33 Science Gifts Suitable for Kids

By Lewis
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It is really important to help children to get a good love of science. Not only is it a subject that they will have to study at school, so it is easier if they like it, but it is a subject that could help them in their career as well. This is why buying then science gifts can be so good as it will help to nurture their love of science or create a love and curiosity of the subject. It is not always easy to choose though, especially if science is not a topic that you know much about. This is why we have put together a list of items that we think would make great science gifts for children.

33 Gift Ideas for Kids Who Love Science

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Mind Boggling Science is a kit for kids which has a selection of experiments included. They can make a lava lamp, mini volcano, visual illusions, secret writing and do other experiments where they will learn all about osmosis, diffusion, acid bases and indicators, light, colour, vision and much more while having lots of fun. Everything is safe and non-toxic and there is an easy to follow instruction booklet included.

Electrical circuit kits can be a great introduction to physics and this one has a motor and bulb so children can have fun seeing how they can put together a simple circuit to make things work. It has 6 circuit wires, 4 bulbs, 1 motor, 1 switch, 1 fan blade and a battery holder, There are instructions with pictures which are suitable for children from five years of age with adult supervision.

Robots will fascinate and entertain many children and this one is a building kit where children can build a selection of different robots. There are 12 in total and they can move on land or water. There are different levels of difficulty and so younger children can have a go as well. The robot is powered by the sun so no batteries are needed and children will learn about renewable energy as well as how to build different robots.

Little children will enjoy this Rainbow Lab kit by Galt. It has experiments where children can mix colours and grow jelly-like crystals as well as creating a rainbow in a test tube. There is an instruction book and 12 experiments to carry out. There are three test tubes, a rack, goggles, colour mixing tray, pipette, polyacrylamide crystals, food colourings, rainbow glasses, cups, mirror, stickers and notepad all included.

Horrible Science has put together this Creepy Crystals set. It allows children to grow a crystal tree while discovering how crystals form and learning foul facts about them. It has ammonium dihydrogen orthophosphate, tree growing solution, tree card, petri dish, colour tablet, seed crystal, round bottle, funnel, limestone rock and leaflet with full instructions to grow a multi-coloured crystal tree. For children aged eight years and above.

Children could be inspired by this scientist play outfit and kit. It has a lab coat, name tag and goggles as well as fun equipment for role play as a scientist designed for 6-12-year-olds. There are test tubes with a stand, a plastic beaker, tweezers and measuring spoons, pipettes, measuring cup, funnels and magnifier. There are activity cards they can use to do some fun experiments too.

A bath bomb kit is a good way to introduce children to science in a fun way. With this kit, they can make items that they will then be able to use and will be able to learn about science as well. It teaches them about safety, accurate measurements and observation while they have lots of fun making bath bombs in different shapes and colours that they can use afterwards.

Budding geologists will enjoy this National Geographic gemstone and fossil dig kit. It comes with a brick and tools to excavate twenty different items from around the world. There is a booklet which explains what to do as well as having information about each of the items that are included. The tools are a chisel, brush and magnifying glass. A fun-packed way to learn about fossils and gemstones.

Volcano fans will enjoy this kit which will provide twenty experiments all centred around a volcano. It comes with a plastic volcano and items that can be used to simulate an eruption as well as goggles and instructions. This is created using sodium bicarbonate and citric acid with water. There are two different colours of eruptions that can be created using the kit which is suitable for children aged 6-12 years of age.

Pretty gemstones can be great fun to collect and look at and this set of 15 can make a great starter set. It has a selection of stones such as rose quartz, tiger’s eye and snowflake obsidian all in a box with a card showing which is which. There is a learning guide and magnifying glass so that it is easy for children to learn more about them while enjoying their colours and sparkle.

Building a robot is a great way to learn about how they work and once you have completed it, you will be able to have a fun robot to play with. This box has full instructions and parts for building a spider robot which, once built, could be used for playing all sorts of pranks. It allows children to learn and have fun at the same time. For children aged ten years and older.

This is an interactive Mars globe that can be used with an app to learn lots of things about the planet. It Is 26 x 26 x 30cm in size and by scanning it with the app children will be able to explore it. They will be able to find out about Mars missions as well as the secrets of the red planet. It also comes with a puzzle and iron-on patches but the child will need access to a tablet or smartphone to use the app.

Children love to play with things that are exciting and this water-powered rocket should impress most of them. The great thing is that it will also teach them about how water pressure can be used to launch an item. It contains everything that they need to launch it with step by step assembly instructions so that will be able to launch it up to 100 feet in the air.

Optical illusions can be a lot of fun to experiment with. This 3D mirror scope will give the impression that an item placed inside is close enough to touch when it is actually too far away. It is a fun item and can be used to teach about illusions in a fun way and children might also want to use it to trick their friends and family. It is made of plastic and measures 65mm high and 150mm across.

A butterfly garden can be a lovely gift for children with an interest in them. The box contains the cylindrical mesh container to keep the caterpillars in which folds flat. There is also an instruction guide and feeding pipette. You just have to send away to be sent the caterpillars when you are ready to start using them – they are available March – September for a small postage cost.

Curious children will enjoy learning about circuits with this fun kit. It includes all sorts of items so that they can have a lot of fun such as crocodile clip leads, bulbs, motors, motor holders, rocker switches, propellers, buzzer, battery holders, gears, car model parts and sliding rheostat. There are enough parts for children to try out all sorts of fun circuits and it should help to spark an interest in physics.

Glow in the dark experiments can be a lot of fun. These are easy and safe and allow children to make five different glowing products – crystals, snow and stars, bouncing ball and two glowing creatures. It comes with everything that is needed such as plaster, chemicals, polymer fluorescent ink, fake snow and glow powder. There are full instructions included. For children ages six years and older with adult supervision.

Build a climbing vehicle with this DIY solar kit. It has all of the parts needed so that kids can build the vehicle which will be powered by solar power. It can be set to different angles so that it can run on flat ground or cover either low or tall obstacles. Contains all the parts and the tools so that it can be built easily. For kids aged six years and older with adult supervision.

Dinosaur fans will enjoy this T-Rex excavation kit. It includes a gypsum mould, hammer, chisel and brush so that you can extract the dinosaur parts and build up the skeleton. There are full instructions included on how to remove the bones and clean them and then how to put them together to make the full model. There are different dinosaurs available so you can pick their favourite one. For kids aged 6-14 years.

Refraction is a fun thing to do as it will bend light so that it forms rainbows. Therefore, this optical glass prism can make a great gift because it can do just that. It is durable and clear and it is 10cm in length with 3cm sides. It comes with a protective box to store it in so that will stay safe that will double as a gift box.

Kids that like science will enjoy this explosive science kit. There are contents included to make 14 experiments including rockets, effervescent bombs and colour explosions. Contents include gloves, pipette, measuring cups, balloons, spatula, chemicals and candle. It includes an educational booklet that explains the science behind the experiments in a fun and colourful way with instructions as well on how to do each of the fun experiments. For children aged eight years and upwards.

Paper plane fans will enjoy this paper plane launcher. It is made from cardboard and includes ten fold and fly planes and four scoring targets that you can use with it. It is a slot together kit with push out parts that has a pullback launching mechanism. Planes can go up to ten meters. It comes with full instructions and is sustainable with no glue required.

T-shirts can be useful gifts and this one is a lot of fun as well. It comes in a selection of child sizes and is blue with a square pattern on it. It comes with an app and when a phone running the app is pointed at it, it will give you a biology lesson showing you inside the body and how the different parts of the body work. It can even be streamed to a TV or projector.

A potato clock can be a fun thing to make and this kit for The Science Museum will allow you to be able to do so. It will be possible to use two potatoes to power the digital clock that is included. It will enable children to be able to learn about electronics and explore energy as well as having a lot of fun. It is suitable for children aged four years of age and above with adult supervision required.

Bubbles can be a great fun thing for children to play with. This bubble science kit will allow children to blow a giant bubble or an unbreakable one. They will learn lots of tricks as well and there is even a recipe to make a high-quality bubble mixture. The set will be great for any child that loves bubbles and they will be able to make unusually shaped bubbles and have fun on their own or with friends.

Kids love slime and so there will not be many that will not enjoy this set of slime experiments. There are four in the kit and it is possible to make glow in the dark slime and to mould three different creatures using the contents inside. There are all the chemicals included as well as moulds, wiggly eyes, mixing sticks and stickers.  There is also a 12-page booklet to explain what to do.

Making soap can be a lot of fun and children will be able to use them afterwards or give them away as a gift. This kit has ingredients and moulds to make a selection of different soaps. They all have a nautical theme with shells, dolphin and starfish shapes. There are three colours to choose between as well as fragrances and six different shapes to choose from. Comes with full instructions.

Remote control cars can be great fun and this one is solar-powered and you have to build it before playing with it. It is a great way for children to learn about how the car works and about solar power and renewable energy. It is made of durable wood which is eco friendly as well. It comes with parts and tools as well as full instructions on how to make it.

The star lamp projector is a great way for children to explore the universe. It projects real star constellations which means that they will be able to see them on their walls and ceiling. It can be adjusted so that it works in different sized rooms. It is possible to set the day and month so it will replicate what the star formation will be at that particular time.

Kids will enjoy building this model of the solar system. It glows in the dark and is 30cm in size. It has press out parts which can be painted before assembling ready to glow in the dark at night. It is fun for them to do, will entertain, give them craft skills as well as teaching them about the planets. Suitable for children aged eight years and older.

Body lab is a fun kit that teaches children from six years of age (with adult supervision) about the body. It can be used to listen to a heartbeat, measure the air in your lungs, discover hair strength and analyse fingerprints. It comes with a book that has instructions for 14 experiments. It also includes a stethoscope, gloves, tape measure, magnifying glass, digestion poster, skeleton and organ card and more!

Building a robot can be educational and entertaining. This kit has all the parts and instructions to build the robot as well as a screwdriver to help. It requires two batteries once it has been constructed and it will be ready for the rotating arm to create works of art. A fun toy for artistic and scientific children to play with. Comes in a box so is easy to wrap up too!

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