31 Prosecco Gift Set Ideas

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Everyone needs bubbles in their life from time to time! And the divinely Prosecco can tick that box. Whatever the occasion, a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, a new job, an engagement, passing exams or just because, you cannot go wrong with one of our Prosecco gift sets. We have searched to find the best Prosecco gift sets to suit all budgets and occasions, for both men and women. Some of the gift sets we have selected include the classic drink on its own in a presentation box, whilst others include chocolates or even cheese, and others aim to mix that Prosecco up with some different flavours or Cocktails.

31 Gift Ideas for Prosecco Lovers

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A beautifully presented item containing a bottle of the bubble stuff and some traditional confectionary to compliment the Prosecco. The bottle of Prosecco is a mix of gold and silver and the sweets presented in gold wrapping. Presented in a gift box that is in the shape of glamourous going out hand held bag with an illustration of the bubbly and sweets on the front in a gold and silver theme. On the back are a list of all the ingredients.

This incredible set would be an ideal gift for a couple and includes two smaller sizes bottles of Prosecco, two containers of two different types of luxurious chocolate, and some artisan biscuits. This set is packaged in an authentic looking box made from a paper product with a two-tone blue striped centre piece featuring the brand name. Whatever the occasion this set will bring a luxurious feel to the celebrations.

This gift set contains a bottle of premium Prosecco alongside some velvety chocolates perfect that come packaged in a gold coloured box, perfect for that celebratory occasion. The bottle of Prosecco contains a capacity of seven hundred and fifty millilitres and the chocolates have a weight of one hundred and twenty five grammes. You can also choose to send a gift card alongside this gift set so it can be sent directly to the recipient.

This is cute gift set containing the perfect glass sized Prosecco bottle and four luxury chocolates. The Prosecco is made by a famous brand and features orange colouring on the front of the bottle and the chocolates are wrapped in peach coloured foil wrappers. This gift set comes packaged in a blue box with transparent material on the front so that the recipient can see straight away what is contained in the gift set.

In this Prosecco themed gift set, you will find a glass sized bottle of Prosecco, some luxurious confectionary, some of those iconic treats for watching films with, some traditional biscuits and an unorthodox styled glass to drink the Prosecco from. One the glass are the words, ‘Cheers to me,’ in gold text. The set comes packaged in a large grey coloured box with the celebratory text such as ‘Wow.’ A card for you to complete is also included with the same style.

A gift set including two small bottles of Prosecco from a renowned brand, alongside a packet of premium biscuits and two types of lavish chocolates. The gift set comes presented in a pink box with a sticker on the front depicting a bird carrying post and a gift with the text, ‘Happy Post,’ in multicoloured type,’ and ‘Ooooh how exciting!’ The weight of this gift set is just under one and a third kilogrammes.

A box of lushness! Included in this set are two bottles of Prosecco perfectly sized to fill two glasses, along with a pack of fancy biscuits and a collection of chocolates in box and bar form. This incredible set comes in a neutral coloured box with the brand details on the front of the box. The items are packed securely to ensure they are delivered in the same condition that they were sent.

For the loved one who loves Prosecco, this accessory kit includes a container to keep the Prosecco at exactly the right temperature, a bottle cover to keep the Prosecco bubbly, six gorgeous glass jewelery items to ensure there is no mixing up of glasses whilst giving elegance to the glass and a Prosecco themed sign. All that is needed is a bottle of the good stuff and the recipient will be in Prosecco heaven.

A wonderful gift for a celebration and picnic in the park maybe? With two glass sized bottles of Prosecco, and a selection of traditional and luxury confectionary, both chocolates and biscuits, this gift set comes delivered in a box made from a paper product. The brand name is depicted on the front of the box that measures twenty six centimetres length with a width of twenty two centimetres and depth of ten and half centimetres.

An exquisite looking gift filled to the brim with Prosecco and chocolates all in the shape of a bouquet of flowers. Included in this gift is a gift sized bottle of Prosecco alongside branded premium chocolates known as luxurious. Synthetic flowers and foliage are included that can be reused alongside the container that this gift comes in. This gift has then been wonderfully packaged in a pretty box with an eye catching blue floral design inside the box.

One for the serious Prosecco drinker, these two full sized seven hundred and fifty millilitres bottles of Senti Prosecco, chosen and sent by Virgin Wines. The box that the bottles come is made using a timber product and can be reused. This gift weighs a massive three and a half kilos and measures just under forty centimetres long by twenty two and a half centimetres with a depth of thirteen centimetres.

This is the ultimate Prosecco gift set that is also beautifully packaged. Included in this set is a standard sized bottle of Prosecco in a gorgeous bottle that is textured with a silver wrap at the top of the bottle. A snack usually associated with movie night and a box of chocolate confectionary is also contained in this set. The elegant box that this gift set comes in is white with gold coloured circles giving this gift a classy finish.

This Prosecco gift set will make the perfect stocking filler or a ‘just because,’ gift maybe due to a bad week or even a good week! Included in this set is a small sized bottle of Canti Prosecco and a netted bag containing chocolate that are heart shaped and wrapped in red foil. On the packaging for the chocolates is a note with the words, ‘Melt my Heart, with lots of red hearts underneath the text. The perfect way to show your love to your loved one.

A Prosecco themed gift with the serious ‘Wow’ factor! The gift set contains a full size bottle of Bottega Prosecco and two flutes to serve this divine and lavish bubbly. The bottle is wholly a gold Metallic colour whilst the glasses with the exception of the stems are the same. There is also a small bag of chocolates included in this set along with a note. This gift comes delivered in a pink and gold box with multi-coloured metallic splodges.

Another gift set including the luxury Prosecco made by Bottega. Included in this set are three smaller sized bottles of Bottega Gold Prosecco alongside some luxury French dark chocolate confectionary. This gift is presented in a gift box that is a light gold metallic colour with gold coloured ribbons on diagonal corners of the box. A wonderful gift for the person who loves Prosecco regardless of the occasion.

A gorgeous gift featuring a mini sized bottle of Bottega Gold Prosecco in metallic gold and a flute with a metallic gold stem and standard clear glass cup. There is also a small bag of chocolates that are heart shaped and wrapped in gold coloured foil. For ease you can send the supplier a personal message to send with the gift. This gift comes beautifully presented in a metallic styled box.

A very special gift for that very special person in your life celebrating a birthday! This birthday hamper consists of a standard sized bottle of Prosecco and a box of chocolates. The box of chocolates are beautifully boxed with a yellow background colour and a selection of different coloured butterflies and birds around the outside of the box. The words, ‘Happy Birthday,’ feature in the centre of the box.

A Prosecco gift set in a Rose Gold theme. This set comprises of a mini sized bottle of Bottega Prosecco with a mainly rose gold metallic outer covering and yellow gold foil at the opening of the bottle. Also included is a flute with a rose gold cup and clear stem and a small netted baby pink bag of heart shaped chocolates wrapped in a pink foil. You can personalise this gift with a gift card should you want this gift sent straight to the recipient.

A luxurious gift set for your loved one combining the extravagance of Prosecco and Truffles. The gift set sits nicely in a usually shaped card packaging in the design of a clutch bag. The packaging is pretty with a geometric design on the front with grey, pink and peach triangles and a gold ribbon. The truffles are wrapped in a gold foil packaging. A lovely gift no matter the occasion.

A top end Prosecco gift set for that extra special person in your life. This Bottega Prosecco set includes a full-size bottle of Prosecco with a white gold outer appearance all the way around the bottle and including the foil at the opening. There are also two flutes that come with this set with a white gold metallic cup and standard clear glass stem. Several chocolates complete this gift set with a white gold theme both on their wrappers and the bag where they are contained.

One for the loved one who loves not only Prosecco but cocktails containing Prosecco too. Either one of two types of a mini bottle of Bottega Prosecco will be included in this set along with a small bottle of a berry alcoholic drink. When combined your loved one will experience the wonderful taste of Kir Royale cocktail. The set comes in a square container with the items packed so as to look like a diamond.

A classy gift for a man or woman who enjoys Prosecco. Another Prosecco gift set from Bottega but this one comes with the classic sized bottle of Prosecco decorated in yellow gold including the material around the top of the bottle. Two lovely looking glasses are included in this set. This gift set comes packaged in a brown coloured box with the brand name written in gold text and a see-through panel that reveals the contents of the gift set.

Perhaps a gift for a couple that enjoy Prosecco and Red wine. Or for a loved one who loves both of these drinks. This gift set contains a standard sized bottle of Prosecco and Merlot red wine. This gift set comes delivered in a smart black box. You can also choose to send a personal message which is particularly helpful if you are sending the gift directly to the recipient from the company.

A lovely gift set for your friend or family who appreciates a glass of Prosecco with a twist! This gift set includes a mini sized bottle of Prosecco and a pot of cherry flavouring to add something different to the classic Prosecco. A clear glass flute completes this gift set. The gift set comes packaged in a black box with gold sparkles and a see-through section that allows the contents to be viewed.

An elegant Prosecco gift set. This set includes a full sized bottle of Prosecco along with a selection of lavish chocolates. The chocolates are in a cute baby blue coloured tin box with a transparent section on the front. This gift set is delivered in a grey coloured box with a black ribbon on the front of it. An absolutely wonderful gift for the lady or man in your life.

A traditional Prosecco gift set featuring a whopping one and half litres of Prosecco in a green tinted bottle with black foil and a black label. A classy timber product provides the packaging for this bottle of Prosecco, in a light wood colour and with some shredded paper inside to keep the bottle positioned and secure during transit. A lovely gift for those who love to drink Prosecco, with simplicity.

A very sleek gift set to gift your loved one on their birthday perhaps. Included in this gift set is a seven hundred and fifty millilitre bottle of Prosecco and a box of luxurious chocolates with six chocolates. This gift set is beautifully packaged in a white box with a black and white designed tie. Should you wish you can choose to add a gift card which can be personalised with your own message.

Not sure what to do on your loved one’s birthday? The gift sets the day out nicely whether it is a picnic in the park or picnic in the garden, all you need is a cheese knife and you’re there. This divine gift set includes not only a bottle of Prosecco but a range of cheeses, food items to put the cheese on and accompaniments. The container is a faux wicker basket, but should you wish you can request an authentic wicker basket for a small additional charge.

When two incredible brands come together, an amazing gift set is created. This gift set comprises of a seven hundred and fifty millilitres bottle of Bottega Prosecco of the pink version alongside two different packs of ‘From me to you,’ branded and divine chocolates. Presented in a black and white presentation box with the words ‘chosen just for you,’ on the front of the box, this gift set measures a humongous 2.3 kilograms.

A gift for the hen night, birthday party or for your friend who loves a drink of Prosecco at the weekend. This experimental gift set includes two small bottles of Bottega Prosecco, one coloured in a metallic pink colour and the other in a yellow gold and some fruit and herbal flavourings for mixing it up and creating the perfect Prosecco. The white presentation box completes this gift set.

A gift set with the ‘wow’ factor. Contained within this set is a seven hundred and fifty millilitres bottle of Bottega Prosecco decorated in a shiny yellow gold colour, a five hundred millilitre bottle of Bellini alcohol drink and a glass used for Prosecco with a shiny yellow gold part used for holding the glass. Three chocolates are also included. Should you wish the gift to be delivered straight to the recipient you can write your own personal message.

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