin set could be a great idea. It contains two of everything, so there is a long-stemmed Gordon’s branded pink balloon gin glass, a small 5cl bottle of premium pink distilled gin by Gordon’s and a small jar of botanicals to put with it for each person. The botanicals include 10g juniper berries and 3g dried hibiscus flowers. It is all presented in a box.

A pretty gift box may not affect the flavour of the gin, but this one will certainly make the gift look a lot nicer. Inside is a 70cl bottle of Rose d’Argent strawberry gin. It has a juniper berry first nose which leads to a more complex herb blend that ends with zesty notes of citrus and strawberry. It is a well-balanced drink and it has complexity of flavour as well as freshness from the strawberries.

Gin lovers will really enjoy this pretty gift set. It has a very pretty glass with a 5cl bottle of Gordon’s premium distilled pink gin. The glass has a long stem and a rose decoration around the bowl. They come together in a pretty gift box which is red inside and white outside with a contemporary floral pattern around it. It has a see-through window in the front of the box so the gift inside can be easily seen.,

Christmas could be very much improved with this gin gift. It is a selection of three glass baubles filled with gin. Each contains 5cl of gin in different flavours. The pink royal gin uses 10 botanicals from around the world and is four times distilled then flavoured with raspberry, blackberry and cranberry. The little bottles can be hung on the Christmas tree before or after drinking the contents as they look really pretty and sparkle!

Flavoured gin can make a lovely drink and this gift set includes three different 50ml miniatures with distinct flavours. There is a pink grapefruit and pomelo gin which is crafted by copper pot distilling with pink grapefruit and pomelo peels. The Rhubarb and Bramley Apple gin is a blended GB gin with freshly pressed apple and rhubarb juice. The third gin is an extra dry.  They come in a pretty gift box.

Chocolate and gin lovers will enjoy this combination. It is a 70cl bottle of Gordon’s pink gin, together with a box of Belgium chocolates which have a delicious assortment of milk, dark and white chocolates in different shapes and with different fillings. They come together in a sleek black gift box which is packed with wood wool to keep the contents secure and you can ask for a personalised gift card to be added if you wish.

Hampers can be lovely to receive and this one includes a variety of things. It has a 70cl bottle of Gordon’s pink gin with two bottles of Fentiman’s premium Indian tonic water. It also comes with a 120g box of chocolates by Walkers which is a dessert collection which is made up of white, milk and dark chocolates. They come together in a white and gold gift box which is reusable.

Personalised gifts can be really special and this pink gin hamper can have a name on the front of it underneath where it says ‘Ginspired refreshment’. It is put on the sliding lid of the wooden gift box which has a 70cl bottle of Gordon’s pink gin on one side and two cans of Fentiman’s rose lemonade on the other. They are packed with wood wool to keep them safe.

A bottle of gin and a glass can make a great gift for gin lovers and this one is even more special as it is a 70cl bottle of Beefeater London pink gin and it comes with a ‘Ice and a Slice’ branded gin and tonic balloon glass. They are packed in a box with snow-white shred on a black snap shut box so they are all ready for gifting and you can either have them sent straight to the recipient or hand them over yourself.

Novelty gifts can be a lot of fun and this gin comes in a bottle that is in the shape of a ladies shoe. It is a Turkish delight flavoured gin and you get 4cl in the little glass shoe which measures 13cm tall and 9cm across. It would make an interesting collectable gift, particularly for those that collect interesting bottle or unique drinks. It is made by ‘Il Gusto – The Theatre of Taste’.

If you are buying a gift for a pair of gin lovers then this set could suit them. It is a 50cl bottle of Salcombe gin with a pair of long-stemmed, branded glasses to drink it from. The gin is an artisan brand and it uses Macedonian juniper berries with strawberry and angelica to produce a subtle sweetness with no added sugar. It also uses lemon, orange and other botanicals to create its delicate flavour.

Japanese gin will be something that many people may not have tried so this gift set could be a unique gift for them. It has a 70cl bottle of Roku which has a blend of six botanicals with a scent of cherry blossoms and green tea, hints of floral-sweet notes and a Sancho pepper spiciness on the finish. The bottle comes in a gift box with three mixers which are tonic waters with different flavours.

Sometimes it can be a bottle that really catches the eye before you even notice the drink inside and this is the case with these Mermaid pink gin bottles. There are three 5cl miniatures in this gift pack and they all look really pretty with their unique look. The gin is strawberry and has a blend of lemon zest, grains of paradise and rock samphire and is made in the Isle of Wight.

This wooden case of gin can be personalised. On the removable lid, it says ‘Ginspired refreshment’ and underneath there is room to put the name of the recipient. Inside the box, there is a 70cl bottle of Gordon’s pink gin. It would make a special gift for someone whether they would feel that they were getting a  real treat – not just because they were getting the gin but because it is presented in such a lovely way.

Warners have put together this really special gin collection. There are three 50ml bottles included in the box and they each have a different flavour. There is a strawberry and rose which is indulgent, aromatic and fruity, a raspberry which is jammy, fruity and sweet and a rhubarb which is fresh, tangy and sweet. They are British handcrafted, farm-grown gins and have over ¼ fruit juice in each bottle.

Flamingo fans will really like this Zymurgorium Flamingo pink gin in a limited-edition presentation box set. It has flavours of mango, pineapple, passion fruit, allspice and ginger to match its Caribbean design and will allow you to imagine that you are on holiday somewhere hot while you are drinking it. It is a 50cl bottle in a beautifully decorated box which has a flamingo on the front and is blue, with a pretty pink inside which can fan out to reveal the bottle.

A cute box might help to sell a bottle of drink and this one can do that. However, the drink inside will not disappoint, It is an Edinburgh gin with a rhubarb and ginger flavour. It has juniper and rhubarb which is lifted by the spice. It also has a small bottle of liquor with it which balances the sweetness of the rhubarb and warms with the spice from the ginger.

If the person you are buying for likes novelty bottles, then this star-shaped one is likely to appeal to them and it looks particularly pretty as there is a pink liquid inside. It actually contains a Turkish delight flavoured gin which makes for a really interesting drink. It has 40ml in it and it could make for a really fun gift and perhaps most appropriate for Christmas because of the star shape.

Gift sets can look really cute and therefore make great gifts. This pretty gift box says ‘Fabulous pink gin’ on the lid in a pink circle and is mainly white with silver stars on it and has a pretty pink bow on it. Inside, nestled in the wood wool are two 5cl miniature bottles of pink gin. They look very pretty. The gin has a flavour of strawberry laces and is also dry. Works with a tonic or lemonade depending on how sweet you like it.

Pink gin lovers will enjoy this interesting gift set. It has a 5cl bottle of Gordon’s pink gin and a Lamb & Watt hibiscus tonic water to go with it. It also has a packet of strawberry daiquiri gummies and some strawberry shimmer syrup and shimmer powder which is gold. A lovely mix of items to make drinking gin a lot of fun and very special. Comes in a gift box with pink shred.

Pretty bottles of gin can make really lovely gifts. Not only is it in a really fun shape of a shoe but it has 22-carat gold flakes in it so when it is shaken up it glistens. The gin has a juniper based flavour and it can be served as it is, with ice or even mixed into cocktails. They can be so much fun, just to display on your drinks cabinet as well!

Glasses and gin can make a great combination. This set his two Pinkster branded highball glasses as well as a 35cl bottle of gin. The gin is dry with a hint of fruit and is extremely smooth. It can be served in a refreshing way with a raspberry and a sprig of mint together with the tonic. The glasses are dishwasher safe and it all comes in a pretty pink and silver box.

Engraved glasses can be really fun to give and this one can have a name, occasion or message put on it. It comes together with a bottle of Pink Mermaid Gin. This gin is not only a lovely strawberry flavour with a smooth but complex taste of lemon zest, grains of paradise and rock samphire but it comes in a really pretty bottle that has a scale type pattern on it and a pretty lid as well.

Gin and a glass is a great gift idea and this is a branded Edinburgh gin glass with a bottle of Edinburgh Gin Distillery rhubarb and ginger liqueur. It is small batch infused with pure rhubarb and ginger. It is a 20cl bottle and it has a very pretty label and lovely pink colour gin which is subtle. The gin has a sweet and fruity flavour with a warm and spicy finish from the ginger.

Tasting sets can be a great way to find out which flavours you enjoy and they can also make great gifts. This one has a selection of miniatures together with some tonics as well. It has an Aber Falls rhubarb and ginger welsh gin, Tarquins British blackberry gin, J J Whitley plum gin and J J Whitley pink cherry gin with two can of The London Essence tonic water and a Fentimans tonic water. The contents may vary though.

Cocktails can be great fun to drink and this cocktail collection makes a great gift. It has 6 x 100ml bottles which will each make two cocktails once you add the mixers. The bottles are passion fruit gin cocktail mix and there is a tutorial in it to show how to mix it with lemonade to make it. There are 6 bottles in the branded box which are all identical so enough to make 12 cocktails, great for a party.

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