31 Gift Ideas for Roblox Fans

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Lots of children and some adults really enjoying playing Roblox. This means that when it comes time to buy them a gift, you might want to buy them something that is related to this game. If you do not play it though you may not be sure about what to buy. This is why we have put together a list of items. You will then be able to take a look through the sorts of things that are available and will be able to choose things that you think will be most suitable for the person that you have in mind. We have got a big range so that there should be something for everyone.

31 Presents for Roblox Players

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Girls that like Roblox will like wearing this Roblox themed t-shirt. It comes in either white or black and features a glittery Roblox logo on the front of it, which has lots of characters in a star shape. It is available in sizes suitable for girls aged 5-13 years of age. It is made from 100% cotton and has short sleeves. It has a regular fit and is officially licensed merchandise.

Fans of the Roblox game Adopt Me will enjoy this pet-themed playset. It includes three iconic characters and accessories as well. There is also a redeemable code that you can use to unlock an exclusive virtual item on Roblox. Animals in the set include a penguin, dog, panda, lion, unicorn, cat and dragon. Accessories include a lead, football, toys, vehicle and kennel cart, bike, egg, cat, desk, computer, till and much more.

Colouring books can be popular items to receive and this one features Roblox. The pictures inside the book include pictures of the characters from the different Roblox games. There are also pages with characters from other kids books, games and shows such as Captain Underpants, Lego and Minecraft. This means that if you want a pure Roblox book it is not for you but if you are happy to get lots of fun kids characters then it will be a great gift.

This Robot Meme toy pack includes characters and accessories so that you can build your own character. Each pack also comes with a unique code so that you can unlock an exclusive virtual item on the Roblox computer game. There are different hats that you can put on the figures to customise them including Tix themed items which more seasoned players will find fun. The items are made from durable plastic.

Fans of Roblox could find this Ultimate Guide useful. It is the 2021 edition and it has lots of essential information for players included in it. It has top tips, trivia and strategies so fans of the game will find plenty inside it to inform and amuse them. There is information about specific games, such as Jail Break as well as things like inventories, customising characters and even making up your own games.

A Roblox themed t-shirt can be a fun thing for fans to own. This one is short-sleeved and it is available in sizes suitable for kids aged 4-12 years of age. The t-shirt is available in different colours. There are different designs of pictures available and there is also an option to buy a hoodie or pyjamas with a Roblox design if you would rather have these instead.

Kids that like playing Roblox will enjoy this 4 figure pack playset. It has four action figures included and also has accessories as well. It has a Mischief Night theme and you get some replacement heads as well as other accessories with all with a Halloween theme so you will be able to mix and match them to make all sorts of fun characters. It comes with a code to unlock an exclusive virtual item in the game.

Kids that love Roblox will enjoy this special playset. It has a Jail Break: Museum Heist theme and has six different characters as well as accessories. There are six characters including police, guards and prisoners as well as dynamite, guns, money, crowbar, handcuffs and other fun accessories, with fourteen in total. The package also comes with a special code that can be redeemed in the game to unlock an exclusive virtual item.

Hats can be great gifts and this bobble hat will be lovely and warm in colder weather. It will also be fun for Roblox fans as it has the name of the game on it. It is grey in colour with a large turnup and has the game name and bobble in black. It is made of acrylic and comes in one size that should be suitable to fit most children and teenagers. It is 26 x 23cm in size and is an official product.

Fans of the Roblox game jailbreak may like this pack which includes a SWAT vehicle and some characters from the game. There is a prisoner and a guard with guns and handcuffs and a loot box/suitcase as well. The item also comes with a redeemable code which you can use to unlock and exclusive virtual item on the game which is a piece of tactical headgear. Suitable for kids aged 6 years and older.

A pencil case is a helpful item for any child and this one not only has a Roblox picture on it but it can be personalised with a name, so it will be really special. It has two zipped compartments as well as a flap which has a polyester panel with the picture and name printed on it. It is 20 x 14 x 6.5cm in size so plenty of room for pens and pencils.

Kids that enjoy Roblox may have a lot of fun with this book. It is called ‘Roblox Where’s the Noob’ and the idea is to look at the very detailed pictures on each page to find the Noob character. There are a dozen game worlds to hunt through and as well as this character there are many other things to try to find as well. It is a book that will entertain kids and keep them away from their screens for a bit.

A backpack is always a useful item for kids to have and they may really enjoy using this Roblox themed one. It comes in different colour options each with character head pictures on it with the game name on. It is 17 x 5 x 13 inches in size. It has a large capacity and has a pocket on the front and mesh pockets on the side for water bottles and other items. There is even a hidden zip pocket on the back.

A hooded sweatshirt can be a lovely cosy item to have and kids will like this one that has a Roblox theme to it. It is black and has a picture of some of the characters from the game on the front of it. It is made of a polyester and cotton mix which means that it will be warm and comfortable to wear and will keep its shape well. It is available in different sizes, to fit different ages of children.

Kids will enjoy wearing this cosy hoodie with a Roblox theme to it. It is pink in colour and has long sleeves with a drawstring around the hood in a matching pink colour. There is a kangaroo pouch pocket on the front. It has the Roblox logo on the front of it as well. It is made from polyester and cotton which means that it will be easy to wash, comfortable to wear and will last a long time.

Roblox fans will enjoy this toy set which has a Zombie Attack theme. It has four characters in it with mix and match parts as well as fun accessories. There is a chest with tools in, some barrels and other fun items. Scenes can be made to play fun adventures with the characters. There is a special code included that can be redeemed for a virtual item in the game.

Children that like playing Roblox will enjoy wearing this Piggy themed t-shirt. It is short-sleeved with a round neck and comes in either black or grey and in sizes suitable for children aged between five and fourteen years of age. It is made from a cotton and polyester blend and therefore feels comfortable to wear and is easy to wash in the washing machine. It is 100% official merchandise.

A stuffed toy can make a lovely gift for a child of any age. This one features the character of Bonamana from Roblox with its camo clothing and blue hair. It is a plush toy made from cotton so is soft and cuddly. It is about 38cm tall and so is quite small, very portable and will not take up much space. It can be hand washed if necessary so is easy to keep clean.

A wallet can be a very useful gift and this one is ideal for Roblox fans as it has its logo on it. It is made from faux leather and is 12 x 10 x 2cm in size. It is a bi-fold design and inside there are places for notes and cards as well as a see-through window for an ID card. It has a simple design which makes it look more elegant and grown up and so is suitable for older children.

Backpacks are something that most children use for school and this one has a Roblox design on it. It is available in orange or blue and with slightly different character designs on it. It is 45 x 19 x 30cm in size and has a main pocket, front pocket and side mesh pockets to hold lots of things in. It has two shoulder straps that can be adjusted for comfort.

Roblox fans will enjoy this Unspeakable themed hoodie. It comes in a choice of colours and designs and in sizes suitable for children aged 4-10 years of age. There are different characters featured on the hoodie. It is made from cotton with medium thickness which means that it will be warm and comfortable without being too hot. The hoodie is safer for kids as it has no drawstring on the hood.

Roblox fans will enjoy wearing these pyjamas. They have a Roblox theme and come in a choice of colours such as grey, black and red. There is a separate top and trousers with elasticated cuffs and ankles and a round neck. The trousers have a drawstring waist. The top is long sleeved and the sets come in sizes suitable for children aged between six and thirteen years of age. They are made of cotton so will be comfortable.

Some Roblox fans get so excited by the games that they decide to write one themselves. This is possible but it is necessary to have some knowledge of programming and this book will help with that. It has useful information such as how to tackle common problems faced when creating games, general tips and tricks and how to understand the programming language and using effects and functions. It is suitable for beginners.

Roblox fans will enjoy playing with this Brainbot 3000 figure. It comes with some accessories and a collector’s checklist. There is also a redeemable code included which can be used to unlock a virtual item on Roblox which is unique. Could be a fun and exciting gift to give to a child for them to either play with or to display. It is suitable for children over the age of eight years.

Kids that like playing Roblox might also enjoy this activity book as it has a Roblox theme. It has word searches, odd one out, find hidden objects, mazes and colouring as well, so there is lots for young children to do in the book. It is 8.5 x 11 inches in size and has a nice quality paper. It is single-sided to avoid bleed-through spoiling the back of a page.

A cap is something that will be really useful for children to wear to keep the sun out of their eyes. This one is a starry galaxy design with the Roblox logo and Bonamana on it. It is available in different colour options and is one size only with a 57cm head circumference size. It has a closure that can be altered to change the size of the cap to fit different sizes of heads. It is made of polyester and is suitable for handwashing.

Roblox books can be popular with young fans of the game. This is a collection of books which contain lots of interesting information. They have helpful tips, elusive secrets and even interviews with the game’s creators. They feature some of the most popular games and there are three books on adventure games, role-playing games and battle games. They will help the reader to discover new games and get hints for the ones they currently play.

A collectable character can make a great gift and this one is Frost Guard General from Roblox. The pack contains the character and two accessories. It also has a redeemable code that you can use to unlock an exclusive virtual item when you play Roblox. The character has mix and match parts so if you have other characters in the series you will be able to swap them out.

Kids that like collectable plastic toys or have other Roblox toys may enjoy this one. It is a Fantastic Frontier Guardian set that includes the figure and some accessories. The figure has parts that will be able to be swapped with other characters in the series that you buy separately. It also comes with a code that you can redeem in the game to get a free virtual item.

Roblox fans will enjoy this The Wild West playset which has four figures and a horse with it. It also includes a number of accessories to equip them with. The characters can be mixed and matched so you can swap their clothes and heads to increase the fun that you can have. They also come with a redeemable code that you can use to get a unique item in the game.

Play figures can be a good gift to give to children and this set is the Roblox Ultimate Collectors Set Series 1. It has 24 different figures in it and you can mix and match the parts to create your own figures. There are also a few accessories as well such as a sign and axe. It comes with a redeemable code as well which will unlock an exclusive virtual item in the game.

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