31 Shaving Gift Sets - Perfect Presents for All Budgets!

By Lewis
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Shaving is something that many men still do, even though beards are still very fashionable. This means that it is likely that you know someone that does shave and so you might be interested in getting them a shaving gift set. It is not always easy to know what to get though or perhaps where to get them from. Therefore, we have put together a selection of them in a list so that you will be able to make a choice. There are items with different contents as well as different prices which means that there should be something or every taste and budget.

31 Shaving Set Gift Ideas

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Men Rock has put together this set which includes a shaving brush and cream. It has been formulated for sensitive skin and the cream is a silky smooth lotion with a black pomegranate fragrance. It will provide a cushioning lather. The brush is designed to exfoliate the skin as well as to apply the shaving cream. They come together in a box so make a great looking gift.

A wet shaving set can make a useful gift and this set includes a hand-polished stainless steel bowl, on a shaving stand with a brush and razor. The brush is made from badger hair which will help to open the pores and give a rich lather. The bowl is easy to grip. The razor is double edged and a safety razor with a knurled handle to provide lots of grip.

Leponix has put together a shaving set with lots of different items in it. There is a safety razor and shaving brush as well as shaving cream, pre-shave oil and balm, all with a sandalwood scent. There is also an apron shaving bib included with spare razor blades and a pouch to keep it all in. It comes in a black gift box, all ready to give away.

Gillette is well-known for its shaving products and so this kit is likely to go down well. It includes a Fusion5 razor with spare blades as well as a 75ml can of sensitive shaving gel and a razor stand. The razor has five anti-friction blades with a lubrication strip and precision trimmer. It all comes in a washbag which could be stored in or the bag could be used for trips away or storing other items.

An elegant shaving set can make a great gift. This set comes in a black presentation box and includes a badger hair shaving brush, a bowl stand and razor as well as shaving soap. It is designed for wet shaving and the razor is a triple edge one for balance and performance. It comes ready to use and it is very easy to change the blade in the razor as well.

Gillette shaving sets can make great gifts. This one has a Fusion5 proshield chill chrome razor with a precision trimmer as well as three refill blades. The razor has flexball technology so it responds to contours. It also has a 200ml can of shaving gel, a stand and a travel case. Makes a great gift idea for anyone that shaves as it will not only be useful but will provide and comfortable and close shave.

If you are looking for a stylish shaving set then this King C Gillette set could fit the mark. It has a razor and refill blade as well as some transparent gel. The razor and gel are designed for cheeks and neck, so are specifically for men with beards that want to keep those areas looking neatly trimmed. It all comes in a very stylish looking box ready for gifting.

Fusion Proglide 5 from Gillette is a great brand and so this gift set could be a very welcome present. It includes a razor with a stand as well as some shave gel. It gives a really close shave as there are 5 anti-friction blades, lubrication strip and flexball technology so it glides over the skin with a precision trimmer as well. The gel is suitable for sensitive skin.

An antique shaving set can make a very thoughtful gift. This one comes with a double-edged safety razor, synthetic badger hair brush, bowl, soap and alum pencil. The razor has an aluminium handle and a durable zinc head and is suitable for even the coarsest hair. The alum pencil can be rubbed over the skin after shaving to prevent razor burn, bumps and redness. It all comes in a box.

A Gillette gift box can make a great gift. This one contains a skin guard razor, 200ml shaving gel, aftershave and a travel cover. The gel soothes and helps the razor glide smoothly over the skin and is designed for sensitive skin. The aftershave will moisturise the skin as well as hydrating and soothing. They all come together in a gift box so easy to wrap and ready to give away as a gift.

Many men would really love an old fashioned shaving set. This one has a black badger hair brush with a stand to put it on. It also has a bowl and some soap to go with it. The brush is silky and firm and works well with lots of different types of shaving soaps and gel. The stand allows it to dry out properly. The bowl is used to help make a lather to apply before shaving.

Bulldog has put together this shave essentials kit. It has a razor that has a bamboo handle and a five-blade cartridge. It has a 30ml tub of shave gel which will give a smooth and comfortable shave. It also has a 30ml moisturiser for after shaving to leave the skin in the best possible condition. They all come packed together so easy to wrap up before giving as a gift.

Justice League fans will enjoy this themed razor gift set from Gillette. It has a mach3 turbo razor inside with two blade refills. The razor has a skin guard and a comfort gel bar to give a close and comfortable shave. There is also a VR headset that is themed to match the box so has a Justice League look to it and there is access to an app to use with it.

Wilkinson Sword has put together this premium collection shaving set. It has a razor, with replacement blades, brush, bowl and soap. The soap can be lathered up in the bowl to allow the razor to glide easily over the skin and give a soft and smooth feeling. Great gift for men that like razors that can be reused and enjoy an old-fashioned shave using brush, soap and bowl.

If you are looking for a really old fashioned shaving kit then this could be just the thing. Not only does it come with a badger hair brush and stainless steel bowl with soap, but it also comes with a cutthroat razor. The brush is soft and gentle on the skin and will generate a rich lather. The razer has a rosewood handle. The soap is moisturising and is suitable for all skin types.

A shaving bowl and brush set can be a great gift for a man that shaves. This set is by Benny’s and has an acrylic black mug with a matching brush. The bowl is ceramic and it has a handle on the side to make it easier to use. It comes in a compact box which can be used for taking it with you when travelling as well as storing it at home and doubles as a stylish gift box.

Many men like to keep their beards looking really stylish and so will appreciate a beard grooming kit. This set is King C. Gillette branded and includes a refreshing beard and face wash with coconut water, argan and avocado oil, moisturising beard balm for a deep treatment and wooden comb. It all comes in a washbag, which could be used to store them in all the time or for when going travelling.

Antique style shaving sets are now really popular and this one includes everything that will be needed for a great shave. This set has a shaving brush which is made of badger hair, with a bowl that is stainless steel and shaving soap. The razor is double edged and will give a close shave. There is also a stand to keep the razor and brush on. It all comes with an alum pencil in an elegant gift box.

Shaving cream and balm can make a big difference to a shaving experience and ensure that the shave is effective and comfortable. These are both made by Benny’s and are suitable for sensitive skin. They will cool the skin and eliminate that raw and irritated feeling that can occur after a shave. Both are 150ml tubs and they come in an elegant black gift box which means you will not even need to wrap it.

Trimming a beard can be a messy business and this shaving bib can be extremely useful. It is a special apron that will fasten around the neck and then attach to the mirror so that it collects all of the beard trimmings so they are very easy to clean up afterwards. It even includes a special shaping comb and bag to keep it in. There is an e-book that goes with it as well.

Bulldog has put together this premium gift collection. It has a bamboo razor, moisturiser, face scrub, shave soap, bamboo shave bowl and shave brush.  The face scrub and moisturiser have aloe, camelina and green tea to give a smooth feel. They all come together in a branded box, all ready to give away as a gift to someone who shaves frequently. It will not even need to be gift wrapped!

Bearded men will appreciate this beard care set. It has lots of items that will be useful so that they can keep their beard in the best condition. There is a brush, comb and pair of scissors to keep it groomed well. There is also beard oil which has a mix of oil to promote healthy growth. There is also a beard cream that will keep the beard nourished and also treat the skin underneath to keep it soft and comfortable.

Babyliss have a 10-in-1 groomer which could make a great gift. It is a rechargeable trimmer that will last for thirty minutes when fully charged. It has a titanium blade with taper control that will allow for ultimate precision. The blades are skin-friendly and so will not irritate. There are five interchangeable cutting heads that are washable so that they can be cleaned easily. There is a foil that gives a clean and smooth finish.

This is a traditional razor set that includes a brush, bowl, razor and stand. The stand is heavy-duty so that it will last a long time and it and the bowl are made from an anti-rust material. The brush is made from badger hair so it is soft and gentle. The razor will fit Fusion 5 blades and has a wooden handle for a precise cut. Gives a barber like experience.

Gillette is a well-known brand and so any man would be pleased to get this Gillette Mach3 gift set. It includes a razor with spare blades and also has a Mach3 shaving gel and a travel bag. It means that it can be used when travelling if needed, or at home. The razor is strong and has a lubrication strip and a microfin skin guard. The gel works into a rich lather.

A beard grooming kit can be a very useful gift to give. This one has a pair of scissors, brush and comb as well as some products and a bag to keep them in. The products are a balm and an oil which will both soften the beard and condition the skin and restore softness and shine. It will trap in moisture and essential vitamins and minerals to help the beard to grow faster and thicker.

If you are buying for a man with sensitive skin then Nivea men have a gift set that will help. It has five items in it from their sensitive range. There is an antiperspirant deodorant stick, shaving foam and stubble lotion which soothe and protect the skin, shower gel which is suitable for body and hair and face wash. All items have been developed with sensitive skin in mind.

A bamboo razor can be a good alternative to disposable ones and so anyone conscious of the environment might appreciate this Bulldog gift set. It has a bamboo razor and a pack of shave gel in it. The shave get is their original one and has aloe and green tea and is 175ml and cruelty-free and comes together in the box with the razor. Even the box is good for the environment being made from sugar cane.

Hawkins and Brimble have put together this box set containing two of their famous products. There is a Elemi and Gingseng shaving cream and post-shave balm. The balm has nourishing olive oil, almond oil and cocoa and the cream has a high-quality lather and leaves the skin nourished and soft. It is not tested on animals and free of nasty chemicals. They come together in a branded box.

Anyone that likes the idea of a traditional shave will enjoy this set. It includes a cutthroat razor, shaving brush and soap all in a very elegant black gift box. The razor is made from stainless steel with a quality handle that is comfortable to use and it will give a perfect shave. The brush is made of badger hair which will form a perfect lather. The soap is hard and can be whipped up with the brush to make a rich foam.

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