29 Gift Ideas for Anyone Interested in Science

Updated on June 28th, 2021
By Lewis
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If you know someone that is interested in science, then you may like to give them gifts that are related to science in some way. It is not always easy to find this sort of thing though and so we have put together a selection of items that we think you will find useful. There are different types of items but they all have a science theme so you should be able to find something suitable for the person that you are buying for. We also have things at a range of prices so there should be something for all budgets.

29 Presents for Science Fans

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Shot glasses can be useful and this set is great fun as well because they have a chemistry theme. There are four different glasses in the set and they are assorted colours. They are made from plastic and they have a 50ml capacity and are shaped like chemistry lab beakers in different shapes such as a beaker and round-bottomed flask. Fun for parties but also for children to play with.

The solar system can be fascinating and so this 3D model of it can be fun for adults and children to use. It is made from coated paper and is easy to assemble with no scissors or glue required. It is great for fine motor skills while being put together and then it can be displayed or used as a teaching aid to learn about the solar system and the planets. It is made up of 146 pieces and comes boxed.

Robots can be great fun and fascinating too. This one is a robotic spider and it comes as a kit so that it can be put together before being used. It is battery operated and therefore once it is built it will move around. The plastic parts can all be easily pressed out of the framework and put together using the instructions included. For adults and children aged over eight years of age.

Socks can be very handy and these are great fun too as they have the periodic table elements on them. They are mainly black with a design in grey, white and orange. They are size 6-11 for adults and are made from cotton, polyamide and elastane which means that they stretch and hold their shape well and are also comfortable to wear and easy to wash in the washing machine.

It is unusual to have a necklace with a chemistry theme but this one has a pendant that is in the shape of a caffeine molecule. It comes in a choice of silver or gold colours and is plated. It comes on a chain that is attached to both sides of the pendant. Comes in an elegant gift box which makes it perfect for giving to someone as a gift.

T-shirts make great gifts and this one is suitable for a physicist. It says on it ‘Physicist noun someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand. See also wizard, magician’. It has short sleeves and comes in a choice of colours and sizes in fits suitable for men and women. It is lightweight with a classic fit and is machine washable.

Mugs are always handy items and this one has a lovely sentimental message on with a rainbow design. It says ‘behind every great hospital is an amazing biomedical scientist’. It has a bold black print on both sides (so is suitable for left or right-handed people) and it is dishwasher and microwave safe. The ceramic mug has a superior ink on it which will last a long time without cracking or fading.

A fun t-shirt can make a great gift. This one comes in a selection of colours and on the front is the word ‘Science’ with each letter being made from a scientific item such as a test tube and a microscope. It comes in sizes small – 5XL. It has short sleeves and a club collar with a regular fit. It is made from ethically sourced ring spun cotton.

A digital microscope can be a really interesting gift to give. This one has 40 – 1000x magnification with 8 LEDs. It is powered by USB and is portable. It is compatible with an Android phone with an OTG function. The rightness and focus can be adjusted and when connected to a device the image can be viewed on the screen and a screenshot captured. Comes with a stand, adapter and cable.

Cookie cutters make a great gift for anyone that likes to bake. These have a science theme and so they are great for anyone with an interest in science. There are eight in the set and they are made from stainless steel and are durable and dishwasher safe. They are shaped like a lab coat, atom, beaker, flask, pipette, conical flask, test tube and micropipette. Can also be used for cutting sandwiches, pancakes, clay or fondant icing.

A fun tie can really brighten up an outfit. This one is great for anyone with an interest in chemistry as it has a periodic table pattern on the fabric. It is made from silk and has a black background with the pattern printed on it in white, orange and grey. Makes a really good gift, especially for someone that wears a tie for their job and has a chemistry-related career.

Anyone who is interested in chemistry might enjoy this organic chemistry model kit. It has circular pieces to represent atoms with sticks to join them together. The balls come in different sizes with different numbers of holes in them so that they can be put together to form different models. There is even a tool to take them apart again to make it easier to deconstruct the models.

Earrings make a great gift and novelty pairs can be a lot of fun. This pair is designed to look like a science lab beaker and they 23mm in size. They are attached to silver plated earring wires. They are dangle style earrings and will look fun when they are worn with any outfit. There is a gift wrap option where you can have them put into a box, which is great for gifting.

Biology fans will enjoy receiving this bracelet as a gift. It is a charm bracelet that is made from stainless steel and has four pendants on it. There is a microscope, beaker and atom as well as a circular pendant which says ‘science girls do it better’ on it. It is solid and durable and will not tarnish. It comes in a velvet pouch all ready for gifting to someone.

A telescope is a gift that will go down really well with anyone who enjoys looking at the stars. This one is designed for children and beginners and comes with a lightweight tripod. There are two replaceable eyepieces and a 5 x 24  finderscope with a mounting bracket. It is easy to use and you can change the height of the tripod and the positioning to make it easy to view what you want to see.

Whiskey glasses can make a great gift as they can be used for soft drinks if the person is not a whiskey drinker. This pair of tumblers is etched with a fun chemistry themed design. They have a drawing of the elements found in whiskey etched onto them with a little explanation about each. The glasses have a heavy base and are sand etched so the design will not wash off or get distorted by the dishwasher.

Fans of space will enjoy this night sky projection kit. It is suitable for children between 8 and 14 years of age. It needs some simple assembly and holes made in it for the light to shine through and then it will be able to provide a starry sky in your bedroom. It will provide a fun star show when the lamp is used to project an image on the ceiling.

Chemistry fans will like this fun t-shirt. It says on it ‘Sarcasm’ with the letters shown as periodic table elements and underneath it says ‘The elements required to deal with stupidity’. The t-shirts are short-sleeved and come in sizes and fits suitable for men, women and children and in a choice of colours and sizes. It is machine washable and can also go in a tumble dryer.

Socks can be a fun gift and this pair will suit a fan of physics as they have a selection of nuclear physics equations on them. They are ankle socks in size 6-11 so suitable for adults with an average-sized foot. The socks are black with an elasticated top and the design is in white. They are made from a cotton, polyamide and elastane mix which means that they are stretchy and fit well as well as being soft.

Bobblehead figures can be lots of fun and this one will be popular with science fans as it is a figurine of Nikola Tesla. He is featured in a black suit holding a lightbulb that will glow in the dark. The famous scientist invented alternating current, x-rays, radios, remote controls, lasers and the electric motor. Made of resin with a hologram on the base to prove its authenticity.

Keychains can be handy for attaching to keys but also for use as bag charms. This one has three chemistry-related pendants on it. There is a microscope, a beaker and a rectangular charm which has the words ‘chemistry is like cooking (just don’t lick the spoon), etched onto it. It is made from stainless steel which is highly polished and rust-resistant. It comes in a velvet jewellery bag so is all ready to give away.

Mugs can be useful gifts and this one is white with black writing on it. It depicts a cube and some scientific equations and lettering and says ‘Zero Flux Given’ on it. It is a funny pun for anyone that has knowledge of physics. The mug is made from ceramic and is 11oz in size with an easy-grip c-handle and great for tea or coffee. It is printed using quality ink.

A themed calendar can make tracking dates a lot more fun. This one is a Mathematics themed one and each day has a maths equation on it to solve. The solution is the date and the idea is to work out how to get to that solution with some using more than one method. There is also a picture for each month which is mathematically themed. It measures 12 x 12 inches in size.

Chemists will enjoy this t-shirt which has a funny pun on it. It depicts two atoms and one says ‘I’ve Lost an Electron’ and the other says ‘Are you positive?’ The t-shirt has short sleeves and comes in fits suitable for men or women in a selection of sizes and colours. It has a classic fit and is lightweight. It is machine washable and can be tumble dried as well.

Personalised gifts can be really special and this one is a mug designed to be given as a gift to a science teacher. It says ‘You’ve got all the elements to be a great teacher’ on one side with a periodic table design and on the other side it says ‘Thanks for everything [name] you’re one awesome teacher of all things scien-terrific!’. It is 10oz in size and made from ceramic.

Coasters can be very handy for protecting surfaces and these are made from strong MDF wood. They have a chalkboard design with lots of scientific equations in white on them. The image is glossy so it can be wiped clean on top of MDF with a cork base so it protects the surface that it is on. It is 9cm x 9cm in size so works for most cups and glasses.

Bookmarks are always useful gifts for anyone that likes to read. This set of bookmarks come in cat, dog, music or coffee themes and can be really useful for marking the place in any science books. They all have a fun pun on them and come in a set of 12 so you can give them all to one person or split them up and perhaps give one away with a book if you are gifting a book to someone.

Mouse mats are handy gifts for most people as most will have a computer mouse. It will protect the desk surface underneath it and it will also make the desk look good. This one has a picture of a storm on the planet Jupiter on it, so is great for fans of physics and space. It is fade and scratch resistant and has black foam on the back with a smooth and comfortable surface.

A globe can be a great gift for anyone interested in geography or science. This one is made by the Science Museum and has a frame with magnets so that it freely floats. It can help with teaching the main features of the earth and identifying countries and oceans. It includes extra information to help with that learning as well. It will look good on any desk or workspace.

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